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  • twitter from open communications platform to closed company (make it a protocol)

    “Twitter can be incredibly valuable as an open communications mechanism but, if you close too many things down too quickly, if you think about it too short-sightedly, you could easily do a lot of damage to that ecosystem,” he told the paper.

    He adds: “Twitter was created as an open platform, an open communications ecosystem, and I hope it can stay that way. You have to be really careful not to let money get in the way of that.”

    There is for the moment online no open communication platform as important and flexible as Twitter. But it is still a firm and it has to make some money to give back to its investors because the infrastructure costs are enormous and so it is closing slowly but steadily access to its data and its functions to other online applications who earn money to be sure that they get a piece of the cake.

    And as long as Twitter is a commercial firm, this problem will exists. Once Twitter is a protocol (like email, fax, sms,....) even if it is maintained by a firm paid by its commercial and institutional users who incorporate the protocol in its environments, than this changes.

  • what is newsjacking

    In fact you  do something small that gets in this fast moving stupid and curious news environment into thousands of articles around the world making much publicity for you

    "The location of the Prince Harry photos was the luxurious Encore Wynn Hotel. The owner of the hotel, Steve Wynn publicly waived the tens of thousands of dollars hotel bill, which got the Wynn into, by Google News count, 3,657 stories. For example, this one from the UK’s Daily Mail Living like a king: Prince Harry's £30,000 hotel bill 'waived' by Vegas billionaire is essentially a huge, free advertisement for the luxury Encore Wynn Hotel complete with descriptions and photos of the property as well as the royal suite.

    This is a perfect example of newsjacking success. For the price of waiving a few hotel nights, the Wynn gets mentioned in thousands of stories."

  • internet archive is using bittorrent for 1 million files for what it is : the fastest distribution channel

    The Internet Archive is now offering over 1,000,000 torrents including our live music concerts, the Prelinger movie collection, the librivox audio book collection, feature films, old time radio, lots and lots of books, and all new uploads from our patrons into Community collections (with more to follow).

    To download the Torrent of the files in the item, click the Torrent link at the bottom of the download box; your Torrent client (such as transmission and uTorrent) can use the Torrent file you get to download the files in the Archive item, including the original item files, plus all derivative and metadata files. Individual files can be selected (or deselected) from the list within most BitTorrent clients, allowing Torrents to be used to retrieve an entire item or a specific subset of files within it.

    BitTorrent is the now fastest way to download items from the Archive, because the BitTorrent client downloads simultaneously from two different Archive servers located in two different datacenters, and from other Archive users who have downloaded these Torrents already. The distributed nature of BitTorrent swarms and their ability to retrieve Torrents from local peers may be of particular value to patrons with slower access to the Archive, for example those outside the United States or inside institutions with slow connections.

    To upload files to the Internet Archive, please use or

    We are starting to track some BitTorrent statistics, which can be fun to watch.

  • Edx free online MIT and Harvard courses : free the knowledge, diffuse the knowledge, increase the knowledge

    EdX is a joint partnership between The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University to offer online learning to millions of people around the world. EdX will offer Harvard and MIT classes online for free. Through this partnership, the institutions aim to extend their collective reach to build a global community of online learners and to improve education for everyone.


    MIT’s Director of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Anant Agarwal serves as the first president of edX, and Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael D. Smith leads faculty in developing courses. Along with offering online courses, the institutions will use edX to research how students learn and how technology can facilitate teaching—both on-campus and online.

    They were already the pioneers of the first free open courses - in which you only had to pay if you wanted exams and help and a diploma. There is no way that everybody who deserves to go to Harvard or MIT in the world can ever go to Harvard or the MIT and even if those courses are in no way a full replacement as being in the same room as the professor (even if you would have conferencing and all that stuff) it would never be the same as the discussions you could have in person.

    THis is going a step further.

    A logical next step.

    But just as we have learned in history, the diffiusion of information and knowledge is essential and maybe even

  • contentmarketing : the new hidden advertising (but that gives some information at least)

    Content marketing is a strategy with two obvious pillars: content and marketing. ‘Content’ means the creation of original content or the curation of content for the benefit of your audience. ‘Marketing’ means getting people to discover and engage with your content.


