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  • a war in #ukraine could turn nuclear with Russian missiles already in place

    ""This is the most dangerous moment in relations between Russia and the west since the Cuba missile crisis," Mr Nikonov argues. Dmitri Trenin, a less strident analyst who runs the Carnegie Moscow Center, also evokes the nuclear stand-off of 1962. Mr Trenin spells out a possible ladder of escalation in which western military support for Ukraine enrages Russia. In response, Russia might then mount a full invasion of Ukraine and even go nuclear – or, at least, use a nuclear-capable missile with a conventional warhead. . . .

    Funnily enough, I had had the same scenario spelt out for me by a senior Polish official in Warsaw a couple of weeks earlier. The Poles worry that, having swallowed Crimea, Mr Putin will now be tempted to grab a larger part of Ukraine – perhaps the southern chunk of the country that the Russians have taken to referring to as "Novorossiya. . . ."

    "Putin has worked the west out," says one gloomy Polish official. "He knows we won't use force." The darkest Polish scenario is also that Mr Putin might be tempted to go up to the nuclear brink by using conventionally armed missiles that could carry nuclear warheads. The dangers of such a policy hardly need spelling out. But destroying the credibility of Nato's security guarantee to the Balts – and therefore of Nato itself – would be a tremendous prize for Russia.

    so this is how you win

    you don't use them but you threaten to use them and you place them in full sight at the border and than you talk about the fact that as a nuclear power you should be respected

    meanwhile you continue your proxy war and you have all the time because everybody is sitting chickenshit frightened about the prospects of a limited nuclear war with Putin who has lost his head and has become totally bonkers

    and just to proof that you have lost it and that you are there isolated in your Kremlin while outside the whole economy is starting to crumble you are playing your last cards, sending more missiles to the border and airplanes and ships to every possible place where you would like the west to take notice

    now as they have all other problems - so have you but you don't have to care about opposition (in jail or already left the country), the press (you own them) or elections (nearly impossible to oppose you) and street demonstrations (you just lock them up for up to 2 years without trial) - you just suppose that they they won't have the stomach to answer your bluff and 

    * you can go further with your proxy war because the other western armies are not ready to give military support or material to the Ukranian forces 

    * the western alliance is becoming deeply divided between the eastern countries (who feel they are now in a dangerzone and need more support from the rest of the alliance) and those more in the west who don't understand why I can only be stopped when it is clear that risks have become too great. Meanwhile those European dwarfs have no leaders and no visionaries who see the big picture as I see it. My vision, work of a lifetime, a new Russian empire. 

    russian military at the border

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  • Are you ready for a bloody war over the weekend in #ukraine ?

    all the Ukranian news (we will add some more as we will follow the situation more closely now as war is coming nearer again)

    * the elections in Ukraine and in the occupied regions were just the last bell before the preparations of the new war to come. The strategic goal is to take the airport, Mariupol and everything else if possible if they could create enough chaos to push the fresh troops and tanks through in a 'surprise blitz' 

    * the Russian military sending airlines to test nearly a 100 times the western air defenses is not to test their air defenses but is just to try to same trick that Hitler did before Munchen.

    about the Hitler tactic - At that time he sent airplanes around, he was showing airplanes and bragging about his power to destroy or level whole cities - just to incite enough fear into the west not to oppose him (and at that time people thought about air bombardements of cities as we do now about atomb bombs - even if London was hardly prepared for the Blitzkrieg and after all it was less destructive that people feared). That he was showing off the same airplanes over and over again and that most of them at that time couldn't even drop one bomb shows another time the importance of good intelligence). It worked at the time for some time but that was all he needed, a bit more time to prepare the next war. 

    * there are tons of ammunition arriving in Russian humanitarian trucks (one overturned and the grenades were all over the place) while new tanks and military trucks with fresh soldiers are arriving in Donetsk. They are for the moment being painted green and try to look like Ukranian army trucks (the Soviet really incorporate deception as an integral part of their military strategy and this since decades). 

