#kiev there are no churchills in Ukraine except at Euromaiden

The political and military leaders of Ukraine today don't have the guts or the knowledge for a fight and untill today they haven't shown any bit of it

and leaders have to lead and to lead is to inspire and to inspire is them to go out in the street and face the risks but stand firm because if you resist now you won't be able to resist if the whole state apparatus falls into foreignled hands and the risk to oppose those forces will be greater than they will be now

these are very daring times for Ukraine and eastern Europe but there are no leaders

looking around I don't see any leaders yet who are standing up to the challenge

but as Putin continues he will find himselves faced with real hard leaders who don't trust him for a second and who are willing to go all the way to resist him whatever will happen and who will inspire their population and others into resistance

that Churchill lost after the war and even was not always that popular during the war is all true

but at the most daring times he made the difference

who will in Ukraine lead the Ukranians -  who will inspire them to stand firm

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#kiev for the first time we can be sending police forces - not soldiers into battle

because it is such low-level war-fare - except for the green man coming afterwards that the first intervention is not military but policing and it is something that will have to be done in future as one may be sure that this will be repeated over and over again over the region untill it fails because we have countered it

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Network of Belgian Foreign Affairs is hackable because not safe

it was not me stating this

it was the man in the Belgian Army responsable for cybersecurity during an interview

at the end he says, oh the network of Foreign Affairs, they are not secure

they were hacked last year, it was in the newspapers

but to state this like this

is like an invitation

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#kiev the theatre of stormings - no word from army operations yet

you could say that they are waiting unttill all the traitors have come out :)

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#kiev Putin riot launches a tour of Eastern Europe - dates to be announced

who's next

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#kiev annexation of stormed cities is being prepared - russian passports

surprise that they were ready

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Chiles Fires - pack poor people together in wooden houses and a small fire becomes a firestorm (some pictures)

when I visited the city 20 years ago people were living in wooden houses with electricity hanging everywhere

things haven't changed much since than

now they are burning

wooden houses burn easy and the streets are very small if there are streets

Chile is rich but its people are poor - especially in Valparaiso

you see some buildings in concrete but if you look at for example the third picture you will see that wooden houses are everywhere - from end to end throughout the city

also the firefighters are totally undermanned and don't have the necessary equipment

they have very very low taxes in Chile but they can't invest in public services

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#kiev some selected tweets to show what is happening

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belgische bedrijven mogen zo onveilig zijn als ze willen, ze hoeven hierover niet te communiceren

De FOD Economie stelt evenwel dat “er geen wettelijke verplichting bestaat voor bedrijven om hun klanten in te lichten over een beveiligingsrisico. Zo’n verplichting bestaat wel voor de internetaanbieders (zoals Belgacom of Telenet) wanneer zij zouden merken dat er een risico is voor hun abonnees.” Maar, zoals duidelijk, valt Heartbleed niet onder die laatste verplichting. Evenmin is er een verplichting om te melden wanneer een bedrijf de nodige stappen heeft gezet om te verhelpen aan een probleem als Heartbleed.

maar als je een electronisch product zoals een broodrooster op de markt wilt brengen, dan moet je wel worden gecontroleerd

als je een restaurant opent dan krijg je allerhande controles over de vloer

maar open een online webwinkel en je bent opeens voor niets meer verantwoordelijk strikt genomen (er is nog het algemene principe van goed bestuur en verantwoordelijkheid

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#kiev totally strange and alarming interview with ex minister foreign affairs from Bulgaria

so when is the list of possible troublespots coming to an end (he adds Alaska and Antartica)

"In the EU there are Trojans and Trojan queen and Trojans top managers of Russia and Bulgaria no more than a pawn Trojan Russia, said in an interview bTV former Bulgarian Foreign Minister Solomon Passy, ​​noting that almost all EU member states in various dependent on the Kremlin.

In the EU there are Trojans and Trojan queen and Trojans top managers of Russia and Bulgaria no more than a pawn Trojan Russia, said in an interview bTV former Bulgarian Foreign Minister Solomon Passy, ​​noting that almost all EU member states in various dependent on the Kremlin.

According to Pasi, West made ​​a strategic mistake by not inviting Georgia to join NATO, writes NewsBG.ru .