    One cannot live without the other. Creating content for SEO, for example, is not content marketing. It’s content waiting. You need to get out there and actively get your content discovered, and you have to do it in a subtle way, without pushing it down people’s throats or interrupting them with push advertising. Content marketing should be a pull strategy — a strategy that allows people to discover you, rather than you crashing their party.


    The good news is that there’s already plenty of inspiration to draw from. Just check out some of P&G’s content sites, such as, Man Of The House and Home Made Simple. Browse the great recipes at General or Kraft’s Get some quality advice from Liberty Mutual’s Responsibility Project or the Allstate blog.

    Sometimes they try to make us laugh or scared or shock us, here it is much more interesting : instead of paying people enormous lots of money to find slogans and make pictures, real writers will write really interesting stuff for a living - and even if it is for a company, there is still a lot of information to use (as long as it is not too biased and as long as it is clear that is companysponsored).

  • How our purse for IT products can change working conditions around the world

    Apple entered a partnership with the Fair Labor Association in January - the first technology company to join the association as a participating company. In doing so, the company agreed to uphold the FLA's workplace code of conduct throughout their entire supply chain.


    As a result of that partnership, Foxconn has pledged to make improvements companywide - in effect, making factories that work on Microsoft, Dell and Amazon products more compliant with labor laws.

    shouldn't big chains, public offers and big companies oblige the firms that want to sell to them to have a good partnership with the Fair Labor Association ?

  • Interpellatie in Belgisch parlement over versterkte rol privacycommissie bij datalekken

    Belgisch parlement, 28 juni

    11 Vraag van de heer Roel Deseyn aan de minister van Justitie over "de diefstal van persoonsgegevens
    en de veiligheid van het internet" (nr. P1114)

    11.01 Roel Deseyn (CD&V): Mevrouw de minister, we blijven bij het thema criminaliteit, maar overstijgen de
    grenzen van de Eurometropool. We hebben het nu over het virtuele internet. Jammer genoeg is ook daar
    wereldwijd veel criminaliteit vast te stellen. Heel recente feiten in ons land illustreren dat pijnlijk. Denk maar aan
    de slachtoffers van hackers van internetbankrekeningen of aan de klanten van een uitzendkantoor waarvan
    persoonlijke identiteitsgegevens te grabbel werden gegooid.

    Als er op de snelweg een vrachtwagen kantelt, is de schade duidelijk: er is ladingverlies, men kuist het zand op
    en kan de schuldigen aanwijzen. Als er op de informatiesnelweg grote ongelukken gebeuren, als er bijvoorbeeld
    gegevens worden gelekt of verdwijnen, zijn de gevolgen daarvan meestal niet te overzien. Die zijn ook niet
    beperkt in de tijd. Er is niet alleen een breuk in het vertrouwen in het medium, maar er is ook de aantasting van
    de privacy.

    Over de schade ten opzichte van de persoonlijke levenssfeer als bijvoorbeeld identiteitsgegevens, paswoorden,
    pincodes of log-ingegevens worden gehackt, heb ik de volgende vragen. Overigens, u hebt ongetwijfeld de
    gevolgen aan de lijve ondervonden, nu uw collega vandaag een nummerplaat op Twitter heeft gegooid. Dat soort
    praktijken zijn niet vrijblijvend en dergelijke gegevens gaan een eigen leven leiden in de virtuele realiteit.
    In een reactie afgelopen week stelde de privacycommissie dat er weinig rechtsmiddelen zijn om hiertegen op te
    treden. De privacycommissie kan ook geen straf uitspreken, maar enkel bemiddelen. De privacycommissie telt
    dan ook nog maar eens één informatica-adviseur, wat op zichzelf reeds problematisch is. Er is een meldplicht
    voor datalekken bij telecomoperatoren; de betreffende wet hebben wij onlangs goedgekeurd.
    De problematiek is echter veel ruimer dan bij telecomoperatoren. Er is ook de Europese aanbeveling dat ieder lek onmiddellijk wordt gesignaleerd. Onze fractievoorzitter zou kunnen getuigen dat onze fractie daarover een
    interessant voorstel heeft ingediend, namelijk dat er een verplichte aanmelding moet zijn wanneer er een datalek
    is. Welke prioriteit krijgen privacydelicten bij het parket? Zijn er cijfers over aangiftes en veroordelingen? Zult u de privacywet versterken? De Open Vld-fractie is het thema genegen.
    Komen er administratieve sancties? Hoe denkt u over de verplichte aanmelding van datalekken? Welke
    maatregelen vallen er op korte termijn te nemen? De problematiek overstijgt per definitie onze landsgrenzen en
    zal dus het voorwerp uitmaken van een Europese bespreking. Welk standpunt zult u daarover innemen op
    Europese fora?