    * Russia has placed 6 SS26 missile launchers at the border with Ukraine with a reach of 500 km (these are nuclear missiles, remember ?) 

    * Russian troops are moving from inside Russia to the border with Ukraine 

    * the diplomatic reaction from the west on all this has been a confirmation for Putin who had the same goal as Stalin and other Soviet leaders and Hitler (breaking up the western alliance and threatening the eastern countries into submission because they fear that they won't be supported enough - sending some airplanes and holding some wargames won't make the difference). THe only country that has really an army to speak of and that is trained and armed for the defense of its own territory is Poland but they just announced that they need up to two years to move their troops to their eastern borders instead of the old historical locations of their bases in the west of the country. Not one European country is sending officially the weapons that Ukraine so hard needs. 

    If we are going to war over the weekend this will mean that the NATO and other critical western communication and decision centers may be faced with DDOS and other attacks. You should be prepared in case. If it doesn't happen than you had a good exercise with leasons learnt to be even better prepared next time. If it happens, you had three days to prepare the network, the emergency infrastructure and the communication procedures. 

    But it can also be a bluff

    Saying if you don't silently accept the occupation of those two regions and sign that their borders of demarcation are there, than we will go on the offense whatever the reason we will find to do so 

    Also he knows that winter is coming and that he can't fight a war during the winter, surely not in donbass and that Ukraine in one to two years will have even more military might to resist any attacks or offensives. The problem with proxy wars (everybody is only writing about the advantages, forgetting the disadvantages) is that you can't put all your military might into the balance because than it isn't a proxy war anymore and if it isn't a proxy war, the other parties have all the possibilities to begin to send arms and volunteers and whatever needed to counterbalance your force. You can only send a few missiles, a few hundred tanks, a few tons of ammunition and undercover military consultants but you always have to balance it with the possibility that in these permanent-media times somebody will upload some video or pic showing the proof that it is you (because spy satellites costs an enormous lot of money but have only a very limited range and impact). 

    So he has his windows of opportunity and just as the latest invasion was just during the last possible moment he had to to intervene before Ukraine retook Donetsk (some Ukr. troops were already in some suburbs and advancing) he eventually did it because the socalled rebels were just not up for the job. If he is sending now so much military hardware and new soldiers it shows that he doesn't think that they are up for the next military campaign (and this is why Ukraine has started sending real troops to the region instead of the voluntary national guard). 

    So everything will depend on what Putin thinks he can accomplish by a new offensive or the threat of a new offensive. You should also remember that Ukraine for the moment has no government yet and that meanwhile the transition to a legitimate parliament and government has still to happen. It will be much harder for Putin to attack a government that has been elected than the present sitting one. Maybe the politicians in Kiev should speed up their endless quarrels and get a government so the military can do their job saying they are defending the newly elected democratic parliament. 

    Remember Putin is an old KGB hand so all these propaganda and contextual factors play a big part in the decision-making, they can even be decisive. 

  • after the vote an enormous russian military convoy entered Donetsk in #ukraine


    and other sources meanwhile

    fighting has restarted meanwhile around the airport but if you have seen the number of defenders and the number of russian soldiers arriving you know what the purpose is - to get the airport (because if it wants to be sustainable as an independent region even if it isn't recognized by no other country in the world it will need the airport)

    they just want to overcome resistance at the airport by overwhelming it - a very old Russian tactic

  • #ukraine European (and Belgian) fascists monitor prorussian elections again

    they already went for the socalled elections in Crimea

    now they are back again

    ng names of international "observers" hired by the the EODE and ECGA can be revealed:

