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  • 13 ways to kill creativity around you

  • Kim Jong un is fucking his country and with this pic they show it to the world

    and the person who did this will be found out and will be 'fucking dead' by now 

    look in the corner

    well, that is a lesson if you smoke with your cigarette above the bed of a child

    it is not all that rosy over there .....


  • meanwhile in Congo.... man eats man....


  • #ukraine Maidan film coming : all things ablaze

    it is just impossible to even write such a film and if you could write to direct it and even if you would direct it to make it as believable as the days and nights we sat before the computer watching streams and cams and videos and just thinking, let them win, don't die, don't give up

  • The Polish armed forces to buy Mini-drones

    they will stay 30 minutes in the air and have a range of 3km

    in fact they will become the eyes and ears of the troops on the ground as they advance

    expect our eastern borders in a few years to be full of drones and cameras and borders and smart borders

  • Russian hackers continue to publish secretive mails and documents from officials

    This is one example but the last weeks they have been very busy

    "Today we publish the correspondence of one of the arrays of heads of the Secretariat of Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. By its functionality officer whose arrays we publish, oversees banking and prepares for the Deputy Prime Minister Shuvalov Help analytical notes and other similar documentation. Basically, in the arrays present informal business correspondence. Since the spring of 2014, began to appear in the correspondence negative scenarios on the Russian banking sector. By October 2014 participants pessimism correspondence, are certainly aware of the people became even more.
    We decided to publish these arrays. We think that our readers, including a sufficient number of people versed in economics and in the processes occurring there, themselves can draw conclusions. Besides banking, are present in the arrays, and other topics
    go to

  • will Hung(a)ry become a playmate of Putin in the desemberement of #ukraine

    who said that the game was over, doesn't know Putin

    Putin is a KGB men inside out

    the KGB is known to have patience - enormously much patience - they believe that over time everything will fall into place and they just have to adjust a little her and a little there (and sometimes crush some protests violently but after that they can go back to the normal daily repression)

    So during the first offensive a week ago - and in 2008 - Putin tried to get the Hungarians involved and that didn't work at those times. Who knows now because he is developing a new more subtle strategy.

    We are entering very dangerous times and pressure is mounting and nobody has really noticied.

    "At present, and to lay the groundwork for further action, Segodnya says, Moscow should be actively supporting Rusin culture and language, providing humanitarian assistance targeted at the Rusins, promoting stories about them in Russian media and especially channels directed at foreign countries, and bringing pressure to bear on Kyiv to create a Rusin autonomy by raising this issue with Ukrainian officials and in talks with the leaders of other countries. “In the Rusin question,” the article insists, “Russia must not compete with Hungary. It will be more constructive to set up a common humanitarian strategy and a common cultural discourse about Trans-Carpathia.” Hungary will take the lead in public; Russia need “only send humanitarian impulses signaling the readiness of Russia to support the protection of Rusin culture and make it an object of serious research.”

    It appears increasingly likely that Russia will use Hungary as a cover to destabilize the situation in western Ukraine in the coming weeks, escaping blame or even attention until it may be too late, as was the case in Crimea. Consequently, even hints like these need to be tracked with care.[tt_news]=43042&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=2689517926e9c29e02a775b5a81a9d81#.VFlKEcnkD3U

  • life in the Russian troll factory about #ukraine

    "W: We worked 12-hour shifts for two days with two days off. A blogger’s quota is 10 posts a day, 750 characters each, a commenter has to write 126 comments and two posts. A blogger has three accounts to manage. You have to distribute the 10 assignments between them. An assignment consists of a talking point, most often news, and a conclusion you should reach. So you have to fit the solution to the answer. Roughly, you write that you’ve baked tasty pies which means that life in Russia is great and Putin is a good guy. Visit Russia Today’s website – all our assignments are ther

    but bloggers and twitters and others should take care about one other thing that is in the interview

    they had also to stirr up things under posts with which they didn't agree and get the poster or blogger to react and to keep him busy or react stupidly

    just ignore them

    that costs them money and spares you time

    they are paid in cash (and 200 dollars a month which seems to be good money in Russia)

