2008 belsec and Evoting in Belgium

There was a great plan to replace the old evoting software that was being used by a number of cities by new infrastructure. This would be studied by an interuniversity group that would give some proposals. As their studies were public we have read them and given some arguments and ideas about the things that were strange (different opinions in the 2 different parts of the study), scientific evidence that was not really scientific and descriptions of the situations in other countries that was without any critical comments or literature-research and so on. The hearings in the parliament didn't change a lot and finally the official proposal was approved and the very expensive project could begin. It would be interesting to know where the independent penetration testing will be placed in this process so that the Belgian system will not know the same fate as the Dutch one.

31/10/08 14:42 US voting abuse : new film about voting errors - chaos next week ? 
22/10/08 13:08 US voting problems be the first to know 
20/10/08 14:12 US starts voting : Early Evoting troubles begin 
08/08/08 22:32 BelsecTV hacking US E-democracy
11/07/08 00:17 Evoting in België de geweigerde amendementen van groen
10/07/08 12:09 Voorstellen voor de verbetering van huidige evoting analyse en praktijk in België 
07/06/08 00:29 What is going wrong with the debate about evoting in Belgium ?
30/05/08 10:37 Hearings EVOTING in Belgium in the parliament 
29/05/08 13:53 Evoting : antwerp professor breaks the silence 
25/05/08 00:23 Scottish ecounting report shows that is not what you do but how you do it that counts 
20/05/08 08:47 Evoting : Verbeterd discussiedocument over Interuniversitair rapport
20/05/08 01:12 Info or intox about the Belgian University Report about Electronic Voting 
02/06/08 11:30 Important speaker in the Belgian parliament tomorrow about EVOTING 
19/05/08 09:08 Belgian Interuniversity Report about Evoting way to silence Belgian critical researchers ?
18/05/08 22:43 Holland scraps plans for electronic voting not for electronic counting 
07/05/08 11:38 Analysis of Belgian evoting code back online 
28/04/08 23:57 decade old votingcode used for next years elections 
25/03/08 16:11 Toekomst Electronisch stemmen in België (draft 2) 
13/03/08 11:14 Update RIFD in Belgian Evoting on the way out
13/03/08 09:41 Evoting in Belgium, incorrect code posed already problems before
13/03/08 09:05 Belgian Evoting pushed through in Flanders without parliamentary debate
12/03/08 14:58 Gratuit livre sur la vote électronique 
18/03/08 11:30 Enkele bedenkingen bij het Interuniversitair rapport over evoting (Draft 1)
18/03/08 10:30 Rumour : hearings about evoting in Parliament
18/03/08 09:15 The Council of Europe on the Belgian Evoting study (aiaiai)
22/02/08 12:55 Belgian Evoting : the biggest problems with the university report

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Evoting for the social elections in 2012 ? A joke

No not really. Quickenborn, minister of Economy launched the idea during the presentation of the new mega ICT group before the audience of believers and non-thinkers. So they just accepted this balloon and made a headline out of it.

First it would be for 2012. That is nowhere in politicsn, especially in the present situation.

Secondly he says that it would be cheaper. There is not one study that proofs that TCO is less for e-voting than normal paper voting. It takes longer, but it is cheaper.

Thirdly he says that the has still to make the laws to make it possible. But maybe - I hope the social organisations are more concerned about the creditibility and safety of their election than the representatives who just accepted a flawed interuniversity study about evoting that is in fact totally flawed.

Fourth. The EID card is not ready at all. The Belgian internet is not ready at all. The Evoting technology is not ready at all. Maybe one day. But who says it will be in 2012. You can invest in other things that can speed the counting of the votes and that would immediate results and lower the costs immediately without the gadget of evoting.

Fifth. A big joke, but as most of the headlines nowadays are without criticism, without research and without background, everything is a headline nowadays.

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