Today, according to the ex-minister, it is necessary tactical cooperation with Belarus and the strategic partnership with China, doing these steps, you can get the most from the unprecedented isolation, which hit Russia.

According to Solomon Passy, ​​at the moment the issue of Ukraine's membership in NATO is not discussed, because no one knows whether the State Ukraine today - talk about federalization only a prelude to the division of the country, as was done with Germany after the Second World War.

Solomon Passy convinced that interests associated with Vladimir Putin as complete as possible the restoration of the Soviet space, but it is possible that at one point, "master of the Kremlin" care and resources of the North Pole and Alaska. "The Cold War is likely still not finished, and there is great potential of turning it into a hot," - said Pasi.

At the same time, he said that against the background of the Ukrainian crisis appear and specific threats to Bulgaria. As an example, Pasi reported an article in "Pravda", which discusses the implementation of some recent dreams Bulgarians of Bulgaria's accession to the Soviet Union as the 16 republics.

All this, according to him, goes on a background of the official invitation of Bulgaria in the Eurasian Union, talks between Russian diplomats on how Bulgaria and Romania will be "kicked cornered in Russia", and Vladimir Putin's promise to protect the interests of his countrymen without the values ​​of their place of residence . Solomon Passy said that everyone is familiar with the KGB propaganda understands that this is the real threat.

According to him, it is necessary to settle in Bulgaria "irrational dispute between Russophile and russophobes" that his statements incite the leader of "Ataka" Volen Siderov and former President Georgi Parvanov, who Pasi defined as "the fifth column of Moscow."

and what is more, Barosso says that if the EU didn't help Bulgaria as it does Bulgaria would already have become a satellite state

and read this also

this is new to me - but it makes the picture complete

pressure on Bulgaria, on Romania, Moldovia .......

somebody still optimistic ...... don't worry be happy (with your new iphone ?)

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#kiev translated operandus for russian commando's on the Ukr ground - amazing

I copy it here because it can be gone anytime - because publishing this is as giving public confirmation that you are coordinating thing - this is directly from the handbooks in guerilla warfare - and on this strategy your counterstrategy should be constructed (Estonia you can start immediately with this) 

