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  • #ukraine every day Russia goes a little closer to Mariupol or prepares its attack

    meanwhile more than hundred new Russian tanks and artillery arrived in Rostock by Rail today and were transferred to trucks 

    a very good collection can be found here especially of new transports during the truce.... no truce just an increased buildup

    actions like these are taking place very day truce or no truce

  • #ukraine Russian electronic warfare on the move to Ukraine now

    and you thought they wouldn't test their latest Tools and every tool they had to be sure that they could win this war when it started again - or you just don't think that this is just a pauze

  • #ukraine Russia plans to start a secession movement in Estonia again

    "During the 23 years of independence of Moscow has never renounced its territorial claims against neighboring Estonia. This is evidenced grown Russia "boil" under the name "Republic of Narva". This political project aimed at the destruction of the state of the Baltic countries, can be considered one of the Estonian Donbass, reports Espreso.TV .

    Founded by the Danes in the XIII century, the third largest city in Estonia - Narva is located on the "far east" of the country, in fact, on the border with Russia. On the contrary - the Russian Ivangorod, which was once a city with Narva ("Narva" translates as "dual city"). Today, between the two cities is the border, and communication is carried out over the international bridge "Friendship", in which commuter and tourist buses cross the interstate Russian-Estonian border

    Residents in Narva, there are about 70 thousand, and the vast majority are Russian, they are more than 90% of the total composition. TV stations in Narva also show mostly Russian.

    In Narva, only 46.7% of city residents are Estonian citizens, 36.3% have Russian passports. Another 15.3% have a "gray" passports, that is, not having Russian citizenship, and they are non-citizens of Estonia. So, the election shall be entitled to vote only half of the residents of Narva"

    and there is precedence to organize a referendum

    "In 1991 and 1993, the Estonian part Prinarovya with predominantly Russian population (Ida-Viru County) attempted proclamation "Prinarovskoi republic" (by analogy with Transnistria), but has not been created even territorial autonomy.

    Local authorities Estonian Prinarovya organized voting. Participated in the referendum, 74.2% of voters, 95.0% of whom voted for the preservation of the USSR."

  • #ukraine no illusions about Mariupol, still a military-political Russian goal

    every day and night one or two attacks on checkpoints and military material

  • #ukraine Russian volunteers are paid to go on holiday to Ukraine (4K Euro)

    and an interesting monthly wage - if they survive

    if they are dead their family gets an undisclosed sum to shut up

  • #ukraine the best explanation why Kremlinology is back in vogue

    "On these terms, America is right to resist Russia if Putin seems truly bent on bullying his way to a redrawn map of Europe, but also right to try to keep working with Russia on matters of mutual concern such as Islamic militancy. And that same calculation will hold when Putin, as must happen eventually, exits the Kremlin, willingly or unwillingly, whether replaced by a new autocrat or a more democratic figure. Today’s heightened tension between the United States and Russia, conceivably the first chapter of a new cold war, with Europe as ambivalent as ever about its role, underscores that Russia is likely to remain one of America’s most vexing and formidable diplomatic challenges for a long time to come.

    the reason is that we need to know where we have to work together or get 'silent acceptance' and where we have to give 'silent acceptance' to who in the Kremlin to get what and to stop what

    it has and never will be a perfect science

    because the Kremlin has as many secrets as the Vatican

  • #ukraine the US hesitation gives Chinese warhawks more influence

    "For Colonel Fang, Russia has the initiative. The U.S. lacks military options, and “Russia does not fear,” according to this Chinese analysis. Russia’s “actual control” over Crimea is a decisive factor in the present crisis that the Chinese have not missed. True, some other Chinese analysts have been more circumspect, pointing to the prospect of major losses to the Russian economy (国际问题研究, April 2014), but many others, such as a Xinhua Russian expert writing in May 2014, seem to follow Colonel Fang’s interpretation and admire “Russia’s rejection of the West’s global leadership, its defense of its core interests, and its lack of hesitation in becoming the enemy of the West.” (军事文摘, May 2014) It might be impossible to determine definitively whether the Ukraine Crisis has impacted China’s risk calculus in hotspots such as the South and East China Sea, but the evidence discussed above certainly suggests that such eastern reverberations are quite plausible

    we forgot that before Ukraine everyone was looking to the South Chinese Sea for the next war or tension area and where - before the Krim invasion - the US was planning to replace its military forces (closing most of Europeans bases as not important enough) and planning to invest more in battle ships

    this has now all changed off course

    but the political leadership has not yet followed the military planners who are now transferring military hardware, knowledge and bases back to Eastern Europe (with Estonia becoming the next possible standoff with of without invasions, disruptions or incidents).

