• Even in our fast tech times, technology takes a long time to arrive

    Summer 2008 : 40.400 computers for 13.000+ schools in Wallonia are announced

    January 2009 : 6 schools got their computers (that is one school a month....)

    maybe we need to use some ITpeople that have lost their jobs to speed it up ....

  • Good Overview Digital situation industralised countries

  • Dutch governement gives farewell kiss to phone cells

    The dutch government will make phone cells disappear because the law that obliges telephone companies to keep telephone cells for those who doesn't have a telephone or a mobile will cease to be enforced.

    The minsiter says that if you don't have a mobile you should ask to use the one from a friend or some-one else. Easy as that, he thinks. The only places where you will still find them would be in train stations and in places where there are many elderly.



  • Water in computer makes stealth bomber of 1.4 billion $ crash (video)

    In February, a B-2 stealth bomber crashed in Guam. Now we know why. And we've got video of the scene.

    On takeoff from Andersen Air Force Base, the $1.4 billion plane abruptly "pitched up, rolled and yawed to the left before plunging to the ground," the AP describes. The reason why: "Water distorted preflight readings in three of the plane's 24 sensors, making the aircraft's control computer force the B-2 to pitch up on takeoff, resulting in a stall and subsequent crash." Luckily, "both pilots ejected safely just after the left wing made contact with the ground in the first crash since the maiden B-2 flights nearly 20 years ago." Check out the video, and you'll see just how fortunate the pilots were to make it out.

    source wired