• what our US friend should understand about the Belgian anti antipedo firewall

    Our American friends should first understand that the online public databases about child predators they have online are illegal in Europe. This reason is that our politicians think that these child predators should have a second chance and that this will be impossible when their whereabouts and past are public for everyone to see. Being a Belgian I can only have some serious doubts about that axioma. They also say that they monitor those ex-convicts efficiently and permanently and that there should be no further threat or reasonable fear for society and particulary for the children and their parents. Being a Belgian I can only have some serious doubts about that axioma.


    To further strengthen their case they launch expensive campaigns and set up or subsidize different organisations and launch several  investigations.to identify hundreds of pedos worldwide (when such campaigns against malware and botnetgangs ?) but for which they will never have enough place in prison or for which the social services will never have enough manpower to follow them.


    So this is the background for this discussion now that in Holland some antipedo activist has been convicted because she published information about a so-called online child predaetor who sued here. Mistaken identity he claimed.


    The problem is that there is no public alternative and that the public trust in the police, judiciary and the social services is so low that private - sometimes wacky underground groups - try to get this information online and that they have the luxury of some public passive support. I don't have much sympathy for them, but I understand their frustration.


    The fact of the matter is that this black and white contradiction is not very productive. Every time some pedo restarts again or doesn't have to go to jail because of some unbelievable excuses it makes the headlines and makes people angry again (without coming on the streets and throwing stones).


    People expect from the state some form of protection they can trust. Especially for the weak and young. But when the state fails anyone can claim to take its place and can get some credit for at least trying to. But those sometimes wacky people are sometimes no knights on a white horse.


    The state should have a database of convicted pedo's or those that can't exercise any profession which brings them in contact with children or who can't live close to for example schools and kindergartens. That database should be open for any professional who works with children or where children are an essential part of the public to check people who are answering job applications or willing to do some volunteer work. This should be an acceptable alternative to the stalemate that is being fought today in which it is unclear for many why the state and its institutions are battling more antipedo activists than the pedos themselves.

  • The second Belgian firewall (against gambling sites)

    We have secretary of state (less than a minister) for 'combatting Fraud' Carl Devlies.

    He wants to combat online gambling and has a plan to do that. The problem with such plans is that they are plain stupid. 


    First only licensed websites may have an online gambling operation in Belgium.

    Secondly all other websites should be blocked.

    And people who play on illegal gambling sites should be fined.


    So now we will need a new police force to find and prosecute all those players on all those illegal gamblingsites. So now ISP's will have to block all kinds of software and sites that circumvent those restrictions. THis will also be a permanent job as those sites change very often, so they will be very happy about that. And what is the use of giving someone an administrative fine - without any decision by any court -  because he is playing on an illegal gamblingsite or because he or she links to it. And how will they do that if the site is hosted in another country and the property of the domainname is hidden behind a firm with a postbox in another country that is owned by another firm in another country (and be sure that each has a different legal system to make it more complicated). You could also choose countries that have very few or none extradition or juidicial cooperation agreements with Belgium. If you know how fast the Belgian administration or Justice works...... you will have made millions by the time they know who you are.


    I hope the parliament doesn't just think that it is just logical on paper and that for this reason alone it should work. They should ask themselves if there is any way that this will ever work in practice. It can but the price to pay in privacy and freedom on the net is enormous.

  • Belgian authorities block antipedosite while this convicted pedo can blog and sell online without doing his time

    Convicted Belgian Pedo and writer Gie Laenen

    http://timelesscollection2.skynetblogs.be/ with all his contact and financial information

    http://www.timelesscollection.be/ his online antique shop (instead of serving time in prison)


    and what do you read on these blogs. Well you can read explicit pro-pedo stuff here like this

    "The authorities, without exception, describe these incidents as victimization and abuse of the worst kind for the boy. There is a presumption that the boy will need intensive therapy and most likely be emotionally scarred for life from the trauma (Finkelhor, 1981, 1984). But if these encounters are really that traumatic and harmful, why is it that the so-called victim rarely reports these situations to the authorities? Almost without exception these encounters are reported by a third party who discovers the relationship by accident (Wilson, 1981). There are no indications from the boys' behavior that they were in a stressful or abusive situation. Could it be that many of these encounters, instead of being abusive and harmful, are mutually beneficial, and that is the reason they continue for weeks, months or years without being reported to the authorities by  the boy? The boy doesn't have a problem with the relationship, nor does his older friend, it is only a problem for the erotophobes of society who can’t accept the sexuality of young people, and who can't recognize the fact that adolescent, and sometimes even prepubescent, boys are sexual individuals who have the same desires for love and intimacy as adults and can benefit from these relationships. "

    meanwhile the authorities are blocking http://stopkinderporno.com (use a proxy google for online proxy)

