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  • it seems as if #snowden is desperate for attention while he should better shut up

    Now with a new film coming you shouldn't be surprised that superhero Snowden the symbol for his followers will be releasing new documents through his proxies (which we will examine as always) and will be making appearances from his safehome in superdemocracy Russia where the intelligence services are fully democratic and transparant and the democracy and libertyloving people are not fleeing to the West (or getting a second passport if they have the money for it so they can get out in time).

    so today he declared that the English intelligence services have no transparent overview or whatever of democratic control (by the way they never had also because of their primordial role in the second world war which gave them an auro that the CIA or NSA never had and because of their close cooperation (or even integration) with the US intelligence services since the second world war (when they asked for US help because of the deep (and later proven) infiltration of their services even at the highest level by the KGB at the time of the coming of age of the Cold war and the dissolution of the antiNazi alliance shortly after the second world war).  It was this postwar intelligence crisis in the UK, Canada and Australia which became the basis of the Echelon cooperation which in fact is the basis of the worldwide intelligence operations by the NSA and their Echelon partners which became public in 2000 (because of an investigation in 2000 by the European Parliament which ended without any results after the attacks of 9-11-2001) but are now put on public stage by Snowden.

    I would just like to say that less is more and that talking all the time about everything will let you say things that make no sense.

    If you would like to lose all public influence like Wikileaks have done over the last 2 years, you just continue like that from your Putin Safehaven.

    Even if your intelligence services have very few oversight (and they should have more to say the least) than they are not acting like the Russian and Chinese intelligence services which are an active part of the nearly total surveillance and suppression aparatus of the whole Spectrum of democratic opposition (supported by laws that could never be accepted here and were even at the height of 9-11 not even proposed in the US).

    as much as I do not agree with some of the operations by our national intelligence operations and as much as I would like them to be more transparant and self-critical (to be able to escape from a tunnelvision in which operations and technical possibilities become more important than the democratic values and the oversight one should place first) - I do not accept this criticism coming from some-one hiding in the autocratic surveillance state of Putin

    and as much as you may be right - by saying so from Putin country - you are making it harder for the democratic opposition in our countries (of which too many are still blindly following you waiting for every word you speak) to say exactly the same things

    and what you also don't understand from your cocoon is that just as 9/11 killed the enchelon invasion, the enormous Financial and military-terroristic capabilities from ISIS and the Russian military exponentialism and slavic ideology is changing the Framework of this discussion totally

    because if the western democracies (yep, up to some point) don't have access to enough intelligence about the terrorist threats and the military capabilities and intentions of the Russians, how are we going to defend ourselves or being sure that we have enough and the right kind of forces to do so ? And where will we get this kind of information and how can we be sure that his information is correct if it isn't checked with information from a number of other sources ?

    in case, you didn't notice, nobody sensible in Europe is asking anymore for breaking the cooperation with the intelligence services in the US and Echelon (by extension), the points of debate here are more the following (and this is not bad)

    * better protecting our own infrastructure, data and leaders against foreign surveillance whoever it may be

    * a better oversight of our own intelligence agencies and how they cooperate with other services without putting these in danger if the cooperation is essential for our national security

    * having a new and more transparant Framework in which intelligence agencies set up operations in each other countries or against targets of each other countries

    The advantage of these three action points is that they are crisis-resistant so that if a new major terrorist attack happens or more military incidents at Europe's eastern border with Russia occur we can still have a democratic and somewhat transparant Framework in which the intelligence agencies can continue to function (even in extra-ordinary times) and work together

    by the way, Snowden between all your words the last week you didn't explain one minute where are all the missing very important operational documents that also went missing

  • the twofold attacks on your personal information and pics have begun

    these are the two kinds of attacks that are beginning to gather interest as they seem to give good results


    so in the first case they create their own third service for example snapchat telling that they are giving a service the service itself doesn't provide for or making managing it more easily or integrating it with other online webservices

    but nobody really checks who are those hundres or thousands of external parties willing to connect to the service and use the API to acc

  • list of new interesting tor sites added to TOR guide

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  • shit, fucking stupid teens what are you doing on snapchat that you thought was deleted ?

