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  • #kiev Putin makes Hitlerlike statement : Eastern Ukraine is Russia

    I am reliving history

    this is madness

    if he believes this and wants to think and act along these lines than we are really going for a long hard ride

    it also shows how self confident he is because he is showing his hand before the Geneva talks and if there is even an impression that he has won and that the Ukr Government by the powers is forced to something they didn't want in the first place without any pressure to give in - than they will be viewed all over eastern europe as Munich talks and Obama will have a Chamberlan image that will be very difficult to dispell

  • #kiev why next weekend will be crucial in Eastern Ukraine (the ex-president will come as will a few thousand soldiers)

    In response to the promise of the Russian media that Yanukovych will return to Donetsk on Easter, acting Prosecutor General of Ukraine Oleg Mahnitsky announced that, if his type appears in Ukraine, he should expect a warm welcome.

    Mahnitsky reminded everyone that four criminal proceedings are currently underway against Yanukovych, and we’re talking about serious crimes.

    Whether our law enforcement will be able to fulfill this promise or not, I don’t know. But this is another reason for a cowardly Yanukovych to wet his pants.

    see previous post in which intelligence have counted around 2300 Russian special troops standing by to cross over (and they won't come by bus over a guarded borderpost :))

  • #kiev why the anti terrorist action was no action and more Russian troops to land in Ukraine

    there are kind of intelligence knowledge guys trying to get that kind information that is needed to be able to counter the propaganda effects of actions we see in the news and prepare media-alerts for the people on the ground to use

    "The ATO has been planned, the means and capabilities have been defined, and the tasks – set. However, special forces were put under the strictest limitations and conditions of their actions, such that a successful ATO should be considered a miracle of religious proportions. The Operation Commander – if he can succeed under the current conditions – will be able to walk on water just as easily as on land, and to cure the paralyzed with his mere touch. This person could easily be considered a miracle worker and canonized while alive.

    I don’t know if these conditions, established today for the ATO, will change after tomorrow’s meeting in Geneva. But today, if we wanted to empower the extremists, we could just arrange for a distribution of weapons from army arsenals and stop tormenting our special forces.

    And here’s something specifically for the senior military and political leadership of Ukraine. Today, we recorded no less than 300 Russian Spetsnaz special ops troops at the Russian border with Ukraine.

    The worst is yet to come. In fact, it is now in Taganrog [city in Rostov oblast, Russia], where around 2,000 “little green men” are ready for their deployment into Ukraine. No commentary.

  • #Kiev This is why the Snowden leaks will slowly go away or to the background

    The NSA should thank Putin

    He has changed the narrative because when he started with his actions in Crimea, repeating general ideas about the protection of his people everywhere, building up troops at our borders, planning to install nuclear missiles, nuclear submarines and I could go on .... and by this in fact threatening nearly every eastern European country which has borders with him

    he has shown that we need the NSA and the CIA but we need them to be effective (and so will they please start focusing on their real dangers now, which are not me or who-ever making a phonecall or sending an email ?) and that they were doing the wrong things at the wrong locations against the wrong targets (all of us)

    and so for a second time since the start of the 21th century privacy activists have to scramble to find a new equilibrium between security and privacy

    what we have learned from the period of the antiterrorist fixation is best explained here

    "Certainly, many of the Snowden-fueled disclosures following the original NSA revelation have been gratuitous and harmful; those, and his sheltering in Russia rather than arguing his case in a U.S. court, raise doubts about his motives. But the original NSA leaks were justified because U.S. intelligence officials had misled the public and members of Congress about the program. There’s no value of “oversight” if the overseers are being fed lies.

    and herein lies also what are the expectations for the future if we want to go forward

    * No we don't want global total surveillance of everybody everywhere about everything

    * No we don't accept lies and half-truths when the thruth has to be known by those we have elected to keep an eye on you

    * yes there should be the possibility of debate and adaption through that debate of the general policies that are being set out and the level of oversight and guarantees that are being offered as an assurance

    * yes we want the NSA and the CIA to give our leaders and decision-makers correct analyzed and rethought (turn the box upside down) analysis of events that happen or will happen

    and we are not naive, this won't come about without leaks, without transgressions, without mistakes and hysteria from time to time

    but having lived through this discussion in 2001 (not blogging at that time :))

