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  • #ukraine the NATO and the US thank Putin for being their best friend ever

    If Putin didn't exist they would have to invent him but that wouldn't be possible because no propaganda maker would ever try to invent somebody like Putin because nobody would believe it

    nobody would believe all the things he has said and all the threats he has made the last months - against a whole series of states

    nobody would believe that he tries to sound like a peaceful man at the one side and acts like a warmonger sending troops and tanks over the border

    nobody believes some-one who really thinks that in the end he can win this war and that it won't end in war whatever he does and whatever he takes

    at no time in the post coldwar history have so many countries now understood that only Nato is for them a real guarantee for defence and peace and that they have to invest in the army as much and as fast as they can - especially if they have a border with Russia

  • #ukraine while Putin talks about nuclear war, US opinion other than the president is shifting quickly

    "Putin’s provocations might have only a million to one shot of producing a nuclear event, but if he tries those provocations a million times…well, you do the math. I keep waiting for cooler heads to prevail in Moscow and thought this might have reached some kind of resolution over the summer. But that was 2500 Ukrainian deaths — and one innocent airliner — ago.

    Still, I’m used to Soviet…er, sorry….Russian leaders talking about nuclear weapons, and so I’m assuming this is business as usual, circa 1980. But the fact that Putin is willing to throw away Russia’s future for the sake of a Soviet past means that this crisis is not close to being over. It also means that there is no way to deal with this crisis through negotiation: if Putin is so locked in the past that he thinks he can make nuclear threats, he’s not likely to change course now.

    I also worry about one more thing, on our side rather than theirs. Putin is taking huge risks based on the idea that Barack Obama is the weakest American president in modern history. The Kremlin has plenty of reason to think so, especially after the graceless powder we took in Syria a year ago. There is no question that President Obama is among the least, uh, decisive leaders the White House has had in a long time, but even weak Presidents can only be pushed so far.

    I worry that Putin, like other Soviet — sorry again, Russian, I mean Russian — leaders thinks that America is as leader-centered as Russia is, and will not understand that at some point the American foreign policy establishment will create a response that will totally surprise the Kremlin. That’s how major wars get started, but it’s not clear that Putin knows this, or cares.

  • #ukraine why the baltic states are next as Putin wants to break up NATO

    oh and no all these other people will say oh no he is not going to do that but

    he was not going to annex Crimea and invade now after months of sending in tanks invading Ukraine outright

    this is the article - decide for yourself - is is scary and the observer has been right in the past

    "Clearly, he continues, Putin does not seek “the destruction of the hated United States,” a goal that he could achieve “only at the price of mutual suicide.” Instead, his goals are “significantly more modest: the maximum extension of the Russian World, the destruction of NATO, and the discrediting and humiliation of the US as the guarantor of the security of the West.”

    To put it in simplest terms, Piontkovsky continues, Putin’s actions would be “revenge for the defeat of the USSR in the third (cold) world war just as the second world war was for Germany an attempt at revenge for defeat in the first.”

    If the Russian speakers of Narva in Estonia were to conduct a referendum and Moscow sent in its forces overtly or covertly, how might NATO react? Piontkovsky asks. If NATO did not respond, “that would mean the end of NATO and the end of the US as a world power and the complete political dominance of Putin’s Russia not only in the area of the Russian World but in the entire European continent.”

    But whether it would respond “is hardly obvious,” he suggests. Despite Article 5, many NATO countries would be reluctant to respond lest they trigger a nuclear war. “Putin knows that they know that if they come to the assistance of Estonia, then Putin can respond with a very limited nuclear strike and destroy for example two European capitals. Not London and not Paris, of course.”

  • #ukraine and now Kazakhstan is really openly threatened even if already knew that

    "Putin responded that Nazarbayev "is alive and well, thank God, and has no plans to go anywhere yet." However, Putin said, an "overwhelming majority of Kazakhstan's citizens seek the development of relations with Russia, we see it and know it."

    Political analyst Alexei Malashenko of the Moscow Carnegie Center wrote Sunday that the remarks could mean that a state that "has appeared thanks to one person, can also disappear thanks to one person."