    (Political) affiliation
    Frank Abernathy
    EFS Investment Partners LLC
    Fabrice Beaur
    Parti communautaire national-européen (extreme right/National Bolshevik) / EODE
    Fabrizio Bertot
    Forza Italia (right-wing)
    Anatoliy Bibelov
    “South Ossetia”
    “Parliament of South Ossetia”
    Aleksandr Brod
    Civic Control Association (fake NGO)
    Frank Creyelman
    Vlaams Belang (extreme right)
    Stevica Dedjanski*
    Centre for International Corporation (???)
    Aleksey Didenko
    Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia (extreme right)
    Vladimir Djukanovic
    Serbian Progressive Party (right-wing)
    Jaroslav Doubrava
    Czech Republic
    Severočeš (regionalism/populism)
    Márton Gyöngyösi
    Jobbik (extreme right)
    Gábor Gyóni**
    Eötvös Loránd University
    Vladimir Krshlyanin
    Movement for Serbia (extreme right)
    Georgios Lambroulis
    Communist Party of Greece (extreme left/Stalinist)
    Viliam Longauer
    Union of Fighters against Fascism (...)
    Max Lurie
    Curson Info (Russian language website)
    Lucio Malan
    Forza Italia (right-wing)
    Alessandro Musolino
    Forza Italia (right-wing)
    Manuel Ochsenreiter
    Zuerst! (far right journal)
    Slobodan Samardzija
    Jean-Luc Schaffhauser
    Rassemblement bleu Marine (radical right)
    Georgi Singalevich
    Leonid Slutskiy
    Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia (extreme right)
    Ewald Stadler
    Die Reformkonservativen (right-wing)
    Adrienn Szaniszló*
    Jobbik (extreme right)
    Magdalena Tasheva
    Ataka (extreme right)
    Srđa Trifković
    Evgeni Velkov***
    Aleksandr Yushchenko
    Communist Party of the Russian Federation (ultranationalist/Stalinist)
    Sotirios Zarianopoulos
    Communist Party of Greece (extreme left/Stalinist)
    Ladislav Zemánek
    Czech Republic
    No to Brussels – Popular Democracy (ultranationalist)
    Aleksey Zhuravlyov
    Motherland (extreme right)

    * - Part of the "observation mission" in the Russian Rostov region.
    ** - Part of the "observation mission" in the Russian Voronezh region.
    *** - Part of the "observation mission" in the Russian Belgorod region.

    oh well there are no guns and everything is totally impartial .... you can only chose between prorussians

  • those who thought that Russia had no end-game and that the game in #ukraine was over, it only started (again)

    Yep the Ukrainans have their elections and the results have been accepted by Moscow 

    Yep there is something of a cease-fire but that will be ended soon as the Russianheld territories need Mariupol and the airport to have something of a real region - even if they don't have the whole regions

    Yep there are no great movements of Russian military but every day new Russian tanks and soldiers are crossing the border - under the radar of the international news organisations (100 tanks is a better title than 10 russian tanks cross the border)

    and now, we are back at where it all started - a referendum in the two seperatist russian occupied regions (that is why it is a pity the Ukranian army didn't push into Donetsk when it should) 

    yep a referendum in a region in which everybody who is opposed to the occupation is send to cellars they don't come out of again 

    yep a referendum where there are no other parties or press than those of the occupiers

    yep a referendum that will be as legitimate as the one in the Crimea 

    so all those believers that you had an agreement with Putin, that Peace was on your way,

    you are chamberlain after all (but we knew that from the beginning)

    meanwhile if you are into (cyber)security prepare for the possbility of a new cold war or local wars and skirmishes and troop buildups and incidents and all the rest (the possbility that this will happen has just increased with 1000 percent)

  • these are the best/worst mediapirates websites (thanks MPAA)

    if you don't find it here, it will be very hard to find (and it will surely not be in Google)

    networks from firms should control that access to these sites is blocked to limit their responsabilities, if they have a proxy there should be some categories that would allow this. Allowing P2P traffic in a netwerk is just asking for huge legal and securityproblems (and sometimes networkproblems) 

