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  • #ukraine this is how the missiles look like that brought down the airplane

    impressive such a close-up

    not something handheld or easy to transport or control

  • #gaza this is what hell looks like

    no words

  • #ukraine the impact of the new sanctions on Europe (and Germany) in one picture


  • #gaza why jihadists are against Hamas and don't support the Palestinian State

    "Some jihadists or pro-jihadist Salafists have issued video clips and tweets explaining their lack of assistance to the Palestinians. One tweet stated, “The Hamas government is apostate, and what it is doing does not constitute jihad, but rather a defense of democracy [which Salafists oppose].” Another tweet said, “Khaled Meshaal: Hamas fights for the sake of freedom and independence. The Islamic State: it fights so that all religion can be for God.” Meshaal is head of Hamas' political bureau.


    On July 22, the Egyptian Salafist sheikh Talaat Zahran declared that it is inappropriate to aid the people of Gaza because they do not follow a legitimate leadership, and because they are equivalent to Shiites since they follow them, referring to Hezbollah and Iran, with which the Sunni Hamas movement has been allied. Thus the jihadists' position is not simply a political stance, but stems from Salafist theological principles.


    Salafists believe that jihad must be performed under legitimate leadership. This argument is advanced through the “banner and commander” concept, which holds that whoever undertakes jihad must follow a commander who fulfills the criteria of religious and political leadership and has raised the banner of jihad. Given that there is neither a legitimate leader nor a Salafist-approved declaration of jihad in Palestine, fighting there is forbidden.

    So Hamas is the least of evil but for the moment more evil than Hezbollah with which there is an armed truce more or less

    Hamas didn't understand and doesn't untill now that this is the only basis on which military power works, you just stop attacking each other because each has more to lose than to gain and after this the diplomats can start working (over the years)

    Hamas doesn't understand that it has no business covering for the jihadist fighter groups in Gaza who are firing some of the rockets because of the solidarity of the fight against their common enemy. The only enemy for Jihadists are all those who are not jihadists or Salafists, even if they fight and die together in the beginning

  • Belgium is only the 25th most innovative country in the world (just before Malta)


    something to be very proud off - especially as we have now begun to cut deeply into our higher education and making it as double as expensive as before (even if this is very cheap in comparaison to other countries)

  • #ukraine with or without the help of Interpol Russia will abduct Ukrainans they suspect of anti-russian propaganda

    "The head of Russia’s Investigative Committee [IC] has promised that Russia will come and get all of those the IC suspects of crimes committed against Russians in Ukraine.  Alexander Bastrykin not only warns that Russia will be willing to abduct people from Ukraine, but suggests that it will be following other countries’ example in doing so. And exercising “the right history gives us to carry out an investigation.”

    In short, Interpol be warned:   we’ll get our suspects with or without you.  This brash message coincides with news that Dmitriy [Dmytro] Yarosh, head of the Ukrainian nationalist party Right Sector, has been placed on Interpol’s wanted list.  Russia is seeking to prosecute him for “1) Public incitement to terrorist activities involving the use of mass media; 2) Public incitement to extremist activities involving the use of mass media”. 

    The criminal investigation dates back to March 3 when the IC stated that Yarosh is suspected of “publicly calling anti-Russian forces to extremist action and terror on Russian territory”.   This came after the Russian pro-Kremlin TV channel LifeNews claimed on March 1 that Yarosh had made an appeal for help to the Chechen militant leader Doku Umarov  This claim was rejected the following day by the Right Sector press secretary Artem Skoropadsky who explained that a social network VKontakte account had been hacked, and that the fake had appeared during this period. 

    The denial, coming so soon after the allegations, seems credible if only because it renders the appeal senseless.  Even were the claim to be substantiated, the charges would probably be deemed grounds enough to prompt any country to agree to extradite Yarosh to Russia.

    this is totally unbelievable

    that Interpol is used to prosecute some-one for crimes which are clearly political and not criminal

    this should be doublechecked

    and than based upon mediareports from livenews that is just flabbergasting outright even staged lies and not upon an independent investigation - if this is possible nowadays in Russia