    But a simpler explanation — Putin expressing his "annoyance" at the reluctance of Russia's allies to cheer his policies in Ukraine — may be even more likely, Malashenko wrote in his blog on the Ekho Moskvy website.

    Kazakhstan, which has a substantial ethnic Russian population in its northern regions, has seen its share of concerns about separatism and calls for secession to Russia.

    When Nazarbayev moved his nation's capital from Almaty in the scenic southern mountains to Astana in the northern steppes in 1997, many attributed the move to his wish to strengthen the government's hold on the largely Russian-speaking north.

    the bear will have never enough


  • #ukraine there are the Russian instructions in the Occupied Ukraine territory

    no comments needed

    "1. Under no circumstances you should obstruct the free movement of Russian troops (vehicles and staff).

    2. Show your friendly intent to Russian troops. Show them how happy you are to see them.  Remember, they are here to liberate you from terrorists serving in illegal Ukrainian army.

    3. In liberated territory, communicate in Russian only, so that Russian peacekeepers would not misunderstand your intentions.

    4. Prepare the lists of persons serving in Ukrainian army, participants of Maidan, activists of civil rights groups and leaders of ethnic minority groups and give these lists to the FSB (modern Russian KGB) during the peacekeeping operations.

    5. Be ready to vacate your appartments and other living quarters to provide living space for the Russian Army members.

    6. Follow the curfew and inform local military police of Russian Federation about those, who break the curfew.

    7. Citizens helping to locate and capture Ukrainian terrorists will be allowed extra rations and privileges.

    8. Believe: the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation guarantees your safety. No one will be shot for nothing.

    Remember: peacekeeping forces of Russian Federation act in accordance with Geneva convention of 1949.

  • #ukraine translated : how russian soldiers are forced to take a fighting holiday in Ukraine


    Vilhovik himself serving in the Ryazan region, 137 Guards Airborne Regiment. At the end of July 2014, he was transferred to the military unit near the village of Gukovo Rostov region, next to which is the appropriate option on the Russian-Ukrainian border

    According to the relatives of a soldier, the other day he called them and said that he and his colleagues are forced to sign contracts. Parents banned Vilhovik do it, and he agreed, assuring that does not want to sign anything, as to serve him just two months - on November 7, soldiers would have to go home.

    However, in the evening of the same day he called his older sister and said that he had signed a contract, without explaining why he was so quickly changed his mind. The next day, the soldiers got on the phone with a friend who spoke in detail about how forced to sign contracts. According to the soldier, he and his colleagues were threatened and vandalized tickets.

    "The captain said the following sentence: I have you now on contract, and if you do not sign, I'll sign myself," - said the second soldier sister Nina Vilhovik. The same phrase repeated their relatives and other conscripts.

    Later the family Vilhovika appealed to the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers and consulted a lawyer, who advised them to make a list of complaints and forward them to the legal authorities, and after receiving complaints call the soldier and tell him that he and his colleagues were going to write a report on the termination of the contract.
    based on those contracts Putin says that it are not his troops because they have left a country and he has a paper to proof it to anyone who wants to be fooled by it


  • #ukraine Putin has become doctor Strangelove becoming unpredictable

    this is just a picture click the link and download the player


  • #ukraine SWIFT next target in the new cold war


    The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, known as SWIFT, is one of Russia’s main connections to the international financial system. Prime Minister David Cameron’s government plans to put the topic on the agenda for a meeting of EU leaders in Brussels tomorrow, according to the official, who asked not to be named because the discussions are private.

    “Blocking Russia from the SWIFT system would be a very serious escalation in sanctions against Russia and would most certainly result in equally tough retaliatory actions by Russia,” said Chris Weafer, a senior partner at Moscow-based consulting firm Macro Advisory. “An exclusion from SWIFT would not block major trade deals but would cause problems in cross-border banking and that would disrupt trade flows.”

  • #ukraine russian jets getting lost in western airspace waiting to be shot down


  • #ukraine investments in Russia(n holdings) could become worthless

    "Russia’s equity markets may face a “Lehman moment” if the Ukraine conflict deteriorates further, according to Alexander Kantarovich, head of research for JPMorgan Chase & Co. in Moscow.