    MPAA is spending millions to find them, calculate their importance and hunt them down to get at least their links out of Google as fast as possible (this is the reason for the renewed popularity of the sites that only have links to pirated content - which is illegal in Belgium under some conditions and maybe illegal in your country too, so be careful before you want to jump on the bandwagon)

    some sites are really located in astonishing places of which you would have thought that it would be easy to take them down using the copyright laws (Sometimes the FBI and now the London Police take down hundreds of websites in sweeps but those yearly actions aren't very effective because the search only goes to other places) 

    at another note, there is also some evidence that when there are professional, global and great alternatives like spotify and netflix the amount of illegal downloading reduces enormously 

    Direct Download and Streaming Cyberlockers: – Russia – Netherlands – Russia – New Zealand and the “Movshare Group” – Panama/Switzerland/Netherlands – Germany

    Peer-to-Peer Networks & BitTorrent Portals: – Several locations – Sweden – Germany/Luxembourg – Russia – Several locations – Ukraine – China


    Linking Websites: – Canada – Romania – Estonia – Switzerland – Switzerland – Latvia – Brazil – Brazil – Germany – China – Estonia – Argentina
    Degraç – Brazil – Brazil

  • #ukraine denies Der Spiegel desinformation about BUK missiles and #MH17

    we have published here time and time over again all the information that has been published by specialists since long time that the BUK came in from Russia and there is all the photographic evidence to proof it.

    But the propaganda and intox campaign of the masters of the Kremlin is as good as even when it comes to the western press who just copy-paste without verifying or critically researching information before researching it.

    And this strategy was even foreseen from the beginning directly after the disaster.

    “We have clearly stated that all our missile systems, including their personnel, were not present in the area of the tragedy,” Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Yevhen Perebyinis told DW on Monday, October 20.  “Statements that  militants had seized Ukrainian missile complexes do not conform to reality since all these systems had actually been moved in advance. We find it strange to hear conclusions that the militants had used Ukrainian missiles,” he said.


    Similarly, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense in an official statement posted on its website, October 20, has categorically denied claims that terrorists had seized the BUK-M1 (NATO code: SA-11 Gadfly) anti-aircraft missile system from a Ukrainian military unit.


    “Certain media citing the German magazine Der Spiegel have been disseminating information that the Malaysian passenger plane, flight MH17 , flying over the Donetsk Oblast had been downed by a BUK anti-aircraft missile system seized by pro-Russian separatists from one of the Ukrainian military units. The Command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine officially states that information on the seizure by terrorists of the BUK-M1 anti-aircraft missile system from a military unit of the Air Force of Ukraine is not true,” the Ministry’s statement said.

  • the german drones can't be used in Ukraine because.....

    yeah you read it

    they will never go to Antartica

  • #ukraine : the ceasefire may come to an end soon

    this is what a Russian commentator says

    "current polls suggest that “there will be almost no pro-Russian deputies” in the Verkhovna Rada to be elected on October 26.  And Putin needs to achieve his goals in the next few months before the situation in the occupied territories becomes “truly catastrophic” and potentially explosive for Russia itself.


    Given that confluence of events, the Moscow commentator says, it is likely that “soon Russian forces and separatists will step up their military activities in an attempt to defeat the Ukrainian army, to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the parliamentary elections, and to provoke in Ukraine a political crisis” that will end either by making the current regime more willing to make concessions or by bringing to power a pro-Moscow government.


    Given the approach of winter and the reluctance of the EU to put its gas supplies at risk by a new round of sanctions, Putin has every reason to move quickly. And “if Russian forces and their allies in the Donbas do not achieve real successes, perhaps, they will attack along the entire line of the border

    and later today one of the rebel leaders said that the ceasefire is over

    while new pictures have emerged from Russian military transports to Ukraine

    the elections are near and very clear, there will hardly be any prorussian elected, so Putin has nothing to win if the elections take place because he can't lose anything

    so don't be surprised if we have some surprises in the coming week

  • German parliamentary commission that controls BND leaked wrongly the #MH17story

    wow this will stirr some problems in the trust relationship

    the president of the BND was briefing the Parliamentary commission about the indications and thoughts he had about the shooting of the airline but he doesn't had any proof. Only one member of the commission didn't understand it like this and told Der Spiegel that the intelligence agency BND had enough evidence.

    perfect for the Russians

    and the stories about the stolen BUK's from Ukraine were also planted.

