• the post that brought the DDOS on twitter (in english)

    It is a free online Google translation (very imperfect) that may give an idea why freedom of speech is necessary. There is nothing in this post that is so outrageous that it deserved to be silenced.

    "August is nearing, ie anniversary of the terrible events soon hot in August 2008 when war between the two Orthodox nations, between Russia and Georgia, had a line fault, to overcome that we have not yet been given.
    If you notice, I will not comment on any visit to our Biden, or violent reaction of politicians northern neighbor for his comments on the support of Georgia and its territorial integrity, nor the statements by Medvedev that relations between Russia and Georgia will improve once the leaves Saakashvili but the truth, given that Russia annexed the two Georgian region. So wanted to write, "after 5 years, genatsvale, help!". But no, not drawn to write about politics.
    But I can not ignore the anniversary of the Russian aggression against Georgia. Because the wounds have not healed, because in this year were born children whose fathers were killed by co-religionists. Because thousands of refugees live a few kilometers away from their destroyed houses citizens of Russia. Because the week does not pass, that positions of Georgian police had not been fired from the occupied territory of Russia (including today, it was shelled with. Zemo Nicosia).
    Anniversary of the beginning of active hostilities, each will be celebrating on its own way. Who then will hold a memorial service for those who died in the war, who is - an action-rock concert, I was - I will publish the highlights, as prepared aggression against Georgia, South Ossetia what the provocation to incite the parties have made full-scale war.

    So, on 29 July for the first time yugoosetinskie forces opened fire on a group of OSCE observers and hybrid peacekeeping force. The same day, they shelled the positions of Georgian peacekeepers at an altitude of Sarabuk. For the first time since 2004 yugoosetinskaya side used artillery caliber over 100 mm prohibited in the zone of conflict, which was forced to note in his report to the commander of the mixed peacekeeping forces, Marat Kulakhmetov. The next day yugoosetinskie forces shelled the village with an ethnically mixed population, under the control of the Georgian government.

    Meanwhile, in Abkhazia, 30 July, six days ahead of schedule, the Russian military completed the renovation of the railway railway Sokhumi-Ochamchira. Preparation for war has come to an end. It could begin.
    Magazine «Ogonek» reported that from 45 to 50 rail cars with tanks were transported to the Gali region on the Abkhaz-Georgian border; levels went day and night. Unnamed colonel «peacekeeping force» reported that arms and ammunition

  • Russian botnets and hackers still very dangerous factor

    So Russian wants at one side to be considered a democratic country that we should respect and at the same time leave its national hackers and cybercriminals continue their control of the Russian internet and use it to construct international botnets.

    So Russia wants us to believe that it is not a violent regime and that it defends freedom of speech, is it not with tanks than by DDOS.

    (a cynical sidenote is that Twitter will now have to invest massively in security and failover and filtering because it is now becoming a trend to attack Twitter and to use it as a launchpad for cybercrminals. If twitter wants to survive and become profitable it will have to remember the lesson Yahoo and a bunch of others had in 2001 when they were hit by a DDOS. If you want to be global service you must invest in global disponability and security around the clock. I know it is just a startup, but is in fact a grown up and will have to take up its responsabilities, willing or not).

    For all those that may have forgotten, the next Iron Curtain is a bit further but it is still a curtain between some imperfect freedom and much less of it and the curtain is still Iron, in real life and in cyberlife.

    It is time to kill those zombies and command and control posts in our own backyards, so that once they start their attacks again it will be much easier to filter.

    Georgia is still on my mind

  • Most dangerous situation ever in Europe since the Berlin Wall

    When the Berlin Wall was built, american and european troops were in heightened state of alert and if anything happened (intentionally or not) it would have been difficult to contain the incident.

    Now we are in a much more dangerous situation - even if our European public doesn't know it yet. At least the western European public. Those at the Eastern front now all too well that this can become a 'winter of all fears' and that any small accident or incident can develop into a major crisis.

