• Linux most used platform for hacking attacks

    I remeber a time when it was windows NT/2000 that was hacked by 70%, than some years later (with the birth of windows 2003) that fell to 60/40. Now as we see that windows 2003 is a rule rather than an exception and that II6 is better secured than most other platforms, we are coming to these astonishing - and alarming - numbers that have been like this during the last months.


    from zone-h.org

    The global numbers based upon a much longer database give these numbers from turk-h.org




    TO interpret these numbers correctly you have to understand that this is only based upon the defacements and hacks that were sent to them, this doesn't represent all the defacements and hacks happening around the web. It is however still an indicator. But not the truth, the whole truth and the only truth. It should however remind everyone that it isn't enough running everything-but-windows you will still need to secure it and keep it secure.