    11.02 Minister Annemie Turtelboom: Mijnheer de voorzitter, collega’s, ik zal u het cijfermateriaal later bezorgen.
    Gezien het korte tijdsbestek heb ik dat immers niet kunnen opvragen. Algemeen voorziet de privacywet erin dat de verantwoordelijke voor de verwerking van gegevens de gepaste technische en organisatorische maatregelen moet nemen, opdat persoonsgegevens tegen inbreuken op veiligheid, en zoals in uw voorbeeld datalekken, worden beschermd. Die maatregelen moeten zorgen voor het passend beschermingsniveau afhankelijk van het niveau van bescherming dat nodig is. Er is inderdaad een nieuwe Europese wetgeving in de maak, zowel bij de
    Europese Unie als bij de Raad van Europa. Op het ogenblik zijn twee Europese instanties daarmee bezig.
    Daarbij voorziet men in de verplichting voor de verantwoordelijke voor de aanpak van datalekken om de lekken,
    en meer in het algemeen inbreuken op de veiligheid, te melden aan de autoriteiten die bevoegd zijn voor de
    Uiteraard steunen wij die voorstellen. Er wordt in beide voorstellen ook voorzien in de mogelijkheid om administratieve sancties op te leggen. Het is evident dat de uitkomst van die onderhandeling op Europees niveau een gevolg zal hebben voor de Belgische privacywetgeving. Wij zullen die moeten aanpassen en dat is, denk ik, een goede zaak. In dit stadium van de onderhandelingen kan ik nog niet zeggen op welke punten wij de wetgeving allemaal zullen moeten aanpassen. Wij volgen de werkzaamheden op Europees vlak, onder andere van de werkgroepen, nauwgezet. De bescherming van persoonsgegevens, zeker met datalekken, is immers van heel groot belang.

    11.03 Roel Deseyn (CD&V): Mevrouw de minister, ik dank u voor uw antwoord en voor de aandacht die u aan
    de problematiek schenkt. Het is echter duidelijk dat de privacywetgeving stringent moet zijn en dat er controles
    moeten zijn op de effectieve, adequate bescherming van de gegevens, met liefst nog een ex-antecontrole, voor
    een systeem helemaal operationeel wordt.
    De privacywetgeving mag echter niet fnuikend zijn. Het is heel belangrijk dat ondernemingen en zeker de
    overheid maximaal gegevens kunnen gebruiken, die op een vlotte wijze worden ontsloten. Echter, precies om het
    vertrouwen te behouden, is het zo belangrijk dat er een flankerend veiligheidsbeleid is. Ik ben blij dat u niet met
    een oplossing bent gekomen in de stijl van het afnemen van de Belgische nationaliteit aan alle hackers. Een en
    ander moet structureel worden aangepakt. U bent tegen de straffeloosheid. Ik hoop dat er met grote
    doortastendheid zal worden opgetreden tegen zulke privacymisdrijven, dat de commissie alle wapens in handen
    zal krijgen om informatieveiligheid af te dwingen en dat wij kunnen zeggen dat ook op dat punt de regering een
    blok is en de middelen zal vrijmaken. Ik heb hard gepleit voor wat men nu de internetpompiers noemt, het CERT of Computer Emergency Response Team, dat computer- en netwerkincidenten bestrijdt en de netwerkinfrastructuur verdedigt. Ik denk dat de Federale Overheidsdienst ICT daarin een belangrijke
    versterkende rol heeft te spelen en dring dan ook aan op een betere financiering en een verankering van het CERT.
    Het incident is gesloten.

    for the readers : belsec is more than only blogging :)

    Even if the CERT has some things to change if it wants to stay ahead of the curve, it needs a permanent funding and sufficient resources.

