• eusecurityday in Brussels on 8 April

    09.30 – 10.00                Registration and Coffee


    10.00 – 10.10                Welcome by the Moderator: Wim van Velzen, Senior European Policy Advisor, Covington & Burling


    10.10 – 10.30                Keynote Presentation: Viviane Reding, Commissioner for Information Society and Media, European Commission


    10.30 – 10.50                Presidency Keynote: Mojca Kucler Dolinar, Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology (tbc)


    10.50 – 11.00                Industry Keynote: Speak to be confirmed


    11.00 – 12.15                Panel Discussion: Building User Trust in Networks and Information Systems and Making the Online World Safer, More Secure and Privacy Friendly


                                        State of play in network and information security and privacy challenges. What can be done to improve user’s awareness and protect online privacy while addressing new challenges in network security and online commerce? What are the challenges posed by filtering and other privacy sensitive technologies? What is the distribution of roles and responsibilities between users, the private and the public sector? Can we rely on existing rules and promote voluntary collaboration and compliance or should new rules be proposed?


                                        Moderator: to be confirmed



                                        Alex Türk, President, CNIL & Chairman of Art. 29 Dat Protection Working Party,

                                        European Commission (tbc)

                                        Stanislas de Maupeou, DCSSI, Chef of CERTA (tbc)

                                        Don Whiteside, VP, Technical Policy and Standards, Intel

                                        Peter Cullen, Chief Privacy Strategist, Microsoft  

                                        Richard Archdeacon, Senior Director, Symantec
    Mika Lauhde, Director of Technology Management, NOKIA


    12.15 – 14.00                Luncheon (Including the opening of the Security Exhibition)


    14.00 – 14.15                Keynote speech: Malcolm Harbour MEP, Member, European Parliament


    14.15 – 15.30                Panel Discussion: How to Strike the Right Balance When Regulating Network and Information Security

                                        What are the security challenges society and network and information security stakeholders face? Which policy options exist to safeguard a high level of security while allow for maximum flexibility to react adequately to new threats? What could the EECMA contribute in relation to Network and Information Security? In the meantime, how can ENISA continue to add value and contribute to enhanced safety and security?


                                        Moderator: Ferenc Suba, Vice-Chair of ENISA Management Board, General Manager of CERT-Hungary



                                        Andrea Pirotti, Executive Director, ENISA

                                        Eilert Hanoa, CEO, Mamut; Vice Chairman European Software Association

                                        Jonathan Murray, World Wide Technology Officer, Microsoft

                                        Sachar Paulus, SVP Product Security Governance, SAP

                                        Richard Archdeacon, Senior Director, Symantec


    15.30  - 15.45                Coffee Break


    15.45 – 16.45                BREAKOUT SESSION (Delegates have the choice of 3 sessions)


                                        SESSION 1: Approaches to safeguard quality and reliability of innovative technologies

                                        Voluntary Technology best practices, assurance and certification or mandatory legislation: what is the right approach while keeping in mind that there is no ‘one-size-fit all’ solution.


                                        Moderator: To be confirmed



                                        Eilert Hanoa, CEO, Mamut and  Vice Chairman European Software Association

                                        Sachar Paulus, SVP Product Security Governance, SAP

                                        Ilias Chantzos, Director EMEA & APJ Government Relations, Symantec

                                        Claire Vishik, EMEA Trust/Security Standards & Regulations Manager, Intel

                                        Final panellist to be confirmed


                                        Questions and Answers



    SESSION 2: Rethinking Ways to Fight Cyber Crime

    What are the right tools to fight effectively cyber crime and what are industry and law enforcement doing to safeguard citizens and businesses from phishing, DoS attacks and other internet crimes like the Estonian botnet attacks?


