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  • #kiev this is why they are speaking about russian-speaking people not ethnic russians

    see the percentage of ethnic russians

    see the percentage of the russian speaking people (including Ukranians and others)

    so at the most it is a cultural question, one that we know quite well in Belgium :)

  • #kiev NYT about the need for strong coordinated sanctions to ward off escalations

    "So far, Mr. Putin has indicated that his goal for Ukraine is a federal structure in which the provinces would have considerable autonomy from Kiev, plus some constitutional guarantees that Ukraine would not join NATO. The secessionist turmoil in Donetsk and elsewhere may be intended to pressure Kiev into an arrangement suitable for Moscow. There is a danger, of course, that Russia would seek to dominate the eastern and southern provinces that were the industrial core of the Soviet Union, but Ukrainian leaders have agreed that some degree of constitutional decentralization is needed, and it is for Ukraine to decide its organization.

    Mr. Putin has awakened passions that even he may not be able to control. It is easy to imagine how secessionist demands in Donetsk, Kharkiv or Luhansk could turn violent, compelling Mr. Putin (or giving him a pretext) to make good on his pledge to “defend” Russians in Ukraine. The next Western response must be ready and credible, and that means, above all, that the Europeans have to look beyond their internal problems and join Washington in agreeing to a package of extensive and strong sanctions that can be put in place immediately should that be necessary, including restricting the access of Russian banks and corporations to Western financial markets.®ion=Header&action=click&contentCollection=Opinion&pgtype=article

  • #kiev Russian bluff in Donestk has been called and they lose (this time)

    it is over

    but also a big alert

    now everybody knows how you will play that game

    demonstrations - occupying a building - getting in armed green men - declaring independence - igniting bloodshed - coming in

    somewhere in between public order troops will have to be more efficient and the critical factor is between one and two (this is what we know here in the west and why you hardly ever see this happening over here)

    the attackers learned there were too few demonstrations (lower number each weekend) and the different leaders and factions don't agree among themselves (during the night 4 of the 6 leaders and their factions left the building) and Russia itself changed its instructions (didn't want to be blamed for the operation that was going to fail but looked great on paper) and they didn't have enough weapons and people to hold on over time (you have to be there for a certain period of time with thousands of people to have some legitimacy.

    alternative : some terrorist operation or an undercover operation in Ukraine uniforms against Russians (it will only be found out later anyway)

  • #kiev one of the best descriptions of the problems political kiev is faced with in East Ukraine

    "On the one hand, one may wonder: why should law enforcement lead any type of negotiations, when they should act? Are they called ”enforcement” in vain? Where is the active use of force?

    It’s a relative question. On the other hand, one should understand the existing situation in the region.

    Intelligence agencies and law enforcement seek to avoid the “meat grinder” at all costs. Because, as I noted earlier, this would give Russia an excuse to “help” by holding a “referendum” in the region through the use of troops.

    Besides, Kyiv is currently at an impasse and without a threat of Russian invasion. Perhaps there no reason to hide the fact that a very large part of law enforcement officers in the eastern regions have simply removed themselves from fulfilling their duties. Sabotage is underway, and it is of threatening proportions (for obvious reasons, we are not giving estimates, but I can admit that they are not overly optimistic).

    However, the problem could have been solved by using the potential the SBU [Security Service of Ukraine] and the MVD [Interior Ministry] have in place already (both the “locals,” and the employees who could come from other regions). However, the use of this potential is rather limited. Using this potential at its full capacity would be made possible only under a state of emergency in Ukraine.

    But everyone knows full well that the announcement of a state of emergency would clearly disrupt the [Presidential] elections of May 25, 2014. Failing to hold these elections would mean giving Russia the reasons to dwell upon the matter of “illegitimate government” in Ukraine. And, as a result, a permanent destabilization of the situation in Ukraine.

