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  • the military ships of the future don't look like ships

    In fact they are constructed to survive in electronic warfare attack and to keep attacks off that try to intercept communications (Tempest)

    If in the next war you can't defend yourself against the electronical signals and protect your own, than you have lost, no matter how big your bomb is

    by the way Russia is building an enormous Electronic warfare base in Kalingrad the Russian enclave that oversees the baltic sees (he is sending a few hundred electronic and cyberwarfare soldiers there)

  • soldiers of the future : the special forces from Taiwan


  • new Russian nuclear missiles in #crimea (#ukraine) increase Russian nuclear supremacy in Europa

    "The United States is believed to have around 200 nuclear weapons in Europe. Russia’s tactical nuclear arsenal is at least 2,000. “NATO politics will prevent any cuts in U.S. tactical nuclear weapons in Europe,” he said. “This is obviously about the worst possible time to talk about something like this.”


    Schneider said nuclear policymakers should focus on deterrence now instead of disarmament. A Russian Defense Ministry spokesman told state-run Interfax March 26 that a “missile-carrying regiment” of Tu-22 Backfire nuclear bombers will be deployed to the Crimean airbase at Gvardeyskoye within two years.


    IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly described the nuclear-capable Tu-22s to be based in Crimea as “the backbone of Soviet naval strike units during the Cold War.”


    Rogers, the strategic forces subcommittee chairman, said Sept. 18 that the Russians have discussed “plans to station tactical nuclear weapons in Crimea.”

    nice to know that our Russian friends are even not feeling secure enough against us with their 2000 nuclear against our 200 missileheads, they even want to add some new ones in the Crimea, just to be a bit more nearer and have an even wider range (and it is not to protect us against Iranian or other arabic missiles that have fallen in the hands of some IS likeminded groups or leaders in some strategic plans)

  • intelligence budget of the US downsized with a third in 2014

    "Although terrorism remains a high priority topic within the Intelligence Community (IC), budget constraints and unauthorized intelligence disclosures also continue to pose complex challenges. While intelligence spending has greatly increased since September 11, 2001, between 2012 and 2014, the budget for the National Intelligence Program has shrunk significantly from $78 billion to $52 billion due to the controversial budget sequestrations.



    According to Clapper, this reduction in intelligence funds has greatly reduced the IC’s ability to carry out core functions, such as human intelligence, and when combined with recent intelligence leaks, has created a “perfect storm” degrading the intelligence capabilities of IC.

  • #kobane online rage spilling over to the streets of Europe

    the last city that is still defended by some Kurdish fighters who know they are going to die against the tanks and artillery of the ISIS with their thousands of experienced battle hardened fighters

    once in a while there is an Alliance fighterjet coming over doing many things but no fighting

    while at the Turkish border tanks are standing by of the second biggest army of Europe that used to kill as many Kurdish fighters as possible but now are watching how those brave Kurdish fighters are being slaughtered

    so people grow angry

    at tanks that don't shoot and planes that don't bombard (except with words that are empty of any meaning)

    I don't think the Kurdish militants and families will continue to keep silent because in their despair the only thing they can do is make sure that every European capital knows that they are there and they are watching and they are desperate for their families and communities still in Iraq and Syria

    just as in Ukraine

    sometimes I think that the future générations of leaders will have less problems with using war and military strikes because they will remember that if you don't use it now and than it will all become such a mess that you need to set up such big interventions that it will take years and ask billions of your budgets to get the things Under control again

  • the drone wars in #Ukraine (future of the battlefield)

    by the Ukraine population to help their volunteers and soldiers

    cost is about 35.000$ for a Professional one that stays some hours in the air (instead of the 30 minutes for the models you can buy in the shop)

     and the controllers

    meanwhile the Ukraine army has also shot down some Russian drones and some private ones that looked as if they came from the russianrebels

  • the #isis territory and why the air attacks are just make-believe

    look at this map



    look at the difference between the maps indicating that the situation is very fluid and that nobody really has a very good view about the total situation on the ground except about who controls the cities or which part of the cities.

    secondly look also at the different appréciations of the régions that the Kurds still control - it is however clear that if we are not helping the isolated kurds  now they are just (again) fighting all alone for their survival

    thirdly look at how the encirclement of Baghdad is beginning one step at a time ....

    fourth look at how the plan for an Assadregion in Syria is playing out (Damascus to the coast) but where he still has to take control of some borderregions before 'freezing the lines

    but the biggest question is

    so do you really think that 10 or 20 attacks a day will really change something on the ground ?

