one very interesting thing about leaked 'classified documents' we seem to forget

"It is also worth considering that a document can be classified for no other reason than it was authored by someone within the NSA. The internal documents might be aspirational (a bid for budget to try something), self-aggrandising (exaggerating capabilities to get employment), blue-sky, or even a misdirection.

Assuming that all leaked documents is a revelation is therefore dangerous. And treating every spy and spook as some kind of superhero is a dangerous distraction from their real capabilities and their everyday activities, and the invasions of privacy we can demonstrate and act upon

leaked classified documents are for this reason only the start of the article, not the end of it

and they still need some other confirmation to be worthy of publishing as 'truth' without any doubt except if there are between the leaked documents so many other documents from other people and projects that confirm what is written

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#scotland everywhere else they would call that a landslide

look at the turnout

loot at the difference

compare with the Québec vote (only 60K difference)

and the massive mediahype campaign that gave the impression that Yes was closing the gap (which it wasn't in fact if you look at the opinion polls )

for example the last month


but ok here is what CNN made of it

which in fact was 48% for

and the final result is

based on the polls you could say that the undecided finally voted NO (which is now a good campaignbook for other countries faced with such referendums - keep the undecided undediced untill the last moment and give them enough reasons to have some fear of adventure and risk and you will win)

but when you look at the geography (and even the Turnout in the Yes bastions was lower than exepcted) and this was contrary to what was announced in the media by the Yes organisation (which shows again that just as in the US presidential élections that groundwork organisations responsable for the turnout on the day itself are a very important sometimes determining factor)

also remember that for the first time even 16year olds were invited and mobilised to vote by the scottish government

but the Scottish seperatists haven't really given up because they say that they are defeated .... for now

but the UK is now going through a very complex period of constitutional reform and federalisation (like we know in Belgium) which will change the country for the coming 300 years. THe country didn't know a french revolution and has still today some very rigid and ancient institutions (House of Lords for example).

the split in the country is also political in which England is becoming a conversative euroseptic bastion while the North and Welch are more leftwing and labour oriented (the Scottish educational system is different than the one in England giving more people access to higher education)

but this after the election next year and nobody has any idea how those will go - especially with the euroseptics UKIP making inroads in the Conservative strongholds

it also means that other seperatist movements in Europe have learnt that even a referendum that has been prepared during two years and that is led by a very popular local political party (SNP) and leader against a very unpopular central government and leader and in which all the local resources have been used to their full extent can't be a won

because if you can't do it in Scotland, why should it work in Flanders, Basque, North of Italy or Spain....

the main reason the undecided voted NO was because of the sentiment of Financial insecurity and dangers and that is something that you can never counter if there are enough reasons for that fear

and the fact that even if Scotland voted Yes it would have taken another 6 years of very dangerous negotiations before it could declare itself independent is something that has only reinforced that feeling because in 6 years a lot of things can happen or can be discovered that will change everything

and for historians, this is a map of the desintegration of the English empire over time  http://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/gallery/2014/sep...

and finally, one dream is totally scattered in the nationalist discourse

there is NO ONE Scotlands, there are at least two of them and the non-seperatists have won with a clear majority (any US president or party in a twoparty winner-takes-all election would sign for that result) just as there is not one UK or one Spain or one whatever region, language or people

it is time for those 19th century ideas to go to the dustbin of history because we see what happens if one mad leader with nuclear weapons and massive troops does with that, hé Putin  (this is different from decentralisation which is a democratic process which doesn't have to be nationalistic in tone or intent)


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#ukraine this is why there may be war again next week(end)

hundreds of Russian military trucks and tanks are crossing the border

the Russians have also consolidated about 100 km of Ukranian border for free passage

troops are being refreshed by being sent back to Russia while new fresh troops are arriving in Russia (in time for the weekend or join the other troops next week)

the Russians are also digging in and extending their grasp of the territory

and why next week

not because of the sanctions but because Putin is mad as hell about this and unpredictable as he is may be capable to launch new attacks and operations in the weekend or next week to put pressure on the US and Ukraine

the spoiler who is not invited to the party ....

source http://www.odessatalk.com/2014/09/grandstanding-consequences/

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#ukraine Russia increased the occupied territory enormously during the last 24h of truce

why would you need war if you can continue to advance and have your strategic goals accomplished during a truce ?

what will the next one be ?

Mariupol during the weekend maybe ?

