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  • #kiev Russian attacker of party local of Ukranian party in Kharkov is a neonazi

    the russian media forgot to mention it

    but one of the wounded amongst the 300 russians who were attacking a local of a party in Berkhov defended by 30 people inside (and no police no where to be seen never) is this man

    Yesterday in Kharkov was wounded man who originally held in the reports as "unknown, called Edward." It was a rashist Anatoly Ermakov. What does Anatoly visible on the photo (in the center). Here are our fighters in Kharkov with fascists and benderovtsami.I more about idiots who staged firing yesterday in Kharkov - Anatoly Ermakov, rear view

  • #kiev US servers Cloudflare hosting Russian DDOS operations against Ukraine

    clean up your house will you

    don't start talking about cyberwar if you even can't get the pages down on your own servers

  • #kiev rumours about Russian intervention in Ukraine tonight

    * intensification of the Cyberattacks on Ukranian infrastructure

    * the Ukranian Ministers and President are said to be going over to a goblal immediate full mobilisation

    * some Russian soldiers at the frontier said they would be Ukraine the 17th of march

    * here should riots by pro-russian thugs lead to some deaths and so the reason for Putin to intervene because Ukraine isn't protecting its citizens (did never intervene when a hundred Ukranians were murdered)

    * some small things

  • #kiev flemish extreme rightwing observers for referendum where anyone can vote

    imagine that all the foreigners who live here would be able to vote in an referendum

    they would be mad as hell


  • #kiev the red guys before the Kremlin yesterday were third way kind of guys (normally they wear BLACK shirts)

    We have the third way at the extreme rightwing in which they try to combine Maoism and Extreme Rightwing ideas against Capitalism, NATO, world conspiracy and so on. 

    Well the Third way seems also to exist in Russia as something that truys to combine some communist authors with patriotism and very hard nationalism

    "Essence of Time is a Russian left patriotic movement,[1] founded and led by political scientist, philosopher and theater director Sergei Kurginyan.[2][3] The movement's ideology is communist, but not strictly Marxist. The movement is grounded in modern philosophy and incorporates the ideas of Erich Fromm, Antonio Gramsci, Alexander Bogdanov, Viktor Frankl, and others. One of the main principles of the movement's ideology is the ascription of great importance to the human spirit as a philosophical category, which is considered to be linked directly to the question of the ascent of humanity. The project subscribes to conception of above modernity (in Russian сверхмодерн or sverhmodern), not to be confused with post-modernity, and on this principle hopes to build a new historical project for Russia. The project conceives of a great historical role for Russia in moving the world out of the global crisis of capitalism, based on the country's experience of alternatives to capitalist modernity and so-called post-modernity).


    The movement seeks to unite people with socialist and communist political views as well as those with patriotic views and Orthodox Christian values, hoping on this basis to create a spiritual synthesis.


    One of the main aims of the movement is a revival of the Soviet Union on new principles, taking into account the mistakes of the past (the project is thus dubbed USSR 2.0). EoT envisions a new red union state -a union of equal nations where the Russian nation plays the role of the state's core.


    The ultimate goal of the movement is the bringing to life the best of communism's ideas -namely a state of being in society which provides for the awakening and development of the higher creative abilities of every human being.

    On July 19, 2010, the show "Court of Time" began broadcasting nationally on Russian television's Fifth Channel. The subject of the show was a serious discussion of historical events and personalities in the form of the hearing. The main participants were Leonid Mlechin and Sergei Kurginyan. The show gained certain measure of public acclaim, in part because of the subject matter, but also because the studio audience and internet and telephone voters were asked to vote whose side they agreed with. Interestingly, while the small studio audience was often won over by Mlechin, who adheres to liberal political and economic values, online and telephone voters always decisively sided with Sergei Kurginyan (ranging from a minimum of 72% to 97%), who consistently defended the pro-Soviet stance. The last broadcast of this show was held on December 30, 2010.

    After the conclusion of "Court of Time" Sergei Kurginyan began his own web show entitled "Essence of Time", which, in lecture format, outlined his views on the causes of the Soviet Union's collapse, the prospects for the political, socioeconomic and cultural development of Russia, and the political situation in the world and its relation to the previous two questions. Kurginyan noted that he conceived of the program as an opportunity to continue the discussion, started in the program "Court of Time", but now among a circle of friends. On the basis of this web show the virtual club "Essence of Time" was soon created, quickly gathering enthusiasts and building local sections of the club.

