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  • #kiev the US sanctions that will hit the most Russia are those that aren't published

    So what exactly would releasing oil from there do? Let's say U.S. production and imports from Canada and Mexico were to hold place. The U.S. would need to release about 950,000 barrels per day to meet all of the United States' current demand. Based on the SPR's 727 million barrels in storage, we could do this for well over two years and drive down global prices significantly. Surprisingly, though, we don't even need to go to that extreme. According to economist Phillip Verleger in a recent Quartz article, if the U.S. were to release only 500,000 barrels per day from the SPR, it would lead to a $10 drop in oil prices and would cost Russia $40 billion in sales. At this pace, we could maintain this pace for more than four years and could potentially cause Russia's GDP to drop by 4%.

    stealth sanctions

    we don't do it to punish Russia but to help Europe

    but if we hit Russia hard enough with it so that it will go back to a normal international behavior and relationship, that would be more than welcome

    it also shows the advantage of building up strategic reserves when prices are low to use them at your strategic advantage

    if you are running enormous datacenters, the same idea can be implemented by you because it will mean that your energy costs may stay down while those of the other big players will increase because they are totally dependent on the external price without any assets to limit the impact

  • #kiev first glimpse of Anonymous hack of Chinese embassy in Russia about backdoors in Ukraine Telecom operator Intertelecom

    The files on Anonfiles don't seem to work

    the only thing we have for the moment is the explanation and a glimpse of 54 documents

    the total download should be around 2GB if it is going to be available one day

    they are in Russian and Chinese but somebody who will read this will speak either or both of these languages

    this shows you once more why cybersecurity is so much more important today if you are an embassy and surely if you are a telecom operator

    "Russian Cyber Command —Transmission 004 The Golden Sun of the Red Dragon East ….


    Our brothers from Latin America suggest that last name Putin is a derivative of Putto – male prostitute – lulz


    Tonight Great Lulz of the World ! We deliver a message.


    4 thouz who dont wanna read the rest - China embassy in Moscow hacked – Chinese delivered Rusal executives backdoored equipment designated to Ukraine GSM/CDMA provider Intertelecom – Rusal violating the agreement with China Export has managed to deliver it to Spy Company in Kharkiv, Ukraine – ALTRON – the whole operation
    was masterminded by V.Yanukovich counselor Nikolay Malomuzh (former chief of Intelligence of Ukraine) 2010.


    Next leak we deliver the whole package of docs revealing the secrets of cooperation between Malomuzh and Russian
    RUSAL executives puppettiers of FSB. Nikolay Malomuzh of Ukraine has masterminded with Rusgazneft, Mizgirev Sergey of that co. has protectorate of Malomuzh son Jaroslav and gave hime position in Salans international law firm in Kiev over the protectorate of Skolkovo Valeria Pavlyukovskaya, a malicious plot to control Western Ukraine by contracting Altron Executives to install backdoored equipment into Intertelecom infrastructure. Chinese found out about this only when their intelligence in Ukraine has informed them of Malomuzh being involved with Yanukovich company Tantalit and masterminded 20th of February shooting of Maidan activists. Inside we deliver all the evidence that chinesecontracted from their sources in Ukraine – whole INTERTELECOM infrastructure including clients with full ID, IMEI, ESN, IMSI etc etc – pretty nasty stuff
      what we can say?

    the documents

  • #kiev the russian troops are moving even closer to the Ukranian border now

    this is setting alarms off everywhere

    if you have watched the film about the Cuban Missile crisis (based on real events) you will understand that troop movements are 'language' between superpowers about intentions or responses to plans

    the troops are special troops trained in already occupied regions or regions that they have already 'cleansed'

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  • biggest Chinese corruption scandal ever - 300 people arrested and 14 billion confiscated

    Chinese authorities have seized assets worth at least 90 billion yuan ($14.5 billion) from family members and associates of retired domestic security tsar Zhou Yongkang, who is at the centre of China's biggest corruption scandal in more than six decades, two sources said.

    More than 300 of Zhou's relatives, political allies, proteges and staff have also been taken into custody or questioned in the past four months, the sources, who have been briefed on the investigation, told Reuters.


