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  • #kiev why China has serious problems with the Ukranian coup by Moscow

    “China is uneasy,” says Bonnie Glaser, an Asia specialist at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. “They cannot endorse Russia’s actions but they don’t want more tensions with Moscow, so they are not emphasizing their differences.”

    It is easy to see why China is so insistent on the principle of non-interference: the government is worried about foreigners meddling in China’s own border provinces, such as Tibet and Xinjiang, where Beijing is unsure of local peoples’ loyalties.

    Chinese leaders are especially displeased by the referendum that the Crimean parliament has called for March 16 to choose whether the autonomous region should break away from Ukraine and join Russia.

    “That would be like Taiwan’s destiny being decided only by Taiwanese,” says Jin Canrong, a professor of international studies at Renmin University in Beijing. That would be anathema to Beijing, which insists that Taiwan – a self-governing island – is an integral part of China.

    “China insists that Crimea’s fate should be decided by all Ukrainians,” explains Prof. Jin. “We will not support a Russian occupation of Crimea.

    imagine, people in regions of China who may decide by Referenderum if they want to stay in China

    Hong Kong bye bye  Taiwan bye bye  Tibet bye bye  and so on ......

  • #kiev even on Soviet propaganda TV in Crimea the polls show no majority for joining Russia

    well this will proof that they will never have enough votes to show that the overall majority will vote for joining Russia and that opposition will always be massive - even if they use all the tricks in the world

    look at who can vote - people living in Crimea since A WEEK

    and the question of the referendum itself

    at our Belgian TV our stupid reporters in The Crimea present it as the real parliament and the population is for it and that everything goes smoothly

    not real journalists and not really critical - empty talking heads

    they should better go home it will be less expensive, the same bullshit they can tell in the studio and than they can at least say that they couldn't have known because they weren't there

    but they could have followed different sources on the internet - would even be more balanced

  • #kiev in 1936 entree to the Reichstag was also blocked for the opposition

    Leonid Pilunsky, a pro-Kiev Crimean MP, said the Cossacks surrounding the Crimean parliament had refused to allow him entry in recent days, despite the fact he has an MP's pass to get inside.

    "What kind of parliament is it that does not allow access to its own MPs?" he asked. "I don't know why they are hurrying so much with it, but it's clear that this is a Kremlin scenario that the local leaders are enthusiastically playing a role in. They have scared people with so many stories about fascists in Kiev that people are now more scared of these fascists than they are of the corrupt leaders who have been stealing everyone for years."

    exactly the same playbook

    in Kiev the opposition MP's could enter and had long discussions and negotations with the other parties and made a new coalition of wills

    but without the guns, initimidation and blocking of the opposition

  • #kiev crimean people asked by Russia to go to Siberie - they still burn witches there

    MOSCOW, March 6 (RIA Novosti) – In an unexpected incident worthy of the Spanish inquisition, a couple in eastern Siberia decided their acquaintance was a witch and attempted to burn her alive, though police stopped the impromptu auto-da-fe.


    The rescue came not a moment too soon, as the couple were at that moment forcing the alleged witch headfirst into a burning stove in an abandoned building, Zabaikalsky Region police said Thursday.


    The 46-year-old victim was hospitalized with severe burns to her face and hands, police said in a statement.


    The culprit was a 41-year-old local woman who was aided by a male acquaintance, the report said, without releasing their names.

  • #kiev Putin is becoming anxious because

    * he is throwing journalists out of the Crimea

    * he is cutting outside tvstations out of the Crimea, only Russian propaganda

    * his propagandists don't know what to do next as their propaganda is taken apart online as ..... propaganda

    * he has already one city he thought he had and his 'local leader' has been arrested after a night of Ukranian protests

    * every day 300 to 500 russians in buses with sticks and no clear plans or destinations are turned back at the border

    * no Ukranian forces have given themselves over and are still sitting in their bases resisting attempts to run them over and he can't start shooting because he will be the first to shoot to kill

    * the Crimaen parliament that he has put himself together has decided they don't want to wait the referendum and will join Russia immediately and they will also use the Ruble (bubble)

    * more military forces are arriving in the region or are being mobilized quitely

    * the sanctions are not that harch but it gives the Russian billionaires the possiblitiy to transfer their funds to Europe and in Eurio or dollars which will weaken the Ruble

    * nobody believes him and he starts acting silly next to those Ukranians who are so calm and strategic

