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  • Suivre le procès en France sur le génocide en Rwanda (trial about genocide in Rwanda)  en Français  some information in english

    this article about the involvement of French secret agents and networks who helped to prepare and sustain the killing of 800.000 people in a few months (the best planned genocide ever in history) (this is about Paul Barril and those who follow French special affairs, Paul Barril is really the James Bond, the spider of french special operations but it is probably crazy to expect him to 'open the box of pandora' about all the other special operations he was involved in or has knowledge about under several governments (left or right))

    After his military career ended under the administration of François Mitterrand, Barril created the company Epsylon. He allegedly also runs a company called SECRETS (“Société d’Etudes de Conception et de Réalisation d’Equipements Techniques de Sécurité” or “Society for Study, Design and Implementation of Technical Security Equipment”), which currently offers security interventions in foreign countries.

    and this information is interesting for those who want more democratic oversight on the private 'security and intelligence (espionage) firms filled with people who used to work for (semi)governmental services. Maybe we should have more limitations on people who cross from the governmental intelligence services into the private apparatus.

    Background information about Genocide in Rwanda

     the film Rwanda Hotel and shooting guns and some documentaries

    you could read - if you have the stomach for it - the book by the Canadian UN general at the time

    For the first time in the United States comes the tragic and profoundly important story of the legendary Canadian general who "watched as the devil took control of paradise on earth and fed on the blood of the people we were supposed to protect."

    I even know some military personnel who were there at the time - and still have the side-effects

    If you want to understand why the international community continues to build up its military presence in Central Africa - which it didn't do in Rwanda - than you have to read and see this

    Afterwards this distabilized (and still does) the whole heart of Africa (Congo) with as effect that they didn't profit from all the resources but had to wage a war against local militia and Rwandan troops trying to keep those troops as far as possible from their frontier (even if they themselves were in Congo or supporting some militias in Congo). The after effects of the genocide in Rwanda are for that reason thousand times worse than the genocide itself (even if as the general says in his book he only needed a few hundred trained man, some more tanks and fuel).

    The trial is important because it is - by accident - now finding proof on paper (how stupid for an ultra secret agent to keep those papers for so long) that in France some networks - with or without official 'silent' support - were helping the regime in place to prepare this genocide.

    The name of the operation (genocide) was 'insectcide' (killing people like insects)

    The Belgians - one of the best trained UN military forces left Rwanda after ten of their soldiers were deliberately killed (to get them out) - and the role of the Belgian government in this is clearly explained in that book (it took him 6 years before he started writing it)


  • an app if you want to boycott Monsanto products while shopping

    A new smartphone app is allowing consumers to take a stand against biotech giant Monsanto and the Koch brothers through barcode reading technology that alerts users when a product is associated with either organization.

    The Buycott app is the answer to the prayers of food activists and health advocates, who have in the past visited their local grocery store with a paper list of Monsanto-related products to avoid at all cost.

    It’s also a tool for consumers to see what food-producing businesses are associated with oil tycoons and conservative campaign political domineers Charles and David Koch, oft-referred to as the Koch brothers, who have a history of secretly funding climate change denial “research” while cashing in on the oil industry.

    The new app makes it as easy as pointing a smartphone at a barcode — and its abilities aren’t just limited to identifying Monsanto- and Koch-related products.

    Users can sign on to various campaigns, including the Demand GMO labeling campaign, which brings attention to products with owner companies that help fund campaigns working to require foods with genetically-modified ingredients (GMOs) be labeled

  • New domainextensions to go live in the coming weeks and why it is an extorsion scheme

    one is arabic for arabic websites

    Other non-Latin script gTLDs expected to launch over the coming days include 游戏, Mandarin for game; сайт, Russian for site; and онлайн, Russian for online.

