• canada protects personal names in domains

    The federal “Cyberpiracy Protections for Individuals” statue was adopted in 1999 to safeguard the public from cybersquatting, even in the absence of fame or trademarks.The statue makes personal name cybersquatters liable in a civil lawsuit. Title 15, section 1129 of the United States Code states, “Any person who registers a domain name that consist of the name of another living person… without that person’s consent, with the specific intent to profit from such name by selling the domain for finical gain to that person or any third party, shall be liable in a civil action by such person”.  http://www.vanvoice.com/article/21181-cybersquatting+innovation+or+plague

    So we should do also clearly - especially for .BE

    they say it is covered generally but that ain't enough and yes some cases by persons have been won but there shouldn't be a case in the first place.

    and yes you could use the EID for that to be sure that the person you were selling the name to was in the fact the person asking it

  • are your domainnames registered with an US company ? Read this

    or any other company in a country where the copyright holders or some other complainant may demand the court to confiscate your domainname

    whatever your domainextension....

    The US government has confiscated a number of domainnames and other accounts from websites that let people view online for free films that are now in theatres.

    Aside from the copyright discussion and the discussion that there is a real need for online business models to do the same legally  or the discussion that the previews and hype makes us view too many films that aren't worth a dime after all, there is something that domainname owners should now take into consideration (and with them the sellers of domainnames).

    If there is a reason that there is a law in your country (or a judge who will interpret it in such a way) that your domainname can be taken down (even if your server and offices are in other countries) than you should migrate your domainmanagement.

    You should take into consideration

    * copyrights

    * selling certain products like pharmacy

    * gambling

    * drugs, terrorism, porn

    * unfreedom of speech

    For the Belgian aspect it is also interesting to remind you that under some Belgian juridiction it is even illegal to place links to illegal copyrighted material on the web.

    For the moment no judge has ordered the taking down of a .be name and no judge has received the demand to take down an international domainname that is managed by a Belgian firm.

    This will mean several things for the business if this becomes a trend

    * firms selling domainnames will have satellite companies who are based in other countries but who for a fee are using their platform as affliates. The lawyers will still have to do everything to make sure that under no circumstance one can find any link between the mother firm and the satellite except the (enormous) fee.

    * websites will have a lot of aliases in their dns servers all linking to the same site and will be adding new ones as needed. THe location of the hosting will become more important. What is strange in this case is that it is placed in Holland. Acta can change all that ......

    * after P2P and downloadsites, the streamingsites are coming from under the radar.....