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  • human geography is now an important part of us international foreign operations

     "Human geography is a multi-discipline study of the Earth and how people move across it, where they gather and how they interact there. It combines numerous fields including history, political science, economics, geology, urban studies and anthropology. Studying human geography can be very important for soldiers, Lohman said, noting on-the-ground knowledge can indicate what is normal and what is out of place in a society, a province or a village.


    In five deployments to Iraq with Special Forces, Lohman said, “we learned everything about an area before going there.” The important part of that learning, wasn't just the facts like what percentage of the populations was urban or who the local power players were, but “how is this going to affect what we're doing when we're there.” In short, area analysis and mission analysis, he said.


    While human geography isn't a panacea for every military challenge, “it can provide a greater understanding of this world we live in and hopefully, we'll make fewer mistakes,” he said.

  • why the securitychecks on airplanes will become even more stringent soon

    there are new fears and threats

    "The U.S. government had obtained intelligence that associates of an al Qaeda affiliate in Syria – the Al Nusrah Front – and extreme elements of other radical groups were being joined by operatives from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the Yemen-based group behind the failed underwear bomb plot on Christmas Day 2009 and the plot a year later to take down cargo planes over the United States with explosives packed into printer cartridges.

    And the groups are jointly working to produce new and “creative” designs for nonmetallic explosives, leading U.S. analysts to believe that the group of radicals, who have worked with Al Nusrah Front, might be looking to target a U.S.- or European-bound plane, sources told ABC News.

    the first problem is that the different groups have united their 'scientific' and 'organizing' talents in setting up new kinds of attacks against Airlines (because an attack against an airline has an enormous political, PR and economic impact)

    the second problem is that with thousands of youngsters with international passports fighting in Syria (which is one of the main reasons to stop this war with all means as soon as possible) it will become much easier to bypass all profiling and databases to only double check certain persons

    so don't be surprised if you have to be three hours before departure in the airport, if you are questioned more thoroughly and if for any reason or suspicion you are refused boarding

  • the new modernist helmet for the US army

    It's hard to look at the US Army's latest helmet and not think of Halo, but the design does serve a purpose beyond gaming chic. Its latest "soldier of the future" concept would not only protect grunts in high heat and humidity, but also shield them from chemical and biological agents. While much bulkier tech already exists for that, such a model would use a fan embedded directly into the filtration system to suck air from the side of the mask and blast it across the nose. Tests done on an M50 gas mask modified with the tech proved it to be just as effective as with bigger units, but more comfortable for GI's during intense drills. The design is just a render for now, but if the army is going to look to video games for design inspiration, we think they should go bigger.

  • new alqaida ISIL in Syria is in fact becomig a global factor (and its foreign fighters)

    The UN estimates the number of foreign fighters in Syria at a minimum of 7,000. Not all of them join the ISIL, but its recruiters are roaming the Turkish borders to catch inexperienced volunteers and use them as cannon fodder for their global propaganda and suicide attacks. Syria is far more accessible than any jihadi battlefield in the past, and the ISIL is now bracing for a sustained global campaign from the core of the Middle East.


    The foreign recruits will not significantly enhance the ISIL’s fighting force in the current battles in Syria. Instead, they are basically a trump card to magnify the international outreach of Baghdadi’s networks—first in the jihadi diaspora and later as potential operatives in their home countries. The Sinai-based jihadi faction known as Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, which is presently the most active jihadi group in Egypt, has already endorsed the ISIL, and many others are also tempted to switch publicly their allegiance from Zawahiri to Baghdadi. The clock is ticking—and it is no longer only about Syria

    Now that the leadership of ISIL had decided that it wants to become a global jihadi force it wants to use those foreign figthers not only as war meat in Syria but also as foreign cells, recruiters and travelling terrorists. Knowing that there are people from many countries and cultures have joined the rebels in Syria because of what they saw on the news (and the inaction of the humanitarian west to even impose a nofly zone) you can see as they have joined the (wrong) rebels ISIL has in fact build at one battefield there soldiers for their global reach

    It is also very important to note that the leadership of ISIL is patient (just as Bin Laden was) and that it understands that only those who have a longterm strategy and vision will survive and not those who are looking for instant victories or fame. This means that it is possible that they will take time to extend, export and integrate their worldwide network over the world and wait for the perfect moment to attack at will.