    Meanwhile, a wholesaler called Donuts has announced that seven new English-language suffixes will become available from Wednesday. They are:

    • .camera
    • .equipment
    • .estate
    • .gallery
    • .graphics
    • .lighting
    • .photography

    this is in fact speculation on a huge scale because I am not sure that most of those will work except as extorsion against tradenameholders who see themselves obliged to buy up their own domains in all of these domains just to protect them (and because the law doesn't protect them) and because online harm is faster done than you can undo it.

    Now there are about a 1000 new domainextensions coming live in the following 2 jears which means that some multinationals and tradenameprotectors we are talking about budgets in the hundreds of thousands of euro's just to protect their domainnames. This is extorsion in fact because they have to do it because there is no law to protect them and as there is no police and no law nothing will stop these domainnamesellers to sell your domainname to anyone else if you didn't buy it.

  • F-35 fighter plane in Belgium debated while the US military have enormous doubts themselves

    This is the kind of headlines this week in our newspapers (we have no choice but to buy the F-35) says an 'expert'

    But who fails to mention the following article and report that was in the US Press the same day - and in fact is the result of tests and discussions and opposition in the US military itself  (PS nobody is debating that the F16 must be updated, the question is by which kind of plane and when and what for). He says that these problems will go away soon but forgets that not everyone is so convinced about that in the US military itself. Holland already commanded the F-35.

    "The U.S. Defense Department’s newest and most advanced fighter jet has cracked during testing and isn’t yet reliable for combat operations, the Pentagon’s top weapons tester said in new report.

    The entire F-35 fleet was grounded last February after a crack was discovered in a turbine blade of an F-35A. While the order was subsequently lifted, more cracks have been discovered in other areas and variants of the Lockheed Martin Corp.-made plane, according to the latest annual report by J. Michael Gilmore, director of Operational Test and Evaluation.

    Durability testing of the F-35A, the Air Force’s version of the plane designed to take off and land on conventional runways, and the F-35B, the Marine Corps’ model that can take off like a plane and land like a helicopter, revealed “significant findings” of cracking in engine mounts, fuselage stiffeners, and bulkhead and wing flanges, according to the document. A bulkhead actually severed at one point, it states.

    “All of these discoveries will require mitigation plans and may include redesigning parts and additional weight,” Gilmore wrote in the report.


  • the european countries of which its citizens think they are corrupt


    research by the European Commission in which they ask citizens of the country if they have the feeling that corruption at state level has made their live more difficult


  • Di Rupo quenelled in a picture and a belgian cop under investigation for the quenelle


    the question now is if Di Rupo will file a complaint because the quenelle is an 'inverse nazi salute' - which you should know by now because it is all over the internet (also on pro-quenelle website it is mentioned that some people look at it as a reverse nazi salute)

    and this policeman is under investigation and will probably lose his job because too stupid to do anything sensitive with all different kinds of beliefs and cultures (even if he seems ethnic himself)

    and a diable rouge Omar Rahou who thinks that he is not a minority and doesn't know anything about history

    Capture d’écran 2014-01-31 à 13.47.02

  • Dieudonné is banned from the UK because a threat to public order

    having national socialists as spokespeople and referring to known negationists as inspriring friends and being obsessed with everything jewish makes yoiu some-one sick

    thinking that he is just a comedian is madness, there is nothing to laugh about, his shows are just sick

  • how is your evacutionplan from the Russian terror Olympics ?

    The Americans are so sure that there are actually terrorists at the venue of the Russian Olympics that they have moved enough ships and helicopters near the scene to be sure that they can extract any US person or athlete from the scene whenever that would be needed. Also the athletes and the press have received strict rules of advice to guarantee their security.