    Putin has saved the NSA (maybe because they were good opponents of him in his previous job and he likes a good fight after having given an uppercut with Snowden)

    you may see that the interest in the Snowden leaks will fade in the main newspapers and the newsrooms and that they won't be as descriptive anymore because as an atmosphere of cold war is setting in and we have the feeling that one day we may depend on these guys to warn us in time of a new danger, who are we to throw everything on the street for anyone to see.

    in the present hysteria I should make clear that in my opinion, Snowden is not a soviet agent or traitor in my eyes and wikileaks is a manipulated site like another (no russian or chinese documents, yes US documents about Russia and China) and the banking blockade is useless and stupid and Assange should be liberated and left alone with his weekly show on Russia Today and free to go wherever he wants to speaking to his believers, losing every time some of them.

    and the last thing if there is one thing that has been proven again in Crimea and Ukraine

    You may have as many telephone lines bugged, internetlines intercepted and satellites in the sky, if you don't have eyes and ears and operatives on the ground you are today totally blind and desperate

    on the main question we are asking our intelligence services now is : how are you going to prevent that you are not surprised a second time in our backyard or over there when this 'madman' gets another idea ? Just as they were rather successful the last years in stopping major terrorist plots over here, some of them will have to get back to the old stuff of espionage, infiltration and subversion

    a few months from here and we have all forgotten about him - just as the US cable leaks (in which there are still a thousand stories to write nobody is writing)

    we only have to be sure that Congress and the NSA never forget that we don't want another fuckup like Snowden with that kind of information and we want them - as democratic institutions in our democracy - to act as a democratic (but secretive) institution with a professional and trustworthy oversight

  • #kiev best picture ever of how a totally corrupted state corrupts everything


    They say that now in Eastern Ukr there is an anti-government coalition of communists, local laders of the Party of Regions who were in power, police officers who lived well thanks to the payments by organized crime and organized crime who lives better in chaos and a weak state than under all the FMI, EU and FBI consultants and investigators landing in Kiev to help to dismantle the Corruption scheme's that brought Ukraine nearly to default as a country.

    There is more at stake than Russian 'leadership' for the local Russian leadership.

  • #kiev Important Soviet history in one Marishka

     the rest where just go-betweens during which nothing happened or changed

  • #kiev if Russian banks give money to protestors, Ukraine Oliarghs can to liberators

    eye for eye - thousand dollar for each Ruble

    get a green man with weapons hand him to the Ukr police and be richer than you would ever become in 10 years

    any mercenaries out there willing to get some big easy bucks ? joke

  • #kiev the key concept of Russian propaganda is Chaos

    "You will recall the news reports in January when the really bloody events took place, the rapidly changing images of flames, burning tires, running people, alarming music," he says, referring to antigovernment protests in the Ukrainian capital. "What do you think it's for? For dramatic effect? No. There is a much bigger meaning behind it."

    "Chaos is the key word," Solovei explains. "All of it is done to create a stable association in our minds: Ukraine is chaos. It is an old mythologem -- Chaos as a protoplasm from which the gods will then create the world. And what is Russia then? Russia is Cosmos, it is order, and it is the foundation of peace and stability."

    "If you watch Russian TV you will see that Russia has no problems other than the adaptation of Crimea. We have no inflation, no decreasing incomes. We don't have any of the typical big-city problems. Russia has none of that. Everything is alright in Russia. What is it? It is called the manipulation of the agenda."

    "But it absolutely does not matter how much the real picture corresponds with the media picture. An overwhelming majority of television viewers have never been and will never travel there. And they make their judgment based on the television picture and not on what happens in reality."

    now reading books about Russia and he is absolutely right - in Russia everything is under control and those who tell otherwise are shut down the last month - especially on tv because that is the only really powerful media (next to the filtered internet). The fact that the NGO's are shut down also is because they were neutral news sources for the more liberal (or independent) journalists who could have a megaphone effect of their findings.

    Throughout their history Russians have been made afraid of Chaos and the great leader as their protector of normality like a hard but just father who does what is needed to keep everything smooth, under control and normal. For thisreason some of his people go too far is not his fault, he didn't want that and he doesn't know. Because he is for order, normality and so on. If only he knew. A dictatorship or autocracy doesn't survive solely on violence but on fear of chaos (and what you could lose) and silencing dissent voices making the discussion sphere a big unified cosmos.