    * Ukranians want EU, NATO and nuclear bombs in future and will never trust us again

    * there are no major revolutions or pograms against Russians in the Eastern or even the Western part of Ukraine and even his normal partners aren't really so popular and are becoming more nationalistic by the day

    * the referendum in The Crimea is so ridiculous that there is no way anybody would accept this anyway

    He looks like Saddam Hussain after he invaded Kuwait and didn't know how to save himself from an US attack without losing his face

    the longer this will endure the more he will lose his face and his credibility and the greater the possbility that he will demonstrations and revolts inside his 'empire'

    look, he has no clothes, the Kaiser

  • #kiev russian propagandists using pics of Russian neonazi's in their articles

    from global research a think thank sponsered by Russia now spewing permanently the Ukranian neonazi story over the web hoping enough papers like will believe it because they are empty copycats jumping to any conclusion that fits their worldview (don't tell them it is already dead since the Berlin Wall felt)

    you see the situation is becoming very desperate for them when their propagandists see that nothing works anymore and they don't know what to do next

  • #kiev phantom soldiers are identified - vive the social search

    based upon details in the pictures the different regiments and the weapons of these soldiers have been identified even if nobody told Putin that in fact they came from Russia - or he just spoke because he acts still as if he is still a KGB operative (do the nasty stuff but don't tell me what or where or when, I don't want to know)

    this is one example

    comment with the social web it is much more difficult to hide

    especially as these same soldiers are placing pics on their own social russia.... tellling what they are doing

  • #kiev baltic states will be slowly remilitarized by USA-NATO

    Carney added the United States is seeking to reassure worried NATO allies by providing “additional support to NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission and our aviation detachment in Poland.”

    normal - they are next - same gamebook

  • #kiev about the jew Blue Helmets brigade at Maidan

    (JTA) — He calls his troops “the Blue Helmets of Maidan,” but brown is the color of the headgear worn by Delta — the nom de guerre of the commander of a Jewish-led militia force that participated in the Ukrainian revolution.


    Under his helmet, he also wears a kippah.


    Delta, a Ukraine-born former soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, spoke to JTA Thursday on condition of anonymity. He explained how he came to use combat skills he acquired in the Shu’alei Shimshon reconnaissance battalion of the Givati infantry brigade to rise through the ranks of Kiev’s street fighters.


    He has headed a force of 40 men and women — including several fellow IDF veterans — in violent clashes with government forces.


    Several Ukrainian Jews, including Rabbi Moshe Azman, one of the country’s claimants to the title of chief rabbi, confirmed Delta’s identity and role in the still-unfinished revolution.


    The “Blue Helmets” nickname, a reference to the U.N. peacekeeping force, stuck after Delta’s unit last month prevented a mob from torching a building occupied by Ukrainian police, he said.

  • #kiev an good example of Information operation : this shooting set up for russian tv as excuse

    March 3, 2014

    Translated by Voices of Ukraine


    “Unknown masked men opened fire from automatic weapons in downtown Simferopol. They fired two rounds while near the building of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Self-defense troops guarding the building could not prevent the unknown gunmen: the attackers disappeared fast. The attackers targeted the journalists, in particular Mykola Dolgachyov, the cameraman of the VGTRK [All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company],” — this text accompanies the video clip posted to the website of Russian state channel “Vesti 24.”

    The meticulous Russian blogger, who writes on Live Journal as raymond-saint, argues that the shooting arranged by “Ukrainian extremists” in the very heart of Simferopol, next to the Council of Ministers, which received considerable attention in the Russian media, is nothing but a badly performed dramatization.

    He scrupulously adds together and analyzes all available photo and video data from the cite of the incident:


    These people in black are playing “Banderites,” although they came to Crimea on buses with Crimean plates

    The first thing that struck the blogger were the Crimean plates on the bus the provocateurs came in. ”My Ukrainian friend was the one who suggested that the “AK” plates on the bus were Crimean,” the blogger wrote.

    Then, the blogger relates a story from the “Vesti” program about the fights on the streets of Simferopol as an example, noting that “only Russian soldiers play dead, whereas others lazily observe the roofs through their scopes. This is obviously a hoax,” he resumes.

    After joint investigation of the videos and photos from the scene with other bloggers, it is clear that the weapons used by “fighters” — grenade launcher GM-94 — is available only in Russian arsenals. Moreover, another important detail — a variety of 43mm unitary rounds were manufactured specifically for GM-94, including shatterproof explosive grenades, tear gas grenades, and rubber bullets.