  • #kiev Russia to begin clamp down on opposition groups

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered a crackdown on "destructive" non-government organisations, saying such groups were behind the mass protests that brought down Ukraine's government.
    Moscow has repeatedly accused the new authorities in Kiev and the protesters who toppled pro-Moscow president Viktor Yanukovych of being extremists, nationalists and even "Nazis".
    On Monday Putin told senior officials at Russia's FSB security service, the successor to the KGB, that "nationalist and neo-Nazi structures and fighters" in Ukraine had been financed from abroad through non-government organisations (NGOs).

    democratic country not ? let's give some more countries in the east a taste of history under a Putinlike puppet regime by just doing nothing because it is not our business (for the moment)

  • #kiev six steps Europe/US can take now to avoid escalation and thus some kind of war

    don't say you didn't know, only that you didn't act on what you knew

    just as in Rwanda and what came of that

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  • #kiev Russia wants from Ukraine what it didn't give to the US when asked about Snowden

    this will give for the first time ever a kind or Russialeaks

    and in an autocracy everything is military because society is militarized and everything is secret because the goal is to inform as few people as possible about problems

  • #kiev as Russia has closed down US and dissident channels, time to close access to Russian Today

    not just letting your propaganda fill our airwaves at the cost of our taxpayers or consumers when there are so many more interesting channels to give that space and possbility

    even if Assange or Snowden are paraded on RT

  • #kiev the recent massing of russian troops on the Ukraine border raises the alarm at NATO

    so they say

    and what if they don't

    send troops, observers ?

    this diplomacy by military intimidation is by no means democratic or ethical or modern

  • #kiev Putin now putting pressure on sole alternative energy resource for Europe, Azerbaijan

    "As for the Trans-Caucasus region, Russia will never leave this region," Putin said Dec. 2 after surveying Russian troops at the base in Armenia. "On the contrary, we will make our place here even stronger. We will strengthen our position here, drawing on the best of what our forebears left us and with the support of good relations with all countries in the region, including Armenia."


    While Putin hasn't directly threatened Azerbaijan and an invasion is unlikely, his comments underscore the fact that he can use his influence in neighboring countries to hem in Azerbaijan, which has been ruled by the Aliyev family for four decades. "Azerbaijan is going to be next after Ukraine," according to Arastun Orujlu, head of the Center for East-West Studies, a research group in the capital Baku. "Russia will step up pressure."


    Azerbaijan's position is complicated by the fact that it never courted the U.S. and the European Union the way that ex-Soviet satellites such as Poland and the Baltic states did. Azerbaijan hasn't applied to join either the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or the European Union and has instead pursued an independent foreign policy. The country has forged closer ties with Israel by buying its advanced weapons including drones and missile systems and NATO-member Turkey, with whom it signed an agreement on military cooperation.


    The existing accord with Turkey is limited to training and arms purchases by Azerbaijan. The nations are negotiating a broader military deal to guarantee mutual assistance in case of an attack, Novruz Mammadov, the head of the presidential administration's foreign-relations department, said on the ANS television channel yesterday.

  • #kiev one tweet that shows everything that is wrong with our media's description

    For Belgians, remember Voeren

    imagine those guys occupying the flemish parliament and declaring independence because we are mainly flemish speaking ?


    and the international media writing about that like in Ukraine and we saying, no it is only those 100 lunatics the police will come quickly to push them out and arrest them

    only in Ukraine the problem is the police, not the population who is not in the streets to support them 

  • #kiev Russia tries to extend sanctions to other eastern European nations

    by extending it they are searching to put pressure on Germany who has invested enormously in the region

    other concerns understand that with Russia it is not business as usual and that you can't just deliver materials that will used afterwards against your (in this case baltic) neighbors or partners

  • #kiev my list of best Ukraine freedom twitters

    you can subscribe to the whole list so you can follow it too

    articles and interesting links are kept here

    but that is together with all the international links

    although the East European situation we are following more closely

    because the danger is much more near to use and greater than it ever has been the last decennia

  • #kiev picture of the still increasingstandby Russian troops at the Ukranian border

    released by the Ukranian government - look at the three pictures

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  • #kiev a night of many incidents and operations

    huh a checkpoint on the road ? crazy

    and the biggest operation is still to come - the seperatists are heavily armed professionals


  • #kiev baltic states start their military exercises

    and you will see more of this if Putin keeps his game up

    because it is no game anymore

  • #kiev Merkel showed today how stupid the european measures are

    not forgetting the german pressure on NATO to not deliver that military material that Ukraine needs most

  • #kiev and based on all the USA intelligence it has been able to say that

    and we know now that they do have enormous resources and knowledge