    That is why dictatorships want to control the content on the internet because it is a free and open cosmos in which you can escape from the media-environment they have created for you. It can become a totally different cosmos and by that it could become influential and even influence what is happening in the real world, the real news cosmos people are living in.

    That is why the fight for internetfreedom, internetprivacy and internetsecurity go hand in hand

  • #kiev meanwhile in the building new flashpoint transdestnr

    "The parliament of Moldova's self-proclaimed Transdnestr republic has appealed to Russia, the UN and the OSCE to recognize the independence of the self-proclaimed state following an earlier request to include it in legislation drafted to facilitate the annexation of Crimea.


    The official appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the State Duma and the Federation Council, as well as the two international bodies, cited a 2006 referendum in the separatist region in favor of joining Russia, Interfax reported Thursday.


    Some 97 percent of voters in Transdnestr, a breakaway strip of land wedged between Ukraine and Moldova with a population of less than half a million people, had cast ballots for the right to join Russia.


    Moldova's Prime Minister Iurie Leanca condemned the Wednesday appeal as "one-sided and counterproductive," saying that the breakaway region's capital "Tiraspol ignores the reality that Transdnestr is a part of Moldova."


    Following Russia's annexation of Crimea, the scenario of Moscow taking over Transdnestr, where it already has more than 1,000 peacekeeping troops following a separatist war two decades ago, seemed to have become more likely.

    three things to watch

    * pro-russian attacks in the area between Transdestrn and the sea especially Odessa (new Russian troops have arrive in Crimea it seems - never a sign of good things - and new 'civil clothed' Russians have arrived in Transdestrn regrouped around buses)

    * Moldavia itself is in political turmoil

    * with a 1000 man Russian base it has always been seen recently as one point from which troops could enter Ukraine

  • #kiev after the troops also nuclear missiles to the eastern front - cold war 2

    yep back in time

    "Many states in Russia's neighborhood are giving new attention to nuclear protection. "Although there's a very small risk of Russia acting against Poland, that risk is much bigger now than it was just a few weeks ago," Stanislaw Koziej, head of Poland's National Security Bureau, tells Newsweek. The most important deterrence, he says, is "NATO solidarity and the presence of the U.S. military in Europe. Nuclear deterrence is a very important factor that NATO has at its disposal, and it's becoming increasingly important."

    the reason is also that Russia has announced that she would start deploying missiles in Kalingrad and is testing two new nuclear submarines etc


  • #kiev nato already preparing to clearly define its stand on its partners

    this means that troops will have to be send

    other signals will not be believed

    or is it just a red line from Obama - nobody takes those serious

    apart from killing Bin Laden he only retreated everywhere

    except if he is now obliged by a quickly changing mood and political debate in the US to show leadership

  • #kiev after the airplanes and ships, Poland demands NATO troops at borders

    "Meanwhile, Tomasz Siemoniak, defense minister of Ukraine’s neighbor Poland, has called upon NATO to station a significant number of troops in eastern Europe.


    “What is really important is the strengthening of NATO’s eastern flank,” Siemoniak said. “It is important that the U.S. feels that if it resigns from its global role, then the world, and thus the U.S. itself, will be less secure.”

    here we are - what now Europe ?  They are members of Europe and you thought that with Russia being partner of NATO that there would never be a period in which this would happen again. Forgotten Estonia, Forgotten Georgia ?

    So here we are

    if some-one thought that Putin had lost yesterday when the army came in he overestimated the possibilities and resolve of the Ukr army and leadership and underestimated the resolve and preparation for this by the Russian special troops, intelligence and info-op services and the resolve of Putin to have no considerations for the political, economical or military consequences of his actions

    if some-one thinks that this will go away like that and blow over or stay local, you are nuts, ignorant, naive or not really informed and you surely don't understand what is happening within the European countries with a border with Russia who know are re-living something they thought would never happen again but is like a nightmare unfolding in their 'backyard'

