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  • #ukraine russian offensive and incursions on Ukraine independence day

    heavy battles

    incursions by Russian battalions

    heavy shelling from across the Russian border along a very long front

  • #russia Roubles with balls on it (pornographic male notes)


    Russian politicians are trying to outdo each other in stupidity

  • #ukraine and the invasionfever of the weekend is here again ....

    the day before the festivities of the national independence day of Ukraine with a full military parade in Kiev - maybe those troops need now to be resend to the borders ......

    the white Russian trucks have passed the border without the inspection by the Red Cross and without the consent of Ukraine but Ukraine can't stop the convoys or shoot at them because that could be the provocation the Russians were waiting for

    meanwhile more tanks and military hardware is arriving at Rostov at around 20km of the border with Ukraine


    They had to arrive this weekend in Lugansk because in this last real important city hold by the rebels (as the situation in Donetsk has detoriated heavily for the rebels) small groups of Ukraine soldiers are penetrating through the suburbs fighting their way through the city street by street from different sides (without having accomplished a full encirclement). ALthough there are already Russian paratroopers in the city (which is known because some are captured and more were delivered in critical condition to a local hospital) Putin had to invade today and deliver food but also one of the things that is most essential in war and that is FUEL

  • #ukraine the home of cyberberkut is here (on TOr)

    source http://xz5sdhbwrm4vvkxh.onion/en/

    there are also some hacked archives but this is also an infowar and you will never know what is true and what is fabricated

  • #Ukraine de prorussische propaganda van De Morgen duurt voort

    jawel dit is de kop van vandaag

    het zijn Rebellen, geen russische troepen en wapens in Oekraïne

    het is Oekraïne die hen bestookt en dus de oorlog gaande houden en niet de Russuen die hun troepen niet terugsturen

    en zo werkt subliminal propaganda met het veranderen van een paar zinnen, met de keuze van welke berichten je wel en niet putliceert, met het tussen aanhalingstekens plaatsen van bepaalde woorden

    want weet je, voor bepaalde intellectuelen in Europa is Oekraïne gewoon een groot Amerikaans complot om het van Rusland af te pakken die toch alle rechten heeft om daar tanks naar toe te sturen

    en zo zie je maar, dat de pers niet moet klagen dat ze steeds minder wordt gelezen als je zulke zever leest, heb je gewoon geen in die krant en ga je gewoon online want daar kan je nog standpunten en informatiebronnen van verschillende bronnen lezen en vergelijken

  • #ukraine an action plan against the Russian propaganda machine

    There is an action plan and it is in fact not bad if it in the first place would already be accepted as a basis by the different Maidan press operation who sometimes are having battles among themselves than cooperating

    it is not a bad plan but it misses a few things

    * the first thing to do is to agree on what will not be accepted as something that should be promoted (such as stupid open letters from the Right sector or accusations immediately after a provocation that it is the present government which is behind it, which wasn't the case) and what should absolutely be promoted (which are elections, democracy, transparancy) and the sentiments that should be overal influence the writings (we have come this far and we have lost many of our dear ones but we won't give up because we have never been this strong)

    * there needs to be a better understanding of what the international press needs. The international press needs packaged video and information they can just copy-paste and re-use without thinking much as long as it looks like it rassembles some neutrality and the truth (this is why Russia Today is more a packaging tool than a real propaganda tool) - it is for example important that everyday there is a packaged english version of the most important events of that day and that needs to be ready some time before the principal news programmes in the countries you are targeting. One minute in the newsprogram reaches millions of viewers.

    You also need to be sure that the story you want to come over, the facts you want to re-inforce time after time again are repeated time and time again, although not too obvious, too much propaganda kills propaganda

    * because they want to seem neutral and objective western media want always to find speakers or commentators from both sides. From the Russian side it is not difficult as Russia Today does the work for them, but for the western side is is important that they can contact a central press research office that will not give them articles that are ready to copy but contacts and sources that in any case they should take into consideration when making an article. This is even more important for socalled specialised or quality media who always want to do some research - although not too much before writing.