  • don't panic too much about Ebola in Africa - look at this pic

    just a reminder if you think that the world or Africa is going under - again

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  • an interesting discussion about Russian desinformation campaigns under Putin

    this is what we have been hearing the last year and will be faced with the next few weeks and months

    and look at it desinformation is very very scientifically build

    and the Belgian media is very bad in responding to it (just copy paste journalism)

    for example lately : Separatists won elections at the donbass (what is wrong is that these were not really elections under any democratic definition of election and secondly only separatists could participate, so whoever won, the separatists would always have won). What was more interesting was turnout and that didn't seem to great if you watched the boxes being counted if you know that normally that there are hundreds of thousands of people living there).

  • #ukraine prepares for war again - this time they will be prepared

    follow the events on twitter with more than 300 twitter sources as we are going into what could be some very important days and weeks ahead (like it or not)

    The Russians are also preparing for war, expecting also an air offensive

    and meanwhile in Europe

    "Mogherini said the EU would assess whether to strengthen or ease sanctions imposed on Russia over its role in Ukraine depending on the situation on the ground.

    "This is a process that is going to go on in the coming weeks," she said, when asked if Russia's response to Sunday's rebel ballot could trigger stiffer sanctions against Moscow.

    The situation in Ukraine will be addressed at the next EU foreign ministers' meeting on Nov. 17, she said.

    "...I would say the main topic of discussion today should be ... how do we make sure that we find a solution to the conflict?" the former Italian foreign minister said.

    by than we could have a bloody war at our doorsteps, so isn't this a bit late or did you plan a holiday maybe ?

    a bbc documentary

    part of the daily dose of warmongering on Russian tv, here in an Orthodox Christian program (very very strange)

    when people start to talk about waging a kind of religious war for religious values and can speak freely on tv without even being questioned or contradicted they can say whatever nonsense

    oh yes and the result is that even kids are now in Russia participating in paramilitary training camps

    but at the same day the national unity day didn't have that success - if you didn't look at the russian tv that is

    and this is a correspondent from Russia Today in action

  • you fight for a cause, a country, a government you believe it if you have to die for it in #Iraq

    "Eaton said advisors can help the Iraqi military with strategy, tactics and intelligence. But without competent ground forces, he said, U.S. and coalition airstrikes will have minimal effect because they cannot teach the "moral component" to fight and die for a common cause.



    "Until the Iraqi soldier in his eyes is a legitimate actor for a legitimate government, we are not going to have any hope of success," Eaton said. "You can't train them to believe in a constitution and a government."

    So as long as Iraq has no coalition government in which all the different parts of the population recognize themselves and accept this as the democratic representation of their society it will be very hard to make those thousands of soldiers fight as if their lives depend of it. They will run for their lifes and try to save their families, not fight untill they can die. And if a soldier doesn't fight without fear, he is not really fighting even if dying on the battlefield is a stupid strategy as all those experienced soldiers have to be replaced by new soldiers off which more than a third will die in the first months.

    But hey while we are throwing a few bombs now and than we will start a big new campaign.... in the spring

  • in one unbelievable graph how (for example in the US) the income gap has exploded since 1980


    you don't need any explanation to see that our world has since turned upside down 

  • a war in #ukraine could turn nuclear with Russian missiles already in place

    ""This is the most dangerous moment in relations between Russia and the west since the Cuba missile crisis," Mr Nikonov argues. Dmitri Trenin, a less strident analyst who runs the Carnegie Moscow Center, also evokes the nuclear stand-off of 1962. Mr Trenin spells out a possible ladder of escalation in which western military support for Ukraine enrages Russia. In response, Russia might then mount a full invasion of Ukraine and even go nuclear – or, at least, use a nuclear-capable missile with a conventional warhead. . . .

    Funnily enough, I had had the same scenario spelt out for me by a senior Polish official in Warsaw a couple of weeks earlier. The Poles worry that, having swallowed Crimea, Mr Putin will now be tempted to grab a larger part of Ukraine – perhaps the southern chunk of the country that the Russians have taken to referring to as "Novorossiya. . . ."