    “It looks as if these guys came from Yalta, a Safari-park Taygan (that’s what the decals on the bus said, and not LVIV-MAIDAN),” — writes raymond_saint, adding nonetheless, that “buses could have nothing to do with this [operation],” but, “in any case, no “Banderites” could drive through the cordon installed by the [now defunct] Berkut three days ago at Perekop [a village located at the Perekop Isthmus connecting the Crimean peninsula to the Ukrainian mainland].”

    it seems like a bad film

    oh the 100 deaths in Kiev by snipers from the Presidential palace those were real and not by the opposition as soviet propaganda tries to make us believe

  • #kiev tankers to Crimea are stopped - can't unload (live map)


    an example

    how come that commercial vessels are stopped - even in wartime they sometimes can continue

    and there is no war says Putin


  • #kiev Hillary Clinton compares Putin's actions to Hitler's first invasions again

    "The claims by President Putin and other Russians that they had to go into Crimea and maybe further into eastern Ukraine because they had to protect the Russian minorities, that is reminiscent of claims that were made back in the 1930s when Germany under the Nazis kept talking about how they had to protect German minorities in Poland and Czechoslovakia and elsewhere throughout Europe," she said.

    "I just want everybody to have a little historic perspective. I am not making a comparison, certainly. But I am recommending that we perhaps can learn from this tactic that has been used before," she said.

    Clinton said Putin is trying to "re-Sovietize" the periphery of Russia but is actually squandering the potential of his nation and "threatening instability and even the peace of Europe."

    if you understand this, you understand what is the reaction in Eastern Europe and you understand why the most important role will now have to be played by NATO and you are going into a 'cool peace' period now because after this invasion - after the other ones in Georgia and those that are still happening - they need probably some real assurance in real troops and military installations, not in paper guarantees like Ukraine had (Budapest agreement) that is no more worth than the Chamberlain declaration from Hitler that he got peace .....

    If you are that much interest in Ukraine that you organize an invasion and you mobilise 150.000 soldiers across Eastern Europe during a week, than you are for the same reasons interested in the Baltic States. Period. And there is nothing that will calm them down except hard existing implemented guarantees

  • #kiev will there be peace (funny pic)

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  • #kiev Inspector General clarifies about the location of the snipers against soviet propaganda

    "The shooting February 20 Instytutska street in Kiev aimed fire were the building of the National Bank of Ukraine, said Acting General Prosecutor of Ukraine Oleg Mahnitskyy.

    "Already we can say that the National Bank carried out a sniper rifle shots. Corresponding traces found there, found the barrel of a sniper rifle ... This version has been investigated and it really confirmed," - said Acting Attorney General in the air "Channel 5".

    According to him, also checked the version that sniper fire was of the hotel "Ukraine" at the institute and the "House with chimeras" from the Presidential Administration. "At these sites, studies, surveys, expertise," - said Mahnitskyy."

    comment : there were also published here pics of the snipers coming out or arriving at the presidential palace in Kiev

  • #kiev last comment about soviet propaganda about opposition doing the sniping

    I’m sorry but the conclusion that the snipers were from the opposition does not follow from the facts presented, and does not follow from this conversation. The idea also isn’t supported by the facts on the ground. 1) The snipers were firing down from an area completely filled with Yanukovych forces, from buildings controlled by and filled with government police. The area had been totally inaccessible to anyone except police for weeks. 2) While no actual evidence has been presented, even if true it is not logical to jump to assume that if the same snipers shot both protesters and police therefore they were from the opposition. It’s well within the pattern of provocation and violent behavior of the government to shoot their own policemen to cause a public reaction as well.  Again, there is no evidence that the police who were shot were shot by snipers. There was a large gap in between the two sides at the time that most deaths occurred and it is clearly visible from the street that firing was coming down the street from behind the police lines. There is no corresponding evidence of any remotely comparable fire going up the street. Additionally the police who were injured and killed (far fewer than protesters) were killed in different locations over several days, the protesters killed by snipers were killed in a shorter period of time in a concentrated area.  You can watch videos online that make it very clear where the line of fire is coming from, and it is crystal clear it is from police lines and behind police lines, but within the very tight police cordon.  The facts just don’t match and this call doesn’t add anything new other than Paet’s hearsay that Ashton sounds pretty skeptical about. Sorry.