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  • #kiev with an invasion in whole of Ukraine maybe hours or days away the flemish press speaks about .....

    De Standaard

    de Morgen

    De Financieel Economische tijd (businesspaper)

    meanwhile on tiwtter and the social media you see that everybody over there is clearly getting into warmode and that the signs are becoming important enough for the diplomats to start now really getting nervous

    but the readers of the flemish online press don't know because there are more important things that 200.000 russian solders readying to invade Ukraine and being able to arrive at Kiev in 2 hours while 20.000 civilean volunteers are now being modestly trained and getting guns while real troops with real guns start patrolling cities in Eastern Ukraine and so on

    and we talk about ..... smog

    maybe the online newsportals are filled with smog in which you can't see the real news anymore

    even businessmen aren't informed as should be by there newspaper online because they should know that the Russian ruble and stock is under enormous pressure and that there the tensions for an invasions are increasing and so may be there business and financial risks ..... and our jobs

  • #kiev Ukranian secret police holds Russians military advance guard for invasion in Eastern Ukraine

    March 12, 2014 in the morning staff USB Ukraine in Kherson region revealed and seized reconnaissance of the Armed Forces, which has penetrated into the territory of Kherson region Crimea and seized control.

    The purpose of the Intelligence Group was to study the situation, retrieving and re-deployment readiness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kherson region.

    Foreigners held by the Group in respect of intelligence 3rd anti-aircraft missile division (Kakhovka), 208 th Artillery Brigade, 79th Division Automotive team.

    The leader of the group is a citizen of, military intelligence officer in the Armed Forces, 1981, born, born in Ryazan region.

    Detained illegally used the passport of Ukraine named Eugene S. Arbuzov, 1986 born

    In his explanation after the arrest, he acknowledged that the nature of intelligence gathering information: the coordinates of the checkpoints of the border troops of the parts of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    Security Service of Ukraine is investigating this fact to the established laws of Ukraine and informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine according to Ukrainian-Russian Consular Convention."

    comment : this is prepraring an invasion, as clear and as simple as that, this is what you do when you plan to invade

  • #kiev will this become the protest sign in Crimea

    makes me think of the film V and some other films about protest in dictatorships

  • #kiev if Crimea becomes independent there is for Crimea a big financial problem

    because than it are the international financial regulations which will have to come into practice

  • #kiev every time the ex-prez of Ukraine speaks - Russian moguls lose millions

    we want more

    we want more

    this is from today and shows the number of rubles you get for a dollar

    count this for millions or billions of rubles and the difference is enormous

    so any investment you have in rubles is a risk

    because anytime sometimes speaks or fires a shot.....

  • #kiev Russian saboteurs arrested in Eastern Ukraine who came from other occupied regions;jsessionid=DB8B9AB3AC21CD3A08A05E55E51771AF.app2?art_id=122565&cat_id=39574

    (this is a bad automatic translation)

    Security Service of Ukraine in Donetsk region warned against sabotage and Ukrainian citizens detained the 37-year-old citizen of the Russian Federation, who was involved in the creation of armed sabotage and subversive groups to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. At the briefing the SBU chairman Valentin Nalivaichenko Service.

    "The risk of a detainee that is not an ordinary criminal as well prepared, professional saboteur. And this person went to the land of mining explosives and sabotage groups created to train bombings in public places with the massive presence of people, "- said Nalivaichenko.

    "This is - rough work of foreign intelligence services, and in its worst form - Sabotage", - the head of the SBU.

    According to the Security Service of Ukraine, arrested a number of activities organized by extremist groups, including secured their arms and explosives. We know that he has experience serving in hot spots of the Russian Federation (Dagestan, Ossetia, etc.). On the night of 10 March 11, he was detained by the SBU in collaboration with the police. Among his personal effects were found components for making explosive devices, including substance similar to plastid and detonators. Security Service of Ukraine initiated criminal proceedings under Part 1 of Article 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives).

    Nalivaichenko said that the main task of the Security Service of Ukraine - to prevent the commission of crimes against the state, against our citizens and to protect them from sabotage. So personally appealed to all citizens - to report the facts, suspicions of possible sabotage by calling 0-800-501-482 trust SBU, which is available on the official website of the Service.

  • #kiev Russia has mobilized 220K troops near Ukraine

    so how many of the other countries or the NATO has 220K troops next to our eastern borders

    you should be totally mad to mobilize that many troops if you want a diplomatic solution

    imagine how the Poles, the baltic states and others feel when they see that enormous military force being mobilized against one country

    Putin said last that Continental Wars are not over and he is now showing that

  • #kiev Russians even bring electronic warfare troops to Crimea

    well you can profit of a war theatre to test everything while you are at it

  • #kiev this pic shows best the feeling in Eastern Europe now

    and that increases as every day more and more Russian troops and hardware are arriving in Crimea

    while Russian troops at the western borders are now under detailed control by AWACS

  • #kiev putin pic of the day

    says it all

    Photo : Putin is evil and he is coming for you!