  • the spam avatars under blogs

    they say your website is good, your posting is interesting and all that kind of texts that they are repeating under so many other blogs and forums

    why : probably has something to do with google ranking (backlinks) with trying to get you back and with catching visitors reading comments

    this is just a sample (oh it will pass any spamfilters that doesn't use the spamwords for the names of the members or avatars) just to give you some idea

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  • how investors see the web2.0 unpaid slaves

    amazing future profitability of Facebook's business model. At Facebook, remember, the users and advertisers create all the content. Facebook just makes the platform. There are big fixed costs in developing the platform--a software developer costs the same whether you have 1 user or 1 billion users

    as long as people put all that content for free on your site, there is no problem

    once they don't like your platform anymore and they leave or stop uploading that much or closing it more and more to lesser and lesser people (because you screw up the privacypolicy)

    than you are going down

    like myspace and yahoo

  • turning the box around instead of thinking out of the box (Microsoft tablet)

    Apple said it couldn't be done

    Asus and other adapted a laptop so it could also be used as a tablet

    Microsoft did it again


    "Microsoft flipped it -- and, as a result, nailed the concept. Design a good tablet first, then figure out how to do a really cool keyboard.  After all, hybrids are all about the keyboard. And maybe Microsoft is simply showing us that keyboards need to change in a big way for convergence to work."

    well this can turn everything upside down

    * I lose too much time typing on my tablet, I type very very fast on a keyboard on a tablet I only lose time if I type.

    * Android 4 will come with folders because this is the one reason I really start hating Android 3.2 - I would like to organise the things on my screen in folders and not through apps and other trics - because as a PC user I download a lot of applets (for Free) but the organisation is a mess (I am glad it is coming to my tablet in august)

    It makes me thing about the other critical times Microsoft turned the thing around by throwing away the box

    * the browser when it was clear it became critical

    * windows XP (still very popular), windows7 (correction of windows vista) and now windows 8 (the real windows7)

    * turning around the securityprinciples of its products (and making it so very hard for open source to compete)

    It didn't work always with everything, but this is very very critical because once you have tablet at home, it stays at home and there is something else that doesn't come in anymore (desktop or extra laptop)

    one last thing, it is the network that is even more important than the tablet, if your tablet works with your smartphones, your printer, your pc and eventually your tv (or homesecurity cam) than it is the central piece of the home

    maybe Microsoft can make it also safer by design and by installation (without you having to do something)

    I am always amazed when big firms are capable of turning things totally upside down while the other inventors just continue to cash in on something that they once invented.

    Let the battle begin.

    last thing : develop something really easy for people to make their own personal apps or interface à la igoogle or netvibes

    for website owners : some sites will really lose webtraffic and will only be used by tablets (I have about 30 sites I will never go to on the web again - ever)

  • After the mp3 player, the watch and other stuff has the attack on scanners begun

    Scanbox, created by Australian design company Limemouse, works as a miniature studio in a box perfect for scanning documents (up to A4 size), receipts, 3D objects, or even a page from a book.


    At first glance, the $15 Scanbox may appear like some sort of strange geometric shape, but the peculiar design optimizes lighting conditions for the perfect shot. It only takes a few moments to set up the device, as the user simply aligns a few high-strength magnets built into the box.

    it is funded by social funding with a lot of investors

    it seems a bit small for a tablet

    the scanner app of the android applet is not really what it should do

  • 3G in Brussels : a real hassle that frustrates

    Brussels has its own ecological norms for the 3G antennas and the effect of lowering its power to the ridiculuous low standards is something - as someone working in Brussels - you see immediately

    When you are walking you lose your connection and your bandwith is not that great so your connection is slow and you must have patience but patience wears out

    off course as a Telenet or Belgacom user you also have FON or hotspot but you have to reconnect each time when you pass from one to another. This is not a mobile solution.

    Mobile internet everywhere anywhere is not possible in Brussels for the moment. Brussels, the european capital with more international organisations that any other city in the world has no real mobile internet that really works like the name says.