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  • from unmanned drones to unmanned helicopters to war without soldiers

    this is a milestep advancement because you could much more with helicopters than with drones


  • daily chaos in Libye (and how to rob a national bank)

    Gunmen rob millions from Libya's central bank. Boatloads of protesters storm an oil terminal like pirates. Tribesmen block a port - and contradict the prime minister when he tells the nation it will reopen soon.

    Libyans have become accustomed to chaos in a country flooded with weaponry where militias and tribes call the shots, two years after NATO bombing helped rebels topple Muammar Gaddafi.

    But the daylight robbery of $55 million from a Central Bank van suggested that Prime Minister Ali Zeidan's cabinet is losing the struggle to provide security and build state institutions.

    Ten gunmen intercepted the van on Monday when it left the airport in Sirte, a former Gaddafi stronghold, snatching the cash flown in from Tripoli for the local central bank branch.

    "The security situation is very bad in Sirte. When I heard about the robbery, I thought I was reading a detective story," said Ali Dhau, a former head of the city's local council.

    Sirte, a central coastal town near Gaddafi's birthplace, has escaped the violence rife in cities such as Benghazi in the east, where assassinations and bombings are part of daily life.

  • and what if is was the NSA what would you do Di Rupo

    if you could link this breach directly to the NSA - especially as it is two years old (still have the logs boys and that is all the logs that you would need to be able to find out exactly what happened and than hope that all the others who would need to give you more information to backtrace the hack (proxies, other countries, tor,.....) would be able to give you more information.)

    by the way - if I was the chinese or russians I would hack everywhere in the west now - using the vulnerable parts of the US infrastructure so there would be tracing to the US - because now everybody thinks automatically that it is the NSA

    far stretched ?

    hey, you are in the espionage world and there nothing is necessarily what it looks like at first sight .....

    but what would or could you do ?

    protest and make some public noise that everybody will just sit out and wait untill it is forgotten by far more important things (just like the Echelon investigations in 2001 in both continents have been placed in a time capsule after 9/11 just at the moment they were becoming the basis for reforms and new proposals for laws and frameworks)

    so nothing

    it would be much wiser to use this momentum to get the parliament to accept the necessary reforms and money for the cyberdefense of our critical infrastructure (20 people and 4 million is the lowest estimate) and to organise the cybersecurity coordination under your auspices and to get everybody in Belgium to take up their responsability and do something (instead of talking about what should have been done and other big plans and designs).

  • Belgacom BICS'hack' : a question for our national intelligence services

    Maybe we have thrown away the duck which laid the golden eggs in our battle against terrorism without knowing it (rushing forward without thinking strategically and from all the different options)

    the last few years the Belgian intelligence have stopped different terrorist plots on its territory planning to bomb or attack national or international targets (one of which was Kleine Brogel where the US keeps some nuclear weapons and where protestors each time succeed in climbing over the fences (not really defences))

    even if Brussels is a likely terrorist target by excellence we have survived the last years without the stress and warlike exceptional powers that normally come with this position (maybe because all would-like terrorists are now heading to Syria for Martyrdom sic)

    our national intelligence services said they received a lot of information from the NSA without ever knowing where it exactly came from (but as the arrests were in Brussels the calls and communications have to have a connection here)

    our national intelligence services need some approval from different instances before they can start using their 'special methods' although this seems good at first sight if it is proven now that the intelligence from the NSA is stopping after the discovery of this 'hack' than you can't be sure that the national intelligence services will have under the present conditions enough intelligence to be able to stop such planning before it gets into stages which are more difficult to control (the Belgians have the good sense of not waiting untill the planning of the attack is nearly finished because you may never know for sure how many other cells or lone wolfs are out there)

    If it received those indications and first-stage warnings from the NSA based on this tap (if it was the NSA) and the tap is removed or the NSA doesn't give any information any more to show how important this information could be - than there is a big problem

    and that problem will have to be resolved very quickly because you can't leave any dark holes in your monitoring because you could miss something or lose a trail - and the question for parliament and the ministers will be the following

    now that our intelligence services will receive no or very little information about suspicious communications between Belgium and some failed states (Yemen) or fundamentalist states (Soedan) that are known to have some important terrorist activity - how will we fill this void ourselves without harming the privacy of all the other communications but knowing this will have to be faster and more global and intensive (more resources) than before

    you can't rely solely on your big brother who is spending on intelligence without counting to receive the tips so you can follow and arrest suspicious or dangerous persons on your territory (and I am here talking about terrorists, not about activists or dissidents) and than expect than you won't have to invest and to increase the powers of your intelligence services if you cut them out of the loop ?

