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  • #ukraine ladies and gentlemen it is with deep sadness that I have to announce to you that we are now at WAR

    We hoped this century would be different in Europe

    We hoped that in Europe we would never haver war again

    The US has even taken back all of their tanks and thinks that it doesn't have to send back the military hardware it did have over here

    The Europeans never thought that there would be another war again in Europe and have diminished their military capabilities to unacceptable levels if you are faced with a real big enemy at your borders or those of your partners

    but from today Europe is at war

    nobody in the western press will call it like that even if everybody living in a western(ized) bordercountry of Russia will now feel as we are at war and that they may be next

    nobody in the European decisionmaking circles will see it like this, except those who have borders with Russia

    but we have effectively a war with tanks, with thousand of soldiers invading a sovereign country without any pretext because they have never shot back at all the incursions and shelling from the Russian territory into Ukraine

    so we are at WAR

    even if Ukraine for some IMF reasons can't announce it is at war or a state of war but in fact it is in a state of war even if Russia will never declare war because it doesn't even recognize that its soldiers are invading Ukraine - it are all volunteers

    the goal is to do what was the plan from the beginning to conquer Mariupol, Odessa and make a link with Crimea and with Transdiestnr where there are 15.000 russian troops and that is bordering Moldavia with which the EU is working together which borders Roemenia which is member of the EU and NATO

    so we are going very fast to WAR

    WAR ladies and gentlemen do you understand what that means


    ITsecurity people should go to their networks and block all traffic from and to Russia or to whitelist only specific addresses (some of you can expect attacks very soon)

    and once again we look to the US for help and leadership and Obama you can't wait this one out and hope that it will go away some day, it won't

    this is your BERLIN, the question is are you an Berliner or an isolationist in disguise ?

    those who laughed with me saying that russia won't invade Ukraine for thousand an one reasons were wrong

    I was right

    we were going to have war it was clear from the beginning there was no other way for Putin

    now we have WAR

    War ladies and gentlemen

    think about that

    hundreds and thousands of men ^- fathers, sons and family of people like me and you are dying a few 1000 km from here - real war - real tanks - real battles - real deaths

    WAR - finally

  • #ukraine russia has a history of sending soldiers without declaring war or any explanation

    "The silence or mumbled commentary from official ministries has only increased the atmosphere of suspicion and forces us to recall unpleasant examples from Russian and Soviet history. The country didn't know about the secret operations of the Red Army in Afghanistan in 1929 and in Xinjiang in the 1930s. Their participants were forbidden to write to relatives about their real location, letters were sent from the place of deployment after review by the censor. In the same way, the Kremlin was silent about the participation of Soviet soldiers in combat in Korea and Vietnam against the USA, and in Egypt and Syria against Israel.

    In the first years of the war in Afghanistan, tens of thousands of officers and draftees were sent there. In the early 1980s, the Soviet media spoke only about the soldiers' aid to civilian Afghans; civilians learned about combat in this mountainous country from the broadcasts of foreign "voices." The bodies of those who died were brought back and buried in secret; until the mid-1980s, it was forbidden to mention the place and cause of death.

    In Russia, this experience was repeated in November 1994, when military aid for the anti-Dudayev opposition in Chechnya was organized. About 80 officers and ensigns from counter-intelligence were recruited into army units "to service military equipment." After signing a contract, they personally took part in the failed attempt to storm Grozny 26 November 1994. many of them were killed, and more than 20 were captured. Defense Minister Pavel Grachev said that Russian soldiers were not involved in the storming, and that mercenaries were fighting in Chechnya.

  • #ukraine only twitter is seeing that #russiainvadedukraine the rest of the world wants to forget

    yep, we didn't know we want to say

    we just don't want to know is what we should say

  • #ukraine the most important war that is not and will not be declared (twitterlist with 300 sources)

    Ukraine can not declare war because the IMF can't give its aid packages to countries at war

    Russia will not declare war because it plays the game of the victim and wants to look like it has done nothing wrong.

