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  • #ukraine just a reminder that this is a local limited but REAL daily war

    so those who think that we shouldn't have so much attention for it are wrong

    here weapons are tested, here strategies are being adopted, here future special soldiers are being trained, here plans are being made for 2020 (by Russia) when its military will have finished its transformation and will have all the new weaponary it needs for...... (read what Putin is saying publicly and you know)

    or we win this war and send a clear message now, or we have another one and worse in a few years

  • #ukraine is becoming the biggest real testfield for military hardware in Europe

    Even if those weapons have been developed for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, they have never been tested in real war in Europe with another climate and other battle conditions. So both sides are starting to send their newest military hardware to the Ukranian battlefield (this is what it is really, sad to say) and to learn what works and what should be changed - especially in the new doctrine of waging or combating a Hybrid war (which is even different from the kinds of wars that are being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan).


    for those interested in the networking of the battlefield, you will see that secure communication is part of the infrastructure and the success of these military hardware

    This is in fact a big argument for NATO or other countries or even industries to get their newest weaponary to Ukraine so they can achieve some military balance and keep the conflict under control as long as there is no diplomatic solution and have a learning process that no exercise can give. When it comes to real or limited war somewhere on our Eastern European borders than those leassons will be very important. The Baltic states surely think so.

  • and the DDOS storms get bigger and bigger : 500 GBPS (against Hong Kong Protest sites)

    "The websites, Apple Daily and PopVote, have been vocal supporters of the pro-democracy protests and even carried out mock chief executive elections for Hong Kong. Cloudflare, a company which is employed to protect websites against distributed denial of service attacks, has revealed thatsince June, these two websites have been bombarded by attacks of unprecedented size.

    According to Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare, the attacks have hit 500 gigabits per second (Gbps), which tops attacks in February of 400Gbps that were at the time the biggest in internet history.

    According to Prince, who was speaking to Forbes: "[It's] larger than any attack we've ever seen, and we've seen some of the biggest attacks the Internet has seen."

    Last year a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack on the anti-spamming group Spamhaus was declared the "biggest in the history of the internet" peaking at 300Gb

    now where does that come from  ?

  • Danish tax administration will use #luxleaks as evidence for reviewing the taxes

    the tax administration in Danmark has said that it will use the luxleaks documents and they will ask the firms for an explanation and maybe even ajust the taxes (upwards). They will also use the documents to understand how these countries are negotiating and setting up such tax-rulings, probably to find ways to make them even more difficult or illegal in the future

    source for translation that follows

    ""Tax examines the publicly available agreements between individual companies and the state of Luxembourg closer. If there is information in the material, and this will affect the settlement of tax in Denmark, it will be treated based on the rules of Skat control work - in addition to this materiality and risk, "said in a written statement to Politiken .

    Insight into the secret world

    Taxes do not want to elaborate. But before the publication of the hundreds of tax treaties, which escaped from the accounting firm PwC Tax expressed interest in gaining insight into how these tax treaties are designed:

    "We have heard that such agreements exist, but we have never been told what is in them, and we have never seen one," said Troels Kjølby Nielsen, Tax Administration Division, responsible for international tax treaties"

    my comment : this kind of discussions have been going on before about stolen listings and documents and sometimes they have been holding up cases for years or even decennia (ubs case for example) but in the end they were used somewhere - even if it was to blackmail the firms or people into coming to some agreement with the tax administration because they also can't always go through a public conflict about their taxes for years.

  • happy birthday to #Euromaidan while Ukranian Mad Max are still fighting the invading Russians

    looks like a Mad Max car if you ask me - they made it themselves in the factory based upon the battlefield experiences

    meanwhile at Euromaidan people are now remembering the fallen 100 and the people they lost there


    We have hundreds of posting about Kiev, Maidan and Ukraine they are all here in chronological order

    and this is when it for us all began and we started to take notice and from that moment on we were hooked and chose our site, those of the people for the people and by the people (in all there are about 800 postings about Ukraine since than). Several times our frontpage was even changed to show the importance of the burning tyres resisting the attacks every night or the invading russian tanks that have been coming without an end the last months.

    we have also a tweetlist about Ukraine and in our main tweetfeed Ukraine is always on our mind (and in our eye). We always keep a close watch on what is happening in this new Front for democracy.

