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  • NATO defense expenditures for 2013 and what will surely change soon

    some countries with borders with Russia or not that far from Russia will have to increase their budgets and some are already annoucing these new investments and new military strategies and cooperation agreements

    if you look at the table you will also understand better some of Putin's diplomatic efforts from the beginning and lately

    the biggest question is if the NATO will stay united throughout this difficult period because anytime a coalition of countries has been faced with a persistant and overwhelming adversary who doesn't have to agree with anyone and doesn't have to comply with anything, there have been different strategies which are defended rightly or wrongly by different groups which gives the dictator at the opposite time the opportunity to win time and at first to achieve his goals without a real war - just by small wars and destabilisation with the right dose of diplomacy

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  • #sonyhack : how northkoreans deny the hack with newsspeak that they have done it

    "Reacting to the news that North Korea is behind the attacks, a person claiming to represent GOP told Salted Hash:

    "We are an international organization including famous figures in the politics and society from several nations such as United States, United Kingdom and France. We are not under direction of any state.

    "Our aim is not at the film The Interview as Sony Pictures suggests. But it is widely reported as if our activity is related to The Interview. This shows how dangerous film The Interview is. The Interview is very dangerous enough to cause a massive hack attack. Sony Pictures produced the film harming the regional peace and security and violating human rights for money.

    "The news with The Interview fully acquaints us with the crimes of Sony Pictures. Like this, their activity is contrary to our philosophy. We struggle to fight against such greed of Sony Pictures."

    if you read it you will see that this is typical propaganda newsspeak tactics 

    The action is not against the Film because the film is against North Korea but because it harms the regional peace because the dictator in North Korea is so mad about the film that he is capable of doing anything (saying that more attacks and even military incidents can be expected) and so the film harms regional peace and for this reason this film shouldn't have been made because is angers the great dictator. Sony should only have made films that the great dictator likes personally so he isn't so mad that he wants to turn his anger into a destructive attack - cyberwise or military 

    so we can expect more such attacks, military incidents and threats from the Great Dictator in the coming weeks 

    the only question is how the Chinese will respond or if they will try to calm it down

    at the other side, don't be surprised if the film gets a limited distribution and only in specialised festivals and so on and if paychannels won't program it in their library 

    with the same reasoning we shouldn't have made any film about Hitler and the Nazis because we would be afraid of his reaction and the same about Ukraine (even if we are holding the same discourse to the Ukraine people all the time, that they shouldn't anger Putin and should try to negotiate something with him instead of resisting)

  • no we don't need military in our streets for now, we need them at our nuclear installations

    The minister of Security (as he calls himself) proposed to the minister of Defense of the same party (NVA) to let military patrol the streets in Belgium.

    They have done already that once but than we had at the same time the attacks from the Bende van Nijvel and from the CCC which was creating the strategy of tension in Belgium voluntary or not as not all information about that will be declassified before I die

    He refers to France but France started with military patrols at certain historic and strategic places after some real big terroristic attacks and because from time to time they arrest terroristic cells before they can attack. This is not necessarily a good strategy (in Great Britain it are just heavily armed policemen - but still policemen)

    If the minister wants to put the military to any good use, he should place them at and around our nuclear installations where we have already lost one due to internal strategic sabotage and have lost another for two days because of a fire in an external electrical installation that is not protected by any wall or defensive installation 

    if we lose any of the other nuclear installations we will be in a real blackout and the only thing you have to do is to blow up some electrical installations outside the installations which are totally unprotected

    oh, no not only I am saying this, it was on the journal of RTBF (  from  minute 16) and in France there are also calls to militarise the protection and security of our nuclear installations (shortly after 9/11 there were military and missiles around our nuclear installations)

  • #ferguson milk in your face to keep the tears away

    Clouds of tear gas filled the streets of Ferguson, forcing demonstrators to run for cover. Standing among broken bottles and shop windows, one woman doused herself in Milk of Magnesia to relieve the symptoms.

  • #hongkong police use pepperspray and puts swimming goggles on

    and all those commentators who thought that the protests were over and dying are wrong again

    each time they think that the Chinese have won, everything changes again and we are back to square one

    there is another thing that is important

    just as with the Euromaidan protests the majority of the protestors came after work to the camp

    this was also the case in Ukraine and kept it alive because most people need an income and expect if you can win in a few days than they can't just stay away from work day after day, week after week, month after month

    look at that (and you didn't see that in the news, you only saw some scuffles but not the mass of people behind them)


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  • reading the mails from CEO's before investing on the stockmarket

    "The cybersecurity company FireEye has unearthed a team of email intruders that snoop through the correspondence of company executives who may possess market-moving information.

