• history UFO's in Belgium

  • we zullen doorgaan .... om weer door te gaan

  • stupid reporting : is there cocaine in Red bull or not

    First there were the reports that there is cocaine in Red bull (that is why it gives us so much energy :)) and a panic went through the European health administrations.

    The Belgian food health administrations now say that there is NO cocaine in Red Bull. Or better there is some cocaine in Red Bull but the volume is so low that it can't be detected.

    So the headline should not be 'No Cocaine' but 'Not enough cocaine in Red Bull to be detected'.

    Maybe Boonen had drunk too many Red Bulls ? Better drink beer or wine and let somebody else drive ? Bob maybe.

  • scientology site hosted on porn server


  • Hearings of US congress committee going back in time (funny)


    I hope the Chairman knows what he was doing at that time in 2001 so he could have been present.....