• we are mostly leechers and not uploaders

    "In a paper presented earlier this week at the Usenix Workshop on Large-Scale Exploits and Emergent Threats, the researchers demonstrated how they used the technique to continuously spy on BitTorrent users for 103 days. They collected 148 million IP addresses and identified 2 billion copies of downloads, many of them copyrighted.

    The researchers, from the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control, also identified the IP addresses where much of the content originated. They discovered the the vast majority of the material on BitTorrent started with a relatively small number of individuals."

    So why are they trying to sue the millions instead of getting the few that upload the stuff that those millions want without paying ?

  • the illegal movie business

    Some sites aren't giving the ripped films for free anymore but want some money. Some have the 'download as much as you want for x dollar a month' and some want money for each download.

    It makes it in fact easier for law enforcement. Follow the money.

    Here are some examples

    and lots more

    and if you thought that paying such a low sum, a friend of mine did that and his credit card was compromised after that. So don't say you didn't knew.

  • Liberal politician Bart Tommelein doesn't like Sabam

    Sabam is the Belgian organisation that organizes the copyright business

    This Politician gives some very good tips (in dutch) and a smart pic


  • Kinepolis attacks camrecording filmpirates with money

    Kinepolis is a big international filmtheater operator. They have now launched together with other antipiracy organisations a campaign against filmrecording and downloading.

    If one sees someone camrecording a film in the theater they can send an SMS and if the culprit is found, they will get some money. Their own workfoce can get up to 500 Euro's if they catch someone like that. That is a lot of money not to be an incentive.