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  • #kiev about antisemitism and the opposition from a jewish source


    Joseph Zissels, the president of the Ukrainian Jewish community known as the Vaad,

  • #kiev after declarations like that Russians will hurry to buy dollars

    aide has clearly no idea what he is talking about and is just bluffing

    sorry for him but this kind of declarations in financial markets can get people panicking

    oh and if you have rubels for whatever reason, what is your reason

    because every day they become more risk than reason

  • #kiev Putin helps a Russian undercover information operation (nazi snipers)

    There is information published on those weirdo conspiracist websites that the snipers in Kiev were in fact members of a secret nazigroup who were doing that to make it more easy to blame the government and the russians

    there is no proof for it and as no snipers were arrested there are no statements about their origins (and they fled afterwards)

    there are pictures of them going in or coming out of the presidential palace and they surely didn't look like nazi's but more trained military

    strange that Putin is supporting this kind of very weirdo 'Info-Op' for millions of viewers worldwide

    maybe he is afraid that otherwise people won't see it because nobody has given any credibility to it except for the weirdos and fanatic nationalist russians

    maybe he is 'out of his mind' if he believes this stuff - than it is a very good info-op if even your own highest politicians refers to it - which shows how badly he is informed (and makes all his other facts he is referring to also very suspicious)

  • #kiev Anonymous Ukraine as a russian undercover operation

    we have read that the UK and the US were already launching campaigns under the name of lulzsec or Anonymous

    well, now it is time for the Russians

    because this is a Russian operation

    this means that the opposition and government in Ukraine will have to watch out for any major attack against their infrastructure and mailboxes

    they have already access to some mailboxes and you should never respond to mails coming from those mailboxes and surely not click on any links or files that are in or with these emails

    the official Anonymous media should also ask themselves if they don't give credibility to this undercover operation supporting the Russian intervention by publishing this information

  • #kiev Anonymous hacked the mail of the UDAR party in Ukraine

    We are Anonymous Ukraine


    We promised to strike at the web resources of Western hirelings and fascists that are trying to hurl Ukraine into chaos.


    For a start we’ve hacked e-mail account of one of the regional offices of the Vitali Klitschko’s UDAR party and downloaded all the stuff we found there.


    We strongly recommend everyone to look through these documents. You will find out a lot of interesting details about how Klitschko and his party dirt not only on their opponents but on their allies too in their race for power and money.


    Some of the most interesting e-mails are here






    You can download all the recent e-mails of the regional office of the UDAR party here






    Once again we appeal to the President Yanukovych. People of Ukraine urge you to restore order and bring calm and stability. It’s time to disperse this gang of robbers and Nazis!


    Ukraine must be unified and independent!!


    #OpIndependence continues… Expect us



    We are Anonymous Ukraine.


    We are the Patriots of our country.


    We Do Not Forgive.


    We Do Not Forget.


    Expect Us.

  • #kiev according to stolen emails by Anonymous Lithuania helped finance ex president Ukraine



    We are Anonymous Ukraine


    We’ve hacked e-mail account of Laurynas Jonavicius – the adviser to the President of Lithuania. We’ve downloaded all the e-mails that were sent to him and discovered letters from Vitali Klitschko.


    The content of these letters shows how Western countries finance and control Vitali Klitschko through intermediary of Lithuanian government.


    You can download these letters, they speak for themselves






    You can also download other correspondence of the adviser to the President of Lithuania here






    Ukraine must be unified and independent!!


    #OpIndependence continues… Expect us




    We are Anonymous Ukraine.


    We are the Patriots of our country.


    We Do Not Forgive.


    We Do Not Forget.


    Expect Us.

    One thing even more imporant, if they have all the emails from the advisor to the President of Lithuania - a country who is now in a difficult position because of the russian minority on its soil and the Putin doctrine - than there is a big securityproblem

    they have only published some emails - but what will they do with the rest

  • #kiev the military situations as it stands now

    changing every hour by now - not in a good sense

  • #kiev Putin recognizes the professional militarisation of Maidan

    well it is from your biggest opponent that you have to hear it

    they didn't beat up prisoners and they let them free - there are other images of what happens when Maidan protestors are taking out of buildings stormed by the Russian mobs

    they had professional military trained officers and Afghan veterans organizing the units and training them and using military planning (building barricades so that you can retreat from Barricade to barricade for example) and coordination

    the advantage was that this gave confidence to the people working in the background, that eventually the first lines were not just kid but organized groups organized by people who know what they were doing

    you wouldn't have all those people coming to the square risking their lives if they didn't know that there was a strategy, a plan and professional people executing it with the necessary oversight of the politicos and communicators (don't forget this, the military people executed the political decisions, not the reverse)

    this made them efficient and this was the reason they even had to try to use snipers to get them out of the way - which didn't work because they kept coming even if people fell around them (and this courage and martyrdom, not military training because military training learns you to survive, a dead soldier is worth nothing)

  • #kiev putin will not except any result from the 25th elections in Ukraine except his own

    this is clear not

    it are not the elections that will resolve this issue

    than he has to start getting his troops back

    you can't have elections with foreign non-identified troops and bands of armed thugs on the street

    except in 1936 and 1939



  • #kiev why western cyberdefences for the Internet exchange points in Ukraine are important

    n the 2008 Russo-Georgian War, Russia capitalized on the fact that Georgia did not have its own Internet exchange point (IXP) and was therefore reliant on Armenia, Turkey, and Russia for nearly 70% of its Internet exchange capacity.[8] As a result, Russia managed to exert control over Georgian web activity at a few choke points, making it easier for Russian cyber forces to target key Georgian government websites.


    Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, while not as technically isolated, is similarly vulnerable because of the positioning of its Internet exchange points. Of the various IXPs in Ukraine, only one is located in Crimea. If this IXP were severely limited or shut down, which may have already happened, the Crimean Peninsula would be completely isolated, allowing Russia to control Internet activity in Crimea.

    Crimea Graphic 2

    The only one that has to be really secured as the others are in cities or regions that are under attack from buses of Russian armed visitors - sometimes accompanied by a phantom heavily armed guard and police forces that are protecting the attackers and not restoring peace is KIEV

    this is the main point to the world for the Ukranian free press and authorities, this is where all the defences should first go ot (DDOS, targeted attacks, .......)

    meanwhile if a government wants to help the authorities in the present situation they can do so with providing internet by satellite connections which are much harder to close down as they can be much more mobile - except if Russia starts jamming these

  • #kiev imagine that Russia nullifies every agreements with Ukraine (international chaos)

    this is what is the final meaning of what Putin is saying

    imagine that

    this is international chaos at the highest order

    so each time there is a regime change all international agreements become null and of no importance for Russia

  • #kiev everything is resolvable if Yanukovitch would be dead or paralyzed

    there are rumours that he has been brought to a clinic

    if it is true

    and even if it is natural

    it would be a way out

    * you could have normal presidential elections with international observers

    * his possessions (up to 70 billion according to some accounts) can be returned

    * his party can chose other leaders which are more credible to represent the Russianspeaking minority

    * the law on languages will be vetoed by the acting president and Ukraine could adopt some treaties about the protection of minorities

    * the credits to the Ukraine government could be send immediately so the normal police forces can work as before

    * the russian troops can stop there preventive invasion and return where they go from with the promise that their bases won't be closed although they will be put under international monitoring so their positions aren't abused any more

    * there is an official cool-off period in which no actions or declarations are made

    but whatever, this is a reminder for those who started to believe that peace was finally possible in the 21th century in Europe, a peace without an enormous investment in the army and intelligence, a peace without the necessity to have enough troops and intelligence concentrated at our borders with Russia, a peace without the necessity of NATO and military interaid agreements that are respected when called upon, a peace without the need to show the strength of your preparedness

    it is a day in which we lost our virginity .... which we thought we had conquered again

    Putin is rumored to make a declaration today and he has send his troops at the European borders back to their bases - which is cooling down the things. Because once you start having those hundred thousands soldiers with all their material at your borders you feel the need to get yourself more troops to your borders and so you create tensions and dangers

    the exercises have learned something, Putin still has more than 150.000 troops massed at our borders and they are not there on holiday and they are not trained to operate in far away places. They train for the European theatre.

  • #kiev the only articles of the European declaration that matter - all the rest is bs

    EU is ready to further pursue its efforts with the international community and international financial institutions, especially the IMF, to assist Ukraine. To this end, the EU and its Member States will lend their full support to an international assistance package to address the urgent needs of Ukraine, based on a clear commitment to reforms. The Council welcomes the efforts already undertaken by the Commission, which has dispatched a fact-finding mission to Kyiv in parallel to the IMF mission. The Council also encourages interested third countries to join such an international assistance p ackage.

    Recalling its conclusions of 20 February 2014, the Council agreed to swiftly work on the adoption of restrictive measures for the
    freezing and recovery of assets of persons identified as responsible for the misappropriation of State funds, and the freezing of
    assets of persons responsible for human rights violations.
    7. The Council reconfirms its offer of the Association Agreement, including a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area. The Agreement would bring opportunities for sustainable economic development and prosperity to all the regions of Ukraine, including Crimea, as well
    as to its neighbours. The Agreement does not constitute the final goal in EU-Ukraine cooperation. The EU reiterates its commitment to enhance people to people contacts between the EU and Ukraine, i.a. through the visa liberalisation process, in line with agreed
    conditions in the framework of the VLAP
    comment : this is about money and this is of interest to the investors who know now that the European Union and the IMF and the EU are behind them whatever happens - the rest is just nonsense and is even Munich like talk in which too much credit is given to Putin and
    there is too much comprehension of his  arguments
  • #kiev part of US fleet finally arriving in the Black sea

    it is not because you don't read it in the news that troops aren't beginning to move

    it is not because politicians say that there is no direct military solution or answer to this at this stage that military planners aren't busy preparing stuff and giving orders - even if nothing is happening because it takes a lot of orders and organisation before armies and material start to move - even if we call them fast deployment

    Putin has really changed Europe and he doesn't really realise what the consequences can be - also remember that the 25th we are going for elections of the European Parliament in which many countries with Russian troops at its borders have to vote - try to vote rationally when war is waging or a country like yours have been invaded and conquered

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  • #kiev US doesn't go to paralympics - totally debile to go for anyone

    boycot it simple

    let Putin keep his 50 billion empty place for himself

    lose some more money

    and no publicity anymore

    sorry for the sporters, but it is war and that is more important

  • #kiev an example of two russian protestors touring eastern Ukraine as crying mothers

    they go from city to city from manifestation to manifestation making all kinds of declarations

    but social media makes such manipulations much more difficult

  • #kiev moscow has a good idea of something we will now have to reconsider to do

    instead of against Iran we will  have to place it against the nationalistic Russian crazy autocrats

    given that kind of guarantee would mean that they will always be defenseless each time Russia decides to invade some eastern europe country

  • #kiev the specialolympics are paramilitarized

    we should have boycotted his propagandashow from the moment it became clear that russian military advisors were participating or guiding the snipers

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  • #kiev time for Europe and for Belgium surely to think about energy security instead of Russian gas

    we can't let russians gas our support for democracy and freedom elsewhere

    so now nuclear industry you don't have to do all that advertising anymore you just say, prefer some gas from Putin maybe  in exchange for what





    Putin maybe



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