    Meanwhile the fighting has become very intense on many fronts and more Ukranian troops are heading to the troops, while In Ukraine everybody now understands that this is the most important battle ahead of them now

    Russia is still sending troops and tanks Inside Ukraine while its artillery is attacking Ukranian military posts who can't respond because they don't want to create an 'incident' which would provoke Russia at invading massively Ukraine because its territory was bombed

    Russia meanwhile is also bombing Ukranian military posts with airplanes that are invading the Ukranian airspace while the Ukranian can't shoot them down because they can't create an incident

    It looks strange but this is the strangest war ever and if this is the new way war will be waged in the future than the countries bordering Russia will have to spend enormous resources and money at spying, anti-subversion, crowd control and border control aside from highly trained troops and many many many tanks and artillery (as Putin just as Hitler believes that tanks are the perfect tool for war). Which also means that anti-Russian tanks weapons should be high on the budget of any power who thinks it should keep Russia in check (and out of its country).

    By the way countries bordering Russia will also have to develop a political strategy towards their russian minorities and be sure that they can't become the basis for socalled 'movements' and militias.

    For those who understand that what the western press and especially the leftwing press is writing (who will never blame Putin for anything by the way) here is a twitterfeed with almost 300 sources

    it has also prorussian tweeters just to have a feel about what they are saying and there are also a lot of them in Russian or Ukranian just because they have sometimes pictures and so on

    this is Madness and why are we keeping silent and watching not knowing what to do

    the choice is between freedom and invasion between international borders that are respected and a new area of total uncertainty in a whole region

  • #ukraine Russia is Stealing machinery and Factories from occupied Ukraine

    does he thinks he is living in the first or second world war

    what is this mad man ? has he gone bonkers ?

    makes me think of the film Dr Strangelove, if there is really a nearly mad men at the top in Russia (who was maybe not mad but is becoming mad ) than what is next ?

  • #ukraine Russian invasion is consolidating its occupied Ukranian territory

    sending in more troops and tanks

    no declaration of war, no declaration at all from the Russians

    as if it is not happening

    and that is the way that the western press is treating it

    but aren't there any satellites pictures

    Ukraine is for the moment on its own

    shouldn't it bombard it, send some missilles in those foreign troops on its territory ?

    or will we wait untill they take Mariupol and the green men are everywhere and protect also Donetsk and Lugansk from falling in the hands of the Ukranian army (both cities are in Ukraine for those who don't know)

    this is the last chance for Putin because the local militias didn't hold on to their territory and didn't get local support and the russian mercenaries he send over and the cash and weapons didn't make a difference against a Professional army that could finally start to wage war as if it was war without having to stand by because they were blocked by some thugs and mad old women

  • #ukraine more proof of Russian soldiers invading step by step in Ukraine

    "(Reuters) - Unidentified, heavily-armed strangers with Russian accents have appeared in an eastern Ukrainian village, arousing residents' suspicions despite Moscow's denials that its troops have deliberately infiltrated the frontier. Two witnesses told Reuters on Tuesday that the dozens of men, who arrived at the weekend and set up a road block, were not local and had military ration packs marked with Russian writing.

  • #ukraine the funeral of Springnote the American fighting in Ukraine and blogging

    he was a respected twitterer among the pro ukranian crowd

    he was killed

    this is his funeral


    sorry to say many more will die before Putin gives up

    and the west should do more

    because it is now clear - even after the negotiations if you can call them like that in Minsk

    that Putin doesn't want peace for the moment and thinks that any negotiation or proposal will always be in his advantage and that he should pose conditions and so on

    meanwhile his troops are now - even if it is in small numbers - crossing the border with immunity as the international community watches .... other things happening


