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  • #ukraine Latvia sets her red line for Russia and NATO

    It is clear now for anybody in Eastern Europe that war can break out at any moment as long as the russian troops are at the border (exercises)

    that what happens to Ukraine could happen to them and some have heard already some threats coming from Russia in different forms

    you can imagine that at the frontlines and in the governmental and military offices in the countries at the frontline everybody is follwing every move in Ukraine now

  • #ukraine this is a real (russian) antiterrorist operation

    the one that the Ukr government may not do from the Russians to unsettle the overarmed mercenaries

  • #ukraine US journalist is liberated by Russian occupiers

    this makes still 15 others that are abducted and unaccounted for

    he had the change of having an American and an Israeli passport - murdering or torturing him would have enormous consequences - even if there would be an assault

    but he was taking enormous risks personally - it is the adreline of the job - always trying to find out more and to be closer to the action and to speak with the people in the frontlines (and even more dangerous) the people who would rather stay on the background

  • #ukraine bad sign : Russian today tweets that Ukraine is finished

    Russian propaganda media was and is always informed before

    and during the last months it hasn't been different

    the staged shooting in the beginning of this week was a clear example of that ( made even a film of the 'proof' the day before it happened)

    such attacks mostly happen at night or early in the morning (it are only the amateurs of the Ukr anti terrorist operations who continue to do them during daytime but I have read also that they don't have any nightvision and that the US has promised to send them but these weren't liberated by the White House untill this week and transporting them to the Ukr will be another 'administrative' process (which was also the case in the other wars, so that is nothing exceptional))

    the freelance or Russian commando's in the russian occupied cities have not only nightvision but also very sophisticated radiocommunication material according to specialists based on the pictures (some-one is spending a lot of money)

  • #ukraine Europe on the brink of war : Russian helicopters provoking Ukr air defenses

    this is called testing the defenses

    what if one shot one down

    this would be war

    they would deny the helicopters ever breached the Ukr airspace

    we are living on the brink of war

    the site is close to intelligence services and so the info is hot but has to be verified

    even if it is not true, it shows the warnings that are being giving

  • #ukraine this is where and how the Russian invasion will start

    the russian troops are now near or on the borders - not 10km away

    they are doing exercises by land and in the air

    part of the troops are airborn commando's

    as long as the Russian troops don't retreat I don't see this in a positive way

    especially if they don't retreat before the weekend - and you know every weekend you have some organized demonstrations, attacks on public buildings, firefights at roadblocks and the newly started abductions

  • #wikileaks publishes 300.000 US diplomatic cables from Carter period

    Today WikiLeaks releases the Carter Cables, 367,174 US diplomatic cables and associated records coinciding with the first year of President Jimmy Carter’s administration and the appointment of Secretary of State Cyrus Roberts Vance in 1977. They expand the WikiLeaks Public Library of US Diplomacy (PLUSD) to 2,325,961 documents. WikiLeaks PLUSD continues to be the largest searchable body of US diplomatic archives available.


    The Carter Cables cover most US international involvements and interests during 1977 from the world’s reaction to the US invention of the neutron bomb to Egyptian President Muhammad Anwar El Sadat’s visit to Israel.


    The private political activities of many still-influential figures are documented — from the current Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt to President Carter himself — making the Carter Cables a substantial resource for journalists and reseachers.


    This release includes 1,073 extremely sensitive "NODIS CHEROKEE" (Secretary of State only) coded cables, 12,927 highly sensitive "EYES ONLY" or "NODIS" (No Distribution) records, 16,197 sensitive "EXDIS" (EXclusive DIStribution) or "STADIS" (STAte Department DIStibution only) records, and 86,210 classified records marked as SECRET or CONFIDENTIAL.


    The Carter Cables were obtained by WikiLeaks through the process described here after formal declassification by the US National Archives and Records Administration earlier this year.

  • new alqaida ISIL in Syria is in fact becomig a global factor (and its foreign fighters)

    The UN estimates the number of foreign fighters in Syria at a minimum of 7,000. Not all of them join the ISIL, but its recruiters are roaming the Turkish borders to catch inexperienced volunteers and use them as cannon fodder for their global propaganda and suicide attacks. Syria is far more accessible than any jihadi battlefield in the past, and the ISIL is now bracing for a sustained global campaign from the core of the Middle East.