    * we are tweeting and blogging all the time but some-one will need to keep all the facts and events in a history organised by subject so anyone can look back - that person should also be responsable for immediatly archiving all the stuff that is posted on the internet before it is destroyed by censors (for example Russian videos in Ukraine)

    * the last thing that is important is monitoring which websites, blogs and socalled independent institutions or media are tools of Russian propaganda - so when a journalist is researching his sources he can clearly place this kind of source in the russian side and not as a specialist or some-one neutral

    * and let not forget dozens of provocations were dismantled online by specialists in military affairs who from the beginning could see that the prefabricated text couldn't be the truth because of the facts in the video and on the photo's

  • some interesting facts about a discoverd Russian money laundering operation in #ukraine

    "On August 14, special forces of the Security Service of Ukraine carried out raids in offices, residences, banks and  vehicles in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Kirovohrad.


    SBU employees have seized more than 1200 stamps of fictitious companies that served the conversion operation, some 200 units of “bank-client” computer software, flash drives for managing the accounts of foreign (Russian and offshore) companies, more than 2000 data storage devices and also the financial and business records of these entities. Also seized were more than 400 seals and stamps belonging to legal entities registered in the Russian Federation — Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara and others.

    so the same IP addresses will manage about 200 client accounts

    that would be interesting to check with the big data soures

    otherwise I think they have a mine of data there - in case it isn't encrypted or protected by double authentification

    these accounts were paying for undercover operations in Ukraine off course



  • #ukraine the real strategy of Russian trolls is to stop the discussion not have a discussion

    "Russia-watcher Catherine Fitzpatrick, who documents Kremlin disinformation for, says just as Moscow uses vague Internet laws to encourage self-censorship, trolls inhibit informed debate by using crude dialogue to change “the climate of discussion.”


    If you show up at The Washington Post or New Republic sites, where there’s an article that’s critical of Russia, and you see that there are 200 comments that sound like they were written by 12-year-olds, then you just don’t bother to comment,” she says. 


    You don’t participate. It’s a way of just driving discussion away completely,” she adds. “Those kinds of tactics are meant to stop democratic debate, and they work.”

    and this is why it is in many online political discussion an explicit strategy of the attackers to discourage any attempt to have a meaningful discussion by just insulting, repeating worthless arguments and just changing the discussion in a shouting match.

    As long as you take those online discussion seriously and you treat the other persons as normal rational people you will be disturbed or freightened by these personal attacks, but if you just treat them as something out of a textbook that mindless propagandabots are just rewriting time and time again, than you can just respond by making a joke of them and not losing any time with them afterwards

    this is in my opinion another reason for the financing of these trolls, the reason is to keep you busy and to create diversions so that the real bloggers and tweeters from the other party are not too much occupied distributing and commenting real information

    Off course the biggest responsability lays with the media who should be more strict when somebody starts to insult others, when somebody has absolutely no quality information or thoughts to add, to block him or her out of the discussion but the costs of that are enormous

    in my view it would be better for the big newspapers and magazines and discussion forums to select the most interesting from what is coming in and only publish those or publish them seperately - so you don't have to go through a pool of mud to find the most interesting thoughts and information

  • #ukraine this is why it is strange to see so few satellite images with proof

    because there is a new technology breakthrough

    "The new satellite’s most important feature is its 30-centimeter resolution, which would “allow you to see not only a car, but the windshield and the direction the car is going. Something as small as home plate,” according to the company.


    While that 30-centimeter resolution isn’t sufficient to do computerized facial recognition from space—depending on the light, the angle and the analyst, pictures at that scale could help positively identify Russian military commanders operating in Ukraine. Or it could help illumine ISIL leaders like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The U.S. military has a big interest in what’s called “non-permissive data collection,” which really means the collection of data about a subject without the subject’s knowledge

  • #ukraine this is why it is strange to see so few satellite images with proof

    because there is a new technology breakthrough

    "The new satellite’s most important feature is its 30-centimeter resolution, which would “allow you to see not only a car, but the windshield and the direction the car is going. Something as small as home plate,” according to the company.


