• blocklist pcprivacycleaner rogue securityware  source

  • blocklist for false codec's

    You are on a film (an illegal download or a pornfilm or something funny or so called breaking news) and there is a popup that asks you to install a codec to view the video or hear the music. You should not do this. Mostly it comes with spyware.

    If you have a proxy you should just block all the sites with codec in it and whitelist those that you absolutely need to have

  • dubious payment services accepting payment for rogue antivirus2008

    If an payment service still accepts payment for a program of which the whole web now knows that it is a total scam, than it has no ethics and will probably work with any crook to accept whatever money.


  • spamming blogger promotes antivirusxp2008

    He has been placing links in forums (registration as a member) or in guestbooks

    his site is an attrapment with an illegal scanner that will warn you of threats real or unreal. But you should never use software like this. They don't have the quality and expertise and they are just crap and install sometimes spyware on your computers.



  • the rogue (false, dangerous) antivirus2008 blocklist
    antivirus-xp-2008. net
    2008antivirusxp. com

    added some others while I was at it

  • New list of infectioni bogus securitysoftware sites

    These were listed before by the Russian Business Network with the Estdomains and seem now to be reused by the storm attacks. In this scheme you are not linked directly to these sites, but you are redirected from infected sites


  • the ongoing injection attacks - a blocklist

    consider blocking these Filed under: 

    they are used for downloads of the viruses  

  • domainnames that last month were many times found in malware


  • Blocklist of fraudulent paying mp3 websites

    These websites ask for money and say they have a very large catalogue of downloadable (paying) music, but don't pay a penny to the artists themselves according to the US administration.

    This list is based upon this list (watch there for updates)