• USA EGOV best projects

    2008 Best Practices in the Use of Information Technology in State Government

    Released in conjunction with NASCIO's 2008 Best Practices in the Use of Information Technology in State Government Awards, this booklet contains summaries of innovative state government programs in the following areas: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery ; Cross-Boundary Collaboration and Partnerships; Data, Information and Knowledge Management; Digital Government – G to B; Digital Government – G to C; Digital Government – G to G; Enterprise IT Management Initiatives; Information Communications Technology Innovations; Information Security and Privacy; and IT Project and Portfolio Management.

  • It is hard being so intelligent in this country

    Sometimes you would think that there is so little talent in this country if you look at all the task some very intelligent people have to take on themselves because nobody else is capable of doing or thinking or saying anything that may even come near their intelligence, knowledge and expertise.

    Take Mr Robben who is the head of the Social Security Administration responsable for the digitalisation of the social security in Belgium.

    He makes his plans for his digitalisation plans.

    He than has to go to the Privacy Commission to help them develop some viewpoint about this all. Well, he walks out of the room when they have to speak about his specific administration, but it stays a difficult situation. Not in the least for the other members of the commission.

    He than has to write his own legislation because probably the representatives don't have a clue and so they just have to receive it - not even read it - and suppose that everything is so good that they don't need to have any doublt whatsoever.

    And than probably he has to publish papers, lead conferences, give speeches and probably a thousand other things I will have forgotten.  

  • Brussels Financial Crime Section is a Titanic of paper

    The news was published today that the Financial Crime Section of the police in Brussels was treating simultanously 296 investigations into fraud and financial crime at this moment. THis comes on top of 3000 other ongoing investigations.

    Meanwhile 300 big financial fraud cases are awaiting trial.... or no trial if the trial can't start after a reasonable time.

    How many people are working in this section ?  10   TEN 

    and their 296 ongoing investigations in big financial crime are organised in 1474 boxes with paper...... 10 people have to treat 1474 boxes with paper manually ? Is this the 19th century ?  How can you expect them to do mindmapping, correlation research and datamining like that ? No wonder very few of these cases make it to trial anyway.