    While that 30-centimeter resolution isn’t sufficient to do computerized facial recognition from space—depending on the light, the angle and the analyst, pictures at that scale could help positively identify Russian military commanders operating in Ukraine. Or it could help illumine ISIL leaders like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The U.S. military has a big interest in what’s called “non-permissive data collection,” which really means the collection of data about a subject without the subject’s knowledge

  • the REAL russian invasion in #ukraine happens NOW in broad daylight without any reaction

    there is no declaration of war even if they are in fact in a state of war with Russian military hardware and military on the territory of Ukraine and Russian tanks and artillery and missiles shooting from the Russian territory against Ukraine soldiers

    since this evening images of Russian tanks, military trucks and missiles have been filmed and went around the world without any reaction from the EU or the US or NATO


    and the possibility of worse is there because columns of Russian tanks are moving from Rostov in Russia to Ukraine

    it is clear that dimplomacy has failed and that Putin has decided to send at the least some military force into Ukraine to try to defend Donetsk and Lugansk, the last two big cities hold by the socalled militias and mercenaries because they were not only more or less cut off from each other but also every day more encrircled while in Donetsk only the city center was still firmly in the hands of the seperatists

    the most important thing that Putin has said yesterday is that if it is in the interest of Russia, he will not respect international agreements any more

    you can see it as it happens through twitter

    on mailforlen you see the most important official Ukr twitter streams and my retweets

    if you are member of twitter you can follow more than 250 sources in one Ukraine twitterlist

    everything is possible, the worst but also the extraction of the Russian troops and mercenaries from Ukraine

    whatever happens this WAR has changed Europe and Russia for a long time to come


  • #ukraine this is why they will win finally - they will never give up whatever the odds - even if they may die (very moving text)

    The final goodbye to my Mykola — tomorrow


    2014/08/12 • Opinion & Analysis


    by Tetiana Chornovol

    In Boryspil at 12:00. In the chapel near the grave of (Pavlo) Chubynskyi (author of our national anthem). Mykola sang it so well, so sincerely. He believed in those words with all his heart.

    He was the real thing. He was not a Facebook soldier. He did not think of PR or of a political career. He simply fought for Ukraine, for his land. After all, he was born and lived most of his life in the Donbas. He dreamed of liberating his native Horlivka from the separatists and the Muscovites.

    He did not consider this simply the duty of every real man; he believed that this kind of chance is granted once in a thousand years, that his generation is making the CHOICE if Ukraine exists or not.

    FREEDOM or death — we made that choice on Maidan. UKRAINE or death — in war with Russia.

    He believed that if a critical mass of Ukrainians– and every individual — made the right choice, then no matter what happens, no matter how high the price, Ukraine will ultimately win. From an amorphous  mass that has somehow held together, a real Ukraine will finally emerge. A country where patriotism, service to one’s country and dignity will be the norm. Where the people who want to be useful to their country will not be mocked as fools. (Although the moral and mental cripples are laughing. Because without our own country, Ukrainians were always “cattle for slaughter.”) …

    Mykola and I were of the same mind. He supported me even when I had to risk my own life. He was someone who believed that all sacrifice was possible for the sake of the country.

    And this was despite the fact that he loved me deeply throughout the 12 years of our life together. How happy he was when I survived the attempted assassination. How he followed me on Maidan, like a shadow. He never stopped me, but how he feared for me. I knew he had decided that if death were to come, he would die first.

    I knew how he suffered. After Maidan, my life became so terrible — there was no time, no opportunity or strength to apologize, to embrace. I feel so guilty.

    He died because this is war. He died because he was bright and genuine. Under sniper fire, he rushed to pull out the wounded “Svitliak” (Andriy Dryomin — Ed.). He took his duties as commander personally; he believed he was responsible for everyone. And it was Roman (“Sokil”), assuming the responsibilities of commander, who began to pull out my Mykola. Sokil pulled him by his legs and was shot in the stomach. He is fighting for his life. This is our platoon. They have the best!

