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  • Russian missile exercise (against what) in Kalingrad (next to Germany)

    what is the scenario they are doing all those exercises for ?

    situation getting more nervous and dangerous in that region every week

  • #copyrigth defenders want to take on dns providers to take down sites (back to IP numbers than)

    when I started on the internet I had lists with IP numbers of servers on a page

    dns and domainnames only came later

    the copyrightholders want to go back to that

    they want to marginalize copyrightinfringing sites like that

    but it can bring down one of the most essential parts of the internet as we know it today

    "The MPAA’s legal argument centers on the claim that DNS records are working as an index or directory rather than simply routing data. If that argument holds, then the DNS links could be vulnerable to the same takedown notices used to strike torrent links from Google searches. The net effect would be similar to site-blocking, making it as easy to unplug a URL as it is to take down a YouTube video. It would also cast DNS providers as legally responsible for all the sites on the web, the same way YouTube is responsible for every video uploaded to its network. For many providers, simply managing the flood of notices might create a logistical nightmare.

  • #ukraine will decide the balance of geostrategic military power in Europe

    why Russia thinks it can bully its borderstates militarily

    CSTO Military Data Chart

    into becoming a member of their socalled security alliance

    Russia Military Alliance Map

    in which you see why Ukraine is the missing domino as are uzbekistan, Georgia and azerajan

    while trying to keep them from joining NATO

    NATO's Expanding Membership Map

    and also here you will that the whole geopolitical map changes when Ukraine joins NATO or is linked to it

    because if you are linked to it, you are linked to the US and the US has the biggest military machine (even if it doesn't want to use it so massively as it did several times)

    and you don't have to be afraid anymore of all those Russian troops at your border because there is a much greater and better shield once they begin to understand that that is necessary to keep the peace - even a cold war peace

    and luckily Putin is doing is utter best the last year to convince even the most outspoken defenders of appeasement that it won't work and that Putin is clearly looking for a fight somewhere - the only question is where and when

  • apple and other online ecommerce sites are shutting down payment in Rubles or to Russia


    it means that if this continues trust in anything Russian will be gone - this is the speed with which things can change - as we have seen in 2008 here during the financial crisis - wednesday you were still a major bank and on friday you were broke

  • now the US is building a new generation of nuclear submarines

    sorry guys if you are still living in dreamland but it is time the hard reality begins to settle in

    "I wish I was exaggerating, but I’m not. The Ohio Replacement Program was conceived to modernize the sea-based part of the nation’s nuclear force — the only part of that force that is certain to survive if Russia, China or some other major nuclear power launches a surprise attack in, say, 2050. The reason why is that the Navy’s ballistic-missile subs patrol silently beneath the surface of the world’s oceans, where enemies cannot find them; the Air Force’s bombers and silo-based missiles, on the other hand, are in known locations that can be easily targeted

    An Ohio-class ballistic missile sub returns to base in Georgia after a routine deterrence mission.  The vessels must begin retiring in 2027, which means the Navy has barely a decade to design, develop and test a successor. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Rex Nelson/Released)

  • #luxleaks the first whisthleblower arrested but he was not alone


    the article shows some interesting things.

    First it was said that these agreements were so secret that they were hardly communicated about in PWC but here we have some-one who had access to them in a database and was not implemented in setting them up becasue he was disgusted by them.

    Secondly he took them with him when he left the firm (like Snowden) but nobody checked what he did, what he knew and what he took with him, even if there were documents that were considered highly secret

    third he lost control over the documents and who got them and who did something with them just as Snowden lost control over his documents in which parts are going around the world

    fourth there are others and they are hunting them down, one after another and I only hope for them that those who have used the documents have found all the obvious and secret indicators that will facilitate their job (one stupid but efficient trick is to change a letter in each copy)

  • CIA terrorlist of psychological mindgames with music


    I imagine listening to Sesame street for 18 hours every day makes you so mad you just want to get out of there