    The Russians are occupying part of Georgia at strategic points and have assembled troops and ships around it. They have cut two important parts of the country out of its territorial map and are stirring unrest in two other coastal regions (which would cut off definitely all oil transport to western Europa from Armenia and Azerbdjan). They are stirring unrest in other countriew where many Russians live in some regions. So the percentage of Russians in the whole country is no indicator, it is the percentage in certain parts of that country. Russian and US ships ware moving towards the black sea and the Russians would like to inspect the American ships that deliver goods to Georgia. Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis ? You wouldn't need much now....

    But most dangerous of all is that the Russian President himself says that he has the duty to defend Russian minorities wherever they live with whatever means at his disposal - not once refering to international law or institutions.

    The last time that kind of argument was used was by Hitler and we know how that ended.

    So don't say that the west is reckeless. The Russian Beer has awakened and he wants a fight. Whatever the consequences. Period.

    It means that networks in Europe will have to prepare for cyberwar, because this comes with the international environment. Like it or not. Prepare yourself or be downed when the climate worsens and nothing shows that it won't. I wish differently but all the facts show otherwise.... even if it is really depressing. I don't want to FUD or fearmongering, but for a country like Belgium (NATO, EU) or countries that have Russia as neighbor this preparation should become critically important.

  • New Cold War : Washington Post editorial calls to action

    ASTREAK of defeatist thinking about Russia's continuing occupation of Georgia has had it that there is little the West can do about the crisis, first because Moscow's cooperation is needed for more important matters, such as the containment of Iran, and second because the United States and Europe lack practical means of leverage over Vladimir Putin's regime. Several days ago we addressed the first part of this canard, pointing out that the "strategic partnership" that President Bush once sought to build with Mr. Putin has been little more than an illusion. Now, with Russian troops still dug in around the Georgian port of Poti in blatant violation of a cease-fire agreement, it's becoming urgent to reexamine that second assumption about Western impotence. Fortunately, it, too, is groundless: There is, in fact, much that could be done to raise the cost of the ongoing occupation and to weaken Mr. Putin and the sinister circle around him.

    The reason Russian troops are still blockading Georgia's largest port, planting mines along its railroads and stopping traffic on main road arteries is that Russia has yet to accomplish its central objectives: to depose Georgia's president and destroy Georgia's fragile democracy. The United States and its allies can still prevent that from happening, if they act quickly and energetically -- and thereby inflict an endgame defeat on Mr. Putin. Mr. Bush's order that U.S. ships and planes deliver humanitarian aid to Georgia was a good first step. But what's needed now is a large and conspicuous supply and reconstruction operation that will ensure that the Russian occupation cannot cause a collapse of the Georgian economy. Promised international observers -- which Moscow agreed to -- must meanwhile be deployed as quickly as possible, to keep Russian forces from staging provocations that might lead to further fighting.

    The Russian economy, dependent on Western investment and technology, has already suffered a sharp reversal thanks to the invasion: Foreign currency reserves plummeted this month as investors withdrew money from the country at the fastest rate since the 1998 ruble crisis. Steeped in nostalgia for the ways of the Soviet Union, Mr. Putin may be insensitive to Russia's vulnerability to the pressures the U.S. Treasury can apply in 21st-century capital markets. But the corrupt circle of oligarchs around him, who have deposited billions in Western banks and bought up mansions and soccer teams, could quickly and legitimately be squeezed. There is certainly no reason why U.S. and international agencies should not vigorously pursue the numerous allegations of corrupt practices by Russian firms. If Kremlin-connected companies violate Georgian or international law through their actions in the occupied provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, their assets -- gas stations in the United States, for example -- could be subject to seizure.

    The Bush administration, we're told, is planning to withdraw a nuclear cooperation agreement with Russia from Congress. It retains the options of abrogating the bilateral U.S.-Russian agreement needed for Moscow's membership in the World Trade Organization and suspending negotiations on arms control. If Mr. Putin does not comply with the cease-fire agreement in the coming days, such bilateral sanctions will be needed. In the meantime, the administration should be working hard to ensure that Georgia's government and economy emerge stronger from the crisis -- and that Russia realizes it will only be weakened by its continuing occupation of a neighboring nation.