    I was in it as well. Svitliak taught me how to clean my machine gun. I also cleaned Mykola’s  gun. Everyone laughed. But I wanted to be useful somehow. Because I understood that the presence of a loved one is a burden for the commander. I promised to stay behind, as in Mariupol.

    I could not be with him, with them. I escaped from Kyiv, from the government, whenever there was the slightest opportunity. We were of the same blood. It was only among them that I felt complete. They were like family. They were the best, because when a person chooses to sacrifice himself for his country, the best human qualities appear; the shameful characteristics take second place. In government, it is the opposite. I was not near him when he died. I realized that he was at war and that he could die, but I prayed  so hard that if that happened I would be near. Now I wonder: could I have helped? We were each other’s guardian angels. I rescued him in Cherkassy (at the time of Maidan). He rescued me on February 19.

    Maybe I could have helped. He was wounded in the leg, and he bled to death, far from me, a thousand miles away. And he even said goodbye. I did not…

    At 5:00 in the morning he sent me a text message: “Storming Ilovaisk. Losing the connection, so don’t worry. I love you.”

    I read it only in the morning. I answered. “I love you very much. Hold on.” And then I looked, and there was another message. That he had died. It turns out I was already writing to a dead man.

    I rushed  to Urzuf, to that Yanukovych dacha that we had seized together back in May. It became the base for the Azov battalion. And it became our home. I ran to the room where our platoon lives. His belongings, neatly stacked …

    He was so neat, so smart, so competent. He always checked my texts for errors. He always had problems settling in a job because of my journalistic work.

    I did not even call him the previous night. I was exhausted and angry. I had decided not to call him. That day I went to Koncha-Zaspa and learned that the enemy of Ukraine Yuriy Ivaniushchenko continued to build a “New Mezhyhiria ” in Koncha-Zaspa, for which they almost killed me in December.

    Imagine, a “New Mezhyhiria ” being built now !!!! And it is this Yuriy Ivaniushchenko, who organized death squads, who set the separatist wheel in motion in the Donbas. He continues to build mansions, and my husband has died …

    But it is not in vain, not in vain, not in vain !!!! Our Ukraine is and will be !!! His sacrifice and his blood will set an example. They will be an inspiration for the best. Because of his blood and the blood of others who made their CHOICE and took the road to the END, Ukraine will win now. It will prevail in the future as well (the same way our independence rose up on the blood of the soldiers of UPA). He belonged to those cells of Ukraine’s body who fight not only for the survival of direct descendants but for the future of the entire people.  For the future, which will be inhabited not only by worthy Ukrainians but by vile users of life, the torturers and the thieves (those who rob the country while others are dying for it will always exist, that is a fact of life).

    However, our goal is to offer a chance for the worthy. Because all this has not been in vain. Heroes do not live in vain. Heroism and self-sacrifice are not in vain. Never. Not under any circumstances. (And what could be more vain and more abominable than a life lived for toilets, even if it’s a gold toilet in Mezhyhiria or in Monaco.

    My Mykola !!! My darling sun!!! (he called me а “little weasel” and the children — it was so funny –”little chebureks” (Tatar pastry — Ed.). I don’t know how I will continue … Forgive me. I love you.

    Note: Tetiana Chornovol , a Ukrainian investigative journalist and civic activist, is government commissioner for anti-corruption policy and was one of the leaders of the Euromaidan protests earlier this year. She investigated the massive corruption under former President Viktor Yanukovych and was badly beaten by hired thugs in December 2013. Her husband, Mykola Berezovyi, a volunteer in the Azov battalion, was killed in the anti-terror operation (ATO) in eastern Ukraine on August 8.