  • remembering 9 11 on tv - retransmission of the original VRT newseditions

    stays impressive

    but it is also embarassing to hear that in the chaos of the first hour they said that also the capitol was on fire - saying that cnn said so and that they would show pictures of it - those would never come of course

    and the emotion on the faces of the politicians and the journalists

    this was live journalism without the social media without much verification and some lack of professionalism and research

    after a while you feel embarrassed

    but you know that nowadays you don't have to depend on Television and the journalists to know what is happening

    they are totally secondary and if they mess it up like that day, you are free to go on the web to whatever source which is more credible and professional and has invested more in its resources

    if you want us today to watch the news, the news has not to be faster or more entertaining but more informative and correct

    ps they clearly indicated that it was a retransmission before somebody would think this was real (again)

  • the two basic options for a military action in Syria

    Photo de Batoul Yori.


    1. bomb the military airports (there are about 52 of them left) except those who store the chemical weapons

    * the neighborhoods around won't be bombed as much

    * some of the airports may be overrun by the rebels, getting arms (if anything is left after the bombing)

    * there is a de facto no flyzone because nearly nothing flies anymore

    2. bomb Damascus (the military and governmental centers that is)

    * holding Damascus at any cost is what makes them do things like this

    * those decisions are taken in Damascus

    * the rebels can strengthen their position in Damascus or even advance


    well it will be on wednesday or after friday (the day of prayers because you don't want a bunch of radical preachers all over the world calling this friday to protest against the US

    it means that the terrorism risk for Europe has increased or didn't diminish

  • why tiny drones and smart dust taggants will replace most license to kill operations

    ON A dusty road in northern Pakistan, a nondescript vehicle rounds a corner. Fifty metres overhead, a tiny drone buzzes unseen, spraying a fine mist across the vehicle's roof as it passes below. The vehicle is now tagged, and can be tracked from many kilometres away by an infrared scanner on a larger drone.


    This scenario may soon be played out now that Voxtel, a firm in Beaverton, Oregon, has won a US Air Force contract to develop a drone-based tagging system. Voxtel makes tagging materials – taggants – that can be used to discreetly label vehicles carrying smuggled goods, or people who are involved in civil disobedience or attempting to cross international borders illegally.


    Interest in tagging technology has been driven in part by growing pressure on the White House over civilian deaths in US drone attacks. During a recent visit to Pakistan, US Secretary of State John Kerry stated that drone strikes there will end "very, very soon". Tagging by drones would allow people to be tracked for subsequent arrest.

    imagine this for spying

  • the second battle for Damascus and maybe some panick led to the gas attack

    * the secular and the jihadist opposition have not extended the local violent clashes between some local brigades, which means that at the front they are still fighting together

    * even if the US and the western powers didn't act on their promises, the Saoudi are said to have invested now lots of money in the secular armed opposition (which is normal if you look at the map of the Arabian region you will see that if Syria falls Saoudi Arabia and Kuwait will be the two important powerbrokers, especially if the situation in Egypt becomes more stable and the islamic government in Tunesia is forced to open itself for the secular parties)

    * lately they have overrun some important military installations in the North and have found very important heavy military weapons (of which hundreds of antitank missiles) which could change the balance of power in Aleppo

    * strategically everbody knows that the only real quick breakthrough has to happen in Damascus if the military opposition is to overthrow the regime or push it back to the Coastal region leaving the rest of the country in its hands (which is said to be also the plan B of the regime)

    which means that if the regime thinks that with the new money, weapons and the unity the armed opposition could force its way through the last lines of defense between the neighborhoods under 'control' of the armed opposition and the city center (which wouldn't appear so normal anymore on tv) it make take dramatic measures - even against its own interests - just to survive (hoping that china and russia still play their role of dictatorial crooks of the world)

    that is why the use of chemical weapons is not accidental

    they are sending a message

    we will kill everybody indiscriminate to keep the center of Damascus and in fact stay in power

    so long as the rest of the world lets itself be blackmailed by China and Russia into doing nothing and watching in horror how the most illegal and inhuman weapons are used against civileans

    maybe we shouldn't be sending humanitarian help - we should send bombers and kick them out of Damascus and Syria and bring them to trial for warcirmes so they can rot in a cell for the rest of their lives (or be hanged if yo believe in the death penalty)