  • New Cold war : News from the Front

    Could Peninsula Become Next Flashpoint?  Ukrainian fighter jets swooped low over the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and tanks and armored personnel carriers rumbled along the city's main Khreschatyk Boulevard as part of the country's Independence Day celebrations. But many in the crowds marking the country's 17th year as a sovereign state likely wondered if the jets and tanks might soon be headed into a real conflict with a resurgent Russia. More

    Russia-Georgia Border Scene Hints At Scripted Affair  An eyewitness says that before this month's armed conflict Russian journalists were being shuttled into South Ossetia and South Ossetian authorities were evacuating children north to Russia. Is this further evidence that Moscow was preparing an assault on Georgia in advance? More

    Kosovo, South Ossetia 'Different Where It Matters'
    The Russian government has long highlighted the similarities between Kosovo and South Ossetia. But the two situations, while similar on some points, are fundamentally different where it matters: in their implications for the future of international relations. More

    'Forty Years After Prague, It's Georgia's Turn'
    Forty years ago, eight Russian human rights activists went to Red Square to protest the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. The activists were promptly arrested and sentenced. Two of the participants, Pavel Litvinov and Viktor Fainberg, traveled to Prague for the 40th anniversary of the invasion and shared their thoughts. More

    Has West Been Hypnotized By Russia?
    It would seem the West has still not fully understood the scale of the catastrophe the world now faces. It is not just Georgia that is at stake. By attacking Georgia, the Kremlin has essentially declared itself a new global aggressor, one with arsenals of nuclear weapons and vast energy resources. It is an aggressor that no country in the world seems able or willing to confront. More

  • Russia has no intention at all of leaving Georgia

    knew this would happen

    the signature is not worh the paper it is written on

    So what will be act 2 know or will we be playing act 1 for another month or a few months

    It was quite funny to see our foreign minister go to the NATO meeting telling the press that we should stay calm and moderate and than afterwards hearing him levaing the meeting (probably of minds) that Europe should immediately begin with a energysecurity policy because otherwise we would become too dependent and having harsh words for the USSR. A country as Hungry is totally dependent on Russan Gas and Oil. They have a big problem.

    - nuclear energy is coming back soon - watch my words - first new cold war and than the nuclear revival because everybody forgot to invest enough in alternatives and the Russian alternatives is not attractive anymore....

    You should see where the Russians are having hard to leave. Gori (where one pipeline is in striking distance) and the ports (where they arrive with the oil). We are talking about 150.000 barrels minimum a day in normal circumstances. And Turkey is no alternative because the Kurds have blown up a pipeline that goes trhough there. TUrkey (prospective member of the EU having a guerillawar in mountains and villages ? Yeah but that you don't read in our press) can only become an alternative if it makes peace with the PKK and I don't think you can count on that. Or going through Afghanistan ? Joking. No they have to go through Georgia if you don't want to pass through Russia.

    So where is act 2 because as long as the Russians are there, there is no oil going through and the winter is coming in eastern europe soon and the Russians know they will have cold soon there. tic tac tic tac tic tac tic tac....

  • Turkish hackers beginning real no war campaign against Russia

    A real defacement campaign doesn't mean that the infrastructure goes down or that some high profile sites are being targeted. No it means that several groups are attacking websites with the same message. We can no say on the basis of the valuable monitoring by that several Turkish groups have joined the no war defacement campaign against the .ru domain and other domains. Even if nobody finds that very logic, the campaigns are being used against all the websites they seem to have found to be vulnerable, no matter what the domainextension. So if you have a webserver that needs to be patched (from windows to Joomla or drupal, you better do it now) as this campaign is increasing. Not maybe in the numbers but in the number of attackers and hackers that are participating in this campaign. We warned you before the weekend that this could happen. Slowly this is developing. If the conflict escalates further (and if you read the ground reports coming from other sources than the over optimistic European ones - than you know that this will escalate slowly but surely because Russia has no intention of leaving Georgia (alone).


  • what history learns about this European treaty with Georgia


    chamberlain before WOII holding a paper signed by Hitler that would bring peace

  • Russian military study center has US/EU congress in november about .... Georgia ?