    do you really think all those cities can be retaken without troops on the ground ?

    if your answer is yes

    than you haven't read anything the last years about military campaigns especially against non-state terrorists

    this is just a tv-show making you believe that we are doing something

    the planes in Libya were helping but it were the thousands of volunteers and rebel forces on the ground that were taking over city after city after having fought street by street, house by house (now fighting each other)

    and so, sending airplanes without the goods or men to fight on the ground

    makes me understand that when they say it will take 2 to 3 years to beat ISIS is something that can't be sustained and that at some moment in time troops (at least in Iraq) and weapons (surely in Syria and Kurdistan) will have to be send over on a scale not imagined today

    which is a shame because for each bomb or missile you could send over a great number of tanks, guns and other artillery for the ground troops

    and yes, after this Kurdistan will be independent (it will have fought for that even if the Turks are just counting the Kurdish deaths and not firing a single shot at ISIS) and yes Syria will be split in two with a frozen conflict for some time to come (untill a new Russia decides that it doesn't want to support this kind of regimes anymore)

  • A good reference blog for the military air operations in #Syria

    follow this blog for more

    a good overview of the military operations from the air (that will hardly make a difference anyway without ground operations) in Syria for september

  • with the new cold war, submarines are back in fashion

    just find this picture so amazing

  • this is how the Syrian Free Army makes its own tanks (with game controllers)

    most important military inventions were made during wars, not in between


  • #ukraine #moldavia #estonia look at this map and you will see immediately why shit happens today

    you have sometimes just to look at a map like a military planner or an imperialistic ruler would look to see the obvious

    Estonia can only be the next victim because it has a long border with Russia and if you take or destabilize Estonia you can have enough influence on Latvia and maybe Lithuania. This is why Estonia is quickly becoming the next point of attention (and of preparation in case if something starts happening). You also have to consider that they have a big minority of Russians and that there are already patriotic Russian seperatists active for a long time.

    Ukraine : well if Ukraine is integrated with the European Union and eventially NATO the map totally changes. Have a good look at the map and imagine Ukraine not being part of or associated with Russia. Bielarus would be more or less surrounded by western democracies and it would only be a matter of time untill it would feel that influence and at least would start to become more democratic and pluralistic and market orientated.

    Moldavia and transdistrn would be much more difficult to hold on to if Ukraine became totally European and eventually associated with NATO. The rogue public would be a Russiancontrolled island surrounded by NATO or westernized armies.

    and if you look at the black sea - at a moment in which Russia is investing billions in warships and started a war over Crimea you see that the strategic advantage will change if the coastline of Ukraine falls into the hands of the prorussian militias and the russian army in Ukraine.

    You also see why the ex Yougoslavian republics will become member of the European Union in the end

    and this makes (except for Norwegen) the map more or less complete

    and Moscow is not so far from the Ukranian border making the Russian first strike impossible or much too dangerous  even if Russian generals have placed it on the table now

    this is the big endgame the global strategy all the rest is day-to-day politics and news

    moldavia will not join NATO for the moment but as Putin is doing very hard his best to scare everybody, this is the map of NATO members and candidates and those who are not a member yet

  • the strategic battle for the Antartic is in full swing, Russia building strategic Fort


    My note : Alaska, Canada - with the melting Ice and the warming of the earth it has gone another way on the diplomatic military front where the cold war in setting in again and relations are becoming colder by the week

    look at this map, military it is all about location, location and location

    with the modern warfare and electronic monitoring possibilities you have here a very strategic position

  • # spydevices on telecommunication networks in war theatres can be remotely exploded (Israel)

    "Israel remotely detonated a spying device planted in south Lebanon, killing a member of the Lebanese militant Hezbollah in the explosion, the group said Friday.


    Hezbollah Al-Manar TV said Hassan Ali Haidar was killed after army intelligence spotted a “strange device” in the village of Adloun. A jet detonated the device remotely after it was discovered, killing Haidar, it said.


    The Lebanese army confirmed the incident, but said the dead man was a civilian. It said Israel detonated the device “from a distance” through aircraft flying overhead. The device was planted on the militant group’s telecommunications network.

    so it will probably be an interceptor

    with the other advantage that when destroyed it will also destroy the infrastructure on which it was installed

    leaving also no fingerprints if correctly done

  • the supersonic Chinese submarine for people and bombs


    the military will find this invention less than fantastic and it will set off another submarine development race