  • antiterrorisme - privacycommissie laat onmiddellijke bijplaatsing van camera's toe

    In deze tijden van verhoogde waakzaamheid (niet alleen in stations) zullen heel wat verantwoordelijken voor de fysieke beveiliging van gebouwen en openbare plaatsen zich de vraag stellen of het mogelijk is om snel nog een aantal meer camera's rond de gebouwen te plaatsen zodat men een completer zicht heeft op wat er rond het gebouw gebeurt. Het is immers moellijker om bijkomend veiligheidspersoneel aan te werven en op te leiden dan een bijkomende camera te plaatsen.

    Ik kan veronderstellen dat tegen 11 september 2014 de nervositeit nog wel zal toenemen, zeker nu de berichten over de planning van aanslagen tegen o.a. transportmiddelen in frankrijk of Benelux specifieker worden

    We zouden kunnen veronderstellen dat het een hele procedure zal zijn om bij de privacycommissie nieuwe camera's toe te voegen. Dit blijkt dus niet het geval te zijn (een goede balans tussen veiligheid en privacy mij dunkt) uit het antwoord van de privacycommissie op mijn vragen hierover.

    * het neemt via electronische weg een dag om nieuwe camera's te melden aan de privacycommissie (het is evenwel noodzakelijk dat je deze formaliteit doet zodat de eventuele bewijslast later wel degelijk volledig ontvankelijk is)

    * de nieuwe beelden worden behandeld zoals de andere beelden (dit wil zeggen je mag ze een maand bijhouden) en de juridische en politionele diensten hebben hier toegang toe

    * de beelden MOGEN langer worden bijgehouden indien ze dienen in het kader van een onderzoek naar een misdrijf (dit kan betekenen in het kader van een terrorisme-onderzoek dat beelden die zouden kunnen wijzen op een 'verkenning' van de gebouwen enige tijd voor de aanslag kunnen bijgehouden worden zodat ze kunnen worden opgevraagd en herbekeken, maar natuurlijk moet er daar een gegronde reden en aanleiding voor zijn)

    * de nieuwe personen die de beelden mogen bekijken moeten zowel een discretieplicht hebben als werken onder een persoon die de beelden kan of moet overdragen aan de politie en de gerechtelijke diensten

    Lees het antwoord van de privacycommissie hier

    In feite laat dit antwoord het toe om het aantal en soort camera's die je rond je instellingen of gebouwen plaatst te moduleren naar aanleiding van evenementen (betogingen) of verhoogde risico's (aanslagen of zelfs bepaalde stormen of werken)

  • camera's en verhoogd terrorisme alert - mijn vraag aan de privacycommissie

    ze is in behandeling maar daarom niet minder interessant


    momenteel is er een procedure voor camera's rond en in gebouwen


    nu is er een zeer hoog terrorisme - alert


    is er en spoedprocedure waardoor mogelijke doelwitten tijdens deze periode kunnen


    * snel bijkomende camera's plaatsen


    * beelden langer kunnen bijhouden zodat indien een aanval vb volgende week plaatsvindt

      men de beelden van de voorbereidende scouting van verleden week ook nog kan gebruiken 


    * beelden in het kader van een antiterrorisme onderzoek of monitoring door meerdere

      bevoegde mensen kunnen worden bekeken zelfs als dit niet is in het kader van een klacht

      of een onderzoek 


    met andere woorden


    is het mogelijk om voor specifieke mogelijke doelwitten gedurende bepaalde perioden eenvoudig en snel meer camera's te plaatsen en de beelden langer bij te houden ?


    het betekent in feite of je in tijden van verhoogd gevaar voor bepaalde mogelijke doelwitten meer veiligheidsmaatregelen kunt nemen zonder eerst te moeten vastzitten in lange procedures en grote beperkingen die nu zijn vastgelegd maar die onder voorwaarden kunnen worden versoepeld.