    Deicide: Fuck Your God

    Dope: Die MF Die, Take Your Best Shot

    Eminem: White America, Kim

    Barney & Friends: theme song

    Drowning Pool: Bodies

    Metallica: Enter Sandman

    Meow Mix: commercial jingle

    Janeane Garofalo/Ben Stiller: chapter from the Feel This Audiobook

    Sesame Street: theme song

    David Gray: Babylon

    AC/DC: Shoot to Thrill, Hell’s Bells

    Bee Gees: Stayin’ Alive

    Tupac: All Eyez On Me

    Christina Aguilera: Dirrty

    Neil Diamond: America

    Rage Against the Machine: unspecified songs

    Don McLean: American Pie

    Saliva: Click Click Boom

    Matchbox Twenty: Cold

    (hed)pe: Swan Dive

    Prince: Raspberry Beret

  • the demonstration in NY against police brutality (or the lack of punishment) in timelapse

    very interesting idea

    but they are not a million .....

    but in present days you don't need to be with millions to have an impact (you need to have the attention of the media - even for the wrong reasons)


  • germany doesn't has an answer yet to the latest growing extreme right movement


    it is easier if they are just plain nazi's and difficult if they have gone into deep undercover (of the simple people who are not nazi's but disturbed by ISIS and militant islamic priests and movements)


  • #sonyhack sony tries to keep the leaks out of the standards press


    "Sony Pictures has contacted some US news outlets in an attempt to limit the damage caused by the hacking of its internal computer system last month.


    The studio, its letter informed them, "does not consent to your possession... dissemination, publication... or making any use of the stolen information".

    this looks like Mensura here with me :)

    but than the press will only link to other media using the information or talking about unconfirmed rumors without even mentioning the leaks

  • #ukraine the diplomatic agreement over the North Pole is no more

    Danmark has told the UN panel who is responsable for dividing the North Pole that they don't agree with their attributed piece of the cake and that they want lots more from Russia (sending troops to the North Pole and setting up more military installations around it) and Canada

  • #ukraine the eastern members of NATO are going to help Ukraine themselves

    there is no sense waiting for a consensus that will never arrive because the interests are too different to arrive at any kind of meaningful compremise - also the Putin strategy of trying to keep  NATO from doing something meaningful in Ukraine is based upon the premise that they will always find compromise more important than letting each member decide for itself what it is going to do to help or not help Ukraine

    Now it will be much more difficult for Putin to stop NATO from helping and supporting Ukraine because the vetopower of power to slow down or stop any meaningful decision of individual states is gone

    The eastern european states will start helping each other and Ukraine in the first place meaning that we will have after some time a fortified intertwined eastern border not only linked to NATO but also to each other

    and as the real power is based in Putins mind of military power this is may stabilize or even change the battlefield in Ukraine and make it less likely that individual eastern states are impressed by his succession of military provocations and exercises at their borders

    meanwhile Russia keeps sending new military hardware to the border with Ukraine and afterwards into Ukraine bit by bit, day after day (of which some columns are going to Mariupol)

  • we are going on strike - see you on tuesday

    what did you expect

    I am an activist

    and my fight for privacy and security is independent from my political views - always have been - because it is the only way to make coalitions that can change things

    but for now

    I am on strike

  • #ukraine this is an example of the present tension in the Baltic-Nordic airspace

    trying to prevent collissions from civil aircraft with unidentified Russian military aircraft flying without transponders (sending signals to know what they are doing like the 9-11 terrorists did) and not responding to any demand for identification or information from the airtrafficcontrollers


    one day there will be a collission and what will happen than


  • #ukraine Russian Santaclaus also hurrying to Mariupol to be in time for christmas

    joke of the day in a place where there is hardly any time to joke because there is nothing to joke about

  • #ukraine Russian troops are on the move.... to Mariupol

    this is what they are writing on their tanks

    this is what they are saying on their social media

    this is one of the several columns rumored to be heading to Mariupol

    or somebody thought that Putin didn't want to take Mariupol and gave up on the idea ?

    what will the rest of the world do if he starts attacking Mariupol ?