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  • #kiev there is NO agreement about the president, only an ultimatum

    Update (22:00 approx Kyiv)
    Extremely tense and emotional events unfolding on Maidan tonight. According to the announced plan for tonight, a funeral service for the men who lost their lives yesterday in battles against the regime was supposed to be held. The three opposition party leaders (Yatseniuk, Klitschko, Tiahnybok), Poroshenko and other politicians were invited onto the stage together with priests. The crowd (40-50 thousand people) whistled at them, and demanded explanations regarding today's "deal" with Yanukovych. Most people in the crowd are, to put it mildly, not happy that an agreement was signed with the person they see as responsible for 77 dead and several hundred injured civilians. The funeral service was interrupted when one of the coffins was brought directly to the front of the stage during Klitschko's speech, and the crowd began shouting "who will answer for this?!". Then a "Sotnia" (unit) commander who had personally fought with riot police during the past days, forced his way onto the stage. His short emotional speech, during which he stressed that his unit was very well armed, ended with an ultimatum to the opposition leaders: either force the President's resignation by 10 am tomorrow, and renounce your deal with Yanukovych (according to which an election is scheduled for 10 months from now), or this commander's Sotnia will advance ("storm") the government quarter. Dmytro Yarosh from the Right Sector then came onto the stage and proclaimed essentially the same thing. It should be noted that this morning, over 1000 Interior Ministry troops were withdrawn from the government quarter, and this afternoon those troops who were from southern Ukraine were transported home. However, significant numbers of well armed government troops remain inside the Presidential Administration and Cabinet of Ministers buildings. It is now clear that the opposition's "negotiations" are not acceptable to Maidan, and the political leaders are NOT in control. Heaven help us, but I feel we're in for more bloodshed - soon.

    Prof. Mychailo Wynnycky, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

    maybe he always wanted this

    and is this the real endgame

    and is the agreement with Europe just a trap

    you really have to know in which game you are playing and what the others are doing

  • #kiev there is some retribution which shows the hate people had

    and by letting the president be the sitting duck for tomorrow

    is taking enormous risks

  • #kiev the medic who tweeted she was dying was operated and is alive (pic)

    she was wearing a red cross shirt when she was shot

    and she was probably shot because of it

    not by a handgun but a sniper who shot her in the neck

    the people that were hiding in the offices of the president

    with who the Europeans concluded and agreement

    and Verhofstadt comes to tell Ukranians about European Values

  • #kiev people want real change not some 'deal'

    naturally the diplomats are feeling the big russian beer in their neck

    and they are more afraid than they can say

  • #kiev this is why the demonstrators want the president to go now

    the sniper teams who were responsable yesterday for many of the hundred dead and thousand wounded were housed since the beginning of the last battle in the office buildings of the cabinet and the president himself

    they were in fact coming and out of the building he was working in and there were more snipers than just to protect him

    yesterday and today snipers were seen going back to their hiding place - the presidential office

  • #kiev everywhere they are burning documents

    this means that they know that it is over

    and that justice may come

  • #kiev the picture that will hunt the moderate opposition

    looks normal for politicians and diplomats

    not for people who have lost 100 people and had a 1000 wounded just the day before

    you don't shake hands with the devil even if you have to sign a paper and especially if that paper is a white check

  • #kiev Europe says to protestors to accept agreement or you will die

    and we will stand by and watch and do nothing and say that it is your own fault

    they should have accepted the compromise they laid on the table

    how can you trust some-one like that again

  • #kiev more than 50.000 people on Maiden waiting for the president to leave

    there is agreement over all the rest

    a new majority is formed in parliament

    but the President have to go

    there is no question about that

    European negotiators have gone back to tell him that

    go to Moscow - watch the games with Putin

    I think if he goes that you will enormous celebrations going on and a hell of a night

    the atmosphere is different - less helmets in the public

    but no mistake all the barricades are re-inforced and manned and everything needed to push back an attack are in place

    police lines supporting Maidan are now between Maidan and the riotpolice

    elsewhere in the city the riotpolice are leaving different scenes in buses

    but don't forget to keep an eye on Crimea - whatever happens in Kiev

    this will be the second big task for the negotiators - make sure that the Russians are sure that they will be able to keep their naval base for a long time (which would become much more difficult if there would have to storm out and kill protestors in the cities in Crimea right now - not happening but it shouldn't happen and if it happens that it Crimea will have to declare itself independent and Russia will have to support them in that)

    bloodshed makes all the rest much more difficult

  • #kiev bye bye Lenin

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    he in who's name innocent people fighting for more freedom and democracy are killed loses all credibility

  • #kiev Maiden fashion :)

    you need a helmet for starters

    the gasmask

    the molotov

    the shield

    the medieval look

    the paramilitary look

    the robocop look


  • #kiev to watch carefully : crimea the last hand of Moscow - boycot the bloodylympics

    Russia is prepared to fight a war over the Ukrainian territory of Crimea to protect the ethnic Russian population and its military base there, a senior government official has told the FT.


    “If Ukraine breaks apart, it will trigger a war,” the official said. “They will lose Crimea first [because] we will go in and protect [it], just as we did in Georgia.”

    and some are out there for a fight

    "Today we require from you (the president) as the head of state decisive action and emergency measures. Hundreds of thousands of Crimean residents are waiting for that, all those people who voted for you in the presidential election for the hope of stability in the country. 

