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  • #kiev Putin is using a human shield as hostages

    behind these people are armed men who have stormed public buildings and confiscated arms

    and by the way in cities with tens- or hundreds or thousands of citizens they are really not a great mass

    the government has asked the people to stay indoors as long as the opertions take place

    this is why these operations take place at night and without announcement when they take place - the amateurism of these decisionmakers and police officers is just amazing sometimes - these are fundamentals you find in any book

  • #kiev this is where the shooting will take place today

    as Ukr forces are moving in to stop the armed commando's from taking more public buildings or hold to them

    these are mostly small towns who weren't prepared for this

    now everywhere in the region local policeforces are bunkering their HQ

    some attacks on buildings and tvstations overnight have been fought off

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  • #kiev US republicans have more heart for Churchill than for appeasement over Ukraine (history lesson)

    "Given the echoes of the 1930s being heard today, it is useful to review the events of 1938. Austria was annexed into the German Third Reich on March 12, 1938. The annexation took place the day after agitation by the Austrian Nazi Party and German demands—swiftly followed by German invasion—ousted the legitimate government in Vienna. A referendum on the union between Austria and Germany—scheduled for the next day—was cancelled. A month later, the Germans held their own referendum; under the watchful eyes of the Wehrmacht and without ballot secrecy, Austrians voted for union. The Anschluss took place a few months before the twentieth anniversary of the German surrender in World War I and violated Germany's post-war treaty obligations. Interestingly, Russia's annexation of Crimea took place just twenty-three years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, an event Putin has labeled the "greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century."

    Two weeks following the Anschluss, Winston Churchill strode into the British House of Commons and stated: "[A] country like ours, possessed of immense territory and wealth, whose defences have been neglected, cannot avoid war by dilating upon its horrors, or even by a continuous display of pacific qualities, or by ignoring the fate of the victims of aggression elsewhere. War will be avoided, in present circumstances, only by the accumulation of deterrents against the aggressor." I have watched this famous island descending incontinently, fecklessly the stairway which leads to a dark gulf... If mortal catastrophe should overtake the British nation and the British Empire, historians a thousand years hence will still be baffled by the mystery of our affairs. They will never understand how it was that a victorious nation, with everything in hand, suffered themselves to be brought low and to cast away all that they had gained by measureless sacrifice and absolute victory—'gone with the wind.

    Back in 1938, the pace of events quickened, and by the end of September the great powers were agreeing to strip Czechoslovakia's strategic industrial and banking regions from the country without its consent, awarding the so-called Sudetenland to the Third Reich in a further effort to slake Hitler's thirst for conquest and avoid a Europe-wide war.

    While the majority of Britons supported Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's appeasement of Hitler as an act of statesmanship in the pursuit of peace, Churchill, back in the Commons on October 5, laid out the truth of the matter: "[a]ll is over. Silent, mournful, abandoned, broken, Czechoslovakia recedes into the darkness. She has suffered in every respect by her association with the Western democracies and with the League of Nations, of which she has always been an obedient servant."

    Churchill acknowledged the popularity of Chamberlain's appeasement but correctly labeled it a defeat:

    I do not grudge our loyal, brave people, who were ready to do their duty no matter what the cost, who never flinched under the strain of last week—I do not grudge them the natural, spontaneous outburst of joy and relief when they learned that the hard ordeal would no longer be required of them at the moment; but they should know the truth. They should know that there has been gross neglect and deficiency in our defenses; they should know that we have sustained a defeat without a war, the consequences of which will travel far with us along our road...

    Churchill then prophetically warned his countrymen and his audience across the Atlantic of the consequences of the appeasement policy: "Do not suppose that this is the end. This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year unless by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigor, we arise again and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time."