    Moderator: Rain Ottis, Estonian Ministry of Defence, NATO Centre of Excellence



    Carlos Belso, NATO INFOSEC (tbc)

    Laurent Heslault, Chief Technology Officer-Security EMEA South, Symantec

    John Howie, Director Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft

    Joseph Sullivan, Associate General Counsel, PayPal

    Michael Behringer, Cisco


                                        Questions and Answers



    SESSION 3: Effective User Protection in the Online Environment

    Are the security and privacy proposals in the telecom package adequate instruments to enhance users’ users trust and confidence in the internet? What other steps are being taken by governments and industry to make the online environment safe and secure for users?


                                        Moderator: to be confirmed



                                        Eliana Garces Tolon, member of Cabinet Kuneva, European Commission

                                        Andrea Servida, Deputy Head of Unit, DG INFSO, European Commission (tbc)

                                        Ilias Chantzos, Director EMEA & APJ Government Relations, Symantec

                                        Thomas Myrup Kristensen, EU Internet Policy Director, Microsoft

                                        Yves Le Roux, Technology Strategist, CA


                                        Questions and Answers


    16.45 – 17.00                Coffee break


    17.00 – 17.30                Summary and Outcome of the three sessions


    17.30                            Reception: sponsored by Intel, Microsoft and Symantec




  • FOSDEM 08 Open Source Meeting in Brussels February

     FOSDEM '08 is a free and non-commercial event organised by the community, for the community.
    Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet
    23-24 february 2008 in Brussels

    Some keynotes

    Robert Watson presenting How a large-scale opensource project works,

    Pieter Hintjens, president of the FFII, giving us a status update on Software Patents


    some tracks for 2008

  • The Belgian SQL server user Group


    they have a community of forum posters and bloggers, their RSS feed is here


    So if you are looking around for other SQL people, pass by.

    A member has also an excellent blog about SQL and this is the feed for it http://www.vandeputte.org/feeds/posts/default

  • SANS incident training in Brussels january 2008 by talented mentor

    Security 504: Hacker Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling

    Mentor SANS in Brussels at Ernst & Young - SEC504

    Tuesday, January 22, 2008 - Tuesday, March 25, 2008

    Mentor: Pieter Danhieux
    Date:  Tuesday, January 22, 2008
    Meeting Time:  7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

    Ernst & Young
    Avenue Marcel-Thiry 216
    Brussels, Belgium

    Mentor Bio:
     Pieter Danhieux: Pieter Danhieux is security auditor at Ernst & Young's Technology and Security Risk Services department in Brussels. He has experience in information security related disciplines both at the strategic and operational level. Pieter is leading the attack & penetration and technical security audit projects for Ernst & Young in Brussels. He is actively teaching parts of Ernst & Young’s Extreme Hacking course for resources in the Central-Western European Area.

    Next to his work, Pieter is involved in the Advisory Board of SANS Institute and as a local mentor for the “SEC504: Hacking Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling” course of SANS. He is also one of the few people worldwide who have obtained the GIAC Security Expert (GSE) title.

  • Secure Application development courses (KUL, march 2008)

    Katholieke Universiteit Leuven organizes an intensive secure application development course for experienced software practitioners in partnership with Solvay Business School and L-Sec (Leuven Security Excellence Consortium) from March 3rd to March 7th 2008.

    The course is aimed at software architects, designers, developers, testers and technical project managers. Participants are free to choose from 2 parallel tracks. For optimal interaction we limit the total number of places to 50. The first-rate instructors have wide-ranging experience in academia and industry, are experts in application security and are commited to interactive teaching.

    The course focuses on secure software engineering principles and techniques for countering threats and vulnerabilities in today's target environments.

    It provides participants with a thorough grounding in application security. It focuses on the following topics:

    • Mainstream security technologies,
    • Security related requirements,
    • Secure application architectures,
    • Cost-effective security features,
    • Coding vulnerabilities
    • Assurance.
    In order to benefit optimally from the course, participants will have a working knowledge of most of the following:
    • An unmanaged programming language such as C or C++;
    • A managed programming language such as Java or C#;
    • Key Internet applications such as mail, directory services, network file systems, remote procedure calls.
    The course is taught in English.