    The foreign recruits will not significantly enhance the ISIL’s fighting force in the current battles in Syria. Instead, they are basically a trump card to magnify the international outreach of Baghdadi’s networks—first in the jihadi diaspora and later as potential operatives in their home countries. The Sinai-based jihadi faction known as Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, which is presently the most active jihadi group in Egypt, has already endorsed the ISIL, and many others are also tempted to switch publicly their allegiance from Zawahiri to Baghdadi. The clock is ticking—and it is no longer only about Syria

    Now that the leadership of ISIL had decided that it wants to become a global jihadi force it wants to use those foreign figthers not only as war meat in Syria but also as foreign cells, recruiters and travelling terrorists. Knowing that there are people from many countries and cultures have joined the rebels in Syria because of what they saw on the news (and the inaction of the humanitarian west to even impose a nofly zone) you can see as they have joined the (wrong) rebels ISIL has in fact build at one battefield there soldiers for their global reach

    It is also very important to note that the leadership of ISIL is patient (just as Bin Laden was) and that it understands that only those who have a longterm strategy and vision will survive and not those who are looking for instant victories or fame. This means that it is possible that they will take time to extend, export and integrate their worldwide network over the world and wait for the perfect moment to attack at will.

  • #ukraine Ukr pro-russians militants going to the border to invite Russian troops



    this will make great propaganda pictures of Russian troops passing the border being welcomed by a few hundred prorussian militants and operators

    I thought the border was closed and that it was well defended and in the hands of the government

    spontaneous is not a few hundred militants showing up at one place

    we are living in dangerous times - hours now

    Putin decided on 'an instant' to invade Crimea

    hope he doesn't have the same 'feeling' or idea now or this evening or later this week(end)

  • #ukraine russian occupiers in Slavyansk have access to millions of fire-arms

    "Alec Luhn reports for the Guardian on how pro-Russia protesters are sitting on one of the biggest arms caches in eastern Europe.

    When pro-Russia protesters stormed a police station in Slavyansk, in eastern Ukraine, they seized several hundred firearms. They also took control of the biggest weapons cache in eastern Europe, which lies beneath their feet.

    Since March a group of protesters have been guarding the entrance to the Volodarsky salt mine, which holds an underground collection of at least a million firearms ranging from first world war heavy machine guns to Soviet-era Kalashnikovs.

    The protesters say they are there to prevent the new government from using the weapons against them, but officials and analysts worry that pro-Russia militias could seize the guns.

    "If such a large amount of weapons fell into hands of separatists, it would be a catastrophe," said Alexei Melnik, a defence analyst at the Razumkov centre in Kiev. When Melnik visited the cache in 2002 it held about 3.5m firearms, he said.

  • UPDATED #Ukraine Russian troops start exercises at Ukranian border - Ukr anti terror operation paused

    maybe they hope somebody will shoot at them

    or they will say somebody has shot at them

    Europe is living in very dangerous times now

    just as with the Cuban Missile crisis there is not much needed for armed incidents or conflicts

    see also

    and even moving closer and closer

    they are probalby now massing at the border itself

    the last tweet shows that the risk of invasion was so reel and probably based upon intelligence that they better try to keep the new positions and just keep arms and new provocateurs from entering the occupied cities

    they are at the border itself now - doing a training

  • #ukraine Ukraine arrests provocateurs and finds installation for encrypted communications

    Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) said it detained on April 23 a Russian citizen believed to be responsible for ensuring encrypted communication for the Russian special forces coordination center in eastern Ukraine allegedly headed by Russian military intelligence officer Igor Strelkov.

    this is in fact the most important find of all the arrests that are now being made or in process

    the only question is why you didn't just keep it working and monitored it and kept the intelligence or you did during some time and than it was clear that it was compromised and there was no real new intelligence to find that was bigger than the psychological impact of all these arrests and the disbanding of one communication center

  • #ukraine Blair hasn't adapted to the new

    how sad that is

    to become such a clown at your older age

    but he is no churchill anyway

    and what did he accomplish since than - there is no peace in Israel/Palestine

    it is a shame, a pity

  • #UKRAINE Rumours of Russian invasion troops moving to the border NOW

    is this real

    not confirmed

    but possible

    not necessarily that they will cross the border

    but only setting themselves in 'position'

  • #ukraine security activists unhappy with large bonuses for passive and incompetent military hierarchy

    "let’s talk about the “division” procedure for military leadership bonuses. The Head of the Finance Department of the Ministry of Defense Lt.-Gen. Ivan Marko gave a document to the Defense Minister to sign (with the petition the Chief of Staff), which he happily signed. 20 million UAH [USD 1.732 million] went to awards for “Spring Rain” military exercises. Ukrainian Ground Forces received 2.971 million UAH [USD 257,229] of this, the Air Force received 1.717 million UAH [USD 148,658] respectively, and the operational commands received some change.


    But the General Staff got the fattest piece –  9.640 million UAH [USD 834,631]!


    Brothers, well, this is beastliness. The General Staff did not lift a finger during the withdrawal of troops from Crimea. Now, if our servicemen in eastern Ukraine do open fire in self-defense, they do so against the wishes of the General Staff, and under the responsibility of commanders on the ground. During the “Spring Rain” military exercises, the planes were crashing and tanks exploded. Mobilization, which the General Staff is responsible for, has turned into a sad circus.