    The Russians are quite angry about that but who cares ? They only screwed up by sending much too late enough police forces to the region so that anyone untill january could have entered the zone without any control or securitycheck. They hope now that the 40.000 man and women they have sent in a hurry will be enough to intercept, stop or kill any terrorist before he or she shoots some-one or blows him- or herself to thousand pieces (and the propaganda festivities also)

    Look at Munich 1972

    nobody remembers it for anything sportive that happened

    by the way how is your security at the premises and your evacuation plan ?

    don't say that you didn't know that one was needed because if the US makes so many preparations to have one it is that there is enough scatter on the monitored communications that something is being prepared (and each time the scatter falls silent a few days before the real attack)

  • acces control at Super Bowl was very risky indeed (even if it was only a nutter)

    The 30-year-old man who interrupted Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith's postgame news conference to demand an investigation into 9/11 says he used an old festival credential to get past what was supposed to be air-tight security at MetLife Stadium.


    Matthew Mills, an independent journalist from Brooklyn and self-described 9/11 truther, told he wanted to see how close he could get to the game and conduct "some fan interviews."


    Whenever security personnel noticed his badge was different than those given to credentialed media, Mills said he explained he was in a hurry.


    "I just said I was running late for work and I had to get in there," Mills said. "It was that simple.


    "I didn't think that I'd get that far," he continued. "I just kept getting closer and closer. Once I got past the final gate and into the stadium, I was dumbfounded."


    After the game, Mills says he walked into the media tent, where Smith was being interviewed. He walked up to the podium and grabbed the microphone.


    “Investigate 9/11," Mills said as Smith looked on. "9/11 was perpetrated by people within your own government.”

  • Argentine stops online shopping unless you pay taxes at the border

    In a bid to halt the hemorrhaging of foreign currency from its central bank (reserves fell by 30 percent in 2013), Argentina’s government has decided to make it harder for Argentines to shop online on international websites. Shoppers will now have to sign a declaration and take it to a customs office to receive their packages. Trips to the customs office typically last three to four hours.

    this will be quite a revolution but I am afraid that some countries will be inspired by this

    the problem that some countries for some products it is possible to evade taxes by bying stuff online or get it at much lower prices (especially if inflation is skyrocketing)

    and Argentine like 4 other BRICS countries are now moving as fast to the brink as they were going to the Sun as examples for our 'old and too social and too expensive' economies

  • the military with the most active presence on the social media is from israel

    The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) produces more than 200 blog posts per month, recently celebrated its 10,000th tweet and, over the last four years, has uploaded roughly 500 videos to YouTube. “Its Twitter account has more than 230,000 followers and its Facebook page just crossed 380,000 likes—and that’s only in English.” The IDF’s social media presence, probably the biggest of any military in the world, is just another way it competes with the Al Qassam Brigades, Hamas’s military wing. While their troops fight over territory, their tweets battle for international hearts, minds and attention.

  • meanwhile in UkraIne

    * the US and the EU have finally come out of the diplomatic closet and said that the future of the Ukrainan people is in Europe - something that will be interpreted in Russia as proof that the West is in fact behind these protests and that this is only a dress rehearsal for new protests in Moscou once the warmer temperatures makes this possible - because everybody is watching if these new and more agressive forms of opposition will lead to a take-over without too much bloodshed

    but the US and the EU have behind closed doors probably also said what were the conditions of that diplomatic support and what were the red lines not to cross - even if one is provoked (the US doesn't like too much the taking over of public buildings without a mandate to do so because the continuiing functioning of the state and its administrations is crucial for a ordently take-over once it is there)

    * the dead, disappeared and those that are in jail -

    and this is the situation as of the first of february and so it will be still a long way to go and eventually the country will or can split into two and it is this card that is keeping the government in power for the moment because even as they have lost effectively control over half of the country more or less, they still  have more or less control over the other half and that hasn't changed since the last two weeks

    for the momentum to keep going on eastwards something special will have to happen or the battle should be won in Kiev - one or another and even if the battle is won in Kiev it is not sure that some provinces in the east, especailly those with Russian bases will declared themselves independent with Russian protection or diplomatic realism from the west who know that the Russians will not give up those bases for all kinds of historic and strategic reasons


  • Google makes spies of all of us if we send something online (think of Ukraïne)

    We come across tons of interesting patents each and every day, but recently none have caused as much concern and curiosity as this one. Google recently filed a patent for a system that identifies when and where a “mob” event takes place and sends multimedia alerts to relevant parties. The patents are actually titled “Mob Source Phone Video Collaboration” and “Inferring Events Based On Mob Sourced Video“.