    and this was one of the first barricades to appear in Kiev

    and this is how it ended - when even snipers couldn't end the protest are killing a 100 people and wounding several hundred - they fled and the regime with them

    and since one year they had military battles with defeats and success and two elections and a lot of support but not enough of it and yet after one year Putin only occupies 5% of the territory and didn't accomplish his strategic goal.... or not yet

    but if anybody would have told us that one year ago, nobody would have believed that that was possible

  • ISIS grabs city in....Libya 2OO km from Europe


  • how Google earth is used in #ukraine to find from where the shooting came


    these are the buildings and from where they were shot at

    this is the map

  • NAVO country Romania is now under threat of Russian missiles on Crimea

    i really begin to believe that some in Moscow have lost all their senses

    do they really think that they can go on and on and on and that we will never start to react and that at that time we won't start to throw all our resources so that it will become clear once and for all that this kind of stupid wargames makes no sense and brings no results at all for neither party

  • the #MH17 was not shot down by an Ukranian jet, copy-paste journalists in the west

    this is another example of how propaganda is made today and distributed through social media to be picked up by some international press bureau who than is responsable that is copy-pasted all over the world by journalists refering to the international press bureau referring to the propaganda and not being able to retract it afterwards or not in the same fashion

    what is the goal - just to make some smokescreens and to make it seem to people that this is still an undecided case and that it is not sure that it were the Russian forces in Ukraine - even if all the evidence is showing this without doubt


    this article is longer than here and shows very clearly how propoganda is made today and how it is quite easy today to doublecheck and to discover forgeries if one makes an effort - but to that press agencies do need to have investigate journalists or factchecking researchers who have nothing else to do and can be freed to do this - even under stress because the press agency doesn't want to lose this exclusive to others

  • #dexia and while we will be paying to protect this rubbish bank, his CEO does this

    buys some very expensive old timer and has no ethical questions whatsover to show off with it in the Belgian Press (business journal mouthpiece of the Belgian capital)

    meanwhile his bank hasn't become more safe and stable after all this years and we are still and will for the coming years be paying millions in the best case and billions in the worst case to keep it afloat from going under

    because under his guidance Dexia was hiding money from our Belgian tax administration, just trying to use the taxmoney of hardworking people to pay for this rubbish bank in Luxembourg

    rubbish bank as I said and as they confirmed today

    because this is what has happened in France and is still being cleaned up in so far that this is possible

  • Russian Pravda threatens Western Europe with nuclear surprise blackmail

    "Here is another surprise. As for tactical nuclear weapons, the superiority of modern-day Russia over NATO is even stronger.

    The Americans are well aware of this. They were convinced before that Russia would never rise again. Now it's too late.

    To date, NATO countries have only 260 tactical nuclear weapons in the ETO. The United States has 200 bombs with a total capacity of 18 megatons. They are located on six air bases in Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Turkey. France has 60 more atomic bombs. That is pretty much it. Russia, according to conservative estimates, has 5,000 pieces of different classes of TNW - from Iskander warheads to torpedo, aerial and artillery warheads! The US has 300 tactical B-61 bombs on its own territory, but this does not change the situation against the backdrop of such imbalance. The US is unable to improve it either, as it has destroyed the "Cold War legacy" - tactical nuclear missiles, land-based missiles and nuclear warheads of sea-based Tomahawk cruise missiles.

    To be continued.

    can you imagine some-one writing this

    are they totally gone bonkers ?

    "In 2010, the Europeans, in the face of foreign ministers of Poland and Sweden, insolently demanded Russia should single-handedly establish two nuclear-free zones - the Kaliningrad region (enclave) and the Kola Peninsula - the territories of priority deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons. The regions serve as the main bases for the Baltic and Northern Fleets. In case of the Northern Fleet, the region is a base for most of Russian SNF.

    Since then, the Americans have repeatedly offered Russia to follow the flawed way of solving the "problem of tactical nuclear weapons." They stubbornly insist on reaching an agreement to eliminate disparities on stocks of tactical nuclear weapons. They even tried to stipulate a condition for the effect of the START-3 Treaty. Thus, in accordance with Senator Lemieux's amendment (Amendment 4/S.AMDN.4908), the START-3 was to come into force after the Russian side agreed to start negotiations on the so-called liquidation of imbalance of tactical nuclear weapons in Russia and the US.