    FireEye said the team has carried out attacks against nearly 100 publicly traded companies or their advisory firms in possible attempts to play the stock market. Most of the targets are health care or pharmaceutical companies. It noted that the shares of those firms can move dramatically after the announcement of clinical trial results, regulatory decisions or other significant developments.

    FireEye has labeled the group FIN4 and says it focuses on capturing usernames and passwords to email accounts, which gives the group access to private email correspondence. The group does not use malware, which helps it evade detection.

    they send emails from friends or contacts that ask you to fill in a form with your email credentials

    than they use those email credentials to read over your shoulders your email

    and this you can only end when your company emailservice does the same location control as Google and Yahoo - except when they do it from the same location or through a hacked site or a local proxy that gives the same protection

    information is much more important than showing off that you have hacked or defaced something

    the best solution is double authentification

  • sony hacking already a digital disaster because of massive downloads

    the numbers speak for themselves

    Fury is in the States in the theatres while annie still had to be released worldwide

    “Fury,” a war film that stars Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf, has reportedly been downloaded by over 1.2 million unique IP addresses, while “Annie” has been downloaded by an estimated 206,000 unique IP’s, according to the piracy-tracking firm Excipio.

    this is a disaster

    and proof that if you don't use anonimizing software your torrent traffic will be kept somewhere for some time

  • #ukraine the #maidan revolution by those who survived it

    they were wise enough to organize elections and to have a real democracy a year later

    meanwhile many of these #maidan defense units have now been fighting and dying in the donbass against the Russian invaders

    but Ukraine has found back its unity, its history and its future

    not all the people in the documentary are as 'nice' and democratic as we would like them to be - but in the face of death and violence you don't ask the political opinions of the person fighting next to you - that is for afterwards (and the elections have reduced the influence of the rightwing radicals to minimalist proportions)

    even if Putin wanted it otherwise and hoped they would win a bigger margin or a majority because of his incursions and permanent bombardements

  • more mediawar than war during first day of protests in Belgium

    First the riots during the first big demonstration in Brussels were the result of two unforseen factors

    * the riots broke out at the beginning of the demonstration and not at the end of it, as each playbook will tell and has always been the case in Belgium. This made it extremely hard for the police to intervene 'en force'.

    * as there were no big riots in Belgium for the last 20 years nor the police nor the organizers had planned for this because the probabllity of such riots was minimal. What both didn't really understand - like the media - is how angry people are over here and that some people want to show this in some particular (but unacceptable) way..... The last three weeks we have been daily bombarded with bad news for people who earn their wages from working.

    This was the reason that there was also no real internal 'service d'ordre' that could isolate such elements, coordinate with the police and try to push back onwatchers and keep a distance between the demonstration and the riots.

    so since than the governmental parties and the media have kept up the pressure - letting it sound as if we are going to some kind of civil war and rumours without any substance about Hooligans from Holland coming over and other hardened groups were coming to Antwerp. The NVA mayor has mobilized all possible police forces and is awaiting anxiously the first incident 'to intervene' as he has declared in the press.

    and the media went with it as some socalled political analysts playing megaphone

    and comments in other papers as everything is calm but for how long, when will the street battles begin

    how sad they will be that the whole of the big industrialised Port of Antwerp and other industrial zones are going nearly totally down being blocked where they should have been blocked (at the entrance) and there will be no riots (if everything goes to plan) except if DeWever sends his troops to clear the streets and break the strike.

    He has set a trap for the unions in Antwerp (demonstrate and I will intervene with all my forces after the first stone) but there is now a trap for him (you have all those forces and we are blocking everything that is economically important in Antwerp, so come and show that you want to break a strike).

    at the end of the day we will know who won or if it is just remise (chess)

    we will have another 4 days of strikes before the holidays

    the media and the public officials should tone down their wartalk. There is no war, there is a show of force and determination. War is in Ukraine. That is war. Every day since a year.