    "Putin has worked the west out," says one gloomy Polish official. "He knows we won't use force." The darkest Polish scenario is also that Mr Putin might be tempted to go up to the nuclear brink by using conventionally armed missiles that could carry nuclear warheads. The dangers of such a policy hardly need spelling out. But destroying the credibility of Nato's security guarantee to the Balts – and therefore of Nato itself – would be a tremendous prize for Russia.

    so this is how you win

    you don't use them but you threaten to use them and you place them in full sight at the border and than you talk about the fact that as a nuclear power you should be respected

    meanwhile you continue your proxy war and you have all the time because everybody is sitting chickenshit frightened about the prospects of a limited nuclear war with Putin who has lost his head and has become totally bonkers

    and just to proof that you have lost it and that you are there isolated in your Kremlin while outside the whole economy is starting to crumble you are playing your last cards, sending more missiles to the border and airplanes and ships to every possible place where you would like the west to take notice

    now as they have all other problems - so have you but you don't have to care about opposition (in jail or already left the country), the press (you own them) or elections (nearly impossible to oppose you) and street demonstrations (you just lock them up for up to 2 years without trial) - you just suppose that they they won't have the stomach to answer your bluff and 

    * you can go further with your proxy war because the other western armies are not ready to give military support or material to the Ukranian forces 

    * the western alliance is becoming deeply divided between the eastern countries (who feel they are now in a dangerzone and need more support from the rest of the alliance) and those more in the west who don't understand why I can only be stopped when it is clear that risks have become too great. Meanwhile those European dwarfs have no leaders and no visionaries who see the big picture as I see it. My vision, work of a lifetime, a new Russian empire. 

    russian military at the border

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  • Are you ready for a bloody war over the weekend in #ukraine ?

    all the Ukranian news (we will add some more as we will follow the situation more closely now as war is coming nearer again)

    * the elections in Ukraine and in the occupied regions were just the last bell before the preparations of the new war to come. The strategic goal is to take the airport, Mariupol and everything else if possible if they could create enough chaos to push the fresh troops and tanks through in a 'surprise blitz' 

    * the Russian military sending airlines to test nearly a 100 times the western air defenses is not to test their air defenses but is just to try to same trick that Hitler did before Munchen.

    about the Hitler tactic - At that time he sent airplanes around, he was showing airplanes and bragging about his power to destroy or level whole cities - just to incite enough fear into the west not to oppose him (and at that time people thought about air bombardements of cities as we do now about atomb bombs - even if London was hardly prepared for the Blitzkrieg and after all it was less destructive that people feared). That he was showing off the same airplanes over and over again and that most of them at that time couldn't even drop one bomb shows another time the importance of good intelligence). It worked at the time for some time but that was all he needed, a bit more time to prepare the next war. 

    * there are tons of ammunition arriving in Russian humanitarian trucks (one overturned and the grenades were all over the place) while new tanks and military trucks with fresh soldiers are arriving in Donetsk. They are for the moment being painted green and try to look like Ukranian army trucks (the Soviet really incorporate deception as an integral part of their military strategy and this since decades). 

    * Russia has placed 6 SS26 missile launchers at the border with Ukraine with a reach of 500 km (these are nuclear missiles, remember ?) 

    * Russian troops are moving from inside Russia to the border with Ukraine 

    * the diplomatic reaction from the west on all this has been a confirmation for Putin who had the same goal as Stalin and other Soviet leaders and Hitler (breaking up the western alliance and threatening the eastern countries into submission because they fear that they won't be supported enough - sending some airplanes and holding some wargames won't make the difference). THe only country that has really an army to speak of and that is trained and armed for the defense of its own territory is Poland but they just announced that they need up to two years to move their troops to their eastern borders instead of the old historical locations of their bases in the west of the country. Not one European country is sending officially the weapons that Ukraine so hard needs. 

    If we are going to war over the weekend this will mean that the NATO and other critical western communication and decision centers may be faced with DDOS and other attacks. You should be prepared in case. If it doesn't happen than you had a good exercise with leasons learnt to be even better prepared next time. If it happens, you had three days to prepare the network, the emergency infrastructure and the communication procedures. 