    Mussolini also had black shirts and they also talked about a third way and his political Heirs, the MSI also talked about new fascism and so on

    but another thing is interesting it is the combination of red and braun in their websites (and on the jackets of the pro-russian supporters in Kiev and Eastern Ukraine

    well the combination of red and braun comes in fact from the fascist third way, they always said that they would like to combine the best of red and braun into something new (like the NSDAP said that they were more left than Hitler and were eventually exterminated because of it)

  • #kiev how a geeky propaganda idea backfires totally (Russian red putin demonstration)

    how expensive is that consultant or how many psy-ops books has that guy read

    watches too much MTV anyway

    Embedded image permalink

    and has no sense at all of history

    keep going guys, you are doing a wonderful job for us ......

    North Korea is even better

  • #kiev subliminal colour play at voting booth in referendum

    look at the combination of the colours of the draps that are before the 'secret' voting booths

    question : which national flag

    and even better here

    are they stupid

    this would never pass in an objective referendum or election


  • #kiev do not call this vote a referendum and surely not an observed one

    that is why

    and meanwhile our extreme rightwing anticommunists of Vlaams Belang (ex Vlaams Blok) are there also to hlep their dictator (just sorry that they are communists)

    these are some pics from their old days they are probably talking about getting very drunk over some very strong Putin Vodka - Heil to the leader Fuck Europe, NATO and democracy


  • #kiev Demorgen calls pro-Russian cyberhackers Ukranian cybercriminals

    ho dude  you stupid

    it are pro-russian or even russian cyberoperations

    they are ddossing NATO webstes

    and with all these NTP servers around here is that really really easy

    the pro-russians did exactly the same during the bombardements of Serbia because of the massmurders in Bosnia by their 'selfdefense' troops showing off their talents as snipers or manhunters

    but any argument is fine to tarnish the reputation of Ukraine, right

    PS I suppose that NATO will now go in cyberdefense mode

    just remember one thing, when a group is launching a ddos another is trying to penetrate and get some data out of accounts inside because everybody is looking at all that banging on the frontdoor (websites)

    when you are ddossed another team should do nothing else than to safeguard (or lock down, closed down, get of the network) your most valuable assets or networkinfrastructure that gives an internal entrance

    this doesn't

    "Suspected Russian hackers used DDoS attacks to cripple websites and services in Estonia in 2007 during a dispute over a war memorial and against Georgia during its brief 2008 war with Russia. Moscow denied orchestrating such attacks, saying they were simply carried out by independent patriots.


    Apparent Ukrainian groups calling themselves "cyber berkut" have attacked several Ukrainian websites in recent weeks, computer security experts say. It was not immediately clear if the attack on NATO was genuinely conducted by the same group.


    The group - which some experts believe may be affiliated with Russian intelligence - published its statement in Russian rather than Ukrainian

  • #kiev Crimea observers from extreme right wing Vlaams Belang are too drunk

    this what they are doing for this evening

    while armed soldiers are invading the press hotel

    and tomorrow they will have to say that the referendum has been very well organized

  • #kiev these are the Russian mobs killing 3 people and wounding 50 in Donetsk

    and look at the police

    do you imagine the police doing only this

    not even arresting the people responsable for the people

    not once using their sticks to push the russian lynch mob back

    taking pictures of the wounded instead of helping them

    watching when a fallen guy is buying mobbed instead of stopping it

    a climate of fear without the brown uniforms

    on your knees for Russia

    and every time they appear you hate Russia even more

    for ever


  • #kiev how the traderelations between US-Europa and Russia can change

    untill now Russia was our main trading partner

    but if the standoff over the way Russia is invading and keeping Russia continues

    and sanctions go crescendo because it is for the moment the preferred way of increasing pressure while the military buildup continues slowly but steadily

    we will need a new trading partner to compensate

    one with which we are for the moment discussing a free trade or preferred tradepact by the way

  • #kiev the regional politics for Russia - playing bluffpoker

    not sure who will win in the long end but these are the cards on the table