    The sheer size of the asset seizures and the scale of the investigations into the people around Zhou - both unreported until now - make the corruption probe unprecedented in modern China and would appear to show that President Xi Jinping is tackling graft at the highest levels.

  • #kiev pictures of the Maidan snipers published - and they are not Maiden but the Ukr. Secret Service


    "The first crack of a sniper’s round in Kiev’s Independence Square came shortly after nine o’clock on the morning of February 20 and the last about seven hours later at around four o’clock in the afternoon drawing to a close the bloodiest day in what had been a months-long struggle to oust Ukraine President Viktor Yanuko Many of the 53 people slain died from clean shots to the head or neck—telltale wounds inflicted by expert marksmen; while others were gunned down at closer quarters by less expert assassins armed with AK-47 assault rifles.

    Most of the photographs accompanying this article were taken on February 20, and they appear to reveal the truth about who carried out the shootings in Independence Square on that day—a fateful one for both Ukraine and for Europe, which suddenly witnessed the continent’s worst political violence of the 21st century. The pictures shared exclusively with The Daily Beast show members of a crack anti-terrorist unit known as the Alfa Team in the courtyard of the headquarters of Ukraine’s feared state security service, the SBU, preparing themselves for battle. The agency’s seven-story headquarters occupies an entire city block and is just three streets from the Maidan.

    From early morning until midday on February 20 Alfa Team members come and go in the courtyard of the SBU’s national headquarters as firing echoes three blocks away in the charnel house of the Maidan. No afternoon pictures of the courtyard were taken by the sources, who are ordinary Ukrainians and not connected with any government authority either in Ukraine or overseas. They filmed the material themselves and their camera numbers match the metadata on the supplied digital pictures and video footage.

    Many of the paramilitary Alfa members in the photographs are wearing yellow or white armbands and before they leave the courtyard they pull on ski masks to obscure their features. The armbands were used so they could identify themselves at a glance among the riot police and other regime forces in the midst of frantic street clashes. The articles of clothing they are wearing—black tactical coveralls, green tactical vests and flak jackets—don’t match the clothing worn by the riot police, according to several frontline protesters who’ve looked at the pictures. The coveralls are of a different design, they say, and the green outer gear doesn’t match either.

    by the way - the Ukranian Secret Service is investigating the shootings together with the Inspector General of Ukraine. The best thing they've already said is that they know who the snipers were and that they were not linked to Maidan. This is for sure.

    be sure to get enough bullets

    Gallery: Photos Expose Kiev Killers



  • #kiev these are the russian troops for the weekend invasion ?

    war changes everything very fast

    the main goal would be to link the red forces at your right with those at the left, cutting Ukraine in two and leaving Kiev where it is (a kind of blitzkrieg after which you digg in and ask for a referendum)

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  • message to DeGucht, Chile-US TPP will need much more transparancy to succeed

    Bachelet said that she wanted Chile to regain its role as a promoter of Latin American integration. That would represent a turning away from TPP, which is based on the Pacific Rim, and only includes three other countries from Latin America -- Mexico, Colombia and Peru. In an interview with El Mercurio, Bachelet's new Minister for External Relations, Heraldo Muñoz, echoed this policy shift by emphasizing the importance of improving his country's relations with Brazil and Argentina. He also revealed some of Chile's new thinking on TPP (original in Spanish):

    "In my meeting with [USTR] Michael Froman, I expressed Chile's position, which is to examine the content of the [TPP] negotiations with care, and to act transparently. We are going to consult with businesses, with civil society, so that these aren't closed negotiations. In addition, I said to Froman that Chile has sensitive areas where we are not prepared to go beyond the FTA [free trade agreement] with the US. There are areas such as intellectual property, the regulation of state-owned companies, or the Central Bank, which are red lines for us."

