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  • #kiev and russia think we believe their bullshit when we see what has happened


    De Morgen does

    shame for a so-called left-liberal critical newspaper

    shame on you

  • #kiev the last tweet before death (really)

    Red Cross come -in

    international observers ?

    war tribunal

  • #kiev boycot the bloodylympics - do not sport for these kinds of people

    “We need partners who are in good shape and for the authorities that work in Ukraine to be legitimate and effective, so that people don’t wipe their feet on them like a doormat,” said Medvedev in televised remarks.

    so is this clear or not

    we are NOT watching anything of these games - not today not anyday - they never existed


    I am very happy that the belgian sporters are doing their very best not to have any medals and I encourage them firmly to continue this untill the end


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  • twitter has said I am over my daily limit of #kiev retweets - stupid limitation for newstweeters

    how do you expect to be the medium of choice to report in realtime live events

    and than have things like this


    this is totally stupid because in events like in Kiev you will have to make continuously new accounts

    to stay online at twitter making it more difficult for others to follow and more difficult to be the medium of choice

    it was done against spammers and scammers

    but newsbloggers should have an exception

    maybe you should make a procedure to be accepted as a newsblogger

    without the limit - as long as you don't abuse

    but these are the limitations and how do you cover events like this with limits like this (shooting yourself in the foot that is - and than being surprised that you are still seen as something quite marginal and losing part of your stockprice because the investors are beginning to understand how marginal you  are - even if in events like these you are the first medium people flock to (people with money that is)

  • #kiev the situation now

    important things for today

    * the army is being sent in from all over the country by train and a long line of army trucks and more armed special troops have been seen going to the center

    * metro is blocked and is rumoured to be used to move troops

    * snipers are around the city shoot to kill - also at 'internetstreamers' (do not stand near the window) hide your camera between plants

    * petrolstations are to be closed which shows that this operation is not over yet and that the worst is yet to come

    * there is talk that there are negotiations going on with European Ministers while the Opposition wants the parliament to be convened this afternoon to elect a new government (at least)

    * the number of dead and wounded is increasing each hour and the Maiden people ask for international observers at the hospitals because people are being arrested or just taken away by police from hospitals

    * around the maiden area telephone and internet is having enormous difficulties - can somebody bring them satellite phones

    * snipers are also shooting at press and red cross people with the intention to kill

    * boycot the games - half of the Ukranian athletes have already gone home - what are democrats still doing there (let Putin have his games with the Syrians and the Chinese and the Northkoreans) - do not look at any program about the olympics nor click on any article of picture about the olympics - this is your boycot (no views or clicks is no money for the advertisers)

    let's hope that with the closure ceremony he will have to find many croonies to fill all the empty places - no place 2 be for democrats now

    insignes of Russian troops have been found on the battlefield this morning

    * there are also guns and weapons amongst the defenders now - although they don't have their countersnipers yet to take those killers out (one sniperpost killed more than 8 people this morning)

    * they need medical suppies fast and diplomatic protection for the hospitals (RED CROSS)

    * these are war crimes and there is a tribunal for this

    follow my twitter - will be faster than here :)


    they should have their own statue of liberty after they have won

    because not so many times in recent history have so many people giving their lives for so evident freedoms

  • #kiev snipers shooting people in the neck to kill

    sanctions ? huh international war crimes yes

    Red Cross should come in with all the resources they have

  • #kiev snipers and police are using bullets that no bulletproof vest can protect

    shoot to kill

    and look yeah right where it should be to kill

    and so if you count the distance from which they would be shooting

    it was shoot to kill by people trained to shoot to kill from that distance - no accident

  • #kiev - they were throwing handgrenades at the protestors

    luckily this one didn't explode

    but fully armored soldiers are coming by train to Kiev (14 trains they say)

    is this what is to come

    there are maybe some negotiations going on

    but will they stop the carnage

    he didn't listen yesterday and attacked this morning

  • #kiev - if you are still at the bloodylympics - GO HOME NOW - WE ARE NOT WATCHING

    we don't care a second about what you are doing there

    you shouldn't be there now

    no glory for putin

    you are just a clown, a puppet in a one big show

    your Ukranians cosporters are going home

  • #kiev the russian propaganda today - boycot the bloodylympic games

    whatever you say

    democracy is coming closer to you, one country at a time

    and over time, democracy will be at door doorstep

    under your window

  • #kiev snipers shooting people down with real armor - Securitate all over again (update 3)

    this at the doors of European democracy

    back in time


    and this recent picture of snipers going to their work around Maiden this morning

    and the way they were shot proofs that it was the work of snipers

  • #kiev - meanwhile in a monestry - doctors who are heroes - more medical supplies needed

    that is something else than the series you see on tv

    or the big cars of doctors in our hospitals limiting the number of hours that they are available at acceptable prices


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