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  • #ukraine troops and armor are now on the move to the east - russian party can be over



    I already asked myself where the rest of the troops were staying and why they weren't sending more now that in some cities it appears there are hundreds of armed trained special troops (and not just a bunch or protestors)

    so it is slowly getting serious and the political and military decision-makers are understanding that even a proxy war is a war, how low level it may seem to use

    it is the number of tanks, the number of guns and the strategy and tactics that will make the difference

  • #ukraine when Putin is done with Ukraine he will do the same with Kazakhstan


    Kazakhstan is richer and vaster (four times larger than Texas) and has a long border with China. Part of that border is with Xinjiang province, whose rebellious Turkic-speaking Muslim Uyghurs would welcome a Central Asian Spring. Being able to control that territory would mean Russia could exert considerable pressure on China and not have to serve solely as its junior partner and raw materials appendage. China also ships and receives goods and energy through that part of Kazakhstan.


    Russians make up about a quarter of Kazakhstan’s population, a number that approaches 50 percent in the north of the country. As with Ukraine, many Russians think much of Kazakhstan is part of Russia, although the emotional bond is not as great. In a 1994 interview with Forbes magazine, the writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn put it bluntly: “All of northern and northeastern Kazakhstan is actually part of southern Siberia.”


    Political turmoil will allow Russians to reunite with their brothers and sisters stranded in a foreign land by the collapse of the U.S.S.R. The logic of Russia’s turn from west to east demands that it take a considerable piece of Kazakhstan.


    If European businessmen were reluctant to sacrifice lucrative trade arrangements because of Russia’s incursion into a sovereign European state, they can be counted on to be indifferent to Moscow’s slicing off the top half of Kazakhstan. Then Russia will control the Asian “Heartland.” While that may not allow Moscow to, as Mackinder put it, “command the world,” it will put Russia on an equal footing with China and the U.S. And that, more than anything, is what Russia wants."

  • #ukraine how mad can it get before Europe/NATO/US steps in

    * material for a dirty bomb was intercepted by the Ukranian secret service, it would be a first if something like that explodes (the biggest European Nuclear installation is in Ukraine by the way)

    * there seem to be about 800 armed fighters in Sloviansk that are now encircled by the Ukranian army who is pushing them more and more to the center of the city

    * the army destroyed an armed TRAIN in Sloviansk

    * some chemical plant or oil pipeline is burning in Sloviansk

    * Privatbank the bank of an Oliargh supporting the democratic regime in Kiev has to close it doors in several of the Eastern City because of persistant attacks by pro-russians. It serves the pensions and wages for hundreds of thousands of people in the west and the east of Ukraine

    * 100 people are still in hospital after the incidents in Odessa the 2nd of May, the head of police has been dismissed and several police units just refused to intervene yesterday so the public prosecutors released 40 of the imprisoned participants of the battles, the rest being already transferred to other regions

    * the border with Crimea has been formally closed although that doesn't mean that people don't cross border and some border stations with Russia have been attacked or provoked from both sides

    * 100 prorussian kozaks seem to have arrived in Kramatorsk by train with weapons in boxes

    * there is a call for a general ARMED uprising the 9th of may all over the East and South of Ukraine and as is the case with selffullfilling prophecies people will organize like that and even if there is no real result afterwards (except some buildings here and there) it will give the impression that something has happened

    * because the police is not functioning at all in most places - it was never intended to do any crowdcontrol because they used the political Berkut for that - national guard units and volunteers are being trained and armed to support or supplement them

    * the government says it will send more troops to the east but seems not to have enough special operations groups to handle a situation that widespread (and not enough battle ready troops to finish a big location like Sloviansk in short enough time to roll up the other places)

    so how long are we going to watch, stand by and say we deplore it, we are 'concerned' and do in fact nothing and than say after the 9th of may ..... if we should have known we should have acted before

  • #ukraine Europe/USA needs to act before the 9th of may - material for dirty radioactive bomb intercepted by Ukr secret service


    translated by Google translate

    "Counterintelligence Security Service seized 1.5 kilograms of radioactive substances, which were taken from Transnistria in eastern Ukraine .

    This was during a briefing at the ministry spokesman said SBU Marina Ostapenko , reports Click UNN.

    According to her, in the Chernivtsi region have detained nine people - according to preliminary data , one Russian citizen and eight Ukrainian . They drove a car with foreign numbers one and a half kilograms of a radioactive substance in a container craftsmanship .

    " It is possible that this substance were brought to the eastern region to create a so -called" dirty "bomb and use it during mass events . According to this fact a criminal proceeding, the investigation continues ," - added the spokesman SBU."


