belsec birthday

  • Exclusive : The Belgian Blood and Honour files found on the net

    Some months ago the Blood and Honour forum was hacked in Germany. The forum was to be defended by some security and passwords, but that wasn't enough. Anti-fascist hackers cracked the security and downloaded the whole forum. This was sent around in one big torrent but it would take some work to restructure the whole forum.


    We have found on the internet some work done by some anti-fascists (not us) who have sent us some links to files. These files have the IP adresses of people that are member of that forum. These files have emailadresses of the Belgian people that are member of that forum. These files have comments that are made by these people in that forum and while reading it you may be astonished by some of them.

    The police and the political world are contemplating what action to take and if this group is dangerous. Maybe the group in itself is not so dangerous as some of its members seem to be.

    It is better to open the files in Excel or in wordpad to give it some structure and meaning. If people would write articles and research based on these files, we would be happy to announce them. (chose free service)

    We can 't say how long this posting and the links will stay up, so it is for you to make your copies and distribute them.

    For some people it will all be 'little fish' but it are sometimes the small little fish that are very important because they are very active in the organisation and the distribution of those things.