  • #ukraine three russian incursions and attacks happening now

    meanwhile Putin goes to Minsk to make peace

    no to have a piece of Ukraine

    look at the purple invasion/incursions

    yellow and blue is Ukrainan territory

    first is saving Lugansk which according to this map is surrounded and partly under government control

    second is trying to unify the front by cutting off one

    the number of Russian artillery positions shelling Ukranian territory has also increased - I Wonder if anybody is watching or paying any attention

    third is trying to make a link between the occupied territory and the sea

  • #ukraine Russian tv shows by accident where the weapons were in the white trucks

    if you want to do propaganda you have to Watch out for every detail which in this continuous media-environment with everybody taking pictures of everything all the time - is extremely difficult has been a very active actor in the Ukraine War and was actively participating in many provocations and set-ups

    but we may be very happy that they do that because they are real amateurs who fuck up their own propaganda or provocations or make it all look so stupid that it can't convince anything

    the second advantage of is that when they arrive at a scene where for the moment nothing important is happening you know that something is being prepared and that everybody has to mobilize to prevent that (Maidan provocations for example)

    The trucks were NOT checked nor accompanied and forced their way into Ukraine without any agreement, the only reason why the Ukranian government didn't bomb them into ashes was not to give a pretext to the thousands of troops in Rostov to come in Ukraine to rescue or defend the white trucks

    So anybody who still thinks that no military aid has to be given to Ukraine is just nuts and doesn't want to give Ukraine a fair chance to at least resist

  • #ukraine this is the military strategy of the militias right now

    they need a connection to the sea

    this map is just desinformation about the actual situation as every map is - no military commander will publish his strategic movements in the past and in the future before the end of the war or when it makes absolutely no difference anymore

    the map shows what they want to do

    have a connection to the sea - even if it is not Mariupol and freeze the conflict in Minsk today or soon after - thanks to Germany and Hungary

    the incursion of Russian troops yesterday was NOT an accident but part of that plan

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  • #ukraine why the russian incursion and the attacks around Mariupol are not innocent

    look at the map and you see a two way military - geopolitical strategy (it was not an accident as they say)

    the first goal is to give the territory held by the militias a more Unique One front basis instead of being sandwiched between two attack so you can't concentrate all of your troops and resources on one front

    the second goal is to make the territory more independent if it is going to a frozen conflict and for that it needs access to the sea - if you are going to pretend that it is an independent region that doesn't depend on you totally and that is why all those battles, rumours and incursions between the Russian border and Mariupol at the seafront (liberated since long) has been going on the last days

    If this happens, the whole military map and the political situation changes again, so you can foresee that if Putin persists, the Ukranians will do everything in their power to stop this from happening

    which means that, independent of the talks in Minsk, it all dépends if Putin wants really to accomplish this before freezing the conflict or he just gives up (what insiders say he is not yet willing to do)

    As long as the International community doesn't stop the incursions and the flow of arms from across the border this conflict will only be ended by military means which means more destruction and deaths

  • #ukraine just a reminder about who the rebels are (not local and not democratic)

    this is a picture of a rebel

    he is from Russia and he is a Nazi (look at the tattoo)

    well there are hundreds of them in pictures and videos in al kinds of uniforms, groups and tendencies (even 'Orthodox Jihadists next to Chechen islamists)

    maybe Putin wants to dispose of his extremists by letting them go kill themselves in Ukraine

  • #ukraine this is how the rebels treat any opposition - if they are not tortured or killed that is

    and these people speak of democracy and rights and federalisation ?

    and with these kind of people a democratic elected president should negotiate ?

    it is in the small things that you see the big picture


  • #ukraine French volunteers fighting with prorussian militias in South


    secondly I think this is illegal in France and are you as afraid of them coming back of of the warriors from Syria

  • #ukraine a real russian invasion fails but....

    The Russians were trying to make a long broad front across the border by shelling Ukranian border posts and troops from within the Russian territory because they know that the Ukranians won't respond because they don't want to give the Russians any reason to invade

    It was however clear that not only did the Russians have to send more troops and material to the beleagered militias in Donetsk and Luhansk but also to create a new front.

    Mariupol at the seaside would have been a heavy psychological blow because it would have given the impression that everything was starting all over again - and what would be next ? Odessa

    so when news broke that RUssian troops were really crossing the border while panick swept through the city

    they were later destroyed by the Ukranian airforce