    But it can also be a bluff

    Saying if you don't silently accept the occupation of those two regions and sign that their borders of demarcation are there, than we will go on the offense whatever the reason we will find to do so 

    Also he knows that winter is coming and that he can't fight a war during the winter, surely not in donbass and that Ukraine in one to two years will have even more military might to resist any attacks or offensives. The problem with proxy wars (everybody is only writing about the advantages, forgetting the disadvantages) is that you can't put all your military might into the balance because than it isn't a proxy war anymore and if it isn't a proxy war, the other parties have all the possibilities to begin to send arms and volunteers and whatever needed to counterbalance your force. You can only send a few missiles, a few hundred tanks, a few tons of ammunition and undercover military consultants but you always have to balance it with the possibility that in these permanent-media times somebody will upload some video or pic showing the proof that it is you (because spy satellites costs an enormous lot of money but have only a very limited range and impact). 

    So he has his windows of opportunity and just as the latest invasion was just during the last possible moment he had to to intervene before Ukraine retook Donetsk (some Ukr. troops were already in some suburbs and advancing) he eventually did it because the socalled rebels were just not up for the job. If he is sending now so much military hardware and new soldiers it shows that he doesn't think that they are up for the next military campaign (and this is why Ukraine has started sending real troops to the region instead of the voluntary national guard). 

    So everything will depend on what Putin thinks he can accomplish by a new offensive or the threat of a new offensive. You should also remember that Ukraine for the moment has no government yet and that meanwhile the transition to a legitimate parliament and government has still to happen. It will be much harder for Putin to attack a government that has been elected than the present sitting one. Maybe the politicians in Kiev should speed up their endless quarrels and get a government so the military can do their job saying they are defending the newly elected democratic parliament. 

    Remember Putin is an old KGB hand so all these propaganda and contextual factors play a big part in the decision-making, they can even be decisive. 

  • after the vote an enormous russian military convoy entered Donetsk in #ukraine


    and other sources meanwhile

    fighting has restarted meanwhile around the airport but if you have seen the number of defenders and the number of russian soldiers arriving you know what the purpose is - to get the airport (because if it wants to be sustainable as an independent region even if it isn't recognized by no other country in the world it will need the airport)

    they just want to overcome resistance at the airport by overwhelming it - a very old Russian tactic

  • #ukraine European (and Belgian) fascists monitor prorussian elections again

    they already went for the socalled elections in Crimea

    now they are back again

    ng names of international "observers" hired by the the EODE and ECGA can be revealed:

    (Political) affiliation
    Frank Abernathy
    EFS Investment Partners LLC
    Fabrice Beaur
    Parti communautaire national-européen (extreme right/National Bolshevik) / EODE
    Fabrizio Bertot
    Forza Italia (right-wing)
    Anatoliy Bibelov
    “South Ossetia”
    “Parliament of South Ossetia”
    Aleksandr Brod
    Civic Control Association (fake NGO)
    Frank Creyelman
    Vlaams Belang (extreme right)
    Stevica Dedjanski*
    Centre for International Corporation (???)
    Aleksey Didenko
    Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia (extreme right)
    Vladimir Djukanovic
    Serbian Progressive Party (right-wing)
    Jaroslav Doubrava
    Czech Republic
    Severočeš (regionalism/populism)
    Márton Gyöngyösi
    Jobbik (extreme right)
    Gábor Gyóni**
    Eötvös Loránd University
    Vladimir Krshlyanin
    Movement for Serbia (extreme right)
    Georgios Lambroulis
    Communist Party of Greece (extreme left/Stalinist)
    Viliam Longauer
    Union of Fighters against Fascism (...)
    Max Lurie
    Curson Info (Russian language website)
    Lucio Malan
    Forza Italia (right-wing)
    Alessandro Musolino
    Forza Italia (right-wing)
    Manuel Ochsenreiter
    Zuerst! (far right journal)
    Slobodan Samardzija
    Jean-Luc Schaffhauser
    Rassemblement bleu Marine (radical right)
    Georgi Singalevich
    Leonid Slutskiy
    Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia (extreme right)
    Ewald Stadler
    Die Reformkonservativen (right-wing)
    Adrienn Szaniszló*
    Jobbik (extreme right)
    Magdalena Tasheva
    Ataka (extreme right)
    Srđa Trifković
    Evgeni Velkov***
    Aleksandr Yushchenko
    Communist Party of the Russian Federation (ultranationalist/Stalinist)
    Sotirios Zarianopoulos
    Communist Party of Greece (extreme left/Stalinist)
    Ladislav Zemánek
    Czech Republic
    No to Brussels – Popular Democracy (ultranationalist)
    Aleksey Zhuravlyov
    Motherland (extreme right)