  • #syria this is the situation on the ground

    there are some losses and some wins but nothing that is fundamental or that can't be changed again only because of the infighting between the rebels they have more diffuculty resisting large scale attacks by the regime


    and from the 357 belgians who departed this information is known


  • the terrortweet to American Airlines that will throw a girl's life into hell

    it was a joke

    not a sick joke but a joke which will make you sick

    for a long time because before that she will be cleared and everybody will have forgotten her

    she is in for a long though ride

    meanwhile others are copying here but I suppose that they are working with proxies or so

  • #kiev Russia didn't give the US essential information about the Boston bombers

    First, here's what Russia did do: In 2011, after Tamerlan visited the restive Russian province of Dagestan, Russian officials told the FBI that he "was a follower of radical Islam and a strong believer" and "had changed drastically since 2010 as he prepared to leave the United States for travel to the country's region to join unspecified underground groups," The Times reports.


    Based on these warnings, the FBI examined Tamerlan's school, criminal, and internet records; and interviewed him, his parents, and friends. When that turned up nothing, FBI agents in Moscow asked Russian intelligence for more information. Russia declined. After the bombing, Russia turned over some other information, like an intercepted call between Tamerlan and his mother in which they discussed Islamic jihad. According to the inspector general's report, that information could have given the FBI more legal authority to monitor Tamerlan.

    the last phrase means in fact that they would have come on the terrorist watch list and would have the total monitoring of the NSA-FBI-DHS and so on turned on them

    maybe they wouldn't have found anything, maybe they would and if they would have found something it is not sure that the information would have arrived at the right desk (but now they have a DHS for that to make sure that this doesn't happen again)

    but now the investigation didn't have the authority to unleash 'everything they've got' so that somebody paranoid enough could 'on a hush feeling' take all the measures necessary to prevent an attack 'on his watch'

  • tunneling drugs across the American border

    Members of the San Diego Tunnel Task Force, in collaboration with their enforcement counterparts in Mexico, this week uncovered two sophisticated smuggling tunnels connecting commercial buildings in San Diego’s Otay Mesa industrial park with warehouses in neighboring Tijuana, Mexico.



    According to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the first tunnel -- approximately 600 yards in length -- was discovered Tuesday evening “based on evidence developed during a five-month probe by the task force.”



    DHS said Friday that the passageway – which is equipped with lighting, a crude rail system and wooden trusses – “is accessed down a 70-foot shaft secured by a cement cover. The builders had installed a pulley system at the tunnel’s US entrance to hoist contraband up into the warehouse. The warehouse itself was filled with a variety of children’s toys, including plastic three-wheelers and boxes of televisions similar to the merchandise found in the warehouse linked to the smuggling tunnel uncovered locally in October 2013.”

  • the new helicopter drone toy of the US navy

    source http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=80104

    Kaman K-Max helicopter equipped with the Autonomous Aerial Cargo/Utility System (AACUS) technology lifts off during an Office of Naval Research (ONR) demonstration held at the Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va.

  • Interpol warned in....2007 for the dangers of not checking the airline passengers for stolen passports

    In May 2007, INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble warned the Senate Committee on the Judiciary’s Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security that countries which do not provide their border control officers at airports and other points of entry with direct access to INTERPOL’s database on Stolen and Lost Travel Documents (SLTD) are leaving their citizens exposed to grave danger.



    Noble told US lawmakers that terrorists’ use of stolen travel documents represents a gaping hole in global security. The INTERPOL chief -- a former Department of Treasury Under Secretary for Enforcement – said “The decision therefore by [then] Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to give Customs and Border Protection [CBP] officers access to INTERPOL’s database by the end of 2007 is one which should be welcomed as a significant step forward in enhancing border security.”