    The theme of transparency was picked up in another interview, this time with the new director of Chile's Department of International Economic Relations, Andrés Rebolledo, which appeared in La Segunda (original in Spanish):

    "We received some criticism (for how the [TPP] negotiations were conducted previously) and it appeared to us that there's an important opening for creating greater transparency with the various stakeholders who are involved and who are interested in the negotiations

  • #kiev what rests of the Russian influence in the world

    at the other side the growing countries like India and Brasil don't want nothing to do with international human rights and norms and think that by staying neutral they can win from both sides

    they lose our respect - but maybe they are just after the money and don't care about the rest

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  • #kiev Russian military buildup continuing at the Ukrainan border

    this is what the Pentagon is now saying based upon their satellites - who have maybe stopped looking for that plane (another theory : it was kidnapped by the Russians to have all the satellites of the west looking for the plane while they were moving troops in the east - sick joke)

    also in other border regions the heavy military material is moving closer to the border

    the number of troops is estimated between 50K and 100K but according to the Pentagon the Russians have now all the material and manpower to move swiftly if they chose to

    as the number of provocateurs and infiltrators that are being arrested increases, look-out for the following scheme

    1.  terrorist attack against russians in Ukraine or in Russia or some claim that some tank has shot at the Russians

    2.  the duty to defend its borders or security or and a fast military operation that is called a peace operation, a security operation or something like that

    3. the return of the old president-crook who will organize referendums afterwards in which parts of Ukraine will be annexed under the barrel of the gun to Russia

    4. free elections in the rest who return to the normal democracy and the west

    (just guessing what they would be thinking - but war is always the black hole and everybody knows how it starts but not how it will end and if the military winners will also be the political winners)

    in any case if Putin wants to invade he can't wait too much longer because once the 400 inspectors are there and the military aid from neighboring countries it will become much more complicated and the losses will be much higher

    we will have to prepare for war to keep the peace with him and that is a very dangerous situation especially as his actions aren't predictable (or we still hope that he won't do it because you should be insane to do it)

    by the way, how do you live in a country where every friday you think, this could the planned weekend with manifestations and provocations with some deaths in the Eastern provinces after which the whole Russian army at our borders starts moving and we are at war and when - if nothing has happened you know you have peace for another week ..... imagine the stress

    well you can have sex as if it your last week in civilean life after which you could be send to the front or leave home to defend the barricades not knowing if you will come back alive or wounded

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  • #kiev No Ukranian sex for Russian men

  • #kiev whatever Obama says, Russian troops still going closer to the border

    there is still no end in sight because the thanks are moving in the wrong direction

    140316 - belgorod bypass hinds helicopters

    they are now at less than 10km of the Ukranian border

    and even in the Crimae the Russian are moving military material closer to the mainland

  • chinese bankingsystem loses billions to unregulated online financeservices


    you should also note that China because of its very strict controls of the cash that is in the banks and what you can do with it is the main motor of the bitcoin boom and is essentially the only reason that after all the security problems and scandals with Bitcoin it still exists and has still quite a high price (compared to its start).

    The reason is simple is that there is much more money in the Chinese economy that there are opportunities to invest or to set aside (without having an investigation in corruption or other real or fake charges).

    It is the same problem with the enormous bubble of shadowbanking in which enterprises and cities are lending money to each other without going through the banks (in fact the political supervision). Shadowbanking has in fact increased so much in China that even international institutions have begun warning China that more regulation is necessary. Strange for a communist country to have no economic (and social) regulation but where political and presslife is regulated by hundreds of interdictions.

  • #kiev the seven steps of Russian information warfare in Ukraine

    and they follow them one by one as a script

    "First, it is necessary to convince the general population that the government is acting correctly and that the enemy is guilty of fomenting the crisis. That is why the Kremlin places the full blame for the entire Ukrainian crisis on the Maidan protesters and what it calls the Western-backed Ukrainian opposition. Moscow conspicuously leaves out the fact that former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych himself provoked the crisis by ruining the country's economy, double-dealing with the European Union and engaging in corrupt deals while also permitting extreme corruption among members of his family and inner circle.


    To incite hatred for the enemy and deflect attention away from Yanukovych's flaws, the Kremlin says the new government in Kiev, dominated by the main opposition groups, is linked to everything that is despised and vilified in Russia: fascists, extremists, the U.S. and the West in general. It is necessary to paint the Western enemy as the aggressor.