    It is now also reported by CCN

    as we said Putin needs a big one to be able to intervene - some rumours that this will be today even (wait and see) - and what could be bigger than a dirty bomb (speaking to the imagination of everybody and in the first place the international press who already confounds this situation with civil war (which it is not regarding Syria or remembering Bosnia or Chechenya)).

    it is time for the west now that alarm bells go to red because the number of provocations, actions and military incidents leading up to the 9th of May and the rumours about the planned actions the 9th of may will only increase

    they still have some days to decide to intervene or to put enough pressure on Putin or military power around Ukraine to make clear that they are not going to stand by like that

  • #ukraine this is the Russian troop concentration at the Ukr border

    from the Washington Post who based this pic on some research from some military institution

    it is important to know that nearly all the troops are elite troops that have fought in other conflicts in Russia like Dagestan

    these are not normal troops, they are invasion and special operation troops

  • #ukraine joke of the day, Prorussians who came back from an SM-party :)

    many things you read and see are not real

    it seems as they come from a nearly a century ago

    but some seem to take this very serious, we too, but this is really too much

    russian nationalists because russian nationalism is now a mix of stalinism, populism and fascism

  • #ukraine one last try at Kiev to start something big Russian

    the last couple of days there were masked groups stirring trouble in some maidan manifestations - the typical kinds of things provocateurs would do

    there were also groupings of the kind of adult men seen in many other prepared russian manifestations, but is was as if the plan and the resources weren't there (yet)

    what would be better than a big riot in Kiev on Sunday - just to take the attention of the news away of the east where the russian militias are getting steadily but surely a beaten (slowly because the incoming troops have to limit the damage and number of casualties). Some key leaders were arrested overnight.

    because all the rest just failed untill now for Putin, he still hasn't a major disaster (unless you count what happened in Odessa but those stupid hooligans were shooting on camera on unarmed protestors so that is not the ideal propaganda to use to get your army crossing the borders)

    and the military operations are not like the one Putin have led against some republics in his Reich, most of the buildings are still standing and there aren't any long lines of refugees telling of carnage, deaths and so on

    the Ukranian military itself isn't helping much because they even didn't shoot at my helicopters which I accidently flew into their airspace hoping some-one would shoot, but they didn't

    so maybe some big fighting with some buildings on fire or occupied and a number of deaths in Kiev with the whole world watching is the last thing I can try and maybe that may give me the total picture of a country on the brink of total chaos while this is not the case for most regions and cities and people and business and insitutions

    luckily their policeforce is a disaster but that is because they were so stupid to totally disband the Birkut who were only emptyheaded brutes paid to knock people down or kill them for a bigger pay. They would have kicked my people down as well if the price was right. Luckily they were out of a job and are now knocking them down for a small price.

    and as time passes by and 90.000 troops are close by enough to invade, the opportunity passes and Ukraine seems now to be playing at least on the same level now and is retaking the initiative and pushing Putin in the corner where he didn't wanted to be

    expect if something big happens today in Kiev that would change everything again

    and if nothing happens, it is another sign that we are nearing the 'game over' for ....Putin

    because if he doesn't do something before the 25th than he will have to face an elected president and the accumulating effects of the financial and economic consequences of the boycots

  • #ukraine Odessa what happened

    There was a pro-ukr demonstrations of a 500 or so people - when you watched the videos in the beginning you saw mostly women, young people, happy atmosphere

    A bit further was an prorussian demonstration of about 150 people but mostly men and many in battledress. Between them were around 50 policemen without shields or anything trying to keep them apart.

    But the prorussian were really out to disturb the proUkr demonstration - as fact they try to attack every proUkr manifestation just to be sure that they won't take place or won't have much people next time. It is a tactic. So they break through the lines easily and start throwing stones and so on and the battle begins.

    There is a kind of standstill later on and than you see that in the ProUkr manifestion the battledress guys who were in fact on the second line watching started going forward, have a look and came back on the phone. About half an hour later you got the impression that there were many more battledress adults walking around.

    Meanwhile part of the policemen wore red bands like the prorussian manifestators and some prorussians were firing from behind the policelines into the maidancrowd without anyone interfering. So after a while the Maidan crowd gets the upperhand and asks the riotpolice to leave and attack a building in the center in which there are prorussians (who are shooting from the roof)

    When I take it up later the russians are going to their camp a building they have occupied followed by the rest of the meanwhile growing Ukranian manifestation. They await the manifestators from behind their barricades but these put fire to their tents and the first lines of barricades that were put up. The prorussians hide in the building itself and start shooting from the rooftop and throwing molotov cocktails. Molotov cocktails are thrown back and the building is on fire in different places when the police arrive together with the firedepartment it is far too late.