    No… not that mob. In this case a “mob” is essentially an activity or event attracting an abnormal amount of attention in the form of video recording and picture taking. Here’s a quick blurb from the patent description:

    if there is a patent for it there is a big possibility that it exists and that it works (and maybe already used by the NSA because if there is money to be made or if someone is willing to pay for the development of these things why not use it)

    so why the patent - probably because if it is not patented anybody can introduce a patent and claim it (even if you were developing or using it for years in secret (with the NSA)). If it ain't patented it doesn't exist and the only thing you can do is pay for the rest of  your live if you want to use or introduce it

    imagine this being used by the Ukranian regime (and  yes we can think of terrorists and other crimes about which we all agree on) but is the danger for our privacy and democracy not much greater than any thing that could be won (because it is already possible to do with some scripting today). THe danger is that it will be done automatically

    Maybe we need on our camera's and video-photo improved technology some scrambling and blurring possibility so that when we send certain pics or videos online we can make them more private as easy as adding whatever other effect (a variant on the anti red-eyes function)


  • Ukraine : State of emergency and military crackdown looming while protests spread

    It now becomes urgent for the international community to intervene and say that an intervention wouldn't be accepted.

    More killed people are fined overnight as released people who were beaten or tortured while tens of others have been detained. In several regions private fighting groups close to the government (civileans) attacked together with the riotpolice demonstrations in 4 regions.

    Roadblocks are being set up between the regions to contain containment and travelling organizers.

    Russianite organisations in Ukraine have already accepted the split of the country and call for a new independent state (probably recognized by Russia and its allies). You won't be surprised that the big Russian military port in the Crimea is part of that group.

    The strategic importance of Ukraine can't be underestimated

    russia europe pipelines

    THis is the siuation in Kiev where the red is the part of the city under opposition control


    Now look good at this latest map of the lated general confusing and changing situation in the regions

    Embedded image permalink

    and compare these with the results of the presidential elections

    and the number of Russians living in the regions

    so to create a viable Russian Ukrainan state they should at least have in hands everything that is blue now and what is orange between them. That way the russian breakaway republic of Transnistria is also linked up and becomes more viable - even if it stole a part of Moldavia. The Russian troops are about 1500 strong but more can be flown in of course.

    these are the streets of Kiev that are now firmly in the hands of the opposition

    As a military crackdown is looming and all kinds of Russian advisors are rumored to be flown in and thugs in the eastern part are now incorporated into the police as citizen guards it is not yet clear if the choice has really been made to chose a peaceful ending to this conflict.

    Ukraine is now firmly on the maps and screens of capitals in the western and Russian world and hard decisions are now on the table at both sides.

    NO MORE HUNGARY 1956 or Tiannaman

  • Ukraine : situation as of midnight today

    first two maps which show that there are nearly everywhere in the country demonstrations,

    Embedded image permalink

    this shows that even in Russian speaking regions there are demonstrations and offices that are being occupied (AFP)

    the protest movement itself makes a more colorful description

    Embedded image permalink

    the card of the opposition itself is a bit different but it shows that the football clubs who are delivering the hardcore defenders and attackers around the protests - and are used of not running away from police and getting the fight on. The millionairs oligarchs owning these clubs are said to be bewildered that these fanclubs have now proven to be so political and revolutionary because they supposed that it would make people apathic to politics.

    so this it, tomorrow we go back to our normal reporting, but you can keep on following on list Ukraine