    Translated by Anna Mostovych
    my comment : this is why Maidan is a revolution in the press, the army and the way the government is run, even if there are setbacks and difficulties and mountains to overcome, they have created a feeling that this is the one in a lifetime opportunity to make history and to change things - even when the West is so cynical that it takes so much time to help them
    I once had to explain my daughter during the Libyan revolution what that was that revolution. Well that were fathers and brothers who saw tanks coming to kill their families and took any weapon they could find to defend themselves and their city and with time learned how to fight better and more organised so they could not only defend their city but also win against the enemy and finally beat him and make sure that this would never happen again (and Libya and Syria are bad examples for now sic)). Ukraine is not different. - even if the seperatists are trying to portray it in the same way.
  • UPDATE why this is (CONFIRMED NOW) the most dangerous day of the conflict in #ukraine so far

    follow live news on my twitter account and even better at the twitter list Ukraine (+200 sources)

    Updated  14h

    * They have changed course and WILL NOT pass through the checkpoint controlled by Ukranian but more sourth through a checkpoint controlled by the rebels

    * there is confusion because only 128 of the 280 trucks are located somewhere after the convoy has split in two

    * they don't want to Red Cross to check, inspect and load the stuff in other trucks

    * Putin has given an ultimatum (hour not set) and said that its trucks will enter Ukr if it doesn't allow those trucks to enter without inspection and without any monitoring

    *¨military stress is high at the border because soldiers are nervous and journalists are not allowed at the Russian side

    * Putin is in the Criimea in a central Command center together with his military chiefs and his puppet government - he will make a speech tomorrow (which makes war more probable today). The Ukr president is in emergency session with his military commarnders

    * fighting is fierce in the Donbass with the rebels fighting hard to keep a corridor open between the Lugansk and the Donetsk strongholds while the Ukr army advances slowly but steadily around and into Donetsk and Lugansk asking civileans to leave the cities as they plan to launch an all out attack soon

    * we are at the brink of war... what is strange is that EU, NATO and USA qre officially quite silent. Or this is because they have seen that there is nobody sensible at the other side of the line or this is because they haven't really decided how they will react or are planning - I just reckon that this silence makes some Ukr feel very lonely in these times - even if hard statements were published the last days.

    this is the worst scenario that was possible yesterday and tomorrow - we thought he would chicken out finally as he always have done but now it seems as if he is setting things into motion ....

    some analysts have said that he needs this war and he needs it now for himself and to save whatever is left of the russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine

    just to recap

    a column of 280 white trucks which aren't accompanied by the Red Cross and where there is no real idea of what is in it has left a military base in Moscow to the Ukraine border without giving through the Red Cross a clear destination

    during the day the déclarations from officials went back and forth and shited in Russia from the very dangerous (we will go into Ukraine and deliver it ourselves) to we will deliver the goods at the border and we only want to help  with the effect that the Ukranian déclarations went from 'we have an agreement with the Red Cross and the US' to 'we will not let those trucks pass if we can't control what is in it and it isn't the red cross that does the deliveries' which obligated the US to warn that any attempt to cross the border would have grave conséquences and from NATO that a real invasion was being prepared this way

    propagandawise we could say that except for the Russian public who lives in a fishbowl of propaganda the propaganda value of the operation has totally failed again for Russia (and after all the failures these last months even in the field of infowar and covert ops we are starting to have serious doubts about the effectiveness of these operations at the Russian side (except if a mole is indirectly sabotaging them)) - this is becoming my biggest astonishment in this war (even if it is becoming clear that social media is playing an essential role in that - except for the Russian fishbowl of propaganda)

    Some of the questions are

    * will they stop at the border

    * will the OSCE and the Red Cross unload the trucks and will Ukraine be able to inspect the stuff

    Second aspect is the destination(s) and number of convoys. There were reports that smaller white trucks were in Rostov where an enormous military buildup has been taking place (missiles included) especially the last days.

    The question here is where the trucks will go and what the white trucks in Rostov will do (a white truck is a white truck but don't confuse the white truck at place 1 with those at Rostov). Nobody knows what is in these white trucks. At Rostov they can pass the border freely because the Ukr army doesn't control the border nor the area immediately behind it.

