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  • #kiev a drone view over Maiden (should shoot it down)

    this is giving the military and police too much information so this is not a good idea ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • #kiev - it are only Olympic games - nothing political about it

    my memory says otherwise

    The 1936 Berlin Olympic Torch relay

    no glory for Putin

    who says the Ukranian regime has to resolve this swiftly (tonight ?)

    the army has got her official orders now (they are supporting the police troops)

  • #kiev - appeal to international journalists - Kiev needs help

    you could also stand by and just say that you are a neutral observer

    and more of that crap

    and than go back to your relatively safe newsroom in a more or less (monitored) free country

    and write how wrong it all is

  • #kiev - police have taken over HQ opposition and took all its documents

    this is from the NYT

    so we will see more people disappearing

    (and fake documents)


  • #kiev - 40 to 50 people more dead (70+)- buried alive in this still burning building

    what a way to die

    they couldn't escape because they were wounded

    and they couldn't be rescued because police troops were shooting from the top of the building on anyone nearling the building

    Merkel finds it what is happening shocking (well, even that is not a word that can explain the horror of being burned to death ....)


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  • #kiev - you can see that the soviet plan didn't work as they had planned - #fail it tonight also

    so they have lost in Kiev (even with all their advisors and hidden troops)



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    and now their games have become the bloodylympics

    what games where when ...... I don't see any Olympic games (sorry athletes another time another place)

    everybody is talking about Kiev

    and in Russia the opposition is learning everyday how to do it next time and stand their ground

  • kiev - regime announces more killing tonight - ask protestors to stay home

    and what stand by and watch ?

    which means that people will get killed tonight

    and Europe ? still thinking

    how many more killed and wounded before you act

    there is de-escalation, there is negotiation, there is dialogue

    all day there have battles, killings and threats

    and now the night is falling, everybody is preparing for another big showdown

    except Europe

    as long as the police didn't move

    you have time to convince the regime that it has more to lose than to win with more dead people

  • #Kiev - night is falling - preparing for the worst to come - see sometimes troops moving

    this is the liberated place where now the busses of the troops are being assembled



  • #kiev - twitter is following Kiev to the end

     this shows the importance of having internet access

    you get news out first

    and the soviet propagandists have lost

    the bloodylympics are nowhere

    boycot the bloodylympics - no tweets no clicks no views

  • Kiev Much more bloodshed to come later - call it counterterrorist operation

    if demanding democracy is terrorism than we are all terrorists

    what dictators forget is that when they have to use violence to impose themselves

    people will lose the fear they had before because they have nothing to lose

    they will be killed or deported one day or another

    so why not try to kill the dictator first

    if that is what it takes to stay alive

    meanwhile Europe is having a Munich moment

    and just as in Munich the time is clocking

    and the dictator just goes ahead with his plans

    just as he has been planning it for weeks

    counting that Europe will not be able to do something meaningful 

  • kiev - police forces building their own barricades around Maiden

    closing in for the final push

    somebody asked them not to go ahead

    seems like it

    a few hours before darkness sets in

    or is it to keep people from arriving at the scene

    it looks more to keep buses and trucks from arriving because you can walk just around it

    stange tactic

  • kiev - this is not a movie about the end of the world or zombies (pic)


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    but many more pics makes you think it is with robocops and militarized demonstrators

    here you see that there is still one - the last barricade holding

    this is the end of the line for later tonight - as announced by police chiefs locally

  • kiev -how to help the Maidan (there is a website for it)

    We've been getting a lot of messages from those of you who would like to help from abroad. There exist a lot of sites, but unfortunately it is very difficult to tell which are credible and which are not, so here are a few options and tips:

    1. The safest option is to donate through someone you know or can get in personal contact with. Perhaps you know someone in Ukraine or have friends that do.

    2. Through a Ukrainian diaspora group. Look for such a group in your area, such as the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America or local Ukrainian churches. You could also check Facebook by typing in "Euromaidan [your city name]". These people might have contacts, friends/relatives in Ukraine through whom you could donate.

    3. Donate to international organizations which you trust and which have been working at Euromaidan such as Malteser.

    4. Look online but try to establish some contact before donating. For example you could visit which does not collect donations itself but posts requests by others, and these usually come with contact information so you could talk to the person if you have any doubts. Furthermore, if you see a post asking for example for medical supplies to be brought to St. Michael's Cathedral you can be fairly certain that this is a real request and then call or email them asking if they have an account or delivery address. The site is in Ukrainian, but Google Chrome translates it alright. The fifth from the right tab contains all the requests.

    Feel free to contact us if you need more information or help translating from Ukrainian/Russian and thank you to all those wishing to donate!

  • Kiev - the picture of bloodied father and sun identified

    so it is not a radical or lunatic or whatever

    it is a professor of science and his son

    never known them to be revolutionaries - except in science

    but maybe there are some things that are too important in life

    new attacks rumoured to take place in about three hours and at nightfall

  • this is what Europe has been offering Ukraine since long

    European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.

     and now what

    real leaders are discovered during a crisis - they lead

    managers who can only manage try to manage something that can't be managed, which is a crisis

  • Kiev - and all footballgames must go on - forget the bloodshed at home

    it is not because of the bloodshed in the country

    no it is because the other players fear for their safety in Kiev

    and not because people have something else to do than to watch a footballmatch

    how do you even want to play a match in a city where there is a possibility of a full revolution and hundreds of people are wounded and still fighting as this is written

    somebody should have a democratic revolution in FIFA

  • kiev - this is why protestors wear helmets or have bloodied heads


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    there are toilets installed for the police forces

    and these police forces have no gas masks - that is why they don't use gas like in Turkey

  • Kiev - Hospitals should be under diplomatic protection - police abducting patients

    even those on live-support

    there are hundreds of them in hospitals

    isn't there a convention against that ?

    Red Cross ?