    it wasn't

    and the attacks on snapchat have only begun

    this is a snapshot of an index of the leak

    there are thousands and thousands more of pics, vids and messages - 13 gb

    and some will probably now make the roads on the pornweb scene as 'real not fake porn'

  • new snowden leak about intelligence officers in US firms overseas and cyberoperations

    for anyone reading books about spies and their organisations this is what spies do all over the world, all big international firms who have connections to the state have some 'operatives' or lend a hand to cover up operations (or even have their own intelligence operations like some French state firms)

    well, here is the article (the CIA uses shell firms and has investments in technology firms and operatives in firms overseas since decennia - as does the Chinese and the Russians by the way)

    these are the documents (and the article is the analysis)

  • why every owner of a torsite can't claim any legal defence without incriminating himself

    the silk road trial is very interesting because it is the first one in which the legal boundaries of the protection of legal and personal rights and international juridisdiction are played out in a case about real crimes in one of the most complex judicial environments for which there is untill now no law or jurisdiction

    this is the document


  • if you are looking for hacked Chinese databases with emails and passwords follow #ophk

    and also Chinese use the same passwords and emails all over the web so for operatives of all kinds this is very interesting information to work with .....

  • another database of stolen personal data you can check (or pay)


    you put in your emailaddress

    than you receive an email to control that you are at that time the owner of this emailaddress (if you have lost control or share it with your hacker than he can control if he can buy more information about you online)

    after which you receive if your information has been found in the darkweb databases that sell personal information

  • new online darkbase database of stolen personal data sell integrated datasets

    "Internet intelligence analysts found 476,000 records relating to people living in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset on illicit websites which are known for providing access to stolen credit cards, fake identities and drugs. Due diligence company C6 Intelligence said almost 40,000 of those were regarded as “high risk” containing card details, email passwords, date of births and secret answers used to access confidential data.

    "The firm’s chief executive Darren Innes, who lives in North Cornwall, said: “Criminals are running these operations like a professional business. The figures show just how organised they really are.” Mr Innes, who has worked in online security for more than a decade, said they had infiltrated databases of personal information which had been put up for sale on the “dark web” – Internet content which is not listed by normal search engines.

    They found email addresses and passwords of 18,000 people living in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset along with another 2,640 records of credit card numbers with their three-number security code. They also found 157 records of peoples’ “secret answers” to security questions.

    Mr Innes said peoples’ names and addresses were being sold for nine US cents while credit card details and security numbers could command up to $50. Ironically, he said, fraudsters were using stolen bank accounts and cards to pay for the information as well as virtual currencies to help avoid detection.

    He said criminals were compiling databases through a variety of means including hacking large companies, “phishing” emails which trick users into divulging information and fake websites

  • your medical information is or will be more worth on the illegal datamarkets

    "Last month, the FBI warned healthcare providers to guard against cyber attacks after one of the largest U.S. hospital operators, Community Health Systems Inc, said Chinese hackers had broken into its computer network and stolen the personal information of 4.5 million patients.

    Security experts say cyber criminals are increasingly targeting the $3 trillion U.S. healthcare industry, which has many companies still reliant on aging computer systems that do not use the latest security features.

    "As attackers discover new methods to make money, the healthcare industry is becoming a much riper target because of the ability to sell large batches of personal data for profit," said Dave Kennedy, an expert on healthcare security and CEO of TrustedSEC LLC. "Hospitals have low security, so it's relatively easy for these hackers to get a large amount of personal data for medical fraud."

  • intelligence budget of the US downsized with a third in 2014

    "Although terrorism remains a high priority topic within the Intelligence Community (IC), budget constraints and unauthorized intelligence disclosures also continue to pose complex challenges. While intelligence spending has greatly increased since September 11, 2001, between 2012 and 2014, the budget for the National Intelligence Program has shrunk significantly from $78 billion to $52 billion due to the controversial budget sequestrations.



    According to Clapper, this reduction in intelligence funds has greatly reduced the IC’s ability to carry out core functions, such as human intelligence, and when combined with recent intelligence leaks, has created a “perfect storm” degrading the intelligence capabilities of IC.

  • the first indictment in the US of a commercial espionagetool maker (stealthgenie)

    "Although it’s not uncommon for the makers of illicit tools used in criminal hacking to be charged with illegal activity, it’s often the case that the developers of such tools are also its surreptitious users or benefit from its illegal use to steal credit card numbers or other valuable data.