  • Mad Putin proposed to Poland in 2008 to invade #ukraine and take possession of 5 western provinces

    this is like 1939 the other way round when Hitler proposed to Stalin (not the other way round) to invade Poland as a secret part of their non-aggression pact

    Maybe we understand now better why Poland and the other eastern countries are so afraid of Putin because he is so unpredictable and capable of anything

    would you ever believe that he was capable of doing or saying this ?

    And another thing 'the prime minister of Poland is talking with Putin and he knows that Putin is recording this conversation' (for propaganda goals). Does he still think he is a KGB operative playing spy or agent provocateur ? it is a mad mad world with people like this

  • one quote that explains Europe's present weakess versus Russia

    "Our mistake was not to humiliate Russia but to underrate Russia's revanchist, revisionist, disruptive potential. If the only real Western achievement of the past quarter-century is now under threat, that’s because we have failed to ensure that NATO continues to do in Europe what it was always meant to do: Deter. Deterrence is not an aggressive policy; it is a defensive policy. But in order to work, deterrence has to be real. It requires investment, consolidation, and support from all of the West, and especially the United States. I’m happy to blame American triumphalism for many things, but in Europe I wish there had been more of it."


    which means that part of that necessary public investment IMF and the others are talking about will have to go to defense and if that investment is big enough we will never have to use it again .... in Europe while maybe it would be easier to impress warmongers around the world to stop using war as a way of diplomacy or internal politics. 

    If the NATO wants to have a meaning for Eastern Europe it will have to be a strong NATO, if the military alliance with the US is to have a meaning for Eastern Europe it will be one that rebuilds its military capabilities, assumes its responsabilities and takes action whenever this seem to be needed in Europe. 

  • follow the search for the Russian submarine live (ships arriving from everywhere)

    on tv they say 'just as in the cold war'

    we are in a new cold war, don't you know yet ?

    source (here you can follow live the search

  • the russian rebels in occupied #ukraine are even fighting or not recognizing each other

    this is the map of the different battalions or occupied territories held by a local warlord

    from time to time there are even firefights between the locals and the russians

    a profile of each can be found here


  • better than a pcgame : the battle for #Donetsk airport against the Russian troops

    yep these are Russian tanks and Russian soldiers - these are not civilean volunteers or rebels

    the video show one of the daily Russian attacks against the Ukrainan defenders who are becoming even more popular every attack they repell, even if they had to abandon some big parts of the airports

    and there are lots more from the Ukranian side here


  • 500MB documents leaked from the DNR represenation in Moscow #ukraine

    In the archive you will find a lot of documentation leaders DNR relations Vitrenko and presidential Ataman Rosiyiskoho KazachYestva, memoranda concerning the relationship of some pretty famous Ukrainian people and their participation in information projects NPT, including Chairman Yegor Sobolev lyustratsiynoho Committee and Deputy Chairman of the Fiscal Service of Ukraine - Mr. Vladimir Khomenko and many other very interesting material.


    Лінки на архіви



    Ukrainans will need some social search and translation about these documents if they want to honour the work from these cyberguerilla's

  • all critical windows stations should install the security updates as fast as NOW

    the reason is that there are several very critical zerodays that are or can be exploited by known or not yet known viruses. One is by the energybear or sandstorm worm that has received much press today because the firm had to keep quiet untill today

    "After the exploit was shared with Microsoft in early September, it was determined that the vulnerability is located in the Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) package manager and that it affects all versions of the Windows operating system from Vista Service Pack 2 to Windows 8.1, as well as Windows Server 2008 and 2012.

    "The vulnerability exists because Windows allows the OLE packager (packager.dll) to download and execute INF files," the iSight researchers said. "In the case of the observed exploit, specifically when handling Microsoft PowerPoint files, the packager allows a Package OLE object to reference arbitrary external files, such as INF files, from untrusted sources."