    After a decade of disarmament followed by appeasement, Hitler invaded Poland in September 1939—swiftly followed by Stalin, who sought to secure his share of the spoils. Fortunately, the United Kingdom and its allies were able to turn to the man who had foretold of the calamity and who possessed the courage and fortitude to hold the forces of darkness at bay during that perilous time while what remained of the Free World frantically rearmed to meet the challenge. Having given the warning for so many years, Churchill alone had the credibility to rally the British people and eventually the English-speaking peoples.

    they have control over the congress and will probably increase that influence during the coming elections - it is also a way for the traditional republicans to take back the party from the lunatic teaparty bunch who has been quite isolationist but at the other side is quite supportive of the US military who are becoming more and more openly critical of Obama and want to send more troops to Eastern Europe soon.

    This makes it for Obama quite difficult because at one side he can't lose Ukraine after having lost Crimea without losing political and international credibility (and having a bigger problem at his hand with China this time) and at the other side show that he was wrong in believing that his appeasement policy of Putin has brought any good (which is going to the dustbin in recent weeks faster than it was set up)

  • #kiev very clearly defined how US military thinking has been turned upside down now

    The annexation challenges two basic assumptions on which U.S. policy toward Europe in the post-Cold War era has been based: (1) that Europe is essentially stable and secure, freeing the United States to focus its attention on other areas, particularly Asia and the Middle East, and (2) that Russia had become a potential partner rather than an adversary.


    The annexation of Crimea has called into question both of these assumptions. The United States can no longer assume that Europe will be stable and that Russia will not be an adversary. As a result, Washington needs to rethink critical aspects of its policy toward Europe and Russia.

    we are a battlefield again - thanks to Putin

  • #kiev very clearly defined how US military thinking has been turned upside down now

    The annexation challenges two basic assumptions on which U.S. policy toward Europe in the post-Cold War era has been based: (1) that Europe is essentially stable and secure, freeing the United States to focus its attention on other areas, particularly Asia and the Middle East, and (2) that Russia had become a potential partner rather than an adversary.


    The annexation of Crimea has called into question both of these assumptions. The United States can no longer assume that Europe will be stable and that Russia will not be an adversary. As a result, Washington needs to rethink critical aspects of its policy toward Europe and Russia.

    we are a battlefield again - thanks to Putin

  • #kiev calls in US to put Ukraine under US air defense to stop invasion plans

    "On August 2, 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait. Almost immediately the threat to Saudi Arabia was recognized in the United States. On August 7, the first contingent of F-15s were deployed to Saudi Arabia. These aircraft provided a stopgap to prevent Iraqi aircraft from supporting a ground invasion of Saudi Arabia. It also bought time to work diplomatic initiatives, and sought to quell the Saudi’s fear of an impending invasion.


    This was just one of many examples where the United States has used military deployments to deter an adversary. During the Kennedy administration, the Soviet Union issued an ultimatum to the Western powers calling for the withdrawal of all military forces from Western Berlin. Then on August 13, 1961 the East Germans began constructing the Berlin Wall. Kennedy went to Congress and asked for an increase in the defense budget and authorization to boost the end strength of the Army to one million men. In October and November of 1961, the United States began the largest deployment of Air National Guard interceptors to Europe in an operation dubbed “Stair Step.” This served to dissuade further Soviet aggression, and though the Wall remained it would ultimately be torn down.

    These examples highlight the importance of the military lever of national power in support of diplomatic efforts when faced with an adversary determined to use military force. Unless backed by a credible use of force, negotiations will often fail. Foreign-policy practitioners frequently dismiss the military as an option, because they prefer “soft power.” These same practitioners consider “hard power” to be inherently provocative. Yet, deployments of military forces need not be escalatory, especially when they are intended to be defensive in nature.


    Crimea is most likely permanently lost until there is a change in government in Russia. To buy time for Ukraine and to allow time for diplomatic measures to be effective, a military solution is called for. A purely defensive deployment of F-22 fighters (along with supporting aircraft) is just one possible solution. To be diplomatically effective these forces would have to come with an American promise to defend Ukrainian skies from attack.