    “Clearly,” Noble told the committee, “the next step is for all border officers at all airports and other points of entry in all countries around the world to be given access to INTERPOL’s SLTD database, and for the support network to be put in place to ensure that any country registering a hit can immediately receive any necessary follow-up information.”



    More recently, Noble warned that “The bad news is that, despite being incredibly cost effective and deployable to virtually anywhere in the world, only a handful of countries are systematically using SLTD to screen travelers … The result is a major gap in our global security apparatus that is left vulnerable to exploitation by criminals and terrorists."



    “Stolen blank passports [are] among the most prized resources for those attempting to enter a country under a false identity,” INTERPOL said in a statement

  • this is an example of a wireless network for first responders during emergencies

    Motorola Solutions, Inc. announced Thursday that it was selected by the Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communication System Authority (LA-RICS) to develop the wireless Public Safety Broadband Network (PSBN) for Los Angeles County.



    The planned network will serve the region’s more than 34,000 law enforcement, fire and health service professionals and more than 80 public safety agencies. It will give first responders high-speed, wireless access to mission-critical data for routine, emergency and catastrophic events.



    “Proceeding with this wireless Public Safety Broadband Network for the Los Angeles region will assist LA-RICS in fulfilling its goal of providing the finest public safety grade mission-critical communications to the region’s public safety professionals,” said LA-RICS Executive Director Patrick Mallon

    that would be as big as Belgium - or the most important centers (Antwerp, Seabrugge, Gent, Brussels, Liege, Charlerio)

  • MH370 we know where the plane is :)

    it is 'LOST' on an island with thousands of camera's

    for new tv reality episode

    the only person who knew this would be happening died in the crash

    so it is now a real tv reality series

    they will come back in 2015

    and everybody not on the plane is in the coup and is playing their part

    just to hype up the new series

  • now every terrorist knows that only three countries use always the stole passports database for airtravel

    The Stolen and Lost Travel Documents (SLTD) database was set up by Interpol in the 12 months following the September 11 2001 attacks on the US, and has since grown from a few thousand records and searches to more than 40 million entries and more than 800 million searches per year.


    Active checkers include the US, UK and United Arab Emirates. Figures were not given for Australian usage.

    So this means that any other country you have a big chance that if you steal a passport from somebody more or less looking like you a few days before you will have decided to hijack an airplane or blow it up there is little chance they will know

    and you have free entry

  • F-35 fighter plane in Belgium debated while the US military have enormous doubts themselves

    This is the kind of headlines this week in our newspapers (we have no choice but to buy the F-35) says an 'expert'

    But who fails to mention the following article and report that was in the US Press the same day - and in fact is the result of tests and discussions and opposition in the US military itself  (PS nobody is debating that the F16 must be updated, the question is by which kind of plane and when and what for). He says that these problems will go away soon but forgets that not everyone is so convinced about that in the US military itself. Holland already commanded the F-35.

    "The U.S. Defense Department’s newest and most advanced fighter jet has cracked during testing and isn’t yet reliable for combat operations, the Pentagon’s top weapons tester said in new report.

    The entire F-35 fleet was grounded last February after a crack was discovered in a turbine blade of an F-35A. While the order was subsequently lifted, more cracks have been discovered in other areas and variants of the Lockheed Martin Corp.-made plane, according to the latest annual report by J. Michael Gilmore, director of Operational Test and Evaluation.

    Durability testing of the F-35A, the Air Force’s version of the plane designed to take off and land on conventional runways, and the F-35B, the Marine Corps’ model that can take off like a plane and land like a helicopter, revealed “significant findings” of cracking in engine mounts, fuselage stiffeners, and bulkhead and wing flanges, according to the document. A bulkhead actually severed at one point, it states.

    “All of these discoveries will require mitigation plans and may include redesigning parts and additional weight,” Gilmore wrote in the report.