Everything is looking this way

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for the first time we knew what it was like to be like a jew (and we're not)

we are not jewish - I am even not religious

but at the side of my wife there is maybe some jewish grand-grand parent but we don't know

we only know that my wife has a bigger nose and that throughout her family the women got names that may be viewed as jewish

today my youngest daughter came back from school where an arabic kid of 12 year had refused to talk to her because she had 'a jewish head' and some other f.... words along with it

my daughter said we should understand because he is palestinian .... but no we won't

we are not jewish and even if we were, you don't just refuse contact or to speak to some-one only because he or she looks like whatever and you don't insult someone else for something we have nothing to do with in any case

so all of a fact we become jewish because the nose is a bit bigger and for this palestinian this is a jewish head

jews were killed for that under Hitler and in Rwanda people were also killed for that (their big or small nose)

nah, we are going to have a good talk with the school, the teacher, the professor in islamic religion and his parents because we won't accept this

at the other side I explained to my wife that this is the first time she understood what it is to be a jew - a real jew - even if you are peaceful and open and democratic and not some-one just out to kill the palestinians and every peaceplan

a jew who is afraid to go against the 'popular guy', who doesn't know how to protect himself without attracting too much attention and who doesn't know on who he or she may count to defend him or that it won't make much difference and will in most cases hope that it will just pass without too much harm

we don't accept any racism, anti-semitism or any discrimination - that is the way we educate our children

It is not what you are that is important, but how are and if you are a racist or just stupid than you stay like that whatever you are, even if they are 'the same' as we are (or think we are)

this is profound and strange experience

jews will say that this is just normal, they have become used to it and that they just let it pass

it is the reason why there will always be a need for Israel even if that doesn't explain all the violence and occupations

but no, we don't and we won't - this has no place here and not in a school

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#ukraine #moldavia #estonia look at this map and you will see immediately why shit happens today

you have sometimes just to look at a map like a military planner or an imperialistic ruler would look to see the obvious

Estonia can only be the next victim because it has a long border with Russia and if you take or destabilize Estonia you can have enough influence on Latvia and maybe Lithuania. This is why Estonia is quickly becoming the next point of attention (and of preparation in case if something starts happening). You also have to consider that they have a big minority of Russians and that there are already patriotic Russian seperatists active for a long time.

Ukraine : well if Ukraine is integrated with the European Union and eventially NATO the map totally changes. Have a good look at the map and imagine Ukraine not being part of or associated with Russia. Bielarus would be more or less surrounded by western democracies and it would only be a matter of time untill it would feel that influence and at least would start to become more democratic and pluralistic and market orientated.

Moldavia and transdistrn would be much more difficult to hold on to if Ukraine became totally European and eventually associated with NATO. The rogue public would be a Russiancontrolled island surrounded by NATO or westernized armies.

and if you look at the black sea - at a moment in which Russia is investing billions in warships and started a war over Crimea you see that the strategic advantage will change if the coastline of Ukraine falls into the hands of the prorussian militias and the russian army in Ukraine.

You also see why the ex Yougoslavian republics will become member of the European Union in the end

and this makes (except for Norwegen) the map more or less complete

and Moscow is not so far from the Ukranian border making the Russian first strike impossible or much too dangerous  even if Russian generals have placed it on the table now

this is the big endgame the global strategy all the rest is day-to-day politics and news

moldavia will not join NATO for the moment but as Putin is doing very hard his best to scare everybody, this is the map of NATO members and candidates and those who are not a member yet

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the strategic battle for the Antartic is in full swing, Russia building strategic Fort

source http://io9.com/russia-is-building-a-star-fort-on-this-str...

My note : Alaska, Canada - with the melting Ice and the warming of the earth it has gone another way on the diplomatic military front where the cold war in setting in again and relations are becoming colder by the week

look at this map, military it is all about location, location and location

with the modern warfare and electronic monitoring possibilities you have here a very strategic position

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why western firms are not locating top managment and secret information in China anymore

"The many frustrations of doing business in China have made some difference in the plans to move executives here — choking air pollution, countless regulations that favor local competitors and weak protection for intellectual property. A rising wave of economic nationalism has also manifested itself in large-scale raids on the Chinese offices of multinationals in the automotive, pharmaceutical and technology sectors. Police officials are copying large numbers of computer hard drives and interrogating employees without allowing access to legal advice.

More important, many multinationals are starting to pay renewed attention to Southeast Asia, which is showing signs of revival 17 years after the Asian financial crisis. They have found it hard to do that from Shanghai or Beijing. Each major city has no more than one flight a day to Jakarta, Indonesia, for example. And China’s diplomatic and trade ties to Southeast Asia have been strained by its increasingly assertive claims to control over practically all of the South China Sea.

China is only part of Asia of which is has very strained political and military relations for the moment, sometimes binkering on the edge of conflicts and incidents and talk of war

Having your secret business information in China involves enormous investments in its security and transporting it to China needs something like the Unbreakable Laptop (Sophos) or other high secure transportation

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#ukraine Russian landing ships arriving in the black sea

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#ukraine russia used tactical missiles in Ukraine before the ceasefire

source http://maidantranslations.com/2014/09/09/yuriy-butusov-evidence-confirms-that-ukraine-is-fighting-against-regular-russian-army/

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#ukraine this is the hell of fire that Russians are preparing for Mariupol

source http://euromaidanpress.com/2014/09/09/the-most-horrific-weapon-after-nuclear-weapons-what-brotherly-russia-uses-to-shell-ukraine-video/

"Reports from the area of the Anti-Terrorist Operation, have repeatedly been mentioning the “Smerch” Multiple Rocket Launch System (MLRS) by Russian forces in Ukraine. In a report by Human Rights Watch on September 1, observers confirmed finding remnants of 300 mm Smerch rockets and cluster munitions delivered by 220 mm Uragan rockets.