    we zijn trouwens een land met het hoogste aantal internationale instellingen ter wereld

  • why the al qaida conference call was a wake-up call

    untill recently the discourse was that with the death of Bin Laden and numerous responable people in the hierarchy of Afghanistan they weren't capable of communicating together, coordinating things or setting up big attacks like 9-11 (which was difficult because it involved different persons who had to learn to fly and go to different destinations at different times with different airlines at the same time withoiut knowing one from each other and each level knowing as little as necessary so if one got caught the rest could continue)

    than there was the conference call between all the leaders of the different groups who call themselves affliated or inspired by Al Qaida

    a conference call ?

    we were told that they were so afraid to use the telephone that they used people to transfer messages (who are discoverd and followed right up to the house of Bin Laden)

    a conference call ?

    we were told that they were all lose organisations who didn't communicate much between each other, that the network was falling apart again and that there were huge internal discussions about the strategy to follow

    as if that wasn't enough to throw all that propaganda (we have won the war on Al Qaida)

    they were preparing real terrorist actions of some impact (the Yemen attack that as stopped in its tracks a few days ago which is more or less inspired by the attack on the Algerian oilfield would have been a gamechanger in that country as some cities would be in their hands as would the oil and gaslines be cut off and would a large number of mainly Canadian workers be taken hostage)

    the other particiipants didn't want to stay silent neither and show that they too were thinking about terrorist actions (you can't be a terrorist group without at least planning or talking about terrorist actions) in Belgium and some other places that are only now disclosed one after another (Pakistan was the second front it seems which is not illogical as Lahore has been the scene of much violence the last couple of months and the Pakistanese army and intelligence services don't seem to be able or willing to do much at the moment and the Sinai has been a troublespot for the last two years increasing the dangers for a new Isreali invasion).

    what happens now ?

    * most importantly the information that was captured during these meetings, who were already being taken place and being intercepted since some time and that has led to this big alert will now be cut into pieces of usable analysis and needed actions (you will see what was said when security is being strengthened more at some specific places than at others).

    * well in Le Monde it is written that the drones are now following the list of the people on the conference call and some of them have already been killed since (in Yemen)

    * "Al Qaeda leaders had assumed the conference calls, which give Zawahiri the ability to manage his organization from a remote location, were secure. But leaks about the original intercepts have likely exposed the operation that allowed the U.S. intelligence community to listen in on the al Qaeda board meetings.

    I am not sure why Al Qaida thought that (maybe they believe oall the sales propaganda on the web about secure lines, technologies and so on)

    but maybe enough has been decided and said to be able to do their things in the coming months without any further conference calls (which are such a securityrisk that it is even astonishing that they were being held)

    if Bin Laden would have been alive, he would have said that they are stupid, he didn't even trust mobiles or satellite phones

    oh and al qaida will always be there as long as there is some social or religious reason for people to be willing to be part of it or to be inspired by it, the most important goal is not to combat Al Qaida but the social and economic development of the rest of the world

  • highest terroralert for Belgium ? what should you do as (IT)security ?

    your location

    are a possible target yourself or are you nearby such a target ?

    if yes, you will have to revise all your physical securitymeasures (including the big mailboxes and deliveries)

    also you will have to activate the Business continuity plan and the disaster recovery plan (taking secondary and extensive backups and being sure everybody knows how to contact all the necessary contacts if that should be needed)

    if you already have 'cold backup contracts or options' meaning offices and ITinfrastructure that you can 'hire or lease' on a snap you can inform your serviceprovider that (if you are a possible target) that there is a slim possibility that the contract could be activated  (even if it is as a preventive measure not to have all your personell in the same building) and if you use external officies to upgrade the physical security meanwhile.