  • how is your evacutionplan from the Russian terror Olympics ?

    The Americans are so sure that there are actually terrorists at the venue of the Russian Olympics that they have moved enough ships and helicopters near the scene to be sure that they can extract any US person or athlete from the scene whenever that would be needed. Also the athletes and the press have received strict rules of advice to guarantee their security.

    The Russians are quite angry about that but who cares ? They only screwed up by sending much too late enough police forces to the region so that anyone untill january could have entered the zone without any control or securitycheck. They hope now that the 40.000 man and women they have sent in a hurry will be enough to intercept, stop or kill any terrorist before he or she shoots some-one or blows him- or herself to thousand pieces (and the propaganda festivities also)

    Look at Munich 1972

    nobody remembers it for anything sportive that happened

    by the way how is your security at the premises and your evacuation plan ?

    don't say that you didn't know that one was needed because if the US makes so many preparations to have one it is that there is enough scatter on the monitored communications that something is being prepared (and each time the scatter falls silent a few days before the real attack)

  • acces control at Super Bowl was very risky indeed (even if it was only a nutter)

    The 30-year-old man who interrupted Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith's postgame news conference to demand an investigation into 9/11 says he used an old festival credential to get past what was supposed to be air-tight security at MetLife Stadium.


    Matthew Mills, an independent journalist from Brooklyn and self-described 9/11 truther, told NJ.com he wanted to see how close he could get to the game and conduct "some fan interviews."


    Whenever security personnel noticed his badge was different than those given to credentialed media, Mills said he explained he was in a hurry.


    "I just said I was running late for work and I had to get in there," Mills said. "It was that simple.


    "I didn't think that I'd get that far," he continued. "I just kept getting closer and closer. Once I got past the final gate and into the stadium, I was dumbfounded."


    After the game, Mills says he walked into the media tent, where Smith was being interviewed. He walked up to the podium and grabbed the microphone.


    “Investigate 9/11," Mills said as Smith looked on. "9/11 was perpetrated by people within your own government.”

  • the new sniper gun that will change all wars because you don't need training


    With only a few minutes of instruction on the weapon, this correspondent was able to hit a target almost 1,000 yards away on the first shot. Of the 70 or so reporters and other novice shooters who tested the weapon on Monday at a range in Boulder City, Nev., only one or two missed the target, which was located about 980 yards away, according to Schauble.

    “That is a better day than usual,” he said. “I would say we’re at about 70 percent first-shot success probability at 1,000 yards … with inexperienced shooters.”

    before becoming a sniper demanded extended training

    this is the sniper gun for dummies

    it also changes everything about the protection of VIP's - if this stays possible if this weapon should be available at the market at an uncontrolled volume

  • Why Putin is panicking over the security of the Winter Olympics in Sochi

    The Winter Olympics in Sochi are just a few weeks away, and after the recent twin suicide bombings in Volgograd, all eyes are on Russian security. Most daily news reports are about Putin’s supposedly impenetrable “Fortress Sochi”—but a Russian news crew caught a train into Sochi last week and didn’t have to pass through a single checkpoint.


    Local news outlet Sovetskaya Kuban filmed this video two days before the sweeping new security measures were added on Jan. 7, and after the Volgograd bombings, which occurred on Dec. 29 and 30. It shows a gaping hole in Russian security: Plenty of potential terrorists could have entered prior to the 7th, like this news crew.

    or just one - maybe the one the Tchetchen rebels announced would bomb the games in a recent video

    so he has sent out thousands of extra police, demanded the cooperation of the US (in fact NSA and CIA who will come over with lots of technology and intelligence I suppose) and arrested thousands of people all over Russia suspected of some link to something they wanted to know more about.

    there is no doubt that this report has not gone unnoticed and that security had to be stepped up dramatically to change the risk factor his way as the instable regions with guerillamovements are not that far from the place where the games are taking place

    but homesexuals shouldn't fear something as long as they don't talk with or look at kids - or maybe everybody should keep their kids at home because there are homosexuals walking around (and for once they shouldn't wear rose or rainbows or any other things that make them distinctive not to provoke the Russians)

  • hundreds of European youngsters trapped in the Syrian killing fields

    They went to Syria to combat Assad and were recruited by islamist networks - but were themselves not necessarily as radical as their leaders - at the time when all different rebel groiups were combating the Syrian Army and making advancements.