    Attackers can leverage this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code, but will need to trick users to open a specifically crafted file first by using social engineering techniques, something that was observed in this campaign.

  • the sandworm attack collects your certificates to become a trusted hacker in your network

    "Although iSight only has a small view of the number of victims targeted in the campaign, the victims include among others, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Ukrainian and European Union governments, energy and telecommunications firms, defense companies, as well as at least one academic in the US who was singled out for his focus on Ukrainian issues. The attackers also targeted attendees of this year’s GlobSec conference, a high-level national security gathering that attracts foreign ministers and other top leaders from Europe and elsewhere each year.


    It appears Sandworm is focused on nabbing documents and emails containing intelligence and diplomatic information about Ukraine, Russia and other topics of importance in the region. But it also attempts to steal SSL keys and code-signing certificates, which iSight says the attackers probably use to further their campaign and breach other systems.

    and we are not talking about some spammers or scriptkiddies these are targeted attacks against high value targets so you can not suppose that they are not going to do this, why wouldn't they if this was their main purpose of the attack, having access to the confidential and secret information that they were after in the first place

    with or without a certificate

    it makes it also much easier to infect other systems because your malware code is authentificated with a stolen certificate (and code seldom is signed by external institutions and it is seldom that you can see somewhere where it is installed and used)

    some other interesting information

    * the virus-attacker is known since 2008

    * it uses some process in powerpoint, so this is the entree point for the virus (some powerpoint files extremely popular with decisionmakers)

    * it wouldn't surprise me if the targeted western european government that is mentioned vaguely is Belgium because the European Union and NATO are also targeted so why shouldn't you attack also the government that is on the same networks ?

    * it is also interesting to note that they are talking about several European telecommunication firms ....


  • #ukraine #donetsk airport is like the battle in Aleppo and Stalingrad (holding on to bricks with little more than courage and a few weapons)

    from inside the Donetsk airport that is being defended - and needs to be defended probably like this another week because there are rumours that Putin will sign a definitive ceasefire next week

    these Ukranian soldiers have become real mythical heroes in Ukraine as 'Cyborgs' more because of the environment they are fighting in (like some sience fiction films) than because of their 'supersoldier' look - which is not the case, on first sight they should have at least 10 more tools and weapons )

     and these are the Russians around them, firing from the buildings around the central airport control tower, from time to time like a ballet (people who think war is a permanent thing watch too much television) - war is mostly a waiting in which the only important things are taking and holding on to positions, setting up a good strategy to attack (and hold your flanks and logistics while attacking those of the enemy) and than having your battle for some time after which it all begins anew

  • new Russian nuclear missiles in #crimea (#ukraine) increase Russian nuclear supremacy in Europa

    "The United States is believed to have around 200 nuclear weapons in Europe. Russia’s tactical nuclear arsenal is at least 2,000. “NATO politics will prevent any cuts in U.S. tactical nuclear weapons in Europe,” he said. “This is obviously about the worst possible time to talk about something like this.”


    Schneider said nuclear policymakers should focus on deterrence now instead of disarmament. A Russian Defense Ministry spokesman told state-run Interfax March 26 that a “missile-carrying regiment” of Tu-22 Backfire nuclear bombers will be deployed to the Crimean airbase at Gvardeyskoye within two years.


    IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly described the nuclear-capable Tu-22s to be based in Crimea as “the backbone of Soviet naval strike units during the Cold War.”


    Rogers, the strategic forces subcommittee chairman, said Sept. 18 that the Russians have discussed “plans to station tactical nuclear weapons in Crimea.”

    nice to know that our Russian friends are even not feeling secure enough against us with their 2000 nuclear against our 200 missileheads, they even want to add some new ones in the Crimea, just to be a bit more nearer and have an even wider range (and it is not to protect us against Iranian or other arabic missiles that have fallen in the hands of some IS likeminded groups or leaders in some strategic plans)