  • #ukraine social media and covert operations don't go well together


    this is the Facebooklike VK page of a Russian soldier showing with his dumb smartphone the Russian trucks at the Ukr border ready to go

    since the viral reporting of those pictures and comments coming directly from the border by their own soldiers VK has been putting in action a cleaning operations (but it can't get all the screenshots away)

    many accounts like this one were brought down

  • #ukraine Ukraine army splitted two rebel zones and nearly liberated crash site


    there is now heavy fighting around the remaining villages to liberate to be able to 'hold' the crash site so that it can't be used as a bargaining chip

    the map also shows that the whole border isn't secured or under control

    the yellow zone is the crash site

  • #ukraine this is how the Russian propaganda-environment works (like coca cola)

    Remember there are nearly no opposition parties, in parliament only one elected official voted against the annexation of the Crimea and all the main media are under the control of government linked businessmen

    secondly the internet is censored and people who are writing things that are oppositional risk or are condemned while holding manifestations in the street or protesting in the street can also get you into jail for several years (and the terms are so vague that nearly anything can be considered 'extremist')

    thirdly every organisation that receives money or support from outside Russia has to be registered as a 'foreign agent' which makes it very easy to portray them also as foreign 'to Russia'

    at the positive side the inclusion of the church, the folk culture and the business world into the government sphere of influence has made it difficult for people in these circles to become oppositional or to try to distance their institutions and media a bit away from the regime

    the result is this

    "At the same time, only 1 percent of Russians following news about Ukraine told Gallup that they do not use state media to get information on what is happening there. The Gallup poll was released Friday and was conducted among 2,000 people with a margin of error of 2.7 percent.


    Despite the Internet's divergence of news sources and opinions, the Russian government has succeeded in making its own position on the Ukraine crisis central in the public discourse, according to Alexander Morozov, head of the Moscow Media Research Center.


    "The Kremlin has built its propaganda around the idea that supporting its policy is the right thing to do, morally, and nobody wants to be immoral. Every human being wants to be on the side of good, not evil: The trick is convincing them what the good side is," Morozov told The Moscow Times in a phone interview.


    In the mainstream Russian media's portrayal of the Ukraine conflict, the pro-Russian insurgents are portrayed as heroes fighting the forces of evil personified by the Ukrainian government. As a consequence, it is difficult to know what people really think themselves, as "they live in an imaginary world, where events in Ukraine are like a movie where you are led to take one side over the other," Morozov said.


    Vasily Gatov, an independent media researcher, said that the mass media outlets offer a template that defines people's "comfort zones" in respect to attitudes to developments in Ukraine.


    "As a consequence, for most people, there is no need to turn on critical thinking, or, as psychologists say, assert their own consciousness," Gatov told The Moscow Times.


    For many Russians the picture presented by the state media offers psychological comfort. By supporting that position, people do not feel like they ought to act, and it calms them down, according to Fyodor Krasheninnikov, president of the Institute of Development and Modernization of Social Connections.


    "The government stimulates conformism in society, while federal media outlets act as fast food delivered to people's homes. You do not have to do much to access it," Krashenninikov said in a phone interview.

    and why is this like coca cola

    well coca cola has one distribution paradigma and that is that it has to be available within 5 minutes

    so this kind of propaganda environment is the same thing, every time you may have an independent question or thought about something there is somewhere within 5 minutes some kind of media to provide you with the 'right' answers and filtered information that will continue to confort you

  • #gaza Belgian statebank Dexia finances the Israeli colonization of what should become a Palestinian state some day

    En Belgique, c’est le groupe bancaire Dexia SA, dont l’État belge est actionnaire majoritaire, qui est lui aussi directement impliqué dans le financement des colonies à travers sa filiale israélienne, Dexia Israël. Malgré les campagnes dont le groupe a fait l’objet et ses déclarations de séparation de sa filiale, Dexia SA est toujours lié à Dexia Israël qui continue à financer les colonies israéliennes à travers notamment des prêts accordés aux municipalités".

    so maybe it is time to intervene and stop this financing of something that is clearly and withouit any doubt illegal and was condemned by the whole international community including the US and is in fact responsable for the weakening of Fatah which has empowered Hamas which is now keeping this senseless war going by refusing any halt to it

    so indirectly the statebank Dexia (saved by our tax money) is in part responsable for the context that led to this war

  • this is why we are NOT legion and we are NOT one and never will be, Anonymous

    because I don't think that people associating with these kind of puppets of Putin with all kinds of extremist nuts who don't care a second for human rights, and so on

    so now we will never be one surely not with this one

    and I am rather not Anonymous but a true democrat

  • The European fiscal authorities have only discovered 20% of all offshore money in Switzerland

    "Gabriel Zucman (born Oct 1986), the young French economist who is an assistant professor at the London School of Economics and a collaborator with compatriot economists Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez on inequality research, has hailed the remarkable progress in recent times against international tax evasion but he warns that Swiss banks will continue to cheat as there are no sanctions in Europe comparable to those in the US for penalising the hiding of asset trails that they have mastered for decades.


