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  • already more than 700.000 bitcoins stolen by malware (at 500 dollar a piece)

    But data collated by Reuters from specialist bitcoin industry websites and internet forums shows that more than 730,000 bitcoins were already missing to theft, hacking, cyber-ransom payments and other apparently criminal pursuits before Mt. Gox's collapse. That's nearly 6 percent of all bitcoins, and doesn't include dozens, possibly hundreds, of unreported cases of individuals who have lost bitcoins from their computers or online exchanges to hackers.

    and it is easy to write that kind of software to steal bitcoins

    and the best thing that you like about it - it is anonymous - is the worst thing if you lose it - it stays anonymous

  • #kiev Russian holdings in Offshore holdings and energy investments leaked

    RUSSIAN industiral investment fund massive leak


    Russian Cyber Command Transmission 002RIIFBGNTI003

    Dobry Vecher Comrads!

    Today we aren’t going to say much, since we aint got nothing to say pretty much, except that Putin has lost his mind.

    Russian Industrial Investment Fund is one of the biggest Russian “non-profit” as they declare organization but they attract investments into Russian economy.

    Inside you will find documents downloaded from personal computer of it’s president Alexander Bagnyuk.

    These documents contain critical Russian business operations and shadow banking. You judge for yourself.



    I can confirm that these folders have files that show very clearly the links to Offshore havens and strategic investments in Energy firms that would otherwise remain hidden behind the smokescreens

    'strategic' and 'economic' intelligence at its best (the result) or its worst (the hacking) depending from which you side you look at it

    but if you don't protect your data you may be next

  • #kiev how to help democratic Ukraine and prevent a Weimar scenario

    The plan over the weekend didn't work there were not enough thugs and weapons and some of the weapons and masterminders were arrested while hundreds of people were stopped at the frontier

    when watching sunday the streams and videos I couldn't be but surprised at the level of amateurism in Crowd control and police presence in the cities that were known to be under attack

    but you can imagine that the reason is also that because of the stupid disbandend of Birkut (the riotpolice) they only have more or less normal not trained riotpolice squads were available (the same mistake made acoording to the BOOK (not the film) the Green Zone in Iraq). Most of the men of Birkut would probably just do their job.

    this doesn't mean that Putin has given up yet

    but it is somewhere where we can help Ukraine to help and keep order in its eastern cities that are besieged by provocateurs and external groups (western intelligence think about 250 special operations Russian troops are active on the ground)

    they have not these necessary things to keep a normal sense of order

    * intelligence (well NSA you have those enormous budgets and infiltrations on all the networks of the world, now you can use them to identify those plans before they take place)

    * police training (there are specific tactics in defending buildings, pushing manifestations and attacks etc....)

    * democratic rules for demonstrations (you can declare certain zones as 'neutral' where no demonstrations can be held (where the official buildings are), oblige them to keep a certain route, know who the organizers are, oblige them to have their internal order service to seperate hardcore from the rest, setting an hour the manifestation is finished and so on,.....) nothing dicatorial about that, just good practices

    * filtering and controls before the manifestation, you can control buses and cars before they enter the city and send them back or keep them aside if they have weapons or bad intentions and are a danger to public order (we use it against foreign hooligans and neonazi's) and you can even imprison them for 24h hours and give them an order in which they can't come back because of that for a number of months)

    * sometimes we arrested so many foreign neonazi's we sent them back in buses to the frontier from where they were handed over to the police - (possible even without the buses who were confiscated for investigation (during a year). Try to find another buscompany to bring you next time.....

    * those who were younger than 18 had to be sought at the frontier by their parents - who sometimes were in a shock that their kid was doing stupid things like that instead of 'having some fun with friends'......

    * all the arrested demonstrators were photographed, interrogated and filed (I saw that some people were staying longer than others in the interrogation room, they probably wanted to cooperate and get it over with)

    * they will also need walkie talkies, communication centers and helicopters and mobile camera's (this is important for the arrests after the manifestation - which means that afterwards you control the cars and buses trying to 'leave' the city) and DRONES off course (and interception material or GSM local jamming trucks)

    some police forces go even further and use coloured spray to identifiy the most aggressive protestors afterwards