    The Chinese are looking very closely at what is happening - and they also know that untill the US election of 2016 they have a window of opportunity

    and they are not the only one

    but one should remember that the US was very late to become involved in the two world wars and only slowly became embroiled in Vietnam, saying that the big brother may be asleep but if he awakens it an mobilize or produce and enormous force

    after Ukraine, you can say that the big sleeping bear has one eye opened, saying 'huh what is that, I thought I was out of European war for another century ?' while sending some pics to the IS and playing with flowers about other conflicts 'I bomb him, I don't bomb him yet, I bomb him, I don't bomb him yet'

  • #ukraine the new spycams to be placed in many cars have become essential

    and this is one of the images he took the 3th of september

    prefering to take secondary roads well hidden

  • #ukraine the most bizarre US-Russian Miss election will be held in ... Crimea

    read more here

  • #ukraine Putin is not a communist but an extremist nationalist calling Lenin a traitor


  • #ukraine #MH17 Malasyian PM says intelligence reports are conclusive


  • #ukraine russian site indexes Russian "Missing on holiday" soldiers

    it is a thoughcrime in  Russia to speak about ot to ask too many questions

    according to some accounts they also are about 2000

  • #ukraine speaking about dead soldiers in Russia puts you in all kinds of danger


    the relativity of democracy and freedom in Russia

  • #ukraine important Russian general wants preventive nuclear strik in military ideology

    In the last Russian military strategy the west was not called an enemy (2010) now the west and the US are clearly the enemies of Russia says the Coordinator Office of Inspector General of the Russian Ministry of Defence, Army General Yuri Yakubov

    This important person will take part in rewriting the plan before the end of the year taking into account what happens in Ukraine and around Russia especially in the west he says the following

    ""In particular, in my opinion, you need to carefully consider the forms and methods of operation of EBA, in close cooperation with strategic nuclear deterrence forces, the Strategic Missile Forces, strategic aviation and the Navy. Thus it is necessary to study the conditions under which Russia could preempt the Russian strategic nuclear forces" - said the general'" (google translate)

    are they all going bonkers

    in my youth I have protested and demonstrated against US missiles because I couldn't believe that Russia would fire nuclear weapons first, you should be stupid and Reagan was a warmonger

    now, the game has changed totally, it are the Russians who are now clearly and openly threatening us with nuclear weapons and are being imperialistic warmongers

    now I want nuclear weapons in the hope that there are enough to make it clear that the philosophy of Mutual Assured destruction still exists and is something that will keep even the madmen in the Kremlin in check

  • #ukraine sometimes Anonymous activists show their real image (and it is not pretty)

    if you look at the tweets of this activist, you see the double standard

    no friend of US nor of Ukraine or any other antirussian in effect

  • #ukraine we will have to arm Ukraine if we don't want to take up arms ourselves afterwards

    "Sanctions will have no short-term impact on Russian behavior at this point. Vaunted Western “soft power” has been run over by Russian tanks. The decision for war has been made in Moscow, and it will be prosecuted until Putin achieves his objectives or the cost — rising numbers of Russian dead — becomes politically prohibitive. Putin knows that the Russian public, heady after the nearly bloodless conquest of Crimea, has no stomach for a costly war of choice with Ukraine, their “Slavic brothers.”


    If the West wants to prevent more Russian aggression and save Ukraine from further Kremlin depradations, it must offer Kyiv armaments, logistics, training, and above all intelligence support without delay. Nothing else will cause Moscow to back down. Only by arming and enabling Ukraine’s military can the West make the cost of Putin’s war prohibitive for Russia. Ukraine’s defense ministry and armed forces require major Western aid to transform its underperforming military from bad Soviet habits to real fighting capability, but that is a long-term enterprise. Right now, Kyiv needs direct military aid. If NATO does not provide it, a wider war for Ukraine becomes more likely by the day, with grave consequences for the European peace that NATO has preserved, at great expense, for sixty-five years.

  • #ukraine Putin looks at the world like the Great dictator (Chaplin) - really

    I didn't invent this, he posted this picture himself - looking very proud and Russia being very big on the map

    but there is also the very very good film about Hitler (and Putin in fact because their discourse about taking land from others isn't that different) the Great Dictator

    and this is the famous scene of the film

     see the full film here