    you have to inform your personell that you are now in a 'terroristrisk' timeframe and that they should be much more vigilant about people and boxes inside or around the building (you could anonimize your buildings better even if Googlemaps makes a mockery of that)

    there are handbooks about making offices more terroristpreventive and anti-terrorist policies and even if some of them seem over the top, they have specific interesting things that could sometimes make a difference (for highly potential buildings and persons a saferoom for example)

    maybe it is not a bad time to test your evacuationplans and to do it this time as if it is real (not saying this is a test, but there is a terroralert and everybody should get out now, this is not a joke). only by doing so you will have a realistic view about the real time that will be needed during a real crisis to get all the people in time out of the building (this was effective for thousands of people working in the WTC buildings at the time working under the offices that were hit by the airlines)

    organize weekly meetings of all the securitystaff (physical and IT) to be sure that everything is taken care of

    take this as an exercise, if you don't test it now, you will never know what you should do better except if you get hit the next time (even if terrorist attacks are for the moment very rare in Belgium thanks to an effective National Intelligence Service and our friends at the NSA)

    you should keep in mind that in the best case your building is evacuated and your personnel has a few hours or a day that they won't be able to access the building and in the worst case your building is gone (with everything and everybody in it)

    the impact of that event will depend on your planning and your preparedness

    ps use Google maps to know how far your building is from a possible political target (European commission, presidency, european parliament, american and israeli embassy, american chamber of commerce, big american airline, hotel or firm, NATO, Shape,.....) or a trainstation, metro or airport

    ps look at your website if you aren't giving away too much information about how to access your offices and find the building and limit access to your parking in or around your building

    wouldn't surprise me if the private securityfirms will get a lot of new temperorary contracts and surveillance camera's will pop up everywhere around and in such buildings

  • terroralarm should be on highest level in Belgium, what did you expect ? 11 september 2013

    Well trying getting as a terrorist on a plane to the US and arrive in the US and not being stopped and sent back or being interrogated for hours and followed for days

    try getting in Europe on a plan and land and try really hard to look suspicious - maybe some-one will take the time to interrogate and investigate a bit (except if they are alerted by their American friends that these persons pose some rik)

    and when you land somewhere in the Europe, preferably in the Schengen-Zone (which legally can be suspended now by Belgium as there are sufficient reasons to assume that your territory is under possible danger) than you can travel throughout the whole Schengen zone and you will never have to show your ID to any other policeman (except if they ask for them). You will have to show it to people working for the airlines or TGV  (take the bus or national trains) but they won't recognize a fake passport from a real one because they don't have the training nor the material to detect it nor the listings in their computers to doublecheck if any of their passengers could pose any serious terrorist risk

    and naturally you would expect that we would be a prime target, we have the European Commission, Shape, Nato, 4 nuclear installations, a world port with a huge petrochemical industry and an enormous list of more than 1000 international organisations and representations. You could explode a car bomb anywhere in the center of Brussels and you would also impact one target or another.

    I am not bringing people on ideas, it is this idea that the terrorists have themselves and that they have expressed in their intercepted communications

    so between this communication and the attack itself, there are different possibilities

    * they have already possible cells in Belgium who are now activated and will start scouting the targets and do the effective planning

    * they have possible cells in the Schengenzone who will have to travel to Belgium to start preparing the attack

    * they have posible cells outside of the Schengenzone who will have to travel to Belgium to start preparing the attack

    * they have possible cells outside Europe who will have to travel to Belgium to start preparing the attack

    the timeframe in which an attack becomes possible differs from each situation but being prudent I would say that 11 september 2013 will be a day that will be full of expectancies and securitystress (and afterwards everybody will think that it is over and relax too much forgetting that one month is not enough to prepare a high-scale impact terrorist attack especially if the cell has to come from outside of Belgium, Schengenzone or Europe.

    to limit the dangers of an attack on the 11th of september 2013 I suppose that all the Belgian and Schengen embassies will start reviewing all the travel permissions which have been granted the last few months (just to be sure that the active cell is not already in Belgium or a nearby country and has already more or less finished the groundwork and preparation)

  • terror alarm (and it will be for the next two years) and how it will impact you

    this terror alarm is not over a few mails and telephone conversations, this one is a structural and fundamental terror alarm, which means that Al Qaida - who was nearly declared dead or disfunctional - is back again (even if its great inspirator is now a vision and inspiration and not some old man hidden away, the Che Guevara in fact of every nut fundamentalist - and I am only talking about the star status even if there is nothing in common)

    read this loud and very slow

    1500 presumed Al Qaida activists or operators have been liberated the last weeks when Al Qaida attacked prisons in Libya, Afghanistan and Irak

    so while we were all feeling quite safe because the organisations were mostly disfunctional and limited because most of their organisers and troops were dead or in prison or hiding

