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  • #kiev this is the way Russia is now seen by many Russian borderstates

    no trust anymore - dangerous uncontrolled weapon

    now Kiev, tomorrow who

  • #kiev the Russian army in Crimea is setting up a real full war theatre

    the problem with this is is that the more they do it the more it becomes obvious that the Crimea will not only be a region that they add because of the inhabitants and so on but only because of the military tactical and strategic reasons and for military and strategic planners at the other side it is not only important because of the Crimea but because of the whole Black sea and because of the Bosporus - even more important because if you are bringing in this technology and this kind of military power than you can control the whole of the black sea and tha Bosporus and this changes the whole situation in the Crimea because if you are able to threaten the whole of the Black sea and the Bosporus with this kind of technology that you are now bringing in - than everything changes

    the problem with this kind of bluff is that it can easily turn against you because it makes the dangers of your invasion so clear in military and strategic terms that for any politician in the west or in Turkye with a bit of strategic and military knowledge the dangers of your invasion are becoming dangerous in ways that you didn't want to show them in the first place, that you would like to show only later, much later

  • #kiev Europe stops negotiations with Russia about Southern Gas line

    Determined to revise the "gas" of relations with Russia and EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger. He, in particular, on the "frozen" for an indefinite period of negotiations with Russia on joint Russian-European project with Gazprom pipeline "South Stream", which will have to deliver Russian time to Europe under the Black Sea, "bypassing" of Ukraine. Ettinger said that the suspension of the negotiations is a response to the Ukrainian crisis.

    Читать полностью:

    now looking for more Russian gas is not an option anymore, only less Russian gas is an option and even if gas comes from elsewhere it will only be gas that is not linked in anyway to Russia or Russian firms

    Europe is now becoming aware that it is too dependent on Russian gas - which we sought not to be too dependent on Algerian gas during the times of the unrest and islamic guerilla over there

  • now every terrorist knows that only three countries use always the stole passports database for airtravel

    The Stolen and Lost Travel Documents (SLTD) database was set up by Interpol in the 12 months following the September 11 2001 attacks on the US, and has since grown from a few thousand records and searches to more than 40 million entries and more than 800 million searches per year.


    Active checkers include the US, UK and United Arab Emirates. Figures were not given for Australian usage.,interpol-warns-use-of-passports-database-needs-to-improve.aspx

    So this means that any other country you have a big chance that if you steal a passport from somebody more or less looking like you a few days before you will have decided to hijack an airplane or blow it up there is little chance they will know

    and you have free entry

  • #kiev #oprussia the emails and all the vulnerabilities in one file (or is it fail) emails + sqli #oprussia


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  • #kiev the single biggest failure point of an anti-riot car or APC are ....

    the tyres

    In Kiev we saw the same thing when APC wanted to attack the barricades and had to retreat because their tyres were on fire - next day we saw a video of military changing the tyres of your APC because they were totally burned out

    strange nobody thought of that

    but a massive attack with molotov is something quite new

    as I said there is a before and an after Kiev in the crowdcontrol industry and on the hardline protestors side

  • #kiev some strange coincidences of history

    funny if you think of it

    some will make a conspiracy out of it - a god's will or the will of the numbers or things like that

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  • #kiev still 270 people are missing (not all believed to be dead although)

    In all, 661 people have been reported missing since protests began last December, according to Euromaidan S O S, a volunteer group leading efforts to find the disappeared. The fates of 272 of them remained unknown late last week.

    Many people were found in prison cells or hospitals, or resurfaced on their own, said Vitaliy Selyk, a Euromaidan S O S coordinator. Some cases were caused by breakdowns in communications, including people who lost cellphones or ran out of credit on SIM cards, he said.

    A few of the missing were people estranged from families and whose recent silence was by choice. Mr. Selyk said he expected that most of the remaining cases would be solved and that the missing would turn up.

    But beneath that hope lies the grim concern that many Ukrainians may have disappeared after being seized by the Berkut riot police unit, by pro-Russian provocateurs or by unofficial forces that worked to keep Mr. Yanukovych in power.