    Fourth International Scientific Conference on Security and Countering Terrorism Issuest

    Lomonosov Moscow State University


    together with
    • National Antiterrorist Committee;
    • Academy of Cryptography of the Russian Federation;
    • State University of New York (SUNY, USA);
    • Universit.t Karlsruhe (Germany);
    • George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies.


    with participation of:
    • OSCE Action against Terrorism Unit;
    • Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN);
    • Germany-Russian Forum.


    with the support of:
    • Security Council of the Russian Federation.
    "Fourth International Scientific Conference on Security and Counter Terrorism Issues"
    which will take place in Lomonosov Moscow State University
    at October 30 - November 1, 2008.

  • Russian make clear it is about the energy pipeline

    "Before the Russian president said he would halt military operations, a Georgian Interior Ministry official said Tuesday that Russian bombs hit one of the three pipelines carrying oil to the Black Sea port of Poti. There was no oil in the pipeline at the time, the ministry official said." That port has been destroyed also by the Russians. source CNN now

    It are the only pipelines between the fields in Armenia and Azerdeidjan and the West. Otherwise you have to go through Afghanistan (sic) or Turkye.

    Just another thought. How it will play out in the Presidential election ?

    Obama : UN talks blablablabla talks blablabla

    Mc Cain : values historic moment a partner russia needs to be reminded

    and everybody thought that Obama would win easily naturally the next election..... McCain has to do nothing special to show the difference in moments of crisis and in moments of crisis people chose stability and leadership. And that they decide at the latest moment in the booth when they may have the intention to vote for one but at the latest moment think, " maybe not, I am not that sure to take a risk now, next time maybe..... "

  • Turkish hackers attack .ru sites out of solidarity


    Once the Turkish hackers would start moving all of their attention to Russia, this could really become a real cyberwar between the Turkish defacers and the Russian botnets because of all the defaders are the Turkish the best organised and the most in numbers while the Russian botnets - that the west has never done enough to bring down (but now it becomes clear that these botnets are instruments of war it should take serious measures to stop and dismantle them) are also among the best in the botnetworld around nowadays (even if their zombies are located all over the internet).

  • Website of the Georgian president transferred to the US

    The website of the Georgian president is now housed in the US (Tulip Systems in Atlanta).

    Two things. I know security researchers are reading this. If you can help that hoster or let them know you can try to help them if they come under cyberattack, please let them know. Or try to get a copy of the site so you can mirror the site.

    First Contact Tulip Systems or the Georgian embassy in your country to look for mirroring and hosting of the other sites. These are under permanent Russian botnet attacks. There are about I think at least 10 that need to be transferred to the west to be able to counter the Russian propaganda that is filling our screens and newspapers. Or just propose to republish the information that the embassies are distributing or that georgians are copying and translating (if you are georgian translate to english what you hear on the Georgian tv, radio and whatever in English and republish it - choose big free hosts like blogger, yahoo 360 and so on - those that can handle a DDOS attack).

    Secondly. If you are hosting Georgian websites, block all traffic coming from Russia if possible at ISP level to your host if not at a router before it. The best method is to put another router next to it and reroute on your first router all traffic coming from Russia to the second one which leads nowhere. You can do that also to all other botrelated traffic.

    Sorry if this is maybe bothering some ITgeeks, but this is realworld war with far reaching consequences. As it escalates day after day, the consequences are becoming greater and the impact is also increasing. If this continues another week we will be looking at a crisis that will put the whole Eastern European Region under huge tension. And even if that peace agreement has been signed and enacted, nothing in Europe (and for NATO and the US) will ever be the same again. This is the 9/11 of international politics, the day that changed world politics so profoundly that we will remember that day for years to come.

    People continue to demonstrate before the Russian Embassy in Brussels since the whole day, hundreds of them..... 

    And for Americans, please don't think the Europeans will solve this, the Europeans didn't solve anything yet and won't be doing so for years to come. They don't have the power, the guts and the ambition to solve anything. They are full with speech and ego and criticism of the US but when high noon is there, they won't come out of the saloon and prefer to be the bystander, undergoing whatever happens. This is why people of Eastern Europe look to the States (NATO) in the first place, land of the free... land they have dreamed off so long before....

    and to finish this piece just a reminder that the oil pipe that should give Europe oil that didn't transit Russia is in great danger. It is all about the oil and if Russia will have Europe under its energy thumb or not. All the rest is smokescreen. (that is why you must try to become energy-selfsufficient)

  • Georgia on my mind and that of the great dictator (video)


    I just want peace, a great piece of Georgia

    I just want peace, a piece of Ukraine (the port)

    I just want peace, a piece of White Rusland (the Eastern part)

    I just want pieces ...