    On February 3, 2011, Barack Obama wrote in a letter to several key senators saying that the United States was going to start negotiations with Russia to address disparity between tactical nuclear weapons of the Russian Federation and the United States to reduce the number of tactical nuclear warheads in a verifiable way.  Alas, in 2012, Putin returned to the Kremlin, and the hopes of the West to deceive Russia though unilateral disarmament failed.

    and they are not going to disarm either

    so what do they want to use all these  nuclear weapons for ?

    blackmail ? like Dr Strangelove

  • the rotten US mortgages are back again.... since 2008 (when the financial system nearly collapsed)

    yep, they are trying to explain them away - but that they did also in 2008 - so there is no reason to believe them this time because it is the same old stupid trick (you put some really rotten financial loans in a big back of good financial products and sell them together saying that the global risk is 10% for example but without guaranteeing that it will stay 10% and when it is proven that one such back is in fact nearly totally rotten (because of unexpected economic circumstances not foreseen in the calculation of the risk) than all the other bags (even if they are totally different become suspicious (even if that is because the calculation of the risk is to be overdone every so many hours) and they all have to be sold at very low prices creating huge losses for those who have bought them and eventually used them against other good loans they can't repay or guarantee any more). 

    so who is buying them and I hope that they are not being bought by banks that were saved with money from the taxpayers and those who would buy them should be told that they will not be saved by the state next time 

    if they want to take the risk - than they take the risk - alone and with their own money 



  • two important facts about the fast increasing number of incidents with Russian military might at the European border

    First, it takes a long time to prepare this, it is not done like this on a hunch which means that it is planned, coordinated, prepared and agreed upon - even at the same moment Putin is saying he just wants peace and so on. So there are two faces to Russian foreign policy. The practical guy and the tactical guy. You can chose who to believe and who to trust. If you think that practical things (the economy) will be more important than the military tactics you still think that there is not much to it and that peace will prevail (like good sense). If you prefer to look at the military tactics, than you better start preparing for the worst so you send a message that this guy better starts becoming practical because otherwise he will end up in a dead-end street as his bluff has been called. 

    And the more further away or the bigger the incursions, the longer the planning and the preparations. 

    And the real question is the following : if all this has been planned long time in advance, what else will come ? And what is the endgame ? 

    The first important fact is that this is NOT incidental, this is planned and is part of a longterm strategy based upon a number of suppositions. Understand the strategy and the suppositions and you have a first choice of possible responses. 

    Secondly, the number of incidents is not 30, no for Europe it is MUCH HIGHER over the last year. We are already at 100 military incidents in our airspace and before our coasts. 

    "Allied jets have intercepted Russian fighter aircraft along Europe’s fringes 100 times this year, three times the 2013 total, according to NATO. The increased activity coincides with the U.S. and the European Union accusations that Russia is fueling the separatist conflict in Ukraine, where a September cease-fire is wobbling.

    THis means that every THREE days there is somewhere at our NATO borders a military incident with a Russian military aircraft, submarine or warship (some nuclear). I repeat - so you understand it - every THREE days. 

    So when military commanders start getting nervous and worried, you have to ask yourself how you would react if somebody is knocking on your windows and doors every three days and sometimes is standing in your hall way or kitchen and leaving afterwards saying, sorry - no harm done. 

    This is way beyond 'tension' and way beyond 'military incidents'.

    This is an explicit military strategy of creating a permanent atmosphere of military tension.

    And you only need one ship, submarine or fighter plane to make the mistake of beginning to fire to find ourselves in a totally different situation. And this has happened before. Only at that time the lines of communication between the White House and the Kremlin were still open and there were enough backchannels. With a permanent cutting of ties in all spheres between NATO and the US and the Kremlin at the other side one can hope this will still be the case (even if Obama wouldn't do something military without thinking months about it) 

    It does mean for Belgium which has foreseen new cuts in its military forces that it would take years to adapt afterwards to the new international environment and its NATO obligations. Or we should just say that we don't want a Belgian army and want to pay a part of an European Defense Force or NATO force (or combination). But that is a bit difficult if you don't have One Commander in chief but 26 (as if the Governors of the US would decide where US troops would be send abroad). 

