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  • #kiev the ex-president was not living like his fellow Ukranians (amazing pics)

    he had a different car for every day

    and some collections he just wants to look at

    living as in Switzerland where also is his money

    playing golf with his croonies at his private course

    or just sitting on your boat

    and even going further back into history

    even his private enormous zoo (just one pic)

    it takes hours to walk around this estate and there are so many surprises

    but it has now be nationalised - so they will have a zoo and a golf course in Kiev

  • #kiev video of the fleeing of the president (and all the things he can take with him)

    so the army and the security services said that they wouldn't be able or willing to protect him anymore

    or do the things he was ordering them to do


  • #kiev why we need an international protection force for nuclear installations and weapons

    so they can be send in when they become vulnerable because of situations like this

  • #kiev why the ex-president and his croonies have to go to trial

    in some countries they say that amnesty for the killers and dictators has been a trade-off but it always left a bad feeling - so don't do it

  • #kiev this was the real frontline (not about protestors shooting stupid VRT media)

    this is very graphic and real hear all the shots see the people dying or waiting with all that fear on their faces but still not moving and trying to move forward with only that shield to protect them shields that only protect against rubber bullets but not real bullets (see the holes in the shields)

    this is one of the most realistic videos about that battle that I have seen

  • sometimes there are more press people than frontline protestors

    even in a demonstration with thousands of people you will see that not so many people were actively particpating in the active frontline riots - even in Kiev

    and than you have all those journalists (real and police)

    and so the effect is that even if you have hundreds of thousands of protestors, the press people will be focusing on the picture for the frontpage forgetting that there are thousands of others who were protesting without throwing the stones - even if the police tried to provoke them into doing so

    this is brasil

  • #kiev presidential palace is again property of the state

    strange that it wasn't

    but probably he planned to stay president for the rest of his life

    and he thought that Putin could guarantee for him

    but that was not counting that people would keep on protesting, even if you were shooting them like dogs 

  • #kiev these are the officials that are to be arrested if found

    foto van Euromaidanpr.

    maybe the US, Canada and some European countries with guts have to get that list

  • #kiev is now liberated the bloody dictator has left for his last card

    I already thought why he was still looking so confident

    he looks like the man who had still not played all his cards

    it is on the news

    and the barricades are looking like this now - quiet but garded

  • #kiev all the Lenin statues going down in one video

    rightwing or leftwing dictatorial philosophies - into the dustbin of history


    now the winning the endgame tomorrow and if that one is over, the real hard work begins

    but first some fun destroying the symbols of the old regime

  • #kiev here will be the fight for Ukraine tomorrow

    this is a demonstration against the breakup of Ukraine - something unseen in recent years


    People have heard the rumour that the president has landed to participate in a session of the parliament of the region who want to split Crimean and some other eastern provinces of Ukraine (like Putin has done with Moldavia and Georgia)

    there are also rumours that he is going to Sochi - not very clear yet

    this is the place to watch tomorrow - like we said earlier today

    the Russian bases these are the most important military naval basis for Putin and he is not going to give them up without a fight - the problem is that by provoking now this fight - it will become impossible if the people's movement wins this fight to keep the russian base open or to have any normal relations with Russia

  • #kiev now the real endgame begins Europe has been fooled again

    Viktor Yanukovych left Kyiv today with a trusted group of security officers. He did not go to Mezhyhirya, but left for Kharkiv at 22:40, stated ZN.UA, a senior source in the presidential administration.

    Parliamentary speaker Volodymyr Rybak , Head of Presidential Administration Andriy Klyuyev and Deputy Vadym Novynsky were on the presidential plane.

    The aircraft is scheduled to follow the route Kyiv-Kharkiv- Mariupol- Russia, but this can be modified en route.

    ZN.UA source also said that Yanukovych questions the appropriateness of the law on the restoration of the Constitution of 2004, adopted today by the Verkhovna Rada.

    We remind you that a Congress of deputies (all political levels) of the southeastern regions, Sevastopol and the Crimea will be held on Saturday, February 22.

    Original link:

    so let's recapitulate

    the president and the only trusted advisors he still has - some have resigned a few hours ago - they probably were - just as the military chief on wednesday not willing to set this plan in motion  - have left the capital (there was nobody to defend him, troops were leaving in buses - but if they are leaving for the east that is NOT a good sign

    more importantly he doesn't accept the new constitution of 2004 which means that he doesn't accept a key part of the agreement that he has signed himself - and that signature was another trap to descredit the moderate opposition leaders thanks to Europe (Munich all over again) - and to divide the movement while buying time for himself

    but there is one problem with buying time for himself is that the parliament is voting laws - he had to sign tomorrow - faster than he would able to negotiate them. iIt is true that he could veto them but than he would have trouble with his credibility with the western parties who have been the stepfathers of this agreement.

    so he had to leave to start a fight - and maybe that was the plan since a few weeks - because there are money and advisors from russian pooring in the Crimea and the eastern provinces to organize citizens and paramilitary groups against Maidan

    he seems to be going to Sochi where Putin and Medevev are staying

    this doesn't mean that he has fled

    tomorrow he will probably be in the Crimea

    the endgame will no really start

    except if somebody can stop Putin from setting this train in motion

    but I don't think that he will - because if the revolution in Oekraine succeeds, than Moscou is next

  • #kiev some logical things previewed here are now said by others

    that the fighting planned for tomorrow because the president has not resigned is a trap to incite russian, the army or who-ever

    but the problem is that the moderate opposition has descredited itself by signing the deal while they had before enough influence to keep the movement from falling in such traps or becoming too militarized

    Russia does NOT find itself bound to the deal (which was the whole intention of the negotation and the deal and the blackmailing of the opposition in signing it against their own best interests)

    and there are rumors that the president has left kiev and has fled to Eastern Oekraine

  • #kiev this is the difference between the constitutions

    the constitution of 1996 was very presidential

    after the revolution this was changed to something more democratic and parliamentarian in 2004

    but when the communist croonies took power they changed that back to something like the 1996 constitution

    and now it is back to the one from 2004

  • #kiev we will keep following because this is not over

    or is it just beginning at the ports of Europe

    it will all become clear tomorrow morning

    the best would be for the president to leave himself

    because it is clear the can 't stay president

    not without much more bloodshed tomorrow

    which will also be difficult because thousans of troops have left Kiev

    and the army has said it won't shoot on the police and the police forces of Kiev itself have changed sides and the minister of the interior and the police chief have been sacked by the parliament today

    there are still his own paramilitary groups who can descend to Kiev (remember romania) but the Maidan have set up roadblocks around Kiev to stop them from arriving there

    the last option is that he would flee to the Crimea and that he would lead those provinces - under the shield of Russia but these provinces are alsow not totally under his control, that of his party or Russia - so it would be too easy to just take the regions and take them as 'lost'

    that everybody knows that crimes have been committed thursday is so evident because everywhere dignitaries-criminals are fleeing (bielarussia) and burning documents and proof and leaving the scene - hoping to be forgotten

    so this our re-reporting about Kiev