    Second, the Kremlin created myths about the terrible persecutions of the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine, particularly in Crimea. Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko even came up with a story about victims of such aggression that nobody has been able to corroborate, saying there were casualties among locals in Simferopol from a Kiev-backed attempt to take over a police building. The claim was never verified.


    The main idea behind such claims is to find just the right balance between truth and fiction. Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels once said that if you add one-fourth of the truth to three-fourths of a lie, the people will believe you. Hitler and Stalin applied the principles and techniques of war propaganda on a national scale.


    Third, the enemy must be demonized. Just about anything will work, from alleging that one of the leaders of the opposition, acting Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, is a Scientologist, or showing medical records that another leader was treated for a psychological disorder. NTV and other state-controlled television stations have been at the forefront in spreading these smear campaigns.


    If an actual radical or nationalist can be found among the enemy's ranks, such as Right Sector leader Dmitry Yarosh, this is like manna from heaven for propagandists. Although they represent fringe factions, they are turned into the face of the enemy. The entire opposition, which in reality includes a wide range of moderate forces,  is presented as "fascist" and "neo-Nazi."


    Fourth, the authorities always disguise their aggressive actions as a humanitarian mission. "We have to protect defenseless Russians at the hands of fascists. They are in danger of being beaten and killed," propagandists say.


    Fifth, the Kremlin has attributed its own cynical methods to the enemy. For example, if Moscow intends to annex part of a brotherly, neighboring country, it must first accuse the U.S. and the authorities in Kiev of striving for world domination and hegemony, while depriving Russia of its ancestral territories and its righftful sphere of influence in its own backyard.


    Sixth, the authorities must present all of their actions as purely legal and legitimate, and the actions of the enemy as gross violations of international law. That is why President Vladimir Putin refers to the "legitimate and inherent right of Crimeans to self-determination" — the same right he strongly denied to the people of Chechnya and Kosovo.


    According to this logic, the parliament's unanimous vote to strip Yanukovych of his authority on Feb. 22 was illegal, while the referendum for secession in Crimea — which violated the Ukrainian Constitution — is completely legal and legitimate.


    Seventh, the success of war propaganda depends entirely on its totalitarian approach. The authorities must shut down every independent media outlet capable of identifying and exposing the propagandists' lies. That is why Ukraine blocked Russian television. It also explains why Moscow is cracking down on Dozhd television and why it recently replaced the head of with a ­Kremlin-friendly editor-in-chief.

    Information warfare is a science as it is studied since years by all the parties and so all the steps here are just as if they come from a studybook. That is why everything that is happening is being added to one of the stages and most of the wise countersteps the government has taken have tried to counterbalance this lowlevel war.

    but this is a longterm strategy and as long as there is no real peace, there will always be an information warfare and Ukraine will always have to stay on its guard

  • #kiev three things nato can and should do now (instead of complain later)

    There are prudent defensive measures the United States and NATO can and should take to bolster Ukraine’s security. First, Yatsenyuk’s request for military equipment should be immediately approved, and anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons should be included. Equipment and weapons could quickly be transferred from prepositioned U.S. military stocks in Europe.

    If NATO cannot attain the consensus to initiate such assistance, then Washington should forge a coalition of the willing or act on its own. These weapons would complicate Russian military planning and add risk to its operations against Ukraine. U.S. equipment in particular would bring back unpleasant memories of when Soviet forces encountered Western weapons in Afghanistan.

    Second, the alliance or a U.S.-led coalition should back that assistance with the deployment of intelligence and surveillance capabilities and military trainers to Ukraine. This would provide not only needed situational awareness and help the Ukrainian military maximize its defensive capacities, but it would also force Moscow to consider the potential political and military repercussions of any actions that affect that presence. The deployment of military trainers to Georgia was one of the more effective elements of the U.S. effort to bolster Georgia’s security after it was invaded by Russia in 2008.

    Third, NATO allies and partners should soon conduct a military exercise in Ukraine as part of the effort to train the Ukrainian military. The alliance’s plan to wait until its next scheduled exercise in Ukraine, this summer, could incentivize Russia to take additional military action before then.