    If the official white trucks go to Rostov and cross the border (as was mentioned yesterday late in the evening) than there is a military incident. If they don't go to Rostov than still some-one will have to make sure that no white trucks pass any other borderpost even if it is Under the control of the separatists. The reason is that propagandawise it would be possible to create confusion like this

    'Ukraine blows up Russian white trucks with aid' while in fact it weren't the white trucks with aid that were checked at the official border but other white trucks that were passing the border at another point - for example Rostov and weren't checked

    this confusion could be long enough - especially if the the official convoy isn't followed all the time by official représentatives of the OSCE and the Red Cross and other observers - to give the opportunity to organize a 'military protection of the aid convoy' and send in the Russian troops on the border (and the 100 Russian fighter planes)

    to increase the confusion we would also like to mention the fact that the Russian seperatists have painted some of their trucks in .... white.

    This confusion can be limited although by agreeing among the observers to paint some specific number or sign on the trucks

    The third question - even if everything goes well and the goods are delivered and checked - is where the trucks will go. THey say they will only go to Lugansk but there are also statements that they will go afterwards to the cities more South without specifying and nobody asked or said anything about that to the Ukr government and even most importantly is which route will they take back (and how to be sure what is in the trucks on the way back (wounded fighters ?) and who can control this ?

    This confusion makes it very difficult in a zone where there are seperate groups at the side of the rebels and many different fronts with heavy shelling to secure a safe passage to all the white trucks moving around without necessary having the secured a safe passage. People who have read about such operations know that this is the most important part of such an operation, negotiating with the national government, the local commanders and than having contact persons at both sides if some local soldier decides that your trucks will not pass his checkpoint because he doesn't trust you and has to hear it himself from his commander.

    and how be sure that not someone just fires by accident or by provocation at the trucks - just as the plane was shot down ?

    and what will all those Russian military do at the Ukr border at that moment (special intervention troops, missiles, tanks, fighter jets,....) and what will their objectives be ?

    you always know how a war starts but never how it will play out

    another sign is that Putin is now in the Crimea with his top military chiefs probably following the operations on screen and on an operation table - having signed orders or ready to do so - and will give a big speech tomorrow (about the operations today). From the pointview of an organiser of press events this means that today something big can happen ..... or not

    but as Putin has dismissed a lot of military commanders and has not publicly said what his goals were militarily in Eastern Ukraine - letting other people say all kinds of stuff (from disengagement to full intervention) - we just don't know and will just have to wait....and see

    If Russia doesn't invade today than the rebels are just lost because they have been losing since months now and the fall of Dontesk is imminent (but may take several days or weeks due to the necessity of limiting the number of civilean deaths)

  • #ukraine why Rostov is so important (diplomats wake up please)

    the military buildup

    trucks from Moscow heading to Rostov according to this picture

    white trucks in Rostov before the Moscow ones arrive (behind the tanks)

    and a totally contradictory message from the Russian sources and twittersphere

  • #ukraine the Rostov plan is now becoming visible (war or provocation tomorrow or will diplomacy save the day ?)

    The last days we have seen videos of tanks on trains and military trucks arriving in Rostock, we have also seen missiles and their radio systems arriving in Rostock

    Yesterday there were videos of White Russian trucks from Rostov (RUSSIA)

    so the surprise was enormous when Russia said that they were sending white trucks for aid from.... Moscow

    maybe we were mistaken and maybe there were no other trucks in Rostov but other twitters re-affirmed that there were white trucks in Rostov together and surrounded with normal Russian military tanks, trucks and missiles for aircover

    but this wasn't really important because the trucks from Moscow would go to another destination (ok there could be two incrusions at the same time and some confusion but this was not an enormous gameplan with possible enormous conséquences)

    but in the last hour it was announced that

    * there is finally no agreement at all between Ukraine, Russia and the Red Cross about the convoy and Ukr will not let the trucks on the Ukr territory nor the military driving  (because this has been going back and forth all day with different sources telling different things at different times, it is fluid)

    * that all the trucks will go to Rostov

    now this way the conditions are totally different

    * Ukr doesn't control the whole border at that point and some of the border crossing in this area are deserted or Under the control of the militias which makes it hard for Ukr to inspect the trucks (and there is no inventory even if the Red Cross has asked for it several times)