  • why the Belgian cybercriminality law is dangerous

    It is because it is so vague that it can be used for anything

    and there is no specification or limitation and if you want to enforce some gradualism in the law you have to go to court but that is a huge risk and can cost you dearly (if the judge will understand what you are talking about)

    and in this case who are you going to go to trial against ? The prosecutor ? And who is going to handle your case ? the prosecutor ? Kafka.

    no they are trying to blackmail the ISP's to accept a blacklisting list of so-called childporn sites. I know there are childporn sites and sites that are so deviant and ugly that you should block them and I am the first to say that you should block these sites if possible (and there is an international accepted list of childpornlinks that is being used by ISP's worldwide - even if Wikipedia came on it for a while) but I have never seen one such list (as leaked to wikileaks.org that was so clean that no other sites were involved.

    Off course this is also the fault of the pornsite operators themselves that don't really control the content that is being placed on their websites in for example their galleries or don't control if the legal 'teen' age of their 'models' is really conform the law - even if they try to operate from countries where this age is lower than elsewhere.

    And this blog has also opened the case about childpornography on the Tor network so you can't say that we don't care.

    And this blog has worked hard to get the fastflux botnets blocked, so you can't say that we don't want to use blocking.

    But blocking site site is more problematic than useful and not a good example. If you really wanted to block something by using the full force of a badly written vague law, there are plenty of other sites around that would reinforce your case, not weaken it.

    At the other side, I don't like the site and the list of persons was at one side a list of people that were known to be convicted (dutroux) and at the other side a list of people that were only mentioned by name (and for which there were several people of that name in Belgium)

    I don't like the idea of anyone mentioning anyone that is not convicted of anything as a pedo or whatever on the web. But I do find that all the services that work with children should have the right to check if the people they have or will have in service had any such convictions in the past (under whatever name they may have). That would bolster my confidence and trust. No there is nothing to follow up on liberated pedo's. And they get back close to children. ANd that makes people do stupid things like this website. And that they are stupid and sometimes out of their mind proves the fact that they sometimes just go into overdrive, while just playing it safe would bolster their case as a platform for people who just would like pedo's to be followed up always and everywhere. Because we don't want another Dutroux again.

    Meanwhile there is nothing for securing the Belgian networks from the daily ddos attacks and viruses and spam and so on ......

    So as you see it is a 'and if but also ' story in which you can't do things like they did with this filtering. I suppose someone just took it too personal and had too much power with too few checks and balances and critical reviewers.

  • the total campaign against the anti-pedo site

    first the .be domain was not allowed that was made clear from the beginning

    Second the dutch guy who was responsable for the dutch, tk, eu and .com site was put under all kinds of pressure and was presented as a lunatic who would be prosecuted very soon even if he didn't publish any information himself

    Thirdly the .tk and the site http://www.pedoseksuelenonline.co.cc/ are taken offline

    Fourth the site stopkinderporno.com has been blocked by a Belgian firewall even if the site with the list of names is taken offline and there is no mention of any name on the site stopkinderporno.com

    So on the basis of what FACT is there a blocking of the site ? of being against the childporn and wanting that pedos aren't giving a free hand and are being punished and treated after punishment and being followed up on.

    There is no FACT anymore as there is no LIST anymore. So what is the legal PROOF ? And who has decided that it is against Belgian law ? Which court has decided that ? On the basis of what PROOF ?

    The blocking has to be lifted as there is no infringment or proof anymore.

    We have the right to be against pedosexuals and to urge that they be treated and followed up on and put away if that is necessary to protect our children. We have the right to defend our children and to say so. And even if some antipedo fighters are lunatics or such people themselves that it not the case for any father or mother who feels anger and disgust when he reads today that Dutroux had childporn pics on his prison computer (to masturbate ?).