In the order of our colleagues from the famous and authoritative Donetsk online edition Island got briefing transcript fragment GRU of the General Staff of the Russian Federation.
"... In the form of continued Military:
So, the first stage is completed - in two large cities administration and security services captured.
Proceed to the second. Operate under the same scheme, now more small scattered groups: a group of 30-60 fighters captures the police department in a small town. The name of your town, you'll learn along the way to complete the task. Groups will be more ... the exact number I do not even know.
Once captured by the police department - you fit 20-30 people of the locals - we prepared them in advance. They bring products. Give them weapons, it does not matter that not all of them know how to use it. You'll use weapons if necessary. Know them in person, they are your talking heads, and if necessary - your hostages. They need to push the stipulated requirements. You do not pop out. Your business - the military.
Once you have teamed up with these "our" locals and prepared the first defense perimeter, report - we begin to transmit as much information about the incident. In the city, in the area - we have enough people for this.
After a while you will certainly curious and sympathetic approach. Among them are our people to ensure the transport of necessary materials, and all that you will need. Try from the very beginning to attract foreign people to stay with you. Flags, propaganda materials imported advance their lift with "talking heads" - organize their distribution among the people in the square in front of the police on the streets. Your role - simple artists "talking heads."
Necessary to organize a continuous scale - first: performance of "talking heads", then in between songs, poems - discs and audio equipment are already waiting. Second entry volunteers. There are several people that sign up first. This is another group of men, it will be scattered in the crowd. Each of them operates alone. They will crush the resistance of those who disagree.
Third - the barricades. It is important that your additional perimeter. Used tires, metal structures, barrels and wood for the fire. Distribute weapons. Confiscate alcohol. Thus, in the fourth: organize hot drinks, repeat - hot, not intoxicating (audience laughter). The last thing we provide facilities for supporting crowd. Sheds rain, toilets.
Special attention to women, and especially women, who came with children - they are your voluntary human shield. I repeat - those who come after you, will not shoot at women and children; psychologically to know it's hard to believe, but I repeat - nothing to worry about, all women and children leave alive and healthy, but if they are released - and you will destroy, they'll kill you - and then find all these women and kill them, too, to all the blame on you. Remember - you are opposed to the Nazi authorities, you are opposed to non-humans. Holding women and children with them, you are actually protecting them from the massacre of the filth that calls itself the local authority.
You must stand up for about a week until we begin the third phase of the liberation of the brotherly country. Questions?
What to do in case of resistance militia?
- Shoot to kill. If you were able to go inside the premises - to isolate one of those who resist, no matter who it was, and destroy with extreme cruelty, in front of others - to intimidate. Hide the corpse to make local law enforcement. It demoralizes them completely, someone will go to you.
What if we start on the rules surrounding the antiterrorist operation - complete blockade on the perimeter, sympathetic output from the square one with the elucidation of the individual, blocking mobile communications, etc.?
-Good question, soldier! Answer: first, we grab a few cities, the location makes them difficult simultaneous deployment of anti-terrorist units.
Second - we have our own people in the leadership of local power structures - they will block such actions possible, justifying it by minimizing civilian casualties and lack of terrorists. They were ordered to - in the case, despite their resistance, unfolding "Anti-terror" - to organize voluntary hostages from among the official representatives of the authorities. In the assault case - they should all be destroyed. You are responsible for it.
In addition, our foreign minister lays down conditions for their participation in the absence of force in international negotiations to address the issue. This is your additional support from him personally (laughter). Nothing funny - we are all on the front, we all work for the win.
- What if the authorities would meet the requirements of "talking heads"?
- We need to get this information first. On the way back they will be attacked. If you do not succeed, give "talking heads" to return to negotiations and isolate negotiators from the crowd. If you can not convince them that it is a deceptive maneuver of local authorities - accused of treason and kill one of them in front of other negotiators. It must be done in a raised voice, as if emotions. How would even accidentally. Remember very well - oh no agreement with local authorities and can be no question. We will negotiate with them when we have them sit in chambers. And we agree.
Any more questions? No? God help you, sons! Prepared you for years, you are the color of our troops - and Homeland hopes on you ... ".


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#kiev if you think the Urkr military needs weapons - crowdfund them to defend Ukr

the first time that a national army has to be crowdfunded internationally because the international community is refusing to send the necessary (even non-lethal) supportive military equipment

" A special Ukrainian Military Crisis Fund (http://ukrmilcf.org/), an initiative set up by few businesspeople, invites people from all over the world to donate money in order to cover lack of basic supplies in the Ukrainian army. The founders of the fund have already raised tens of thousands of dollars and have set an ambitious goal raising millions of dollars.

so if you make money while trading or working in or with Eastern Europe than you should consider this

* if Ukraine loses and goes into total absyss because the only unified national institution being the army doesn't have the tools and material to do something (and that can go as far as having bullets and meals) than the whole region will go down for many years of instability and increased tensions before the Iron curtain will stabilize things for some time

so instead of spending money on advertising and luxury tools for your office give to the soldiers who are at or going down to the front - and maybe that front is there tonight in Donestkr (if they wisely decide to operate under night cover instead of in daylight)

if you have the money and you didn't do anything - blame yourself for not considering to do your part

I know it is the job of the international community but they are doing nothing that is enough to stop this going down abyss

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#kiev it is more or less over for today (and lessons for other neighboring countries - invest in your police)

the army didn't move yet - and it is not sure if they are moving

the president has proposed now to have a referendum the 25th about federalisation which is too late

some new police stations are being taken over with part of the policeforce just surrendering

the mobs being led by military people leading and instructing

but as the article in the Polish press said the Ukr security forces and administration is not neutral but profoundly infiltrated by Russian agents 

except if I am wrong and the no news is the result of 'no operational intelligence' but some victories even smaller ones are necessary fast

whatever we will see, it will be more clashes, bloodshed - now it has really gone out of control - if the army can't make the difference today or at least tomorrow and show something (a big if)

this is what war is - once it starts everything changes so fast you don't know what is happening because once you have understood one thing, another thing is already happening that wasn't supposed to happen and so you feel confused and it is not clear who is winning and who is losing and what is the importance of some losses and the momentum of some victories (still to come or not)

if this is the future of warfare than NATO and the national defense forces in Eastern Europe have to learn some things and implement them very fast (Estonia and Balkan being other hotspots)