    THIS is over for the next few years

    the main influence will be felt in Afghanistan were the western troops will leave next year (and Al Qaida can restart rebuilding its international training centers and destablize nuclear Pakistan - where their troops at one time arrived at 100 km of the nuclear installations after which they were pushed back somewhat by an offensive of the reluctant Pakistanese army - the US even thought of placing those nuclear weapons in a safer place just in case)

    the second influence will be in Iraq where Al Qaida is trying the last few months to restart the religious war and carve out some territory where they could move freely

    the third influence will be in Syria where the balance of power inside the rebel front could threaten even more the more secular Syria Free Army and where the dictator Assad would even have more arguments to keep on murdering all the other people not in his safe heaven Damascus

    the fourth influene could be in Sinai (between Egypt and Israel) and Gaza where there could be more incidents and rocket exchanges with Israel

    the fifth influence could be in Tunesia, Libya and Mali and Nigeria and Yemen where the local Al Qaida linked groups could get new troops new organizers and leaders

    these other things will also be over for the next few years

    there will be no relaxing of the securitycontrols on airplanes and other means of transportation

    there will be no closing of Guatanamo Bay and I think the US will be thinking twice before transferring prisoners to their home countries

    there will be more deaths by drone because there will be now a new hit list of escaped prisoners who could be too dangerous to leave alone training or guiding others

    there will be more terrorism alerts of all levels for all kinds of reasons for everything you can imagine (so get used to it)

    the reason is that if only 10% of those 1500 are willing to become martyrs and attack the devil states at heart or their local representatives, you still have 150 possible suicide terrorists (it will all depend on the profiles of those prisoners what the real level of danger is)

    this means for security analysts the following

    * how safe is your building and how is the identity controlled of all the people coming in the building and its parking (and this can be very detailed or extensive (for example a safe room and keeping garage and delivery seperated from the most important parts of your infrastructure)

    * how often do you train your people on emergencies and how real are those tests (during 9-11 this made a huge difference as those tests after the first bomb attacks in the garages were becoming more important and more real)

    * what is your business contintuity plan or disaster recovery plans and which 'cold standby contracts' did you sign to be able to continue to function from another place

    * look at your building and think what would happen if that building is not there anymore (not because it was targeted but because it is nearby a possible target and was impacted by the blast or ravaged by water or fire) and how much data or paperwork did you lose

    1500 jailed members of al qaida and other groups are running free now

    you can imagine how many people in the securityworld are running back to office now knowing they will never get a really quiet holiday for a long time to come because somewhere there may be someone preparing for the next attack on the 11th of a month (which will now always be a date on which all kinds of services will be on standby)

    back to square one (without Bin Laden luckily)

  • the 11 september last blackberry messages - a very nice memorial

    while watching the towers go down live on tv - you asked yourself what was happening with the people in and under and around these towers and what would they think or say (as sometimes their last words)

    when the messages on the blackberrys that day were made public this was also the most important thing they wanted to accomplish - a memorial that would give the victims a more human face than those jumping down the building to a certain death


  • some-one wanted to collect all the fire-arms and weapons he could get... on the internet

    in french - but the images are astonishing

    The Belgian police was alerted by a postal service who had to repair a package for the person that was being mishandled and was found open. To their great astonishment there were weapons in the package. THey repaired the package, informed the police and deliverd the package.

    When the police had the necessary approvals to search the premises they weren't prepared for what they found. The familyman had stocked in his house a huge arsenal of all kinds of weapons and explosives (without any permit) and the police had to call in the army, specialist explosive experts and two trucks to transport all the guns and explosives that they found. They needed two days for that and it will take two weeks only to identify all the weapons and chemicals that were found. The man was also a chemist and had all the necessary chemicals to make bombs. The first research shows that some weapons were used for banditism before.

    Was this the biggest arms smuggler ever ? Was this a new terrorist cache ? No, the man seems to be addicted to collecting arms - for which he would never get the official permission for all these arms (he got a permission to have some) - and bought everything he could from the internet mostly in Eastern Europe - deliverd by a DHL like service at his front door, no questions asked.