Currently, Ukrainian soldiers say Russian forces are setting up Smerch launch rocket systems in Novoazovsk and aiming them at the city of Mariupol, the capital of the Donetsk region"

“This is the Smerch Multiple Rocket Launch System. The most horrific weapon on earth after nuclear weapons. Just in 40 seconds the Smerch can launch all of its 12 rockets. Its 300mm (11.8 inch)-diameter rockets can reach targets up to 90 km (56 miles) away and destroy everything alive in an area of 67 hectares (166 acres).

“The Smerch was adopted by the Soviet Army back in 1987, but even now no [non-nuclear] weapon can equal its destructive power…”

and another one


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#ukraine urgent for #estonia and #moldavia to export all tyres dumps now

so it appears that people are being trained and prepared to start movements and probably take-overs of buildings in both countries - this is what the rumours and some bits of information say

well better now than too late

what was the most important tool to defend their occupied buildings and block roads


so get all dumps of tyres to burn the stuff (makes electricity) or export it far away

otherwise you may see them here like these - remember them ?

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#ukraine 38 million Ukranians have all their data on Russian social media

the two biggest social networks that Ukranians use are Russians which means that all their data is on Russian servers and in Russian hands and falls under Russian laws and is now controlled by friends of Putin who have ousted directors who were too independent

source http://globalvoicesonline.org/2014/09/01/ukraine-russia-social-networks-information-war/

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#ukraine what will happen before or during the NATO exercise in Ukraine next week

imagine that the Russians attack Mariupol this weekend saying that Ukr broke the truce - even if that is totally false

imagine that the NATO troops are in Ukraine and that there is an attack on Mariupol or tension on the border with Transdistnr or whatever

what will they do

sit back and watch ?

and what if a Russian missile is fired at NATO troops ?

a week of tension because the least thing we can say about Putin is that he is predictable :)

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#moldavia the third Russian front to expect soon ?

information like this has been going around but is now more insisting and has to be linked to information about troop movements of the Russian Troops in Transdistnr

source http://euromaidanpress.com/2014/09/09/ukraine-nsdc-russia...

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#ukraine every day Russia goes a little closer to Mariupol or prepares its attack

meanwhile more than hundred new Russian tanks and artillery arrived in Rostock by Rail today and were transferred to trucks 

a very good collection can be found here https://twitter.com/galandecZP especially of new transports during the truce.... no truce just an increased buildup

actions like these are taking place very day truce or no truce

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#ukraine Russian electronic warfare on the move to Ukraine now

and you thought they wouldn't test their latest Tools and every tool they had to be sure that they could win this war when it started again - or you just don't think that this is just a pauze

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#ukraine Russia plans to start a secession movement in Estonia again


"During the 23 years of independence of Moscow has never renounced its territorial claims against neighboring Estonia. This is evidenced grown Russia "boil" under the name "Republic of Narva". This political project aimed at the destruction of the state of the Baltic countries, can be considered one of the Estonian Donbass, reports Espreso.TV .

Founded by the Danes in the XIII century, the third largest city in Estonia - Narva is located on the "far east" of the country, in fact, on the border with Russia. On the contrary - the Russian Ivangorod, which was once a city with Narva ("Narva" translates as "dual city"). Today, between the two cities is the border, and communication is carried out over the international bridge "Friendship", in which commuter and tourist buses cross the interstate Russian-Estonian border

Residents in Narva, there are about 70 thousand, and the vast majority are Russian, they are more than 90% of the total composition. TV stations in Narva also show mostly Russian.

In Narva, only 46.7% of city residents are Estonian citizens, 36.3% have Russian passports. Another 15.3% have a "gray" passports, that is, not having Russian citizenship, and they are non-citizens of Estonia. So, the election shall be entitled to vote only half of the residents of Narva"

and there is precedence to organize a referendum

"In 1991 and 1993, the Estonian part Prinarovya with predominantly Russian population (Ida-Viru County) attempted proclamation "Prinarovskoi republic" (by analogy with Transnistria), but has not been created even territorial autonomy.

Local authorities Estonian Prinarovya organized voting. Participated in the referendum, 74.2% of voters, 95.0% of whom voted for the preservation of the USSR."

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#twitter is not an activist medium anymore but censors when governments ask

"Twitter has a reputation as an open platform for expressing one's opinions. It's become a place for dissent and debate. It played a key role in the "Arab Spring" revolutions of the last couple of years.


But last week, it agreed to censor a pro-Ukrainian Twitter feed in Russia. It also blocked a "blasphemous" account in Pakistan. It's not the first time Twitter has censored politically sensitive accounts. Now, it seems, Twitter's reputation as a platform for free speech is at risk.

and this has nothing to do with spam, viruses or other normal illegal acts but with normal democratic free speech that is surpressed in certain countries

by acting like that it in fact has become an instrument in the hands of the dictators and the autocrats even if for that it has to play a game of 'whack a mole'

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#ukraine no illusions about Mariupol, still a military-political Russian goal

every day and night one or two attacks on checkpoints and military material

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