  • Only the Georgian website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is up

    This is a copy of the most important new text today on it

    The occupation of Georgia by invading forces of the Russian Federation has begun. 

    Several dozen Russian bombers are in Georgian skies and have been attacking throughout the country over the past several hours. 

    They are intensively bombing Tbilisi, Poti, villages in Adjara, and elsewhere. Overnight, as many as 50 Russian bombers were reported operating simultaneously over Georgia, targeting civilian populations in cities and villages, as well as radio and telecommunications sites.

    In Zugdidi, meanwhile, Russian peacekeepers today demanded that Georgian police surrender their arms.

    The fierce aerial assault is taking place a full day after Georgia officially informed the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia's unilateral ceasefire and of the withdrawal of Georgian troops from the conflict. The United Nations has confirmed this withdrawal. 

    The bombardment and occupation of Georgia is taking place while French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and his Finnish counterpart, Alexander Stubb, are in Tbilisi conducting high-level talks in an effort to end the Russian occupation. The Russian air assault is endangering their lives, as well as those of all residents of Georgia.

    The Government of Georgia seeks the urgent and immediate intervention of the international community to stop Russia's invasion and occupation of the democratic European nation of Georgia.

    And another one

    Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

    Government of Russia deliberately disseminates disinformation alleging that arrests and repressions of Russian citizens are taking place on the territory of Georgia. 

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia declares with full responsibility that the aforesaid information is an absolute lie.

    The embassy of the Russian Federation in Georgia has been informed that Mr. Irakli Toronjadze, Director of the Russian Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, was designated as the contact person. Russian citizens currently in Georgia may contact Mr. Toronjadze in case they face any kind of problems. Upon receiving such information, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia will review each case on individual basis.

    It must be noted that no such case has been reported so far.

    We are once again providing the contact information of Mr. Irakli Toronjadze:

    Cellular phone: 995 95 500 825

    Office phone: 995 28 46 15

  • Russians have a strange argument to fly into another country and bomb it

    Russian Defense Ministry Colonel-General Anatoly Nogovitsyn said The skies over the breakaway regions and Georgia belonged to the Russians, he said, as the Georgian air force was not flying.

    This I have in my whole life never heard before.

    So I think every country around Russia will now need an airforce and Stringers otherwise it ain't your airspace, its from Russia as you don't use it .......

    Russian troops are moving more inwards Georgia and some think they will go to the capital.

    400 people demonstrated in Brussels today. You should contact the embassy in your country to know what you can do. Stop buying anything Russian for starters.

  • 2 important Official Georgian websites online again (for the moment)

    They do not seem to be updated for the moment, but I think they are doing everything they can to keep them online and back. I presume the updates will follow once they think they have everything more or less under control (MIRROR MIRROR MIRROR - If you can mirror those sites contact the Georgian embassy in your country or just download them and set up your own mirrors) You can post the sites where they are mirrored here under if you like)  the president  the Ministery of Foreign affairs

    the rest is still down or time-outs or whatever - please help them - these are some buttons if you need for your website or blog. Georgia proofs what it is to live as a democratic country next to the Russian bear and not be protected by a democratic shield. I think every young democratic Eastern European or Ex USSR state is now looking what will happen and thinking about what to do next and if they will be next. What westeuropeans sometimes think and say is for them so bizarre and proRussian that it is normal that they look more towards Washington and I understand that.

    bluecoat11 Aug. 11 12.53

    bluecoat10 Aug. 11 12.53

    bluecoat09 Aug. 11 12.53

  • Georgain websites attacked with DDOS

    On several Georgian websites people are asked to join mailinglists or to look at other websites/blogs they have set up on popular bloghosters because the .ge domain is being DDOSed to death.

    I think this would be a real testcase to study how they accomplished to pull a whole domain for so long out of any business. I first thought it was probably some telephone and electricity installations that were out of order, but for those that are working it seems that there are permanent massive DDOS attacks going on.