  • ukraine : to follow the day ahead and some reads

    the weapons you need to stop one of the best organized riot police

    these are the 13 most important tweeters for the moment in one list

    older tweets and pics on my twitter account itself

    here are links to videos, articles and more

    for streaming you have some big screens here

    here are small screens to all the streams that were available yesterday

    if you understand ukrainan these reporters from a local newsstation are making reports and are on the ground (now interviewing arrested people)  if there is action that you should have a look at it because it can be that their reporters are effectively on the ground

    one person missing is found dead in the woods tied with hands and feet tied

    if you are in Ukraine, it is 'Now or Never' so get from behind that stupid screen and do something useful

    be part of history and be proud of yourself

    and if you are an European decisionmaker, make some noise and give those people the support and help they need, not in words but in acts when this is all over - or make clear to Putin that this is over - he lost (for now - look at Georgia)

    I have other activities today, but hey you are wise enough to follow for yourself, sources enough here

  • Ukraine : is this V-day after the big rally or is it tuesday with the session of parliament

    except for extra-ordinary developments we are returning to normal tomorrow because it seems that it is over except from extreme russian intervention

    must watch :  police arrest patients in hospitals - the opposition has now its own underground hospitals and these policemen look so embarassed that they have to do this

    meanwhile they have left the building peacefully and that building is now in the hands of the protestors and so the both sides of the entry to the mayors building in Kiev are secured and protected by the opposition

    see how strategic the building was where 200 police officers came in through the back for an operation that didn't take place yesterday (you don't bring in 200 police officers without water and food to stay there for days).

    so it was a turning point, the night everything changed, resistance by the regime begins to seem totally futile because the endgame is one and there are - next to a Russian intervention - not many options other than to resign left. The military of Ukraine have declared that they won't intervene and this isn't a professional army so the risks of the soldiers refusing to fire on their own parents or neighbors is very high.

    there is a big demonstration in Kiev today and the negotiations were broken off - because just a dupe and nothing formal

    some regions in the firm hands of the oppositions have recalled their police troops from Kiev and in three regions the local communist and regions party (of the party) have been declared illegal because of all the violence

    a radiostation has made an impressive list of people who seem to have disappeared

    this is one of the maps, but it shows that if today the orange (assieged) turns red (taken over) there is effectively a western Ukranian 'country' and there are no counterdemonstrations or no refusal from the local police, military or justice to accept orders from the new 'governments' in place.  The last regions will be the hardest because they are the powerbase of the President and there is a huge minority or even local majority of Russians living there. In the worst case some of these eastern regions may even breakaway (think Crimea) with Putin providing protection with 'peacekeepers' like in Georgia. Crimea has the largest russian fleet base and is strategically very important and psychologically even more (to impress other countries)

    If all gets well when EC 'foreign minister' Ashton arrives in Kiev late next week she will only be able to see how to help Ukraine getting back on its feet again and how to financially help Ukraine organizing fair elections and if all goes well have a partnership with the EU, place itself under the protection of NATO and be able to resist the Russian bear who is angry but finds his hands tied while he is organizing his propaganda games with the help of the international community bearly contradicting him on issues as human rights

    but as with all the maps we have seen, the situation is very fluid here and than and so the maps can change in any direction over the weekend and the beginning of the week

    more news on my twitter more links on my diigo  list international

    Embedded image permalink

     one of the extremists :) missing since three days there are whole lists of them, some are found tortured or nearly freezed to death in woods


  • Live 2 : Ukraine government lost last card : special forces for intervention surrounded

    here you will find a lot of streams

    the reporter from tomorrow - streaming with a small camera to youtube with helmet and gasmask on the ground in the middle of the action

    this reporter is on the ground between the people - sometimes

    the police aren't coming out of the building and more police troops are arriving around the buildings with clashes breaking out around the building

    the plan was simple - gather enough police forces to attack the yellow flash point where the fires and fights were from both sides at the same time or just bypass them (standard military tactic)

