• Lernaut, the Belgian crook-clown is at it again in China this time

    He has tried to sell the electronic Babel and it was in fact from the beginning a bubble and when journalists found out about it, he took the defense that is the same among crooks : attack and play the innocent victim. I don't know nothing. In september we will learn after so many years if he will be punished or not. Off course all the ministers and other important Belgian and Flemish personalities that let themselves being used as puppets during set-up so called product demo's will never have to excuse themselves for so much naivité. The problem is that so many small investors and small people were not only actively recruited by them to invest all their money and the money they didn't have into their 'hot air' Lernaut and Hauspie pyramid scheme hidden under some techtalk about the impossible technological tour of babel that they would build. Flanders would become one Silicon Valley and press and people were falling over each other to be included in this example of how smart we really are and how they would show the whole world that the heart, brains and legs of the world are really in Flanders. Now we would have worldclass technology to show it. So while we were high we didn't see the first signs of the Titanic just ahead of us. We were having a great party and everybody who said it was a scam was treator. Microsoft didn't incorporate the technology in their OS and some tech magazines in the UK showed that it didn't work with different english dialects. But if it didn't work with different kinds of english how could it ever work for other variants of other languages ?


    So he fled the country and went to Asia to sell Belgian chocolates (failed) and to make a new but unsafe robot for kids that was retired from the shops after some incidents. Now he is awaiting the final decisions in his trial. Meanwhile he has found some people who have invested 1 million Euro in his new firm MiaMia that will sell answ-your-question  services. The service itself will be free but they hope to sell advertising. They will start operating in China.


    Why don't I believe that telecom operators are much better at this ? Why don't I believe that in the end Google will be able to do this  ? Why don't I believe that he won't be the only one and that the other players will just kill him with a massive advertising campaign ? Why don't I believe that people don't like all the advertising he would have to put up around the answer to pay for all this ?


    Maybe he is a Robin Hood. Stealing from the rich. Or Reynaert the fox, fooling everybody. Even this time our press is wary of cynism or criticism. Or you should just ignore him untill he proofs himself not to be a crook..... this time. (flemish but without any criticism)