• another facebook group in the center of political debate during belgian elections

    This is a group by frenchspeaking hardliners to make Bruxelles (brussels) only frenchspeaking, greater and free from flemish influence. If you thought that this were hardline nuts, you are wrong. Even members of a coalitionparty of the government are member of this group.

    Flemish nationalists have filed a complaint because some quotes by some members were quite radical and racists in some way. But some of these flemish nationalists aren't in fact no better when they are describing people from another country, religion or language.

    Luckily there messageboard is being flooded for the moment by other belgian facebookmembers who prone tolerance and debate and respect.

    It shows the whole problem with using facebook for political purposes. At one side it gives the radicals the possibility to come out from the closet and to connect and to do together what they couldn't do on their own. At the other side it gives the moderates the possibility to publicly show how ridiculous they are. The problem with facebook is that there are no rules whatsover so you will find neonazi and islamic terrorist groups next to community driven democratic groups.

    Sooner or later the law will step in because some of those groups would be illegal in some countries. Google and ebay have learned this lesson. Youtube is learning it and Facebook will have to learn to geotrace their visitors and to limit access according to the national laws of the country of the IP address. (or proxy ?)