    Embedded image permalink


    as foreseen the government assembled masses of special forces to intervene - probably during the night and housed them into the Ukrainan House

    but they were discovered

    and as quick as word leaked out, the protestors stormed the buildings and the special forces are trying to sneak out and flee so a very organised action has been disturbed

    this are stun grenades - so called non-lethal - not true if shot directly at the person

    Силовики могут применить новые  спецсредства из России - Ярема

    live on streaming now - it is happening this weekend before your eyes if you take the time to look

    this is the building where the police forces are using stun grenades against the people outside it is a convention hall so you can imagine how many troops are inside

    Embedded image permalink

    Live here

    Live streaming video by Ustream


  • Ukraine : they are winning and the governement is desperate and Europe is nowhere

    follow for tweets that are interesting

    streams are here  they are really taking over new buildings as it is happening now - live

    if Belgian journalists and media are complaining that we are not reading their papers with old news or that their online portals are not worth to spend too much time on, than it is because if there are big events happening in real time they don't follow up and they don't keep the flame running and so when things really go on to a head, they are so much behind that they are just pityful because they are just forgetting that this is a very important battle that could set off much more battles in the year to come because many dissidents are watching closely and seeing that this is something that is working - even if there is much violence involved but a violent crackdown has been avoided so far and now it seems that the mass protests over the whole of the country is bringing the political forces and the police to the brink

    at the moment we speak even more public buildings are being taken over

    this is map as of 22H and there are maps circulating that even in the east there are protests beginning

    livestream  :

    Embedded image permalink

    Crimea is the Russian base so forget that one and odesa is next to Russian controlled territory of dniestr

    there are many cards and they are all different and can be fluid over the hours but it is clear that demonstrations are today taking place everywhere and that tomorrow sunday may be crucial

    this map shows what revolution is

    and since the last change here the situation as become even much better for the opposition

    several buildings in Kiev have been occupied also

    this shows a public building before a take-over and after the take-over in the strategic important Lviv

    View image on Twitter

    View image on Twitter

    there are now underground hospitals set up by the opposition because according to them tens of people have disappeared all over Kiev - also from hospitals after being taken away by police - or some kind of police

    the president has made promises but the opposition doesn't want the positions of prime minister or minister of justice, they want elections in april and new negotations with europe and no laws that limit their freedom of press and the liberation of the political prisoners and news about the people that have disappeared

    the president hoped so the divise the movement between pragmatists and radicals but that didn't work because everybody seems to understand that total victory is close and that even if negotiations go on - this is the moment to organise more take-overs all over the country and more buildings in Kiev while others are fortifying the barricades

    you smell it when victory is in the air - even at minus 25 celsius

  • Update : Ukraïne moving closer to the big confrontation as Europe does nothing

    This is Hungry 1956 all over again

    this is the map of the Current situation

    Embedded image permalink

    so if we check this with previous maps than there is one region down that still has no action and needs geographically to be 'reconquered" and it shows how fluid the situation is but the movement has  no choice but to re-inforce its hold on the local governments that are being assieged (taken over is red assieged is less red)

    some regions where the central administration was assieged yesterday were again fully under governmental control at 12.00 but it also means that the government can't use its 30.000 special troops across the country to send into Kiev for the final big push being announced by the minister of Interiori

    Remember it is between -25 celsius outside so if you don't see huge masses outside it is because it is very difficult to stay longtime outside

    this is the coldest revolution ever since the democratic revolutions started

    the papers for a state of emergency are on the table of the president and there are no negotiations in sight because the promises made are too few too late and in fact part of the country doesn't want to come under the authoritian shield of the hardliners in Moscou

    such operations are mostly done during the night or early morning but any preparations should be visible from now on

    so what will the EC do if de facto the country splits into two ? Wouldn't surprise me if Russia accepts that because it keeps the port and the industrial base in the east while not being annoyed by the westernized west where too few Russians live to have any influence even on the longer term. It wouldn't be the first eastern European country that is divided after a revolution or where parts are 'independent'.  It would make the new Iron Curtain more or less complete for the moment.