    What I have learned in Belgium is that it is not guns and too-lethal non-lethal stuff that makes a difference on the ground but it is training, material, strategy and communication

    and I had the impression yesterday that the police forces in the Eastern Provinces were lacking all of that

    the west can help with that because that is not military

    it is just protecting a democracy who will have elections in two months time and needs now to send a clear message to the planners in the KGB that their plan won't work

    if intelligence and police operations work efficiently than there will be no reason whatsoever for Putin to intervene.

    and if you don't want to do it officially, you lease the material by private firms and the trainers are 'observers'

    this you can call the first 'very low intensity warfare' it is the battle by groups of 'civil people' trying to take over buildings to call in afterwards the tanks

  • #kiev this is the heart of the Battlefront for European energy in Ukraine

    these are the provinces that he wants next

    it is there that 80.000 Russian troops and thousands of tanks are ready and more are arriving every day

    it is there that he is organizing a 'Russian Spring' and where he wants his croonies to storm buildings and take them over, scare everybody else into their homes and ask the Russians to come and liberate them

    his plan didn't work over the weekend because hundreds of thugs in Buses from Russia were stopped and now Ukraine has more or less closed his borders with Russia while some others operators inside Ukraine were arrested with plans and weapons the last week

  • #kiev another paradigma falls apart : the international settlement of the USSR

    it will come back on the table and some other countries will follow this with interest

    "The issue of the distribution of assets of the former USSR between Ukraine and Russia currently remains open, although it was first raised after the fall of the USSR. Back in 1991 Russia suggested the so-called “Zero-Variant”. The general idea thereof is the following. Russia becomes liable for all USSR debts while Ukraine refuses from its demands for its part of USSR assets. To make it clear, the USSR assets included financial assets (debts of other states to USSR), fixed assets (banks and embassies abroad, property of joint ventures) and gold, diamond and copper stock. Meanwhile, in 1991 the state debt of the former USSR amounted to 67,9 billion US Dollars.


    The Zero-Variant was realized in the form of an Agreement between Ukraine and Russian Federation on the resolution of the issue of legal succession regarding the foreign state debt and the assets of the former USSR, signed on December 9, 1994. Under this Agreement Ukraine agreed to transfer its liabilities regarding the repayment of the Ukrainian part of debts of the former USSR to Russia which agreed to become responsible for their repayment. In addition, Ukraine agreed to transfer its part of assets of the former USSR to Russia.


    Russia both signed and ratified the Agreement and, thus, repaid all the debts of the former USSR. Meanwhile, Ukraine signed but has not ratified the Agreement. On February 19, 1997, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a decision stipulating that the ratification of the Agreement is postponed and is subject to the fulfilment of the following conditions by Russia, namely, providing comprehensive information on the composition and the market value of the foreign property of the former USSR (confirmed by international audit), on the gold and diamond reserves, on the volume of debts of the USSR’s debtors; repayment of debts of the bank Zovnisheconombank to natural persons and legal entities; signature and entry into force of several agreements (in particular, on return of cultural values being the cultural, national and historical heritage of the people of Ukraine to Ukraine; on assessment and distribution of diamond and gold reserves), and the complete implementation by Russia of a free trade zone with Ukraine. The conditions have not been met.


    To sum up, Russia has not met the abovementioned conditions and as a consequence Ukraine has not ratified the Agreement, i.e. it has not entered into force. This means that Russia has misappropriated the Ukrainian part of the assets of the former USSR and currently owns them illegally.


    It is worth noticing that while the state debt of the former USSR was 67,9 billion US Dollars, the assets of the former USSR according to the calculations of experts constituted 400 billion US Dollars.

  • #kiev there are the Russian missiles and the cold war again :(

    it is as if I am returning to my youth in a flash

    a few months ago I told everyone I was so happy that my girls could grow up in a world in which Europe was no longer a theatre of war and confrontation and in which people, countries and systems were growing to each others or accepting each other and working together

    this is fading faster than snow in this hot summer and no end in sight

    this new deployment will change everything again inside out because the paradigma will be changed

    the consequences could be that we will still need missiles in Europe at a time when we thought we could send them back to the US

  • #kiev this is how ethnic cleansing starts (in the Crimae)

    it started like nearly a century ago

    Many families have already sent their wives and children to Ukraine and for now they think they will be able to come back soon but that belief will be disappearing fast

    ethnic cleansing comes in stages

    this is the first one - it make take years to go to the second phase (deportation)