  • #kiev this is why the Ukr army didn't move yet

    they were trying to wait for a peaceful solution, reinforcing themselves etc

    but the fox was faster than their planners

    and the Russian plan is known in Kiev so they are in difficult situation

    * when they attack there will be enough bloodshed for the Russians to say they have to intervene

    * if they don't intervene they will lose more buildings and military and people become demoralized

    a game of bluffpoker

    but one that you can only play if you have NATO or very capable forces behind you

    probably the EU and US want also that before the negotiations tomorrow not everything has blown up already and are trying to keep things from going out of control because when the fighting starts than everything changes and everything sets itself in motion - sometimes even automatically (you will see certain aspects of life just come to a standstill for a moment - and than go on as if nothing happened or is happening)

    and you only need one tank or one airplane beginning to fire and this very low level warfare gets unto another level

  • #kiev the invasion plan map

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  • #kiev historian explains why the baltic states are next

    "Vainly, our leaders hope diplomacy will make Putin back down. Surely he can be made to understand that confrontation is not in Russia’s interests? The markets are already punishing the rouble and big ­Russian companies.

    But that approach fundamentally misunderstands a man like Putin. He is prepared to make his people suffer economic pain and risk war for what be believes is their national interest. We in the West are not.

    Having taken Ukraine, he will turn his attention to the Baltic states. Members of the EU and Nato, their lawful societies, elections and ­thriving economies are an implicit rebuke to those who preside over sleaze and brutality in Russia.

    a hardline but freightening article, but if you have read a lot about Hitler and you see how Putin is acting and organizing you are really living these days as if you are reliving in reality all what you have been reading about and sometimes even the details are just mindblowing identical (the Hitler of 1938-1939 that is

  • #kiev sanctions do bite (but not enough yet)

    the last sentence is the most important

    "Russian markets have been rattled by tensions between Moscow and neighboring Ukraine, where Russia annexed the Black Sea region of Crimea last month. The main stock index in Moscow tanked 10 percent in March, wiping out billions in market capitalization. In the first three months of 2014, the ruble lost 9 percent against the dollar, making imports more expensive, while spooked investors pulled about $70 billion out of the country — more than in all of 2013.


    Among investors' chief concerns are that the U.S. and European Union might escalate their sanctions against Russia to affect trade, particularly in the valuable energy market. Europe is Russia's largest trading partner. It buys more than three-quarters of Russia's crude oil and natural gas exports, which fund about half the government budget.


    So far, the U.S. and the EU sanctions have been limited to individual Russian politicians and businessmen close to the Kremlin. But the possibility of tougher sanctions has been enough to hinder investment, which dropped 4.8 percent in the first quarter, according to Ulyukayev.

  • #kiev the cover of The Economist says it (as always) all

    this is what all the decisionmakers will be reading and thinking this week

    the paradigma we think and act by, the plans we had, the dreams we somewhere held on to

    on hold for a moment - which can be some decennia

    and everything we know and had will have to change - again (just as when the Berlin Wall fell)

  • #kiev an appeal from Euromaidan to journalists who are just copying what Putin says (including CNN)

    Dear international journalists,

    It is not standard to address an appeal to independent media, but we’re not in a standard situation here: we’re on the brink of what can evolve into an ugly conflict, a conflict that is not a “natural course of events” but one that somebody is trying to organize.

    You as international journalists are not mere bystanders or witnesses.

    The conflict planning has its media dimension too, and propaganda counts on you trying to use you. You should do all in your power, not to allow this. Since propaganda becomes a real weapon, even more effective than Kalashnikov guns. It being used both for the internal and external use.

    If you think this is exaggerated, why don’t you think back to 2008 in Georgia when the news of 2000 victims in Tskhinvali put forward by official Russian TV channels got echoed all around Western media and seemed to justify Russia’s military intervention? No matter that it turned out to be a lie ( It was too late; Russian troops were in South Ossetia, no one cared at that point. Something like this can happen again. You share responsibility that it does not.

    We understand that for someone coming from a completely different background things can appear chaotic, complicated and confusing. In fact, they are not. Many analysts who genuinely understand Russia, Ukraine and the background of our relations predicted and warned against these events in Eastern Ukraine. (Guess what, looking back at the past several months you can easily recognize who these are and who are repeatedly missing the point.)