  • next to block for Belgium ? Wikileaks publishes Dutroux book

    This 1235 page document presents a summary of key dates, persons, communications and financial transfers involved in the infamous 1986-1996 Dutroux case, in which a number of girls and young women were kept hidden underground and used as sex slaves before being killed. Dutroux was a figure in the European criminal underworld and the case had connections to other underworld figures, to police corruption and from there to Belgium political figures.

    The provenance of this substantial summary are as yet unclear, however Luxembourg based journalist Jean Nicolas, who runs http://investigateur.info (formally http://investigateur.ms) has been involved in the release of similar material in the

    fast site, current site, Sweden, US, Latvia, Slovakia, UK, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, Tonga, Europe, SSL, Tor

  • the problem with the dns changing action of the ISP's

    In a previous post we have written what are the problems with the legal reasoning that is posted on the stoppage. Those legal reasons are so far reaching that in fact thousands of websites could suffer the same censorship.

    Now there is another problem that we ought to treat, the fact that our ISP's are playing with their DNS to divert a website to another. (and a reason to change your DNS to opendns.com as a result of that).

    DNS is a cooperative service in which every ISP and domainextension manager manages its own domains and sends the others to the DNS servers of the respective responsable domain or networkmanagers. This cooperation and that trust makes the web work. We trust that we will get the right domainname if we type in a name of a website - especially if it an sich does nothing illegal. On the website itself is no illegal content just a link to a website that may be interpreted as being illegal in Belgium.

    If DNS.Be had blocked at the root level several .be domainnames at the rootlevel than there were very good reasons for this. First it was impossible to bring the site down because with fastflux domainhosting the IP address was changing too fast. Secondly it was being used for phishing or fraud and that IS everywhere illegal. And it was the only effective fast way to prevent further harm to be done.

    This is not the case here - so the trust with the Belgian DNS servers of the ISP's is broken. This is very important and dangerous because this may not only be the case for our trust but also for other operators.

    One should clearly keep in mind that there are a lot of plans going around again in the Belgian government to put such a firewall in place for many other kinds of sites. This is only the beginning if you hear them.

    Meanwhile there are every day important and not so important sites in belgium being hacked and abused and there is nobody doing anything - unless we continue to publish it here and annoy them with it.... and there is lot of infrastructure running on older software and hardware that should be changed.... and there is a lot of work to do to make the Belgian internet safer but that interests nobody.

    By the way Conficker will be updated by the third of may and its newer version also attacks patched windows (by their USB). We have several thousand infected machines on our networks. But they didn't get a Belgian firewall.....

    The trust is broken with the belgian ISP's, they had better make a memorandum with rules when they will and when they won't intervene or cooperate in such plans or adhere to such demands.

    By the way will they block opendns.com also now. And tor ? and the proxies ? and wikileaks ? and P2P ? and ........

    It is also a bit strange coming from ISP's that mobilized all their lobbying power to stop the implementation of the New Telecom Law that oblibed them to give free securitysoftware and protection to their customers under the banner of freedom for all to now abide to such a demand for which there is no clear legal reason (in the facts).

  • other ways to bypass the filters against stopkinderporno.com

    when you read how they did it, they said they have used the DNS resolution and they have changed the ip address of the domainname to the one of the FCCU.

    The IP address of the site is but it only shows this


    but something makes me think this can change and that the Ip address will have the content if the guy is smart enough. Why because with the IP address you don't need the DNS resolution. How do you get the IP address of any site. you type into Google the domainname and whois like 'whois stopkinderporno.com'

    You could also change your DNS servers in your network settings to those

    Name ServerIPLocation
    Rotterdam, 11, NL
    Zwanenburg, 07, NL

    Or use OPENDNS.COM as dns resolution

  • Belgians keep wikileaks mirror up for now

    Wikileaks.org has been the victim of a court order sniper attack being executed after they have published internal documents that claimed that the bank Bank_Julius_Baer was involved in money laundering. Wikileaks was only informed hours before the hearings began and wasn't able to defend itself.

    In Belgium wikileaks is still online http://www.wikileaks.be but nobody is posting anything of any value http://www.wikileaks.be/wiki/Category:Belgium

    Follow the spread of wikileaks mirrors and  how to set the backup Tor File up here

    The lesson for security people is that if information is spilled on the web, it will be nearly impossible to keep it under control. You have to do everything to keep information from leaving your network or office if you have that kind of information.