    The NATO Response Force, created to deploy on short notice a brigade-level force backed by combat air support, is well suited for such an exercise. The force offers a means to demonstrate Western resolve prudently and rapidly. It has the potential to significantly reinforce Ukraine’s defense against a sudden Russian offensive, but it is not big enough to jeopardize Russia’s territorial integrity.

  • #kiev we wanted Russian gaz because it was cheap but if it isn't cheap why should we ?

    yeah lets get back to the Arab world and give them new funds so they can rebuild their democracies with new investments and budgets

  • #kiev this is what the Eurasia philosophy in Russia is all about (national bolshevism)

    first this


    this is the connection between extreme right and extreme left  (the title about indicates that)

    see the names of the organisation he links to

    and his opinions on Ukraine, well you can read it all here

    but this what they want to do - and what Putins Raspoetins are telling him to do (if he stil listens to anybody)

    the logic is just the same as Hitlers in the second world war regarding Sudeten and Austria

  • #kiev now you see which puppets where paid by the Russian billionaires-accountants

    We, the undersigned people from various countries around the world, including the USA, express our great dismay about President Obama's list of sanctions on top Russian officials. The world in 2014 does not need a new Cold War. It needs de-escalation instead of a spiral of sanctions. The solution of the Ukrainian and Crimean crisis is dialogue and diplomatic efforts which include all parties concerned instead of individualized sanctions.


    We consider it to be a particular mistake to "sanction" Vladimir Yakunin who is not only President of Russian Railways but also the founder and president of the World Public Forum - Dialogue of Civilizations which enjoys consultative status in United Nations' ECOSOC. For more than a decade Vladimir Yakunin has devoted a lot of efforts and activities to dialogue among different religions, cultures and nations as the alternative to armed conflicts. He has stood up against hatred, xenophobia, antisemitism as well as Islamophobia.

    hahaha - naturally you will defend your president even if nobody looked upon the organisation like a puppet theatre

    and now we will see a lot of masks falling one by one

    and if you look at the names and functions of all these important intellectuals, you ask yourself how can you sign such a text in such circumstances ? have you forgotten everything about history

    or they just - as in history - for the time fascinated by how Putin has set up a new regime and has kept Russia together from falling apart and things like that (and oh yes they are not ready for democracy, they have a different culture and they didn't mean to say or do that, .....)

  • #kiev first Russian billionaire chicken heading back to Putin with the money

    No, they won’t play their home games there, but Prokhorov is planning on putting the basketball team under the control of one of his Russian companies. The move would help Prokhorov fulfil President Vladimir Putin’s request that Russian-owned overseas companies be registered locally and pay taxes to his government. Prokhorov told reporters in the Kremlin yesterday that such a transfer would comply with the National Basketball Association’s rules.


    The billionaire may also be looking to keep his investment out of the reach of U.S. lawmakers as President Barack Obama threatens to step up economic sanctions against Russia in response to its annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula, according to Veles Capital and Sberbank Asset Management. The conflict has already cost Prokhorov, Russia’s eighth wealthiest man. His net worth has slumped $823 million this year as the selloff in Russian markets eroded the value of his holdings in stocks including OAO Uralkali, the world’s biggest potash maker.

    he only manages the assets, they are not his although he gets a good chunk of them

    so the manager- he who in reality is the owner of the assets he can't keep in his own name - has told now his managers and accountants to come back with the money and keep it in the Kremlin and wait untill it all blows over

  • #kiev when two fight for Ukraine, the third one gets the oil

    The Crimean crisis is poised to reshape the politics of oil by accelerating Russia’s drive to send more barrels to China, leaving Europe with pricier imports and boosting U.S. dependence on fuel from the Middle East.


    China already has agreed to buy more than $350 billion of Russian crude in coming years from the government of President Vladimir Putin. The ties are likely to deepen as the U.S. and Europe levy sanctions against Russia as punishment for the invasion of Ukraine.

    So if China is serious and if sanctions are to be serious China should at least participate at some level

    it also shows that freetrade and things like that with China and the big investments in the workcamp China should not have the same fiscal and other advantages as those in our own regions because indirectly you are buying products made by Russian oil and metals that are boycotted by the west or by Russia to the west