    * there is also no plan to where they will go if they pass the border (Lugansk they say but others say the plan is to go further South also) and there is certainly no plan how they will go back - as there is no agreement that they may pass the border (and if they can take people with them back to Russia

    * Russia has said that from the moment some-one shoots at the trucks they will intervene militarily

    * Putin has fired some of the military decision makers who were opposed to a big operation in Ukraine according to one analyst, but no one has a clear idea of what  Putin is thinking anyway

    this doesn't mean that we will have war tomorrow, it means that once again Putin has changed the whole ballgame and that it may take some effort to limit the risks

    it is not because war is already in some minds that they should have the possiibility to play those wargames

    there is already enough war in Ukraine

    and in a few weeks that war should have been over - first of all in Donetsk

  • #ukraine follow this twitterlist the news of the Russian invasion tomorrow as tension is increasing every hour

    a column of some 200 military trucks white painted is on its way to the East of Ukraine driven by military personnel

    Breaking 12h Bielarusse has declared a STATE Of EMERGENCY as it expects war to break out today or tomorrow

    Some say there is agreement but there seems to be another column of white trucks in Rostov that are accompanied by military trucks and missiles (nobody is sure what the game plan is)

    there is enormous diplomatic pressure now from and on all sides in the window of opportunity that Putin has created by using trucks from Moscow but maybe this is the Hitlerlike strategy of getting things without war

    on the ground itself there is increased fighting with the Ukr army saying it will take Donetsk in the coming days and the rebels saying they will counterattack....tomorrow (expect lots of confusion) while the Ukr borderposts (where one or both of the convoys will arrive) are being attacked from Russia and the militias

    reports say that Putin has fired the military commanders who didn't agree with his invasion plans for Ukraine, but that is just analysis

    if anybody wants to know what it is living on the border of war, than this is it because once the shooting starts nobody will know how to stop it soon and how it will evolve (Ukraine is not Georgia)

    we can call the months and weeks before the phoney war like between 1939 and 1940 with many incidents and no war but now things are really starting to have a real possibility of a real conflict (local or not)

    the main problem is that nobody knows what Putin has decided or what he is really thinking


    the Red Cross who should have been informed can't give more information and doesn't know what is in the trucks - nobody knows

    there is some agreement between the Red Cross, Ukraine, US and Russia about some humanitarian aid to Lugansk but not for Donetsk but the détails are very fuzzy and the déclarations by the Russians are more comforting than the truth (a bit like 'I am just trying to do a good thing here, I am not the bad guy')

    at the border the bombardements of the Ukr troops by the Russian artillery across the border goes on 'as normal' while there is fierce fighting on several fronts (there some 50.000 Ukr troops mobilized and fighting in the area and several thousands (numbers vary and trucks with new volunteers cross from Russia but also from other countries cross the border every day as a limited number of fresh tanks and manpad rocket launchers (torched area strategy))

    the Ukr have declared that they don't want this convoy on their territory like that - so what will happen on the border (where there are alo thousands of special troops, 100 russian fighter jets, missiles and tanks and other very heavy military warmaterial)

    and even if this convoy gets into Ukraine without shooting than the russians have declared that if somebody shoots at the convoy they will send in the military to protect it and in an environment in which there are all kinds of fighting groups and fighters which are not always Under central command or in which provocations and infowar operations are happening every day the probability that there will be shooting at these trucks (probably filmed live by some Russian tv camera probably live streamed on the net) is enormously high

    it is an advantage that they do it during the day - except if the game plan is to keep it on hold at the border during the day saying it is the fault of the Ukrainans that it is being hold up

    if the trucks would have entered during the night it would have been very easy to set up a provocation of which nobody would know where the fire would have come from - the more there groups of fighters have the habit of moving around at night for small attacks behind lines etc....

    main twitterselection  (see logo next to this blog)

    for news from more than 200 sources of which some pro-russian with which I don't necessarily agree or which aren't necessarily correct or are just propaganda (know your enemy)

    at last the waiting game is over

    anything can happen now


    some observers say that Putin needs a war to survive and that survival is all that interests him.....

