• old blog adapted : be-hacked.skynetblogs.be

    this blog has been cleaned up from listings that aren't important anymore and other posts

    but it is now a gallery of some of the most important hacks of .be domains during 2006-2009


  • more than 100 new and still standing hacked .be sites uploaded

    You will find them in the new feed with a snapshot most of  time

    also you will find googledorks that will help you keep a watch over your domain or ANS

    More will follow

    I will take a few days of holiday soon however :)


    hopefully it will help you clean up and keep clean

    and remember if you have cleaned up

    * fix the bug (upgrade)

    * close the rights down or the interactive things only spammers and hackers use

    * go to Google for an administrator account and identify your site like yours and ask Google to come back when it is up again so the hacked results will disappear from the Google online results (and reinstate your reputation online)

  • Newsfeed with new hacked .be sites

    Only here

    if you want to participate you can  (just ask and we work something out)

    the database is here


    The RSS feed is here



    there are often snapshots taken

    and there are also .be hacker searches for specific hackers

    we will set up Google alerts for certain searches

    they were only found thanks to Google

    as zone-h.org is hacked out of existence again (I suppose they are offline)


    this seems to me a better way than to post each one

    only the most important ones will be posted

  • website UCL university

    since the 12th of july and they didn't see it

    everybody on holiday ? Security is sitting outside in the sun ?

    ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 15 00.52.gif

  • 50 more .be hacked today - attacks continue...

    If this continues like this we are going to have a record defacement month of july as we haven't seen for a long time.

    People who are responsable for networks and hosting should take notice. If they have vulnerabilities and stupid security architecture - if they have one at all - seem to have a greater chance of being attacked these days.

    The server with sites like multimediazone.be is simply taken offline

    This is a good thing. If you aren't sure that you can correct things you just take the things offline and begin from zero or just upgrade to the latest versions of everything (hardware, OS, server, applications,....)

    and remember if you are in the hosting business, things seem to get hot so keep your head cool and do the things you have to do.

  • studio vandersteen, vlaams symfonisch orkest and 100 other .be sites hacked

    the 5th of july about 100 .be sites were hacked on shared linux/apache hosting

    some of the better known were studiovandersteen and blauwzwartforum (resolved)

    who looked like this as http://vlaamssymfonischorkest.be/ still does

    You can find them at the link at your left here "hacked .be"

    It is quite strange for a hoster not being capable of setting all the sites back...

    ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 07 00.27

  • RTBF is HAcked by Iranian hackers

    since the 2010-07-05 15:40:40 Really and they didn't see it at all ......

    They only placed some text like this

    Hacked By Purgatory-VX Team

    We Are : Mr.Hesy , IMP , B1M0KH , Little_Byte , R3dm0ve

    Hey Admin Mr.Hesy 0wnz Ur B0x

    Greets : 2 All Iranian Hackers

    Hesy@host.sk -:- www.p-vx.org


    but imagine they placed some viruses ........

    and who still runs websites on NT ? That is just totally MAD.

    and they may say that it are old sites or pages if they are old you archive them, but you don't keep them active on the web (put the site on a cdrom so nothing can be changed). Maybe it is time for Belgium to have a cemetry/archive for websites, especially public ones or those that made a public impact and are important as historical evidence of our times.

    And even if they are old it may always be possible to reach interesting infrastructure behind those sites that may also be used by new sites or by other parts of their networks.

    2010/07/05PURGATORY-VXRwww.footix.be/rtbf_2000/vx.htmWin NT9xmirror
    2010/07/05PURGATORY-VXMwww.starsofeurope.be/rtbf_2000...Win NT9xmirror
    2010/07/05PURGATORY-VXMRwww.eurovision07.be/rtbf_2000/...Win NT9xmirror
    2010/07/05PURGATORY-VXMReuro2004.rtbf.be/rtbf_2000/vx.htmWin NT9xmirror
    2010/07/05PURGATORY-VXMRwww.48-81-00.be/rtbf_2000/vx.htmWin NT9xmirror
    2010/07/05PURGATORY-VXMwww.restonscurieux.be/rtbf_200...Win NT9xmirror
    2010/07/05PURGATORY-VXMRold.rtbf.be/rtbf_2000/vx.htmWin NT9xmirror
    2010/07/05PURGATORY-VXMwww.rtbfalacarte.be/rtbf_2000/...Win NT9xmirror
  • how safe the Belgian hacked web is


    a qualityshop http://www.zone-h.org/mirror/id/10996404  still hacked today and tries to infect the visitors - even the iframes of the mirror

    want to place a small ad on vakantiedromen.be http://www.zone-h.org/mirror/id/10990148

    infotech.be a software development still hacked here

    city of Ans still hacked here

    resolved hacks of importance

    aquafin.be an'outsourced, privatized' flemish pseudo-governmental agency was hacked proof here

    a site of a local police zone was hacked proof here

  • safe e-shopping with hacked shop2web.be ?

    yeah sure  archive

    ScreenHunter_02 Jun. 23 15.36

  • flemish health ICT promotion website hacked


    this is the propaganda

    De bedoeling van de ontwikkeling van de babyboomer services is bedrijven bij elkaar te brengen die door clustering en door technologische innovatie een integraal pakket van infrastructuur en diensten voor de babyboomers kunnen aanbieden. Dit pakket wordt gekoppeld aan de verregaande mogelijkheden van breedbandtechnologie.

    Concreet zal VNBS werken rond de ontwikkeling van producten en diensten in de sfeer van e-health, e-safety en e-entertainment.

    this is the reality (and still online)


    ScreenHunter_01 Jun. 23 15.28

  • website KVmechelen hacked

    like so many others that are warned that

    * there is a problem with apache and linux configurations if you don't patch, upgrade and harden (not in that order)

    * IIS 6 hosting is asking to be hacked if you don't have very expensive and intensive monitoring.

    KVmechelen is a first division footballclub in Belgium

    They pay more for their players than for their ITpresence or security.



  • If china has such a firewall and cyberwar capability, than why ....

    do you have such long listings in zone-h.org of Turkish hackers penetrating .gov.cn systems all the time

    No firewall to stop them

    No cyberwar capability to defend it or clean it

    Maybe China is not the real hackers paradise


  • shredit.be hacked (linux/apache) zone-H.org



  • hacked mediateurenergie.be

    this is an official institution that wants to mediate between the energy companies and their clients when they are being overcharged or cut off (or threatened to)

    their website was hacked (not anymore)


  • safe shopping : cadeaufabriek hacked


  • hacked http://www.deveneznotrecollegue.be/default.html



    THis is funny, would you like these guys to work with you ?



    in the security business



    and without using any https for their login process ?

  • Pro Iranian President hackers defacing 1000 + linux sites in 2 days

    The group is called nobodycoder.

    if you add .be in the filter you will see that a server with around 100 .be sites was also defaced

    the attack is still ongoing as zone-h.com is adding new sites as they arrive




    click on the pictures to enlarge

    this attack is ongoing so if you have linux servers be sure you are secure and patched and on the lookout.