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  • Belgian E-ID : how to revoke your certificates

    Because at that time I knew too few on the details of the eID architecture and too much about how a new security architecture can have flaws, so better to stay away for a while, especially given the legal implications that the eID can bring.
    I knew they were talking about two certificates without understanding their difference, so let's revoke both.
    Note that it doesn't mean my eID is not valid, eID card activation is mandatory. The eID card is a proof of identity and residence of a person in Belgium. eID certificates activation is a choice of the holder of the eID (opt-in), he/she can decide to activate or revoke the certificates. (cf FAQ)


    It was quite epic.
    I was still a bit prepared, hopefully, so I had printed the Annexes 3 & 10, the legal forms to ask either to renounce to have the certificates or to revoke them just after activation, as well as the relevant parts of the User Manual for the civil servants :-)
    I printed both as for me it was not clear from the User Manual how to renounce for the certificates.

    • [Me] Good morning, I come for my eID and... I want to get rid of the certificates
    • [Her] You what? Is it possible? Never heard about that
    • [Me] Yes, yes, see (and I show her what's in her User Manual)
    • ... (takes a while to digest the info)
    • [Her] Ha ok, you've to fill Annex 3, (shouting behind her shoulder) JOSETTE, DO WE HAVE ANNEX 3???
    • [Josette] ANNEX WHAT??
    • [Me] No prob, look (and I pull out my own copy of Annex 3 (pdf))
    • ... (meanwhile she has no idea what to do on the eID to fulfill renouncement and I agree with her, the Manual was unclear so we went for activation+revocation)
    • [Me] No prob, look (and I pull out my own copy of Annex 10 (pdf))
    • [Her] Can I take your copies before you fill them? I'll make copies for ourselves.

    So today the official Annex 3&10 forms of this civil office are mine :-D
    Who knows, maybe I crafted the form... ;-)

    It is "funny" to see that everywhere the activation of the certificates is presented as optional, the choice being left to the citizen, blablabla, but in reality most of the citizen just don't know about this possibility (and most of the civil servants, well I hope that since my story, things have evolved a bit) and the civil servants doesn't ask you the question.

    http://www.yobi.be/mediawiki/index.php/Belgian_eID  (nice work, keep it up)