    The EU should have said to Putin 'we will send aid with Red cross, don't bother'

  • follow this twitterlist to follow the Russian plans to invade TONIGHT (rumour)   more than 200 sources some prorussian

    now it has become clear that Russia wants to send white trucks into Ukraine with tanks and military airplanes around them

    Ukraine thinks it should have been an IRC operation together with Germany but the International Red Cross says it knows nothing about that for now

    situation is totally confused and everybody is going bananas and everything is possible

    ther perfect environment for invasion or some overstressed guy who shoots at the convoy or a provocation or whatever as a pretext for an invasion to salvage what is rest of the territory that is held by the militias

    let's hope I am wrong but for the moment I am not a home

    so the source above it will be the best to follow the news by the minute from all kinds of view

  • #ukraine technology and knowledge transfer is the real issue with the Mistral ships for Russia


    the lesser your enemy knows the better and between knowing something and being able to do something practical with it is another matter. france is doing its upper best to accomplish both. Maybe NATO should buy the ships now that it needs to be able to defend more regions and countries at a sea.

    from the article

  • #ukraine if this map is correct, this is really a decisive weekend

    First there were no troubles on Maidan and as Maidan has been cleared first by the population and after long and heated discussions by the occupants itself later that day (after the fire and it became clear that the possiblities for provocation were too big - even if police forces were concentrating around the place to be able to intervene (too late)). This has blocked the major possibility for an infowar strategy in which one could claim that Russia had to intervene as they had too much trouble in Kiev to be able to handle the rest of the war in the East

    Seondly the provocation at the border during the night with a convoy that bear the symbols of the Red Cross without its consent and was accompanied by Russian tanks was a clear signal that official warnings had to be directly addressed to Russia by the US and NATO.

    The shelling of Ukr territory and the incursions by Russian helicopters and drones (especially around Maripul) have shown that the Ukr leadership and military have learned one lession from the invasion in Georgia, that is that you can't fire back or you can't shoot those planes down because whatever the right and truth at your side, you will always be too late and before you know it, the Russian troops will already be shooting their way into Ukraine and the story will already have changed and nobody will ask anymore what happened and who did what. The biggest lesson for countries with a border with Russia is that the re-enforcement of these borders and the permanent monitoring of those borders is one very essential part of their defensive strategy.

    Third if you look at this map than you see that three main objectives for the moment are attained

    Keeping a corridor between the Donetsk and the Luhansk Republic. Even if the situation is still fluid, the fact that the corridor is still there is a victory an sich

    the encirclement of Donetsk and now also of Luhansk is becoming better and stronger. It is also important to remember that both airports are also in the hands of the army and that in Donetsk several districts at the outskirts have already been conquered.

    the military leaders always say that they have to win now the rest of the border back to create a corridor big enough to stop the daily supplies of fresh 'volunteers', tansk and other military equipment to the militias. Killing the supply lines in fact is a fast way to make it more difficult to wage war, even if the Russians are using tanks from the second world war

    the only question that is open now is : will Putin invade or not

    that the Rebels can't win anymore is clear, even to big groups of rebels who have surrendered or fled (even the socalled Kossakbrigades that were so feared because of their fanatical nationalism)

    but as always in the last stages of war, now the number of dead and wounded is much higher than before

    but everybody knows that they have to finish it, they can't just stop and let the militias where they are now

    the offer from the Ukr president is that they surrender, point final

    the coming days we will know if they want to fight or stop

  • #ukraine this is a major show on the major Russian tv channel about Ukraine

    you would really think by seeing this what a group of Hells Angels is doing on a podium during prime time with so much money spent to make so much brute propaganda for their ultranationalst violent worldview

    preparing the population for worse ?

    and what is worse is that there is little or no space or possiblity in Russia for other views and surely not on the main tv channels and surely not in their news

    the day this would be the case would be the signal that the Kremlin has changed course of course