  • #kiev the Russian boycot banner

    there are enough other countries to buy products from

  • #kiev Russian Today has never shown so clearly it is a Putin Propaganda Tool

    even if it may have got some popularity by showing reports about all kinds of protests in the West

    and giving a voice to western dissidents in the west

    they now are showing that there is no place for freedoms and rights in Russia or about the policies of Russia - whatever they may be

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  • #kiev Russian tanks on the move in the Crimea

    sides are beginning to take positions and digg in and send re-inforcements

  • #kiev these are the blacklisted Russians by sanctions - hope you don't have them as businesspartner

    Non-EU member Liechtenstein has also frozen the assets of members of the former Ukrainian government.

    1. Serhiy Arbuzov, born 24 March 1976, former acting prime minister

    2. Mykola Azarov, 17 December 1947, ex prime minister

    3. Oleksii Azarov, son of Mykola Azarov

    4. Raisa Bohatyryova, 6 January 1953, ex health minister

    5. Mykhailo Dobkin, 26 January 1970, Kharkov governor

    6. Yuri Ivanyushchenko, 21 February 1959, member of parliament

    7. Ihor Kalinin, 28 December 1959, former adviser to president

    8. Hennadiy Kernes, 27 June 1959, Kharkov mayor

    9. Oleksander Klymenko, 16 November 1980, ex tax minister

    10. Andriy Klyuev, 12 August 1964, ex Yanukovich chief of staff

    11. Serhiy Klyuev, 12 August 1969, member of parliament, owner of presidential estate

    12. Borys Kolesnikov, 25 October 1962, member of parliament

    13. Yuri Kolobov, 8 April 1973, ex finance minister

    14. Volodymyr Kozak, 9 August 1959, ex transport minister

    15. Serhiy Kurchenko, 21 September 1985, businessman

    16. Olena Lukash, 12 November 1976, ex justice minister

    17. Andriy Portnov, 27 October 1973, former adviser to president

    18. Mykola Prysyazhnyuk, 3 January 1960, ex agriculture minister

    19. Artem Pshonka, 19 March 1976, son of ex prosecutor general

    20. Viktor Pshonka, 6 February 1954, ex prosecutor general

    21. Viktor Ratushniak, 16 October 1959, former deputy minister of internal affairs

    22. Eduard Stavytsky, 4 October 1972, ex energy and fuel minister

    23. Dmytro Tabachnyk, 28 November 1963, former minister of education and science

    24. Oleksandr Yakymenko, 22 December 1964, former head of security service

    25. Oleksander Yanukovich, 1 July 1973, son of former president

    26. Viktor (Viktorovych) Yanukovych, 16 July 1981, son of former president

    27. Viktor Yanukovich, 9 July 1950, ousted president

    28. Oleksander Yefremov, 22 August 1954, member of parliament

    29. Vitaly Zakharchenko, 20 January 1963, former interior minister

    don't say you didn't know

  • #kiev closest advisors of Putin in this crisis have already sold all their western assets

    But Mr. Putin, whose return to the presidency was opposed by many urban liberals, now makes his most important decisions in an inner circle of men who emerged from Soviet security services. Among the first new projects in his new presidency was a push to “nationalize the elite,” requiring officials to sell off investments and properties outside Russia that could, in his view, undermine their loyalty in the event of a confrontation with the West.

    Indeed, among the small group of people present when Mr. Putin made the final decision on Crimea, according to officials and analysts, were five or six former K.G.B. colleagues believed to have minimal assets outside Russia, and therefore not vulnerable to sanctions. Some of those now closest to Mr. Putin, like the head of the Russian Railway, Vladimir Yakunin, have long argued for Russia to turn away from Western economic models and toward Chinese-style state capitalism.
    another reason to think this was already long in the making in Ukraine or elsewhere but creating a huge conflict with the west was from the beginning of his new Presidency the intention or the plan
    Ukraine or the Crimea just seems to be the first good opportunity to test and try this new strategy
  • #kiev Russian military increasing the costs of their invasions every day

    you look at this and you think that this is not free

    all these people will have to eat, drink and be paid

    so the total costs are just increasing and there is no end in sight

    and the real unrest against the invasion and occupation hasn't even begun

  • #kiev imagine that European countries used the same arguments as Putin to invade their neighbors

    * Gibraltar was occupied by the Spanish army yesterday who has conquered the few British police stations after some short battles. Nobody died but a few police officers were injured. The Spanish flag now is flowing over Gibraltar. The Spanish say that the have taken that action because Gibraltar has always been Spanish and that the Spanish people living there asked for their protection

    * Germany has invaded the German speaking region in Belgium because they said it was always German and it should be re-united with Germany and it wanted to protect the rights of the German speaking people there who will never have as a region the same rights as the other regions in Belgium and although they aren't maltreated they should be united with their German speaking motherland. Some five thousand German military are manning new border posts at the region.

    * Italy has invaded with a few thousand military Vatican City because according to them it is time to unite it with Italy and so make it clear that all the Italians are united in one state.

    should be say more

    there are a hundreds other examples and only in Europe alone where if we should use the same arguments as Putin does now (and ultranationalists from Hungry in Roumenia for example) and Hitler before we would have to face very difficult situations that would make anything like the European Union impossible