    They are now in Syria trapped in a very bloody fight without any mercy between Al Qaida - to which some of the groups adhere to - and the 'formal' rebel groups who have decided that the plan from Al Qaida to constitute an informal 'Islamic zone' from the north of Syria to the North of Iraq had to be defeated - beginning in Syria if they wanted to have any support from any other nation and didn't want to keep on fighting for years to come - while millions of refugees live around Syria in miserable conditions waiting to return.

    Meanwhile the border with Turkey is now back under control of the formal rebelgroups and is now closed to new foreign fighters who are lingering around untill they can be smuggled across the border or are expelled by the authorities (even if some observers ask themselves how they could have gotten so far into Turkey without being turned back).

    This means in fact that hundreds of Young Europeans are now trapped into Syria and it is not sure that each of them want to stay there and wants to keep on figthing - if they were ever send into battle and nobody is even thinking about how to get them out of there - if they would like to get out.

    We are more worrying - against all the statsitical and other evidence - that all of them would become terrorists in our country - even if some can be and will for ever be dangerous. But meanwhile hundreds of people are being killed each week in the battle between the formal and the AlQaida groups - of which probably also young Europeans.

    If we stand by and look it is as if they we are saying that 'they deserve it' even if it is not clear if all of them had any intention of becoming embroiled in an murderous war between AlQaida and the Formal rebel army.

    They should at least have the possibility to surrender to the Red Cross during a truce in that internal fight and go home - whatever the governments will do to receive them and monitor them (which for Belgium could be a problem as our proportion of Foreign Fighters in Syria is one of the highest for Europe and our securityservices are not used to monitor up to 200 possibly trained AlQaida figthers of which some may be so indoctrinated). Besides we have also seen after the Yougoslav and Tchetchen wars that warriors among the refugees used their combat skills for criminal activity and that warweapons were being used - which poses new security questions to our police forces.

    In an BBC interview some Syrian official says that many western intelligence services had contacted the Assad regime lately because they became worried - as they were during the Yougoslav civil war - that the war (just as any war in fact) would become a breeding ground for a new Alqaida generation of fighters who would return afterwards to their homes trained and radicalised.

    For some this will be a complot to have as many of them killed as possible before they can return. It is up to the government to prove otherwise. For humanitarian reasons and for those who don't want to stay because that was not their intention and they don't want to die fighting other Syrian rebels but fighting a dictatorship who without much regret already killed more than 100.000 of his own people.

  • the security questions about the affaire of French President Hollande

    French President Hollande went 10 times to Rue du Cirque (Circus street - where the media circus descended on) with the bodyguards and security and his physical security was not immediately in any danger and the rumours about the socalled links of the owner of the appartement and Corsican bandits were not as true as the headlines said but

    there were two major security problems

    * one is that the securitypeople didn't notice that someone had rented an appartement nearly opposite to the loversnest of the President and instead of a journalist there could have been a sniper targeting the president so this means that the environnement of where the President was going wasn't as thoroughly researched and investigated as it should have been - even if this would have arisen more suspicions

    * this securitystaff is as leaky as a press conference and very personal details and are being leaked to the press which proves that there are still friends of his main political foe, ex-president Sarkozy using and abusing their connections - but even if Sarkozy had a warcabinet of people from the police and the intelligence world (in a way that even Nixon would have been jealous) didn't help him win the election after all

    but if you can't trust your own team of security- and intelligencepeople who are there to protect your safely, than who can you trust and trust needs descrition

    these two pressing issues will have to be settled quite quickly because they could spell more problem if they aren't