    This fear, cited almost universally by the opposition, is rooted in two particular cases.

    The first was the killing of Yuriy Verbytskyi, a seismologist and an opposition activist, who was found dead in January in the forest near Boryspil after being abducted from a Kiev hospital.

    A fellow abductee who survived, Igor Lutsenko, told journalists that their captors spoke Russian, beat them, interrogated them about their activities in the opposition and generally behaved like police officers.

    The second case was the abduction of Dmytro Bulatov, an organizer of AutoMaidan, a mobile opposition movement that includes drivers who ferried demonstrators to protests.

    Mr. Bulatov disappeared in late January. He turned up a week later, bloodied and bearing signs of torture that he said he received at the hands of people he believed were members of Russia’s special services.

  • #kiev three new questions about the Crimea referendum

    first about the questions

    seondly about the observers

    people are already leaving the area before the weekend of all fears and there is fear for violence if you are suspected of not agreeing to this

    by the way there are 2.2 million voting bulletins for 2 million voters

    and everybody who lives in the Crimea since last saturday can vote - Russia has imported 20.000 additional Russian troops and hundreds or thousands of 'supporters'

  • #kiev why US gasexport to Europe is also good for US gas industry now

    Eying an opportunity to stick it to Vladimir Putin, hawkish Republicans, and Democrats from energy-rich states are pushing the administration to loosen exports of natural gas for shipment to Ukraine and other countries dependent on Russia. Currently exports of natural gas are limited to countries that are free trade partners with U.S., but lawmakers see an opportunity for domestic energy producers to benefit, as well as put pressure on Russia.

    Natural gas had an extreme run-up recently as cold weather boosted demand, however the commodity has cooled off in the last couple weeks. David Lutz of Stifel Nicolaus has been following the trade for years, and despite arguably bullish talk coming out from Washington recently, he doesn’t see the clean burning fuel taking off in the short term. “We’re starting to see as we move closer and closer towards the spring” that nat gas is weakening price-wise, he says in the attached video. “Nat gas [was] down for the month of February, lost 30% in the past week, and the reason why? They’ve shifted from March deliveries to April deliveries.”

    so if they can deliver more to Europe, there will be less available, so the prices don't necessarily have to go down with a third

  • #kiev for the US annexing the Crimea is the same as declaring a new cold war

    "On Saturday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that the Kremlin annexing Crimea would “close any available space for diplomacy.”


    The warning is disconcerting because there are three general ways that this crisis could play out: Russia keeps advancing into east and south Ukraine, Russia annexes Crimea and then applies further financial and political pressure on the new government in Kiev, or Russia makes limited concessions and the crisis de-escalates.


    By Kerry saying that the diplomatic window is closed if Russia annexes Crimea — which is almost a forgone conclusion — then the best path for de-escalation is obstructed.


    "We need a de-escalation and that can only happen via talks," German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, who spoke with Putin in Moscow last week, told  Der Spiegel. "It's not a question now of whether we react in a 'hard' or 'soft' manner; rather we have to act in a clever manner."


    Furthermore, on Sunday U.S. national security official Tony Blinken said that America won't recognize the March 16 referendum and will increase sanctions on Moscow if and when Crimea secedes. 


    Meanwhile, experts agree that Vladimir Putin is not going to give up Crimea.


    "What's happened in Crimea is a fait accompli. You aren't going to get the Russians out of there," Stephen Larrabee,  who specializes in European Security at Rand,  told NPR. "I can't see Putin agreeing to withdraw troops that are already there. It would be losing face with his own public."

