• some things about the religious pedophilecases in Belgium

    The Belgium Catholic church establised an internal commission to treat the compliants about pedophiles in the Belgian church

    the problem with this commsission is that its main mission was to keep the cases closed to the public and from the public

    for example 100 of the 500 cases normally asked this internal commission to transfer their files to the justice department, but they only transferred 2 so far.

    when it became clear that there was a crucial meeting taking place in which the hierarchy of t he Belgian Catholic church could decide to destroy all the files about older pedophile cases, the jusitice department decided to take everything into custody in an operation the representative of the Vactican called 'worse than being convicted as a pedophile" and 'worse than under communism".

    But the internatl law of the catholic church isn't public law and things like abusing kids can't be treated by internal canocial law, they are always public law because of its gravity. It is not enough that those priests and bishops have as sole punishment that they are sent to a faraway country and that the victims reveice some small amounts of money to shut up.

    You also have to take into consideration that since the Dutroux period many people thought that the police and the justice department were protecting people in high functions. You can assume that the judge didn't want to give the impression that this woujld be the case here. If they would have allowed the church to burry 400 files about possible pedophile cases and accept that they didn't receive 98 other cases that should have been transferred to them anyway, the justice department wouldn't have any credibility left. The damage to its reputation would have been enormous, especially towards the victims and the family who would have the feeling that there was no justice anywhere (not in the church and not in the courts) and that nobody was respecting their wishes.

    Another remark is that the police confiscated all the computers and that they  didn't have a backup so all administrative operations are now at a standstill. It is not clear when these computers will be returned.

    to be continued

  • we have scientific numbers about the Belgian socio-demographic population

    Yes we have and before the marketeers turn wild and think they have found the free source of all information they need to adapt their plans and big ideas, they should read the following thing most people forgot to mention

    It is based on a general census in 2001

    We are now in 2009 - 8 years later.

    We are living in a computerized environment.

    ANd it takes 8 years to filter those numbers ?

    Here is the document

    but don't expect any felicitations.

    THe European Eurostat numbers are also very late or incomplete.

    THis in the country that is said to be the birthplace of statistics.....

    Luckily nobody makes policies based on these numbers - if anything more than just some general longterm reflexions. Which is a pitty if you count the investments that are made to realise this census. Maybe 10% more investment and a re-organisation could shorten the time-frame by x number of years. Because is it not that what supercomputers are for ? Or should we build an European supercomputer census and other major statistics nerve center that could deliver those numbers in an acceptable timeframe ?

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