the new face of cyberwar or Amnesty campaigns : emailstorms

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged women students to use the Internet to campaign for the release of two American women journalists held in North Korea.

Clinton urged graduates of Barnard College, a women's university in New York City, to show their opposition to Pyongyang's detention of the two journalists who are due to go on trial on June 4.

"We have two young women journalists right now imprisoned in North Korea and you can get busy on the Internet and let the North Koreans know that we find that absolutely unacceptable," Clinton told the graduation ceremony.


at the other side, are you prepared to treat thousands of emails coming without any viruses and without recognizable words and in the best case with image spam being sent from different adresses every so many days....

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2008 and the (Georgian) cyberwar

Georgia and Russian patriots had a full scale cyberbar going on before the start of the military operations and during those bombardements and incursions. This was a very interesting cyberwar because it showed the limits of defense and the possibilities of attacking a country with computers that had installed patriotic trojans. It was international solidarity that kept the free flow of information going, a strategy that each country that could find itself in conflict, should now plan for.

20/10/08 10:22 Georgia Cyberwar the opinion of some cyber-intelligence people
17/08/08 01:21 Turkish hackers beginning real no war campaign against Russia
17/08/08 01:10 what history learns about this European treaty with Georgia
14/08/08 11:54 Russian military study center has US/EU congress in november about .... Georgia ?
13/08/08 12:08 what small nations have to learn cyberwise from Georgian war
13/08/08 11:39 The anti russian cybercampaign 
12/08/08 13:17 Russian make clear it is about the energy pipeline
12/08/08 00:46 also belgian sites defaced in anti russian defacement campaign
12/08/08 00:41 Turkish hackers attack .ru sites out of solidarity
12/08/08 00:08 Website of the Georgian president transferred to the US
11/08/08 23:08 Georgia on my mind and that of the great dictator (video)
11/08/08 20:38 Brezhnev is back with his tanks
11/08/08 20:34 Only the Georgian website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is up 
11/08/08 19:54 Russians have a strange argument to fly into another country and bomb it
11/08/08 13:02 2 important Official Georgian websites online again (for the moment)
11/08/08 12:48 Georgian hackers start attacking Russian websites
11/08/08 09:00 Georgain websites attacked with DDOS 
10/08/08 18:15 Georgian Governmental sites still unavailable
09/08/08 22:33 Excuse If I will be posting less but the real and cyberwar against Georgia needs attention
09/08/08 22:24 Please Help Georgia Cyberwar seems to be part of the offensive
09/08/08 16:55 News on the war in Georgia on Netvibes
09/08/08 12:04 Government websites in Georgia (Europe) out of order
09/08/08 01:59 One post solidarity with Georgia
08/08/08 17:01 (updated) this important war in Georgia is also about oil and pipelines
and Cyberwar and critical infrastructure was off course always on our mind
18/06/08 23:33 Video about cyberattacks on Estonia (PBS)
31/03/08 17:42 Heathrow and risk taking
26/05/08 17:36 How to damage a strategic NATO infrastructure
24/01/08 13:55 It is official there are nuclear weapons in Belgium
09/01/08 22:01 How are our nuclear installations tested (scad) ?
21/08/08 10:53 another cyberwar looming against KOSOVO ?
20/06/08 10:11 The battle between mobile (tv) services and emergency services 
30/09/08 09:53 Does OCAD, the Belgian anti terrorist nerve center, have secured ecommunication ? 
26/11/08 23:41 RTBF documentary about the cyberwar 
22/10/08 12:32 Nederlandse Crisismanagementsbrochure voor burgemeesters
20/10/08 14:57 US looking for ideas for their Cyberthreat exercises
20/10/08 14:54 US cybersecurity organisations : what does NSTAC do ? 
20/10/08 14:44 Chinese spying in our networks thanks to cheap chips ? 
26/10/08 00:53 The Belgian military network Bemilcom is not so secret 
11/09/08 12:33 The use of vulnerable CITECscada in Belgium
11/09/08 12:23 Critiical infrastructure is actually under heavy attack now
30/08/08 10:15 belsecTV hippies from hell, the hackers 
20/08/08 14:24 If it should be secretive, you should make it public (REGETEL) 
12/08/08 11:00 BelsecTV chinese Cyberterrorists (2006)
05/08/08 13:00 Should pipelines be published on the internet or not 

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SMS as weapon of propaganda

Hamas is sending thousands of SMS messages to people in South Israel asking them to stop bombing Gaza. The Israeli army was surprised at first but decided to bomb the telephone transmission stations out of existence to stop the flood.


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Israeli Cert turning red and showing attacks on map


it is only strange that their site is only in hebrew and not in English

If anyone wanted to help them from around the world he would have to learn hebrew before

not very smart that is - except if you think that you keep arab hackers out this way

as we speak there are now 913 cyberattacks against Israeli infrastructure at the same time

I told you this cyberwar could learn us all a few lessons


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