    There is still a chance to preserve the foundations of the constitutional order and unity of Ukraine. Tomorrow it may not be. In the case of further escalation of the civil conflict Verkhovnaya Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea reserves the right to urge residents to defend their autonomy of civil peace on the peninsula.

- The Presidium of the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea."

    The statement was published on the official website of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea on Tuesday.

    becasue in essence it is only a US-Russia cold war

    While the rebels in Ukraine, armed and supported by the US, can be found throughout uncountable amounts of photos with weapons shooting at police, the imagery and details come out differently in Syria. The US, for example, secretly provided weaponry to Syria while giving the green light to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other known "friends of Syria" to hand over even more resources to them. One Russian official reportedly placed the blame on the US for providing firearms to the Ukrainian opposition.

    "The pro-Russian organizations deny they have ties to Moscow. However, Russia's presence in the region is felt everywhere. The Russian Consulate in Simferopol has been aggressively issuing Russian passports to ethnic Russian Crimeans, a policy that has provoked protests from Kyiv. The Russian state agency for cooperation with countries from the Commonwealth of Independent States countries operates out of a huge villa in the center of the capital.

    Last week, Russian presidential adviser and leading Kremlin ideologue Vladislav Surkov made an under-the-radar trip to Crimea, meeting behind closed doors with Crimean Prime Minister Anatoly Mogilev, Crimean parliament speaker Vladimir Konstantinov, and Sevastopol Governor Vladimir Yatsuboi. It was also announced that Konstantinov will travel to Moscow on February 20 for talks with Russian Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin.

    The roads of Crimea are blanketed by thousands of billboards installed by a mysterious, lavishly funded nongovernmental organization called Stop Maidan. The billboards assert that Crimea is "for stability" and says no to "extremism" and "foreign interference." Stop Maidan has also sent hundreds of pro-government demonstrators to Kyiv, urging Yanukovych to uncompromisingly quash the protests.

    and this is why the PRez thinks he can hold on

    ""We have been hearing various proposals of our partners in Europe and the United States about some sort of mediation in the resolution of the Ukrainian crisis, which they see, however, only as concessions of the president and the government to the opposition's demands. In our view, the mediating mission primarily requires the consent and preparedness of the sides to the conflict, a clearly articulated invitation, good balance and impartiality," the diplomat said.

    "The Ukrainian authorities demonstrate their constructive approach and readiness for the dialogue with their agreement to hold negotiations with the opposition and significant appointment offers. The opposition should display a similar attitude. One should not disrupt the emerging process with maximalist ultimatums and open foreign pressure," he added.

    and this as a last warning

    As to the possible destabilization in the Crimea, where the Russian Black Sea Fleet is stationed, Karasin said, "I am confident that the authorities of Ukraine and the Autonomous Republic the Crimea will not permit a scenario, such as that happening in the country's west."

    "We expect the rights of Russian citizens who are permanently or temporarily residing in various regions of Ukraine or serving in the Black Sea Fleet to be preserved consistent with international law," he concluded.

    Voice of Russia, Interfax

    so who is blackmailing who

  • #kiev the historic day of decision

    so there is an agreement

    but there is no agreement untill everybody agrees with the agreement

    and even than there is no agreement untill everybody who agreed with the agreement understands the agreement in the same way

    and there is no agreement untill everybody who has signed the agreement will respect the agreement exactly as agreed upon during the whole time there should be an agreement

    so even if everybody in Europe is happy because there seems to be some agreement (and the regime continues to crumble even if the Russians now openly begin to crumble about the Crimea with their very strategic military naval base)

    there is no agreement because

    the president want to continue to play president for another 9 months which is not really acceptable for most of the activists on the Maiden - only because so many dead and wounded are accounted for and even if those highly responsable authorities are very seldom internationally prosecuted for all the murders that took place the last days

    the easiest thing would be if he went to Moscou (but even Assad preferred staying in Damascus rather than to go to Moscou

    he may be elected but you can wonder if he has any legitimaticy left to have any authority left

    so no this ain't over yet and could still go in many different ways

    untill a fat lady sings on the Maiden stage :)  maybe the nineth Symphony of Beethoven

  • #kiev one of the best articles - opinions read lately

    For those who are new to the subject — indeed, for those who have been following it for many years — the Ukrainian crisis can seem murky. The Ukrainians have a president, Viktor Yanukovych, who granted himself dictatorial powers and then repealed some of them; announced a truce and then broke it; claims to enforce the law but employs thugs who haul journalists out of cars and shoot them. The Ukrainian opposition, meanwhile, has three separate leaders who may or may not actually control the Ukrainian protest movement at any given moment.

    you should read the rest and many things become much clearer

    the choice of words is not innocent and certain arguments are only used because they are part of a strategy

  • #kiev see the criminal regime fleeing as fast as they can


    as the bigger airports are now under being blocked or access is controlled by the opposition expensive cars  with sometimes armed guards are going to a small airport outside Kiev to leave - with suitcases full of cash some say the country

    it has no use setting sanctions if you now don't check every flight and person coming in from Ukraine if he has valuables or other things in his possession