  • federale wetgeving van het laatste jaar kan ongrondwettelijk zijn

    ""De Belgische grondwet voorziet niet dat een zetelende koning afstand kan doen van de troon en dat er dus een opvolger komt terwijl dat de koning in functie nog in leven is", legt grondwetspecialist Ghysels uit. Volgens hem zit koning FIlip dan ook ongrondwettig op de troon. Dat brengt natuurlijk ook heel wat gevolgen met zich mee waarschuwt de jurist. "Strikt genomen zijn alle besluiten die koning Filip ondertekent, die dat niet grondwettig geworden is, ongeldig.

    dit betekent dat het federaal veiligheidscentrum niet kan worden opgericht en dat de directeuren er niet kunnen benoemd worden, maar zo zijn er 1500 andere wettelijke besluiten op federaal vlak (de koning tekent niet meer de regionale besluiten).

    het is dus hoogdringend dat hierin klaarheid wordt geschept voor het voor de rechtbank komt en één of andere rechter het nodig vindt om hier al was het gedeeltelijk in mee te gaan en te vergeten dat het recht niet alleen gebaseerd is op formalistische regels maar op uiterst belangrijke principes zoals het verzekeren van de publieke dienstverlening.

  • putin pays extreme right in Europe for its support (another stalin-hitler pact)

    "Front national, nouveau « parti de l’étranger » ? La question risque de hanter le congrès du parti d’extrême droite, qui s’ouvre samedi prochain, au centre des congrès de Lyon. Selon les informations obtenues par Mediapart, la présidente du FN a décroché, en septembre, un prêt de 9 millions d’euros de la First Czech Russian Bank (FCRB), une banque fondée en République tchèque aujourd’hui basée à Moscou.

    and so it goes throughout nearly the whole extreme right in Europe which is fascinated by his authoritain leadership and guided by its anti-americanism

  • meanwhile in #Mexico - 43 students become the symbol of a nation in protest

    by murdering those students the bandits have accomplished what no corrupt government at any level at any time in Mexican history has accomplished

    bring thousands and thousands of people in the street during weeks to protest for more democracy and legality and just a normal life

    but they ain't going to wait or stand still

  • Snowden and Greenwald are politically dead in the US

    "Now it looks very much like Greenwald is becoming a voice in the blogging wilderness again, and Snowden is watching from Moscow, once again isolated, as his explosive revelations fizzle out politically. On Tuesday, led by Republicans voting en masse, the U.S. Senate defeated a motion to vote on the USA Freedom Act, which would have curbed the NSA's bulk collection of Americans' phone records. The new, harder-line Republican Congress coming in January doesn’t seem likely to pass the bill either

    Now those two are lamblasting the system and the judicial system and the stupid public and whatever they can think off (the media for example) but they seem to forget - as we have said here months ago - that Putin has changed as much the perception of the discussion as 9/11 had when we were discussing Echelon in 2001.

    Putin has brought us to the brink of the cold war again and his permanent madness of sending bombers and submarines to our coasts - sometimes nuclear-capable - with all the risks of military incidents or collasions with civil airlines is just too mad to understand. It brought the possibility of military incidents right at our border instead of somewhere in some far part of Ukraine where there is everyday some shooting but nothing that could be really called a real big war.

    ISIS has helped also off course.

    And it just doesn't seem the right time now to dismantle the NSA now. You never know what they may miss because of the reorganisation, the limited resources or capabilities. They missed an 9/11 once because they didn't have enough translators and analysts.

    as long as there is more oversight - for the moment not enough people care enough

  • explaining the electrocal (electric electoral) shocks and waves in the US lately

    "There is one finding that can well explain the unusual volatility and disaffection of so many American voters over the last decade. In 2000, 16 percent of households were headed by people without high school diplomas, and another 51 percent were headed by people without college degrees. From 2002 to 2012, the median income of the first group, across age cohorts, declined at an average annual rate of 2.4 percent, year after year; and the median income of the second group, across age cohorts fell at an average annual rate of 1 percent, year after year. That tells us that two-thirds of American households have suffered persistent income losses as they aged from 2002 to 2012, through eight years of economic expansion along with two years of serious recession. The median income of the remaining households, headed by college graduates, increased over this period—but at only one-third of the rate of households headed by college graduates in the 1980s and 1990s.


    These trends have enormous electoral consequences. They explain why, in recent years, overall positive economic numbers and growth are not translating into feelings of shared prosperity. That’s why so many Americans are angry and ready to turn on whichever party has most recently failed to restore the broad income progress that almost everyone experienced in the 1980s and 1990s.

    and this is what will happen in Belgium as we going through a wave of protests and afterwards huge reductions in wages, pensions, subsidies and available income

    the same thing can be seen since 2007 in other countries and recently in France

    Economists and investors are talking about growth and invesments and returns but the people who do the work don't see much of it, on the contrary

  • some damn clear facts about terrorism in 2013

    that doesn't mean that in your physical securityplan you don't have to take the protection into account (there are several books about specific physical protection for buildings against terrorism going from bomb attacks (perimeter defense) to hostage taking (secret entrances and secret hide rooms))

    source (the documents can be downloaded at the site without registration)