  • it is not the number of Russian incursions but their strategy that is in fact worrying western military

    ""What is significant is that across history, most of these incursions have been very small groups of airplanes, sometimes singletons or at most two aircraft," the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, U.S. Air Force General Philip Breedlove, said at a Pentagon briefing.


    "What you saw this past week was a larger, more complex formation of aircraft carrying out a little deeper, and I would say a little bit more provocative, flight path.

    Every action needs a response and was the response to the first incursions with single aircraft, submarines and boats a bit annoyed, this one got the attention of the highest military planners and eventually our political leaders.

    What in fact does he want to say ? 

    I will and I can attack you at any time before you can respond ? I am a big nuclear power ? You are just so frightened that you don't know what to do when I decide to become very angry with you ? 

    And this from the US to Europe at every existing border in the air or on the sea. 

    never before in history have Russian military aircraft taken so many risks in so little time against so many possible targets in such a manner

    just needs a small misunderstanding or a defender who is too nervous or not listening anymore to his commanders and wants to show them a lesson ..... to be starging off something 

  • #ukraine why Kharkiv is a better target than Mariupol in this offensive

    Several terrorist and subversive groups and cells have already been arrested in the city by the Intelligence Service from Ukraine. 

    But there is more that story it seems 

    "The so-called Novorossia project has foundered in recent months, and could be strengthened if the separatists were able to get control of Kharkiv, Ukraine's second-largest city.


    Lozowy notes that the city has "symbolic significance," as well as being a major industrial center.


    In December 1917, Kharkiv was the first Ukrainian city to recognize the Bolshevik coup in Russia, and the city served as Ukraine's capital until 1935. Ukraine's largest tank producer is located in the region, among many other military-industrial enterprises.


    "Undoubtedly, Kharkiv, which has remained on the whole indifferent to calls to join 'Novorossia,' really upsets certain circles both in Moscow and in the LNR and DNR," Russian military analyst Aleksandr Golts told on November 10.

    There is Mariupol but that may seem to be an enormously difficult target and maybe they just will pass it and go on the Crimea to take it on afterwards when it is isolated by land and sea. 

  • #ukraine no more trust in #osce mission with Russian observers abusing the mission

    strange in any case that one of the parties is observing how its own tanks and military are passing borders that are being monitored by an organizing that is using its official representatives as observers

    strange in any case that one of the parties participates in investigations of incidents and conflicts while their army and tanks are on the other side of the front

    and it seems just to have become a Russian spy organisation after all

  • another world war online (they only defaced a memorial page for a world war)

    the other was a real war, so all that talk about cyberwar is for the moment just crap

    in Ukraine there is a real war and all cyberactions in Ukraine are peanuts compared to the real war

  • All Belgian companies with #luxleaks now public (Also Telenet and Dexia)

    find all the documents here

    click on search documents, click on skip intro, go down the new page and chose Belgium as a country and than on search and you have them all

    some were not published the day the first leaks were published

    these are just images, click the link above



  • why even Bloomberg wants Juncker to go (or to start an European fiscal revolution)

    "Juncker was the prime minister of Luxembourg, a tiny nation with a population 1/17th the size of London's, for almost two decades. In that time, he oversaw the growth of a financial industry that became a tax center for at least 340 major global companies, not to mention investment funds with almost 3 trillion euros ($3.7 trillion) in net assets -- second only to the U.S.


    Partly as a result of the Swiss-style bank secrecy rules and government-blessed tax avoidance schemes that helped draw so much capital, the people of Luxembourg have become the world's richest after Qatar. The tax arrangements, described in leaked documents provided by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, allegedly enabled multinationals, from Apple to Deutsche Bank, to reduce their tax liabilities on profits earned in other countries: The effective Luxembourg tax rates that resulted were as little as 0.25 percent. The countries where the money was made received nothing.

    If juncker in his last public mandate wants to leave something that will be so enormous that it will be remembered like the European Union itself and the Euro or whatever big that changed the course of history, than he will have to start an European fiscal revolution in which firms and people will have a minimum fair tax wherever they go in Europe and where old havens like Liechtenstein and Monaca lose their fiscal privileges or their membership of the EU.