    The Georgian President himself said yesterday on a Live Interview on CNN that even  the telephone operations and satellite links were very difficult. They used a mobile instead and that seemed to work.

    If you are hosting georgain websites than you should start looking out for DDOS attacks and make copies of the content to be sure that you can redistribute it and make already agreements with your ISP in case a DDOS attack comes your way. Also be sured to be fully patched and disable all interactive functions on your webiste. You have to have a text only use only email or twitter armored website in these conditions.

    It looks like the impact of the conflict is increasing every day now that Ukraine doesn't agree with the use of the Russian marinebase it accepted on its terrority for the movement of Russian troops and the naval blockade of Georgia. The other countries near the big bear also seem to understand the impact of this crisis and the direct and permanent danger it poses to their own security.

    I read here in the Newspaper that the Georgain President is too Pro-American (what does that have to do with it), that he shouldn't invade Ossetie in the first place (they forget to menton the permanent bombardements before), that he crushed the Russian guide popular coup attempt several months ago and that we should be very happy that this country ain't member of the NATO because otherwise we should have intervened. It is Bosnia all over again, How do you expect Eastern European democratic politicians and activists to trust the EU and not to look first and foremost to the US ? And what is worse those Europeans don't understand that when Georgia goes down or the pipeline we will be so tied to Russian Gas that they will be even more afraid to do anything at all. The nuclear industry will have a field day after this.

    There are now more Russian tanks and troops than there were in Afghanistan.

  • Georgian Governmental sites still unavailable


    this is what Russia is saying to young democracies across its border : behave or go down - see how one young democracy is being bombarded to stone-age live on TV - and the big older democracies watching ......

    ps as I have said there is no alternative route for Gaz from Azerbeidjan for the west if it doesn't want to be dependent on Russia !!!!!! me1

  • Excuse If I will be posting less but the real and cyberwar against Georgia needs attention

    As said I have friends who come from that region and who have family fighting at the front (all men till the age of 45 are called to go to the Army) or are hiding in shelters. I should support and help them.

    As said if Putkin wins this fight and destroys Georgia or destabilizes it for years to come we won't have our pipeline in Europe and we will be very dependent on Russian Gas and his power and ambitions. I hate that and that's why we should help Georgia.

    As a webworker I will get into action soon and meetings are being arranged. If you are interested in helping to set up the Georgia War Alert network (just a name I thought of) contact me. The idea is that information from the embassy will be redistributed on the internet at a whole series of websites and fora. So if you have tools to do so, websites to host or time to help. Do so now. Every bit helps.


  • Please Help Georgia Cyberwar seems to be part of the offensive

    On the Britisch Times and other journals there is talk of a cyberwar being waged against Georgian (europe) websites that are mostly not reachable ( We tried to helped the Estonians when they were under a Russian Cyberoffensive (although not official) and learned a lot about it. The NATO has learned a lot and said to have prepared itself in cause it happens again. It is happening again and against a young democratic nation that will host the Atlantic Council meeting in September (or that was the plan).

    If your friends don't help you when you are in the highest need, what do you need them for ? We can't let every small democratic state next to Russia just let be blackmailed or bombed into the Russian hemisphere one after another (and its ways of doing things). We sometimes thought that being dependent of Arabic oil was bad, but the last year we have learned that being dependent on Russian Gas is one of the worst things a country or European Union can have (they unilaterally cut it or drive up prices like that). Without a stable Georgia we will never get that pipeline we need for our energy security. 

    But for the moment there seems also to be a cyberwar going on against Georgian sites. If you can help, contact the embassy in your country and ask if you can do something (hosting their websites or copies, publishing online the information they want to spread around,.....) Don't let Russia control the online media like they control and repress the media in their own country.

    After the cold war we had the war against terrorism, now we have cold peace and a war not to have cold

    Oh the Europeans said they were going to negotiate. Make me laugh. They did that during years in Bosnia while people were being shot at, prosecuted, raped, tortured and deported to place they never came back from. It will change nothing. This crisis will go in the next day in crescendo untill the stakes will eventually also for Poetkin become too high.

    Please help Georgia, whatever way - contact the embassy - even if you are only a hoster or internet worker that can republish the information.