    Every second of these strategists should be put on trial, and they give themselves bonuses. Incidentally, they are raising money for the army among ordinary citizens meanwhile – they are saying that the military budget is not enough. How can this be?

    this is from the information resistance - security and intelligence people trying to get good information out without operational intelligence and telling the people when and why the military and intelligence hierarchy is failing again

    if this is where the money for the army is going this is sad - especially with an invasion looming every weekend

  • #ukraine we shall overcome (with few and slowly building up, but steadily)

    the re-militarization of Eastern Europe is starting now with feets on the ground

    small contigents but there is also talks that some of the US troops from Afghanistan will be redeployed in Eastern Europe (and if you want battle-hardened troops, I think you have them there)

    For people in Eastern Europe this is a very very important and powerful message

    the people in Ukraine now that Poland is not far and that Poland and Ukraine are setting up different military initiatives by which Ukraine is not member of the NATO (yet) but military becoming intertwinted with a member of NATO (and a very important one that is)

  • #ukraine Russian foreign minister is now announcing the invasion he dismissed 10 days ago

    what does he know that we don't know (much and it doesn't seem too good)

    why was he so sure he could dismiss an invasion in Ukraine 10 days ago and now is setting the framework to make it happen - indicating clearly to the armed forces on the ground what they should provoke to make it happen

    it is clear that he couldn't continue to dismiss an invasion if that what is being prepared and if that is the ultimate strategy (before the 25th of may that is)

    and seeing that since that change of tone the number of declarations increasing the pressure has only increased, this all seems not to be good news (and there are no troops leaving the borderzone, on the contrary, they are now holding exercises)

    this was the diplomat who signed the geneva agreements that Putin never followed up

    this is also an older diplomat who knows his history and is showing that he knows where this will lead to - as it has done before

  • #ukraine Putin sends his airplanes to us to remind us that he still has them

    in case we thought that he was only playing his stupid wargames at the eastern borders

    "Several NATO countries scrambled jets on April 23 after a pair of Russian bombers approached their airspace over the North Sea.

    The Dutch Defense Ministry identified the planes as two Russian TU-95s. It said the Russian jets were escorted by aircraft from the Netherlands, Britain, and Denmark until they departed.

    The British Defense Ministry said the Russian planes flew in international airspace at all times.

    Both the British and the Dutch defense departments said similar incidents involving Russian jets have occurred before, including several in 2013.

    Reuters news agency cites defense analysts as saying Russia uses such surveillance flights to remind the world of its military power and to probe other countries' air defense systems.

    there were also Russian navy ships before the coast of Scotland (which is by the way also the place where most of the UK oil production is)

  • refugees from now FSB/KGB controlled vkontakte looking for new free country to work in

    this is their appeal

    "As you probably know, I am out of Russia. Me and my team of 12 engineers have a temporary HQ in Central Europe, and we are now looking for a permanent base to work from. We are choosing a new home, a country that will allow us to develop our projects with privacy and freedom of speech in mind.

    Our team includes 6 ACM champions and 6 winners of other programming contests. These guys made it possible for Telegram Messenger to gather 40 million registered users worldwide just within 8 months after its launch. Several members of this team, including my brother, were crucial in making VKontakte what it is today — the only social network that defeated Facebook in an open local market. We are now going to build our next project, a mobile social network.

    What country or city do you think would suit us best? Please feel free to comment below. To give you an idea of our preferences, we dislike bureaucracy, police states, big governments, wars, socialism and excessive regulation. We like freedoms, strong judicial systems, small governments, free markets, neutrality and civil rights.

    P.S. If you happen to represent a government that meets our criteria, you are welcome to share ideas with me at

    eastern europe I would say to limit the influence of Vkontakte while giving more privacy than Facebook is able to offer

  • #ukraine hostages of Russian occupiers threatened with death if Ukranian forces advance

    it is as if the waiting game is paying off because

    * there is for the moment no immediate reason or provocation or staged incident that gives the Russians the ultimate reason to begin a full or partial invasion (but we haven't passed the weekend)

    * the real character and tactics of the the occupiers is becoming every day clearer to the outside world (even if they still call them 'militants') but the abduction of journalists and representatives and now this threat to kill the hostages if the army advances on them is so gross that it really identifies as terrorists

    * the people in the occupied cities themselves are becoming wary of those heavily armed goons walking around, arresting and threatening people

    * in the two cities there is a lack of food and services

    * as the police has been disbanded the occupiers are looting stores and there is a general feeling of lawnesless

    * there are racial incidents with anti-semite posters, flyers and demonstrations and even an anti-semite 'prorussian' tvchannel aside the attacks on the Roma living in these cities