    People get helped out by firefighters and euromaidan people on the groun but still more than 30 die.

    it is clear that the police is not up for its job and that this inspired the promaiden people afterwards to go and chase them themselves from their city.

    it is clar that there was a strategy to retake some public building after having kicked the promaidan rally in to chaos - but forgot that these were hooligans and don't give up a fight so quickly.

  • #ukraine this is what the russian invaders are using to communicate

    and it seems that anybody can listen in :)

    so everybody is listening in and communicating

    but one should also not forget that it is good to remember that if

    one knows that the enemy is listening one can tell lies

  • #ukraine #odessa bullets found on the ground fired at proUKRaine demonstrators

    same live feed

    sorry pic is gone

    others took pic

    a real bullet that was


  • #ukraine makes me think of Tahir - this wounded man in #odessa

    You also had them on tahir the wounded men coming back again and again with ever more bandages but coming back to hold the barricades or to attack some buildings

    if you know that then there were sometimes 1000 people wounded during one night

    you understand that the fact that they wanted to come back - with all the risks included - made that they had a change (you can't replace 1000 people each night)

    will somebody give him a helmet - take one from the police - they don't know what to do with it

  • #ukraine #odessa just captured shooting by pro-russian from on the roof Live


    throwing stones but also shooting


  • #kiev Euromaiden in Odessa, when the organized adults get in, the battle changes

    THe russsian thugs with their shields from the police and all their material where just too happy to smash into a demonstration for Ukr Unity - they would have no demonstration for Ukr Unity without violence anymore - just to be sure that there would never be so much more people than at any of their recent demonstrations

    but later on you saw all the adults in battle dress and with sticks and so going from the front row back and starting to phone - I suppose calling in all their friends to tell them that this was it and that they needed their help - they wouldn't win this all on their own - the Russian green men were with too many and the police was not intervening and sometimes even taking the side of the Russians (some of them)

    now the battle has changed and the russians have been pushed back into a corner and their barricades have been overwhelmened

    it is as with Euromaiden you don't defend a revolution or a country with flower girls and papers you need people who know how to maximalize the force of the available troops and to see to it that each is protected as it should be

  • #ukraine markets nervous about possible invasion this weekend

    the fact that russia has convened a session of the UN security council makes it all even more possible

    and as it is clear that - even as the operations seemed to have stalled for the moment - what they always do just before one of those meetings not to create any reason for Russian propaganda at a time when the whole world is watching - the sepearatists militia in Ukr have not enormous popular support (apart from the nostalgic old ladies that is :)) and are for the moment more breaking up amongst themselves than fighting the enemy

    Putin has to decide - on a hunch as he said himself - to invade or not

    but before he wants to invade he has to formulate his case - as the US also did  - before the world

    and there is that session for

    the markets are not at all satisfied with the reports that Russia is not thinking about an invasion and say there is too much chatter, too many signals to the contrary

    we are living in very dangerous times - didn't I already say that

    there is too much chatter about a possible (partial) invasion - penetration of some or all Russian troops

    afterwards our world will never be the same again for some years to come

  • #ukraine this is why Ukraine needs a new professional riot police (NOW)

    and a loyal one (that pays well for starters)

    and has the training and material it needs

    because if you see this - after three deaths

    than you ask yourself, if the police can't stay neutral and just make everybody respect law and order and be respected for that, than why do you need those police for

    traffic wardens and quarrels about garbage

  • #ukraine this is how a policeman in Odessa is dressed during bloody riots

    there are already three people dead unconfirmed

    and tens are wounded

    and than you the police who should try to break the fighting up, keep the parties apart

    the parties that are those who are dressed like those little green men

    and this is how he looks like in the Ukraine

     He looks like Ghandi  - so naked

    this is how a cop in the western democracies look like while rioting is breaking out

    first you get in one of these

    than those are still standing will have to make a run because those are coming their way

  • #ukraine remember those ? the green little men are in Odessa now

    result already 3 dead

    for the moment the street battle is ongoing

    and for the moment the prorussians seem to be cornered

    but their main goal was to attack the big manifestation for the unity of Ukraine

    to stop any momentum by which people wouldn't fear anymore to say that they are pro Ukr and not to be hit or so

  • #ukraine we are at the end-game one pro-ukr beaten to death by pro russians in Odessa

    beating people to death - which comes as a surprise that it didn't happen before because the way so many people so happily give another punch on the body of people sitting or laying down as if to tell themselves that they have also done something - changes things

    it now gives in fact the police the reason to act more forcefully and when riots break out to do more than just watch and try to contain it

    no, Putin it wasn't one of yours so you can't use it (so your media won't talk about it)

    but it gets better

    the man apparently was shot in the head

    on this picture you see police standing by while a prorussian (red band) has a gun in his hand

    I am never getting used to police just standing by like that - it is everything the police should not be