  • #kiev maybe Ukraine should ask some territory back :)

    if you look at this map you will see there are probably enough regions in which there are enough Ukranians to ask them if they don't prefer to be in an "European" Ukraine with democracy or under an Autocratic Russia

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  • Eurosongfestival : this is Belgium

    a walloon french speaking singer (just started to learn some flemish)

    selected by a flemish public in Flanders

    to sing a song in English

    it shows clearly how complicated our identities have become

    or - how less clearly cut they have become so it has become easier to move between them

    also because he sings mellow schlagers with an Opera voice

  • MH370 we know where the plane is :)

    it is 'LOST' on an island with thousands of camera's

    for new tv reality episode

    the only person who knew this would be happening died in the crash

    so it is now a real tv reality series

    they will come back in 2015

    and everybody not on the plane is in the coup and is playing their part

    just to hype up the new series

  • #kiev more about the western nazi observers

     The director of the European Geopolitical Analysis Centre and the mission coordinator, Mateusz Piskorski, together with Hungarian MEP Béla Kovács, Belgian political activist Luc Michel, and Spanish MEP Enrique Ravello all have strong links with the far right.  If Piskorski’s penchant in the 1990s for a form of “National Socialism” that praised Hitler and fascism could be charitably called a youthful aberration, this is categorically not the case with the others.  Ravello can be seen addressing a London far-right forum in anti-immigration, xenophobic mode here:  Michel is also from the far-right and a former member of the neo-Nazi movement Fédération d’action nationaliste et européenne.  He is now apparently a supporter of National Bolshevism.

    Béla Kovács is treasurer of the Alliance of European National Movements, which includes the xenophobic and anti-Semitic British National Party among its founding members.  Given the Kremlin narrative about the need for Russia to protect its nationals against the supposed “fascists and anti-Semites” who have seized power in Kyiv, the Alliance’s Statement on Ukraine is well-worth reading.

  • #kiev prorussian protestors like also bookburning in eastern Ukraine

    especially books about the Stalinist and Hitler deportations and mass killings of Ukranians

    that didn't happen you know

    all those stories go up in smoke

    just as before

    the burning of books - where do we remember that from

    yes right, so will all that newsspeak not become too confusing for the people

    because if you say you are keeping the fascists out

    and you seek the help of russian fascists and have lynch parties on the street and you burn books and you call people against you fucking jews, homo's and so on

    don't you prove that the national bolshevism of Putin is becoming as dangerous

  • #kiev hitlerdownfall but Putin-Crimea-Ukraine wise

    only the subtitles, the voice doesn't mean a thing


  • #kiev which country would defend its public buildings like that against a few thousand

    look no protection, no watercannons, no APC  no nothing

    make human contact much more difficult between protestors and police

    watercannons to back up your police lines and keep the protestors at a distance

    and you will already have a lot of less violence and minimal possibilities that they effectively cross the lines and take the buildings

  • #kiev you can even vote in this referendum because the local kgb comes around

    he will be kgb tomorrow when the kgb will be all over the place

  • #kiev half of the population should have voted to be even considered

    to be able to have 300.000 to 600.000 people to vote you should imagine long lines and so on

    and boxes that are really full

  • #kiev Russian attacker of party local of Ukranian party in Kharkov is a neonazi

    the russian media forgot to mention it

    but one of the wounded amongst the 300 russians who were attacking a local of a party in Berkhov defended by 30 people inside (and no police no where to be seen never) is this man

    Yesterday in Kharkov was wounded man who originally held in the reports as "unknown, called Edward." It was a rashist Anatoly Ermakov. What does Anatoly visible on the photo (in the center). Here are our fighters in Kharkov with fascists and benderovtsami.I more about idiots who staged firing yesterday in Kharkov - Anatoly Ermakov, rear view

  • #kiev US servers Cloudflare hosting Russian DDOS operations against Ukraine

    clean up your house will you

    don't start talking about cyberwar if you even can't get the pages down on your own servers

  • #kiev rumours about Russian intervention in Ukraine tonight

    * intensification of the Cyberattacks on Ukranian infrastructure

    * the Ukranian Ministers and President are said to be going over to a goblal immediate full mobilisation

    * some Russian soldiers at the frontier said they would be Ukraine the 17th of march

    * here should riots by pro-russian thugs lead to some deaths and so the reason for Putin to intervene because Ukraine isn't protecting its citizens (did never intervene when a hundred Ukranians were murdered)

    * some small things