* non-lethal police material and essentially the heavy things like water- and gascannons, APC, bulldozers, light helicopters and so on is essential in all areas where you can expect ethnic trouble

* fast transport and disponibility of 24h standby regiments as backup to intervene within x minutes in trouble spots is necessary

* fireweapontraining and right to shoot if being shot at

* special set of legislation to declare some frontiers closed, some areas forbidden for manifestations and administrative detention when you are present at trouble spots and the possibility for central government to take over 'political administrative or public order authorities' if they are proven to be indecisive or collaborative with the instigators (Human rights activists will not like this, but this is war we viewing and even if it is a low-level war, it is a war against democratic neutral institutions and a democracy should have the possibility to defend itselfs temporarily in such circumstances as in Eastern Ukraine)

* at the other side, you need local democracy, minority rights and cultural freedom and economic prosperity to prevent those things from happening or from having a broad enough public support (you can't only have repressive tools without those)

I have watched the last days with an enormous astonishment the way police forces were disorganized, passive and not-at-all equipped in the east and how the central government was not capable - after reading the Polish article probably because of that infiltration - to organize a military offensive.

but Putin should learn the lesson Hitler learned, you can fool us once, you can fool us twice but some time we will be ready and for that time we should prepare now ourselves because we can't let any other Eastern European state without any defense of its freedom and peace - even if for this we have to re-arm and construct a new 'Iron Curtain' and go back into time.

this will go through Eastern Europe as a panic button

today our world has definitely changed and - just as the short sellers who are waiting - we don't know what will happen in the coming hours or days

but whatever it is - it is nothing good

the good times have gone for now

Putin has stolen them

of yes - some people in the west will think that it is none of their business or that business should go on as usual and that things aren't that important - but over time (and in the second world war it took 2 years) we will all be involved because if Putin wants his empire - he has to change more borders and get more conflicts but these conflicts will now be expected and we should expect our worst enemy in which we - just as with Hitler - can't trust any word or any agreement he signs because they all are less important than his dream he wants to create

a great soviet empire

for ITsecurity people, well are prepared for ddos, targeted attacks, espionage and sabotage if you are an administration, securityservice or critical infrastructure or economic espionage if you have something exceptional

as the political-military environment has changed - so has ours

prepare for the worst so the worst has only a limited impact

it can become much worse

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#kiev this is why we are heading to (hopefully cold) war and Estonia is high on his target list

“Putin, surely, is the main guarantor of the security of the Russian world,” the president’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said on state television last month. “And Putin has rather unambiguously stated that.”


In 2005, after winning a second presidential term, Putin told the nation that the Soviet collapse in 1991 was a “genuine tragedy” for the Russian people.


“Tens of millions of our fellow citizens and countrymen found themselves beyond the fringes of Russian territory,” Putin said at the time.

if that is your policy if that is your basic emotion and goal than the only thing you can do to accomplish this - if it can't be done by peacuful meand and cooperation - is by terrorism and war

so every country that once belonged to the Russia now knows what to expect

and Ukraine is his showcase

if you don't listen, you are next

in the same article it is explained why Estonia is high on his target list

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what Samsung did when her workers began dying from Leukemia

very nice read

"Here,” says Hwang, pointing to two women in the center of the group. Both had the same job at the same semiconductor factory, on the same line, standing side by side at the same workstation, dipping computer chips into the same vat of chemicals. Both got a particularly aggressive form of the blood cancer known as acute myeloid leukemia. One was his daughter, Yu-mi. In South Korea, only about 3 out of every 100,000 people die of leukemia. “They worked together, and they died,” says Hwang. The snapshot is among a few private memories Hwang keeps of his late daughter.


The story of the two women, and dozens of Samsung workers with leukemia and other rare cancers, is now a very public one in South Korea. In February and March, Koreans could see two movies depicting the seven-year battle led by the Hwangs and other families against Korea’s biggest and most influential corporation.

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