    “With the significant deterioration in the Ukrainian situation, markets may treat this as a Lehman-style shock,” Kantarovich wrote in an e-mailed report today. “Revisiting the post-Lehman lows would imply downside of 50 percent from an index perspective.”


    Russia’s ruble-denominated Micex Index has fallen 6.6 percent this year. The stock gauge posted the worst monthly drop in July since 2012 as the U.S. and the European Union escalated sanctions targeting Russia’s $2 trillion economy after the downing of a passenger jet on July 17 over Ukrainian territory controlled by pro-Russian insurgents

  • #ukraine Putin threatens with increased nuclear weapons (dr Strangelove)

    "“It's best not to mess with us!” the president of Russia threatened.

    Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has stated at the meeting with participants of the youth forum on the banks of Seliger Lake, that Russia is going to reinforce and boost its military and nuclear arsenal, RBK informs.

    “We are strengthening our nuclear deterrence forces, we are strengthening our armed forces. They are really becoming more compact, more effective. They are really becoming more advanced from the point of view of being equipped by modern armaments systems. We continue to beef up this potential, and we are going to do that,” the president informed.

    As said by him, it is done not to threaten to anyone, but in order to feel safe and be able to realize the plans in the sphere of development of the economy and social sphere.

    “We should be ready to repel any aggression against Russia any moment. Our partners, no matter what the condition of their states is and what foreign political concept they adhere to, should always understand that it’s best not to mess with us, as far as a possible is concerned,” Putin warned.

    “Russia is one of the leading nuclear powers. These are not words, it is reality,” the president stressed.

  • #ukraine having to wage soon real war in Europe becomes every day more of a possibility

    "Is all of this nothing more than the raving of lunatics? Maybe. And maybe Putin is too weak to do any of this, and maybe it’s just scare tactics, and maybe his oligarchs will stop him. But “Mein Kampf” also seemed hysterical to Western and German audiences in 1933. Stalin’s orders to “liquidate” whole classes and social groups within the Soviet Union would have seemed equally insane to us at the time, if we had been able to hear them.


    But Stalin kept to his word and carried out the threats, not because he was crazy but because he followed his own logic to its ultimate conclusions with such intense dedication — and because nobody stopped him. Right now, nobody is able to stop Putin, either. So is it hysterical to prepare for total war? Or is it naive not to do so?

  • #ukraine 1914 - 2014 Ukraine is the Poland of 2014

    the international rules and the cold war and the period of cooperation after it have stabilized more or less Europe after the second world war

    we are now entering one of the most dangerous periods of Europe since the second world war because at no other time in the history of Europe since the second world war has a Russian ruler taken such risks - and even Putin in Georgia didn't took those risks at their maximum

    but it seems that Ukraine is something different for Putin and that he is willing to risk anything just to have it his way

    well this way also so before the second world war

    so while we are remembering the first world war we are slowly but surely and since the second invasion even more quickly sliding into some kind of war of which we don't know how this will start or end

    we all know that even if we find a socalled peace agreement or frozen conflict here and he will pop up with another conflict there or there (who is next) and nearly all border conflict have received vocal threats, had incursions of some time by Russian aircraft and so on

    THe fact that Putin himself spoke about Novorussia yesterday as a reason why he is sending soldiers and arms and he announces he wants to send peacekeepers isn't a good sign

    Minsk was a sideshow, a diversion, the only solution will be military and if it isn't military than the geostrategical borders will only be taken in consideration if there is enough military power behind it (and a spy, intelligence and antisubversion machine behind it)

    Ukraine is the Poland of 1938 if you read the history you would be astonished and it is no coincidence if Putin himselfs refers to Goebbels as a smart man - sickening but true but it is the Goebbels-Hitler strategy played out all over again

  • #ukraine this is preparing for war and knowing it will come your way #mariupol citizens helping building defences

    what goes into your mind if you know that there are thousands of soldiers and a hundred tank on some distance who will come your way this weekend if things goes bad ?

  • #ukraine gets no help from facebook in the Russian social media fear war

    "The specialized 18th center of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation is a special institution where nearly 1,500 people — contractors and full-time employees — work day and night in social media, using botnets to distribute electronic and SMS messages to electronic addresses and social networks. They  purposefully disseminate frightening messages designed primarily to provoke panic, to maintain it,  and to present false and misleading information,” he said.