    Earlier this month Zucman told Tages-Anzeiger, the Swiss newspaper, that based on analysis of published data, offshore money in Swiss banks has risen in recent years and an estimated “80% of European bank clients’ assets still aren’t being reported to tax authorities.”

    get the money where it is ..... in the Swiss banks before asking hardworking people to give their money to stabilize the budgets and markets and save the same banks (with offices in Switzerland)

  • war leads to immense polluting now

    in the Gaza


    in Libya

    in Ukraine where russian backed mercenaries and the Ukr army are fighting along an enormous chemical factory

    aside from the thousands of other rockets and bombs

    maybe we should put an ecological tax on war ?

  • #ukraine the battle for Donetsk has started

    you can follow it on twitter at /mailforlen or with 190 sources (also in russian and ukr but mostly english) at mailforlen/lists/ukraine

    this is the most important battle untill now and it seems that the Ukr troops are making slowly headway around the city, in certain districts of the city and are holding on to the airport (necessary to keep Russian transport planes from flying in new men and material although yesterday 100 (yes one hundred) Russian tanks, rocket launchers and vehicles were heading to Donetsk (near 1 million citizens but mainly defended by new and old mercenaries and russianbacked fighters and some locals). The political russian leaders of the Donetsk people republic have already fled the city and the city itself seems rather quiet (no manifestations of thousands of local citizens to show their support for example) as this leader of a militia says

    this is the latest victory of the Ukr army by one of their most famous battalions

    During the night there were heavy and intense battles around the city where the main rebel defenses were set up

    this channel is also publishing new videos about the battles around (and increasingly nearer the center of) Donetsk

    meanwhile the rumors of a russian invasion are increasing (again) and then number of Russian offensive troops at the border have also increased the last days - but the USA have said that they will now consider the demand from Ukraine for overt military assistance because of the continuous shelling of the Ukr border posts and the nearby positions of the Ukr army from inside Russia

    this map shows why we are now really having the endgame - unless Putin really loses his nerves and sends in the troops - but some advisors around him have hinted that he will let the rebels fall if they loses Donetsk and this map also shows why

    (and so you can think that the colomn of 100 russian armored trucks and rocket launchers are a kind of last support to be able to tell always the lie that he has done everything in his power to help them (which he didn't off course because the only way to help them was to invade because once the Ukr army got an elected president and new chiefs appointed by him and clear marching orders and the non-lethal military stuff from the US at the same time (and probably some strategic advice and intelligence)


    the red lines are the regions hold by the russian militants and the red ---- is the border with Russia - while the blue ones are the Ukr forces

    You see that the fighters from Gottvka are trying to join the fighters in Donetsk as they are getting isolated

    you see that the Ukr army has two big strategic goals

    * retake and hold on to the border posts and a security zone between the border and the rebel zones (which is why the russians are bombarding them because it gets every day harder to send men and material across)

    * drive a wedge between the Donetsk rebel battalions and the Lugansk rebel battalions and you see that the rebel battalions are trying to keep a corridor open between them

    *¨pushing further into Donetsk to keep the Battalions of Donetsk from attacking the Ukr forces who are creating the corridor with the Lugansk Republic

    the Ukr military are a bit more prudent as this map shows



  • #ukraine Latvia first to open counterpropaganda center against Russia's infowar

    "Latvia on Thursday said it would open a NATO-backed strategic communications center in the capital Riga amid fears the Kremlin is influencing the Baltic state’s large ethnic Russian minority over the Ukraine crisis.The center will focus on providing an alternative to the official Russian narrative on the crisis and should receive full NATO accreditation “by the end of the summer,” the Latvian defense ministry told AFP.

    Concern runs high in all three of the formerly Soviet-ruled Baltic states that Russia is mounting a propaganda campaign to win over the region’s ethnic Russians, who account for around a quarter of the population in both Latvia and Estonia.

    Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma on Thursday said Russia was waging an “information war” in Latvia, which joined NATO and the European Union in 2004.“The Latvian government cannot allow foreign countries to meddle internally, undermining the state,” Straujuma told parliament. Lawmakers also backed legislation more than doubling defense spending to the NATO-recommended minimum of two percent of GDP by 2020.

  • #ukraine non-existant Russian soldiers in Eastern Ukraine are giving a burial in Russia

    they were killed during the last ATO campaign

    you see that two of them are first and all military (on leave ?)

    if the Russian state now pays a military pension to their widows, than they ackowledge the official character of their mission

  • since october more than 100.000 children from latin america entered the US

    "Children arriving without their parents are transferred to custody of the Health and Human Services Department, which tries to reunite them with family members in the U.S. Both groups have often been allowed to remain in the U.S. while their immigration cases move forward, a process that can sometimes take years.

    Migrants' willingness to surrender to authorities has created a system in which smugglers need only to get their human cargo to the American side of the river, rather than guiding them to a populated area.

    Just since October, the Border Patrol's Rio Grande Valley sector has made more than 194,000 arrests, nearly triple that of any other sector. In the first week of June alone, agents in this area south of Mission arrested more than 2,800 people, most from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, making it the highest-volume arrest zone on the entire U.S. border. More than 60 percent were children.

    All through the night, government buses idle near the border wall — a mile or two from the river — awaiting loads of immigrants. The zone is patrolled by no fewer than six local, state and federal law-enforcement agencies, including gunboats crewed by Texas state troopers with night-vision goggles and the Border Patrol's white and green trucks. Helicopters swoop above the winding waterway.

    But there's little cat-and-mouse pursuit. Every day, hundreds of immigrants walk up to agents, wave to their remote cameras or simply wait to be picked up on the side of a road like Trevino's group in the park

  • #ukraine US needs to put the money for us to hear what their mouth says

    Most glaringly, U.S. outreach requires resources in order to properly compete with that of Russia. Currently, the Voice of America’s Russia Service is funded to the paltry tune of just $13 million annuallya mere fraction of the $300 million a year that Russia Today alone is estimated to spend on its particular brand of “news.” At this level, U.S. public diplomacy toward the Russian-speaking world lacks anything resembling the scope and reach needed to counter the Kremlin.


    The funds to do so, moreover, are readily available, tucked away in various corners of the U.S. government (such as the U.S. Agency for International Development’s now-defunct U.S.-Russia Investment Fund). They simply require attention from Congress in order to be repurposed and harnessed for public diplomacy purposes.
    and Russia Today is only a small part of the total Russian propaganda machine which is enormous
    the US have always thought that since the end of the Cold War it wasn't really necessary to mold public opinion, it would automatically come to them or distrust the Russians anyway
    if there is one thing we have learned from the Ukranian war than that is that it is simply not true
    there were so many sublte manipulations and so many frameworks and stratégies that were used during the crisis simply because they have Russia today and their other outlets
    it was thanks to the social media activists that it was somewhat countered
    and because the rebels themselves are a bunch of stupid freaks 
    so in this new cold war there need to be a new information strategy
    no talk about being on twitter and Facebook and all that
    no a real information and mediaframing strategy as  basis for a real mediawar
  • #russia the russian secret erotic library for the politburo only

    In the depths of the Russian State Library, Marina Chestnykh takes the creaking elevator up to the ninth floor. She walks past stack after stack of books behind metal cages, the shelves barely visible in the dim light from the frosted-glass windows. This is the spetskhran, or old special storage collection — the restricted-access cemetery for material deemed “ideologically harmful” by the Soviet state.

    She arrives at a cage in the floor’s back corner. When she inserts a key in the padlock, the door swings open to reveal thousands of books, paintings, engravings, photographs and films — all, in one way or another, connected to sex.

    It was the kinkiest secret in the Soviet Union: Across from the Kremlin, the country’s main library held a pornographic treasure trove. Founded by the Bolsheviks as a repository for aristocrats’ erotica, the collection eventually grew to house 12,000 items from around the world, ranging from 18th-century Japanese engravings to Nixon-era romance novels.

    Off limits to the general public, the collection was always open to top party brass, some of whom are said to have enjoyed visiting. Today, the spetskhran is no more, but the collection is still something of a secret: There is no complete compendium of its contents, and many of them are still unlisted in the catalogue.