    The case against Akbar, however, is remarkable for its focus on the seller of a commercial software program—that is openly marketed on the internet—rather than on its users. “The government is trying to say it’s not enough that the users are responsible, but that the maker is an enabler of this privacy invasion and are potentially liable,” says Hanni Fakhoury, staff attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. A Justice Department spokesman told WIRED there are currently no additional charges filed over StealthGenie. But that’s not to say customers won’t eventually be charged as well.


    Either way, groups like the National Network to End Domestic Violence say they hope the indictment signals more aggressive efforts by the government to crack down on those who distribute tools that, more than a privacy invasion, are often used by stalkers and perpetrators of domestic violence to track their victims.

    if they can win the trial this will be a breakthrough because not only the users of such Tools can be prosecuted but also the makers and distributors of these Tools and that can change the whole market - even if it will go underground - it will disappear from the mainstream and so will lose its availability to the millions instead of the thousands or hundreds who know how to find such Tools underground

  • a new small device to defend your room or public place against snoopers and spies

    small, cheap and easy (although I am not sure it will pass military and surveillance tests it will be enough for small businesses that want to protect the privacy of their clients and people who need some level of protection against snooping when they are having meetings)

    some people in the US are using it against Google Glass

    by the way the law on public jammers is not clear in Belgium although it is not a jammer you could see it as a kind of 'firewall in the air'

  • how to get the cryptophone total security on the phones of your network without buying phones

    at 6000 dollars a phone that could become an enormous sum for which you wouldn't get the budget anyway

    but there is another possbility although no prices are mentioned but that could be interesting

    a reminder, the phone is totally encrypted and accepts only connections from trusted and known towers, not anyone connecting to your phone as is the case for the moment (read the whole article if you have missed this story)

    "Unfortunately, the firewall isn’t available for every phone. It’s currently designed for use on customized phones with the rest of the CryptoPhone operating system, although the firewall can be installed separately without other parts of the operating system. But it takes two to three months to customize a phone with the CryptoPhone operating system—Goldsmith’s company has to replace the resident Android operating system with the modified CryptoPhone operating system. And the company will only do the installation for enterprise and government customers where multiple phones of the same type are being modified at once. Goldsmith says it would take too much work to do different phones individually.

  • more than 200 million people visited Reddit to see the nude pics of celebs

    "That immense traffic, however, already was waning when Reddit banned TheFappening. At its peak on September 1st, the site pulled in 141 million visitors in a day, according to numbers Menese accessed as a moderator of the subreddit. By September 2, it only attracted 45 million pageviews. By September 6, when Reddit finally pulled TheFappening from the site, the majority of the forum’s users visitors likely had moved on.

    and a certain percentage paid to view more

    and that paid for the servers of reddit - especially because they had an outage because of that traffic

    there is now a debate about what they should do with that income ..... (pay the laywers of the celebrities maybe or if you think they have already too much money in a defense fund for lawyers of poorer girls)

    but we are a curious species

  • this site will tell you which tor drugmarket is new or becoming popular

    not to waste your resources on something that nobody goes to except the sellers and their families and some lost newbies


  • this is how even a new encrypted Apple Iphone can be cracked (and it is not new)

    "Just after Apple’s announcement, Zdziarski confirmed with his own forensics software that he was still able to pull from a device running iOS 8 practically all of its third-party application data—that means sensitive content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, web browsers, and more—as well as photos and video. The attack he used impersonates a trusted computer to which a user has previously connected the phone; it takes advantage of the same mechanisms that allow users to siphon data off a device with programs like iTunes and iPhoto without entering the gadget’s passcode.


    “I can do it. I’m sure the guys in suits in the governments can do it,” says Zdziarski, who has trained law enforcement in iOS forensic techniques in the past. “And I’m sure that there are at least three or four commercial tools that can still do this, too.” Zdziarski said he has yet to test those commercial forensics tools to know which ones might still be capable of the data-siphoning trick, but he speculated that software from the firms Cellebrite and Oxygen were likely candidates.