    Without firing a shot, such a deployment would immediately change Putin’s invasion calculus. Faced with F-22s, Russian aircraft would not survive, and thus could not support a Russian ground invasion. Ukrainians would feel more confident about their ability to defend their country, since any Russian invasion would be subject to attack by Ukrainian aircraft protected by F-22s.

    and police material and helicopters on the ground to mop up 'spontaneous' operations by armed groups


  • #kiev that handshake is now quite embarrasing for us, but still not to him

    schröder ex-chanchellor of Germany and still quite influential and president of a gaz firm owned by gazprom

    Putin thinks You fell for me

    he thinks you've paid for me

    and he is still going around telling that sanctions are not necessary - like other influential german businessleaders

    Gerhard Schroeder and Vladimir Putin

  • #kiev if you have helicopters to move troops, use them (finally they did)

    this will come a game of smash a mole but it also will make it possible to move troops fast and to give a feeling to those defending public building and police posts that help could come fast even if some roads are blocked

    it makes it also possible to liberate buildings that are surrounded by barricades because you can't build a barricade in the air, no ?

    the aim of Russia with their threats that they wouldn't accept intervention was exactly that the mop op operations after the small successes (but bigger on camera) would stay low level (and on the ground)

    it is also necessary to show to the Right Sector and other disillusioned Euromaidans that they are now going to use - as every state should do - all the means at their disposal to stop armed organised militia's from taking over public buildings and stocks of arms

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  • #kiev now we see where all that material for barricades came from


    the barricades for the policestation that was overtaken yesterday had quite fast all the necessary materials - they were standing by in a truck it seems  - all planned

  • #kiev a map about the situation

    this is the map

    the two regions that are flashpoints are Donetsk and the cities around it and odessa because they will than be linked with Crimea and Transdiestnr

  • #kiev the chaos of war if Russian invades Ukraine by whatever means

    these are the things floating around that should be done if Russia invades Ukraine

    "The government in Kyiv should announce that Ukraine will take these 6 steps within the next 72 hours:


    • Destroy all gas pipelines & bomb the Belarusian gas pipeline, thus launching the boycott of Russian energy that the West has refused to undertake until now.
    • Flood Ukraine with small arms by arming every patriotic citizen to unleash a massive guerrilla war when Russian forces invade.
    • Provide guerrillas with Anti-tank Guided Missiles, Man Portable Air-defense Missiles, mines, explosives and everything else in Ukraine’s arsenal to ensure the guerrillas can resist effectively for years.
    • Call on Ukrainians in the West to attack and kill members of the Putin regime, their associates and close relatives.
    • Remove uranium from Ukraine’s nuclear reactors and prepare to disperse it in Russia by all means possible—the Budapest Memorandum depriving Ukraine of nuclear power status is clearly moot now.
    • Prepare to shell Belgorod with whatever missiles and artillery Ukraine has in its arsenal to flatten that city.

  • #kiev we can now all help fund the Ukranian Army with this new fund

    it seems legitimate

    I don't care for words or diplomacy when there are masked armed men running around and threatening to take over public building while they are kidnapping journalists

    I think the only language a gun understands are more guns at the other side and if these guns are too dangerous he will not even think about doing something stupid

    Ukraine will not be saved by conferences, diplomacy and other good intentional old complacency - It will only be saved by having enough police and military on the street, before public buildings and at the border

    I will give some money every month - If you care about freedom and keeping Putin out of Ukraine and all the rest of Eastern europe you should also

    every gun, every military, every helicopter is needed now and the Nato is not giving them (thanks Germany) and the US is thinking about it (decide for once Obama) and Europe (well pfffffff)

    better now than too late

  • #kiev the blackmail by Russia - which is not accepted by Euromaidan

    first Ukraine is not invited at these talks, it are talks between the powers about Ukraine but Ukraine itself is not invited - just like was the case in the 1930's when Hitler wanted a piece of this and a piece of that - afterwards the concerned governments were pushed by the powers to be to accept the demands by Hitler in the name of peace in the hope that this would prevent war - we know now that it didn't

    secondly how could a foreign country decide how you will act against unknown strange armed men who take over policestations and public buildings - public order is the main authority of the state - unless you are doing something really dreadful here - but this is not the case

    third this is the way in which Putin thinks he will alsways win because if the government in Ukraine does nothing as he asks they will lose their popularity and will internal divisions and protests and if they do want to act they will anger their European and American 'allies' who have put so much hope in a socalled peace conference everybody knows that it is just one big show because if Putin was really interested in peace he wouldn't continue the buildup at the border of Ukraine, didn't take economic and financial measures against Ukraine and didn't send his green paratroopers to take over some small cities located at very important transportroutes