    Two questions remain

    first it is now proven that DHL and other services don't scan their package for weapons and drugs for example and so if you want to send over such stuff you shouldn't use the offical postal services but private services like dhl and others.

    Secondly even more interesting than the weapons that were found will be the persons and websites through which he bought those weapons and chemicals.

    in the end, you see, small handler in a package firm, which big difference a small tip to the police can make

  • if you go to Syria to help you will be branded a terrorist for the rest of your life

    This is the message that the police and other official instances are sending through the media

    You will be dangerous for society, some will want to follow you in every move you make afterwards and others will even want to place you in rehabilitation camps

    they all think that because you have fought a war over there - or helped in the supportlines far from the battlefield - that you will all become jihadists and dangerous terrorists (that is between 80 and a few hundred depending on the estimate).

    but they have never seen war before and they will never come back the same because there is no bigger hell than war and surely one in which the dictator can do whatever he wants under the protection of China, Russia and some developing nations that have a developed industry but no respect for international human rights (and a very limited one in their own countries as well)

    I wouldn't want my kids to go over there - but if they really want to go over to help there is maybe another way to stop hem than such stupid discourse ? But if they really want to go, you should rent some real war movies and make them read some real books about how the life for the soldier really is during and after war and why such war is for real professional soldiers with all the machinery of our armies behind it. This is not Youtube or a computergame. This is real war. In which you die, get wounded and lose all feelings and will be traumatized for the rest of your life. You will see friends and companions being ripped apart, you will lose hearing capabilities by bombs exploding too closely and you will always be afraid for the next sniper or bombing raid (sometimes for the rest of your life and you will get medicine to sleep somewhat, to keep your stress and anxieties under control and so on).

    and the most important thing for those parents, communities and those kids who want that something is done is to organize actions to have enough political pressure for the following

    my or your kids shouldn't go, the NATO should go

    and the sooner the better because just as with Bosnia, Kosovo and Libya there is a time to watch it unfold on TV, see the stalemate developing into a bloody daily orgy of murder and rape and a time to decide that this is enough and that something should be done now

    and that should be the discussion, not those naive kids hoping to become somewhere heroes instead of being treated here as the dirty 'always' criminal no-good immigrantkid over here with no job, no loan and no future and it is not giving them the possiblity to come back and re-integrate if they will all be treated as terrorists whatever their reasons and their experiences and their beliefs.  There is no coming home if home will enclose them in a room and throw the key away.

  • Brussels airport waiting for a bomb attack or hijacking before enforcing security

    well, those who have thought that they had learnt their lesson after the incident in which a child was wandering through the airport for two days and effectively could board a plane without any controls may have put too much confidence in the words of the spokesperson blablabla and in the security professionals who should have taken immediate steps to make it impossible that such incidents could happen again but who seem not to have enough power to impose those necessary restrictions and investments.

    at the time we said that the only investment that was worthwhile was putting security-people at the control points who effectively check the papers and the people before them before letting them pass the different sections of the airport. Such checking is not something that should be taken lightly because it asks some training, experience and the healthy paranoïd mindset of a securitytrained person.

    and now a second incident has clearly shown that the securitycontrols at the airport have not changed and that it is costcutting, timesaving and customercare above all - and in the first case above the necessary securitymeasures

    that you only need one big incident to have customers and airlines flee your airport as if it was a new Beirut hasn't been understood by anyone of those costcutters and customercare people

    the best customercare is that people should have the feeling that they are absolutely safe inside your airport and your airplanes - even if this makes it more difficult to pass controls, more questions and more doublechecking

    now you can be sitting next to two boys from 16 flying to Turkey to fight in Syria without any written permission from their parents - or doublecheck of these papers

    so we can read this as an incident, but for terrorists around the world this looks more like an opportunity (and Brussels is a worldwideknown name as 'capital of Europe')

    they should also know that they could even crash through the gates with a truck (full of explosives) and place it next to the airplanes because the costcutters have placed not enough securitypeople around the airport and didn't place any technical controls (like sensors, alarms and camera's) to replace those 'too expensive' guards

    I just think that the cost of one airplane that is hijacked or blown up is big enough to immediately re-inforce the human controls in and around this airport. Otherwise it is just a sitting timebomb waiting to blow up.