    so whatever the experts (pfff they are nearly always wrong) whatever the Europeans (are there Europeans or are there several different groups of thought on the European continent) think or say

    the US has decided - so it seems for now - that the Crimea is the red line and that after Georgia and with several other regional conflicts in Europe unresolved because of Russian interference - it has been enough

    one can not have peace in Europe with a Russian neighbor who thinks again that it has to protect its minorities and has a duty to do so - even military - or safeguard its last protective states (states that have to be overrun before you arrive before Moscow (as Napoleon and Hitler did)

    everything has changed after the Crimea - and those experts who are already giving it up and think it will be peace afterwards for always are just dreaming - because every other borderstate now knows that the same scenario could be played out against them

    many of our paradigma's that we had just a few months ago are into doubt or the dustbin - for the experts it will take much longer before they understand that and are willing to rethink their viewpoints

    when one reads nowadays books about the second and first world war there are hundreds of thoughts that come to mind if one reads the news and views today - but I will come later on that

    this declaration by the Secretary of State as firm as it has been said - and if confirmed by the President but who is under enormous pressure to keep a firm stand and show some leadership as his whole Russiapolicy is being compared to Chamberlainlike Naivité - is a turn of events that changes things completely.

    let's hope now somebody burns all those voting papers so that there is no referendum saturday

    the' weekend of all fears' (a good film about the Cuban Missile Crisis is the "Summer of all fears")

  • #kiev how US firms gave technology for Russian full intercept system SORM

    SORM came to light recently during the Sochi Olympic Games where reports claimed that “all communications” were monitored. SORM differs from the US lawful intercept system, as once the FSB receives approval for access to a target’s communications they are able to unilaterally tap into the system without provider awareness.


    Further, SORM is also lawfully used to target opposition parties within Russia. According to the World Policy Institute, on November 12, 2012, Russia’s Supreme Court upheld the right of authorities to eavesdrop on the opposition.


    • SORM-1 intercepts telephone traffic (including both landline (analog) and mobile networks).
    • SORM-2 targets internet traffic (including VoIP calls).
    • SORM-3 has the ability to target all forms of communication providing long-term storage of all information and data on subscribers, including actual recordings and locations.


    Former Soviet States (Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Ukraine) have installed SORM-standard equipment. According to research by Wired Magazine, Ukraine’s SORM is more advanced as the SBU (Ukraine’s Security Service) has the ability to interrupt a target’s communications.


    In April 2011, Iskratel – which provides Ukraine’s sole telephone company Ukrtelekom with broadband equipment – announced its SORM device was tested successfully under the new requirements and had been approved by the SBU.


    Analyzing SORM manufacturers within Recorded Future identified equipment suppliers including Juniper Networks (US), Cisco Systems (US), Huawei (China) and Alcatel-Lucent (France).

  • #kiev Ukranian airdefense missiles moving to border with Crimea

    what did you think

    that they would be nice sitting ducks waiting to be blown up

    not without a fight it seems

  • #kiev going from the Crimea into Ukraine a map

    if you decide to do it that way so you are not violating any other borders

  • #kiev the insigna from the Serbs volunteers in Crimea - which militia or force ?

    from the Youtube video

  • #kiev russian national unity terrorist group was already active in Ukraine


    remember this

  • #kiev Russian national unity - the russian frontguard of unrest in Eastern Ukraine are neonazi's

    just type russian national unity in Google and you get those pictures

    Capturerussian nazi.PNG

  • #kiev 45min film in english with participants about Euromaiden

    there is no end yet

    the real end game is not for Euromaiden now but for the country as a whole


  • #kiev the biggest threat for NATO now is to become

    ridiculuous slow and pacific

    while it should re-assuring and affirmative

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  • #kiev strange attitudes in the Anonymous media about Ukraine

    strange you would think that they would be happy that another dictator has fallen

    strange you would think that they would be happy that the people are organizing new elections and setting up a new more transparant and free democratic society

    but no, they just repeat the Soviet propaganda with some Anonymous or conspiracy new world order sauce on it

    some already had questions about the origins or the infiltrations in the group because they hardly attacked Russia, hardly sought to leak Russian documents or databases and hardly ever criticized Russia (Assange worked for the Soviet Propaganda tv Russia today)

    so it is not because they source, online twitter or whatever says that they are anonymous or antisec or whatever and against every american that they are credible or not manipulated

    so when you look at Oprussia and you see that the big Anonymous groups are sitting aside concentrating on Israel you wonder why

    you are only credible if you attack every dictatorship or limitation of freedoms

    wherever whenever why-ever

    and Anonymous today is proving that it is losing its credibility very fast this way