  • #kiev bus with armed russian soldiers stopped near Kharkiv

    from Google translate - videos on the link

    " Kharkiv -Rostov route ! Near Volodarka .
    Today, April 12 from Constantine post unit , the bus did not stop with the military and the boys chased him . During the pursuit of the bus was spoiled by our 3 cars, but well done guys on the move began to knock the glass in the bus and he stopped just been pierced kolesa.Kstati speaking in pursuit attended by traffic police , but they , too, ignored by the military. As a result, weapons from the soldiers were seized by traffic policemen and dostalenno in urban police department Artemovska ! According to the military , they went on to strengthen the defense Volodarka military warehouses ! Ever warehouses that we protect them ! ! ! ! ! "- Said one of the activists .
    Source: News Facenews -

  • #kiev best part of an open letter from the Baltic states

    "Now, it’s West’s turn to say «no» to Russia’s goal to expand her power outside her borders. This cannot be done by diplomatic dialogue. A state, lying purposefully and continuously, can in no way be a partner in discussions. Russia has already shown that by playing diplomacy, they are only buying time to transport the heavier weapons to the borders.  


    In the West, they have tried to understand Kremlin’s actions; even so, why bother to understand colonialism. Would we understand should Elisabeth II up and declare she wants to restore the British colonial empire in its maximal historic borders?


    Should we try to understand if Ms Merkel the chancellor should threaten to restore Germany at its Hitler era heights? What if the German TV should air programmes where soft toys are preparing for war? What if Germany were lead by people educated at the Gestapo? How would it feel if, in the minds of the Germans, Hitler would be a greatest hero in their history, like Stalin is in Russia? What if Germany would claim that Europe (Gayrope, as they say in Russia) is governed by a homosexual conspiracy, as is claimed in Russian propaganda? Does anybody remember: who was it that said that Western decline was caused by Jewish conspiracy?


    Nobody would stand stuff like that. All would understand that tolerance of such developments would be impossible indeed to explain to grand-children.

  • #kiev impressive manifestation in kharkiv (eastern ukraine)

    that is some more than those small armed russian gangs supported by some silenced forces


  • #kiev now Hungarian fascists want a part of Ukraine too and support Putin

    In particular, this Hungarian fascist – wearing a T-shirt saying “Crimea legally belongs to Russia! Transcarpathia legally belongs to Hungary!” – stated that “Ukraine is an artificial country” and that Transcarpathia should be “returned” to Hungary. On 28 March, the same fascist Gaudi Nagy organised a 200-300 strong demonstration in front of the Hungarian foreign ministry in Budapest, with participants carrying banners saying “Autonomy for Transcarpathia!” and “Hungary wants Transcarpathia back!”. The same Gaudi Nagy has recently thrown EU flags out the window of the Hungarian parliament. Why the PACE has completely ignored all these anti-European, anti-democratic acts is beyond comprehension.

    just as UKIP supports Putin and Le Pen received Russian missionaries touring Europe looking for support (and only finding it at the extreme leftwing and rightwing)

  • #kiev EU and US are becoming ridiculuous by their non-actions in Ukr

    and this may have enormous consequences elsewhere in the world or later during other conflicts

    or in negotiations about other issues like Iran, Palestine and the conflicts in Asia

    it will also change dramatically over time the way Obama is seen in the US and it will increase the chances for hardliners to win the elections for the Congress in a few months and for the Presidency in two years

    the most stupid thing is that Putin - just as Hitler - things that he can win in the end

    in the end - he can only lose - because over time everybody will come together and he will be defeated

    just as the USSR was defeated and Hitler - the first by the cold war, the other by a real war