    * - Part of the "observation mission" in the Russian Rostov region.
    ** - Part of the "observation mission" in the Russian Voronezh region.
    *** - Part of the "observation mission" in the Russian Belgorod region.

    oh well there are no guns and everything is totally impartial .... you can only chose between prorussians

  • why is the battle in Lebanon so important for the rebels in #syria ?

    "A battle between Lebanese troops and Muslim militants in northern Lebanon was widely expected after members of the Islamic State group and al-Qaida's branch in Syria, the Nusra Front, launched several attacks over the past weeks in areas on the border with Syria.

    Sunni militants inspired by the Nusra Front and the Islamic State group have killed and wounded several soldiers in a string of attacks in recent months in Tripoli and nearby areas.

    Lebanese army commander Gen. Jean Kahwaji said in comments published this month that the militants from Syria want to ignite civil war and create a passage to Lebanon's coastline by linking the Syrian Qalamoun mountains with the Lebanese border town of Arsal and the northern Lebanese town of Akkar, an impoverished Sunni area.

    Why does Putin want Crimea and now Mariupol ? And why is Syria so important to him, expect that it has his last Russian military fleetbase ? 

    Access to the sea means that there is a way to get weapons, fighters and other material by sea 

    but this is not the FSA but AlQaida so this battle is lost because nobody has an interest in it, except for Al Qaida, but that is not in the interest of anybody - and surely not FSA

  • remember the Afghan rebels shooting down Russian helicopters ? #Isis does....

    "BAGHDAD — From the battlefield near Baiji, an Islamic State jihadist fired a heat-seeking missile and blew an Iraqi Army Mi-35M attack helicopter out of the sky this month, killing its two crew members.

    Days later, the Islamic State released a chilling series of images from a video purporting to capture the attack in northern Iraq: a jihadist hiding behind a wall with a Chinese-made missile launcher balanced on his shoulder; the missile blasting from the tube, its contrail swooping upward as it tracked its target; the fiery impact and the wreckage on a rural road.

    The helicopter was one of several Iraqi military helicopters that the militants claim to have shot down this year, and the strongest evidence yet that Islamic State fighters in Iraq are using advanced surface-to-air missile systems that pose a serious threat to aircraft flown by Iraq and the American-led coalition.

    that is why they need US helicopters who have defenses against such attacks 

    this is not just a bunch of guys with machine guns, Isis is an army so you have to battle it like an army

  • those who thought that Russia had no end-game and that the game in #ukraine was over, it only started (again)

    Yep the Ukrainans have their elections and the results have been accepted by Moscow 

    Yep there is something of a cease-fire but that will be ended soon as the Russianheld territories need Mariupol and the airport to have something of a real region - even if they don't have the whole regions

    Yep there are no great movements of Russian military but every day new Russian tanks and soldiers are crossing the border - under the radar of the international news organisations (100 tanks is a better title than 10 russian tanks cross the border)

    and now, we are back at where it all started - a referendum in the two seperatist russian occupied regions (that is why it is a pity the Ukranian army didn't push into Donetsk when it should) 

    yep a referendum in a region in which everybody who is opposed to the occupation is send to cellars they don't come out of again 

    yep a referendum where there are no other parties or press than those of the occupiers

    yep a referendum that will be as legitimate as the one in the Crimea 

    so all those believers that you had an agreement with Putin, that Peace was on your way,

    you are chamberlain after all (but we knew that from the beginning)

    meanwhile if you are into (cyber)security prepare for the possbility of a new cold war or local wars and skirmishes and troop buildups and incidents and all the rest (the possbility that this will happen has just increased with 1000 percent)