    The data siphoning trick has important limitations: it requires a “pairing record,” a unique key that can only be found on a computer with which the target device has shared data in the past. That means cops, intelligence agents, or hackers hoping to use the technique would have to either plant malware on a user’s machine to access the pairing record or simply grab the target’s computer along with his or her mobile device. The targeted user would also have to have unlocked his or her iOS device since last turning it on—freshly restarted devices aren’t vulnerable to the attack, Zdziarski says. Even using the siphoning trick, aside from photos, none of the data that Zdziarski managed to retrieve contradicts Apple’s new promises of protection. He couldn’t access emails, call records or other native iOS applications.

    so don't be naive and don't believe what the marketing guys are saying

    the only way to keep the data on your phone private is NOT to log your phone to the internet and surely NOT to your computer or any other hardware

    and if you don't accept 'updates' from the internet than you have surely blocked the phone

    but in the UK you can also be condemned only because you refuse to give the pincode or access to your phone during an investigation..... (expect this here to arrive)

  • the new online TOR drugmarkets have hardened their security

    It will be much harder to close them down now (it is as if they are Learning the same questions as bittorrent and wikileaks have learnt)

    "Silk Road 2.0. This defiant clone of the original claimed that its source code was backed up to 500 locations in 17 countries, so if authorities shut it down, administrators can rebuild in 15 minutes flat. “If Silk Road was taken down we could have it up and running again within 15 minutes,” wrote the new DPR. “Hydra effect on a massive scale.”

    A Virginia coder named Brian Hoffman created this open source project to be a fully peer-to-peer uncensorable marketplace: named OPENBAZAAR Product listings are hosted on the computers of anonymous users, and freelance arbiters settle disputes for a fee. Hoffman says he’s not inviting in drug dealers, but that he can’t stop them from crashing the party. And with potentially thousands of different computers hosting the network and no central target for the Feds, it could be nearly impossible to shut them down.

    And the payment and authentification infrastructure has also been ugpraded as explained in this article

    "Evolution, by contrast, has used clever security measures designed to prevent that sort of heist. Like the Silk Road, Evolution accepts only bitcoins and runs on the anonymity software Tor to prevent its users or itself from being tracked by law enforcement. But it also implements a bitcoin feature called “multi-signature transactions.” When users make a purchase on Evolution, they can place their bitcoins in an escrow account created by the site. Control of that account is shared by the site’s administrators, the buyer, and the seller; two out of three of those parties must sign off on the deal before the coins can be moved again. That makes it far more difficult for buyers and sellers to scam each another, and prevents coins from being stolen by the site’s operators or seized by law enforcement.

    In another innovative security trick, the site also offers its own version of two-factor authentication: When the feature is switched on, anyone logging in is required to decrypt a message with the private PGP key kept on their hard drive.

    and theguys from Evolution are not doing it for free, they ask 4% of every transaction but hey even for criminals protection and anonimity can't be free

    with that they are rumoured to also be funding other crimebusinesses like identitytheft another very lucrative market

  • meet the most draconian anti(revenge)porn law in the US that makes any nudity risky over time

    "Arizona’s “anti-revenge porn” law, which went into effect in July, was passed with good intentions. Like a dozen other states that have passed similar laws since 2013, Arizona hoped to address the disturbing trend in which embittered lovers distribute nude images of ex-spouses and paramours in an effort to humiliate or cause professional or personal harm.


    But unlike other states, which have narrowly restricted the reach of their laws or made the offense a misdemeanor instead of a felony, Arizona’s law is so poorly written it affects just about anyone who shares or publishes any nude image without explicit consent.


    Although Arizona’s law is particularly draconian, Rowland says any law that criminalizes revenge porn is actually problematic.


    “As a general matter, we don’t criminalize gossip or other truthful but embarrassing information about people that we have relationships with,” Rowland told WIRED. “Revenge porn does create acute harm for its victims, who are predominantly women, and I think it’s valuable for lawmakers to have a conversation about how to offer victims of revenge porn relief. But there are many solutions, including civil law, that don’t create an acute chill on protected speech like Arizona’s law does.”

    in fact it means that if you own a website with nudity that it shouldn't be accessable to people in that state because you should have the explicit permission from that person each time somebody else views that picture

    the privacy advocates are right to say that there are already enough laws and articles that can be used if they are interpreted in a modern way