    The basic story line of the day is simple: well-trained, coordinated, Russia-controlled commandos have been taking over government buildings, in some instances handing over arms to mobsters. These attacks are not spontaneous, driven by genuine protesters; there is serious planning and organizing effort behind it.

    This is the preparation phase for Russian troops stationed on the border to enter Ukraine. The towns of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, which showed no significant political activity previously and suddenly became “hotbeds of conflict” over the weekend, happen to be a railway crossroads with links north and south and an airport nearby, a rather strategic choice in military terms. There is a lot of evidence to the planned nature of events. This video ( showing events in Kramatorsk (Donetsk Region) over the weekend is just one example: a trained commando with automatic rifles tries to overwhelm a police station, later brings a group of about 50 mobsters that are seemingly supposed to overtake the police station. When this attempt fails, mobsters are sent back and the commando opens fire on the station.

    There are people in Eastern and Southern Ukraine who may not like the government in Kyiv, have sympathies to Russia or even more so nostalgia for the Soviet Union. But this section society is usually characterized by apathy and is mostly alien to active participation in political life through petitions, demonstrations etc. Violent takeovers of government buildings go against their instincts.

    Besides, what we see is the repeat of the “Crimean scenario”, where so called “pro-Russian protestors” took precedence. Now this beautiful peninsula resembles the scorched Earth, where people are being kidnapped and tortured (more than 30 cases during previous 1,5 months, 3 of them – civil activists – are still missing, one of them was killed) and which has been closed even for the international observers from UN and OSCE. Armed men who attacked police stations in Eastern Ukraine proved to be the same commandos with the same equipment as in Crimea.

    Here are some tips that can help you avoid the trap of propaganda:

    Do not add to the chaotic picture of events. The picture of chaos is what the Kremlin wants to create in order to justify its intervention and to conceal the planned nature of events. If you notice the elements of planning and staging behind seemingly spontaneous events, report it. Always accompany reports of immediate events with broader context so your viewers do not get the impression of unclear, unintelligible chaos.

    Avoid false objectivity. You don’t get the truth about a rape by giving the same 15 seconds to the rapist and the rape victim; this way you get awfully distorted reality instead. Avoid creating the image of two equal sides clashing with each other as this is not the case now – and again this is the image the Kremlin is keen to cultivate. Just as referendum, as an expression of will of the people, is being used by Russia against the very sense of democracy and human rights, so can the freedom of speech be used against the truth by filling information space with lies. So please speak to all sides, but interpret. Be critical.

    • Making judgements on differences (linguistic, ethnical etc.) in Ukrainian society, it is useful to refer to data from 2013. The heated atmosphere of the last months greatly has greatly affected most polls.

    Mind labels. Calling a trained and masked commando with automatic rifles “pro-Russian activists” is misleading. If you believe, there is not sufficient ground to claim these commandos are controlled by Russia, use straightforward terms instead (“armed men”, “masked men”, “men in uniforms” etc.).

    Never use Russian official media (such as Russia Today, Rossiya-1, Rossiya-24, NTV, Channel 1 etc.) as a source of facts or verification, especially on developments on the ground in Ukraine. Be aware that just as in the Soviet times, these are an integral part of the military campaign waged by the Kremlin. Use Russian outlets with independent editorial policy instead such as Dozhd TV, or Novaya Gazeta. If you observe instances of propaganda of Russian official media such as faking characters or stories, report it.

    Tense times are ahead all of us. There was no end of history, but war of civilizations is proving to be real.

    Many thanks for your reading this and your hard work!


    EuromaydanSOS (*

    *EuromaydanSOS is a Facebook community created to provide people who suffered during the revolution in Ukraine with different kinds of aid, mostly legal. Euromaidan SOS volunteers – lawyers, journalists, and civic activists – collected information about victims, disappeared people, and worked to connect them to specialists who could provide help. The community has more than 95,000 subscribers.

  • #kiev war will start here (if we like it or not) or Ukr will break apart

    this is the flag in the ground this is where the Russian troops have rassembled their heavy material this is why their most hardened fighters are, this is where they are digging in and  now getting the civileans out

    this is where hard choiches will be made or not

    this is the moment of truth where everybody now is looking at

    by the way another building in Donetsk is taken over but another city was liberated

    everybody ready it is going to be some day you will remember and on which much may depend