    According to Nalyvaichenko, Russian provocateurs with the help of Russian mass media are actively participating in this effort, especially the TV channels Zvezda (Star) and LifeNews.

    Nalyvaichenko also noted that in addition to the botnets, which have often been used to attack the mobile phones and electronic pages of Ukrainian politicians and deputies, the Russian special services are actively spreading panic through Facebook.

    “We have repeatedly appealed to the leadership and administrators of Facebook. Unfortunately, the administration of the Facebook used by our citizens is currently in Moscow, and the accounts of our citizens are often blocked and used to spread false and alarming information,” he said.

  • #ukraine these are the Russian troops at the border or crossing it


    translated by Google translate

    The data is not complete, based on my observations on the information to the media and sotsseti. Basically it is part of the composition of the Southern Military District (Southern Command), are in the field camps on the border with Ukraine in the Rostov region of Millerovo to Taganrog (such field camp equipment to the region Kamensk-, Novocherkassk, Olkhovka and other places). As well as airborne units and special forces of the GRU, plus software. Basically it's one / two BTG / RTG (battalion / company commander and tactical group), and from every part (Airborne - division / regiment, the Ground Forces - brigade) reinforced by means of artillery, air defense and other software, numbering between 300 and 500 people each. In the list presented below do not apply to the 100 percent truth, I welcome any reasonable additions and comments.
    From JUVO, ground forces and artillery:
    - BTG from the 18th Motorised Brigade Chechnya Hankala / Kalynovska (the so-called Chechen battalion);
    - BTG from the 17th Motorised Brigade Chechnya, shawls;
    - BTG from the 136th Motorised Brigade Botlikh, Dagestan;
    - BTG from the 205th Motorised Brigade Budeonovsk, Stavropol Territory;
    - BTG from the 19th Motorized Rifle Brigade Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia;
    - BTG from the 7th military base from the occupied Abkhazia, Georgia;
    - BTG from the 33th mountain infantry brigade Maikop, Adygea;
    - Mixed Division from the 291st Artillery Brigade Trinity, Ingushetia.
    - Mixed company from the 78th brigade logistics Budeonovsk, Stavropol region.
    From Airborne:
    - BTG from the 76th Division of Pskov;
    - BTG from the 98th Division, Ivanovo;
    - BTG of the 45 separate regiment Specialty Kubinka;
    - BTG from the from the 247th Regiment of the 7th Division of Novorossiysk.
    Presumably also in the immediate vicinity are located at the Ukrainian border (on some parts to be confirmed):
    - BTG / RTG and divisions of the Land Forces and artillery units JUVO - from the 20th Motorised Brigade Volgograd, 34th mountain infantry brigade Karachay-Cherkessia; Division from the 943rd Artillery Regiment Krasnooktyabrskoe Adygea (MLRS "Hurricane"), a division of the composition of the 1st Missile Brigade Krasnodar (PTRC "Tochka-U", "Iskander-M"). From other military districts of the Russian Federation - the 23rd infantry brigade Samara;
    - BTG / RTG from Airborne - from the 56th Air Assault Brigade Volgograd, 106th Division Tula.
    - RTG / DRG (sabotage and reconnaissance groups) from GRU - from the parts of the GRU stationed in the South of Russia - the 10th brigade of special purpose Molkino Krasnodar region, the 22nd brigade of special purpose Aksai, Rostov region, the 100th Brigade of the experimental razvedyvatelnoy Mozdok North Ossetia, 346th brigade Specialty Cool Kabardino-Balkaria, the 25th regiment Specialty Stavropol; RTG / DRG from the GRU parts from other military districts of the Russian Federation - the 2nd Brigade Specialty Pskov, 16th brigade of special purpose Tambov, 3rd Brigade Specialty Ulyanovsk.
    And that, according to a rough estimate based on support units, the size of the Russian group (which they cynically called "peacekeeping") on the eastern border of Ukraine is about 12-15 thousand personnel, which, if necessary, in the shortest possible time can be as hard as at least two. Well as large groups of Russian troops are concentrated in the south of the occupied Crimea and the North-Eastern border of Ukraine.
    These themed photo and do not reflect any specific units or